Looking for Jessica and Roger Rabbit

2021.09.21 22:54 StormyC08 Looking for Jessica and Roger Rabbit

Hi, I'm looking for 3D printable Jessica and Roger Rabbits. I have a Prusa Mini and would like to print jessica and roger but the only ones I can find is super lewd Jessica's which I'm trying to avoid. I would like as close to movie accurate if possible.
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2021.09.21 22:54 Deep-Bonus8546 Genuine question. Why don’t they nerf the gallo?

It’s essentially one shot kill thanks to the two shot fire speed and means it’s impossible to even out manoeuvre the player or use any skill. I genuinely think shotguns should destroy any gun within 10m but you can be instantly downed by this gun which makes it far more powerful than similar shotguns. It feels pointless even engaging people with it currently. I don’t see how it’s balanced in the current meta
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2021.09.21 22:54 dodgers8eddy Lf Julio Urias

Looking to trade for all inserts/base/relics/parallels of Julio Urias from 2014-2021. Looking to trade for them first.
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2021.09.21 22:54 yourstockdaddy 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

I have been here since trch hammered down like you wouldn't believe were going to bounce.
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2021.09.21 22:54 tr1umv1r Seattle 9/12 LR White/Black Aero Non FSD. EDD 10/30 - 11/29

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2021.09.21 22:54 MiamiCheerGirl This company 🤩 Ibis Prep 💜

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2021.09.21 22:54 chefboyrdeee Finally, after waiting for 6 months, my first Rolex.

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2021.09.21 22:54 im0hungry0feed0me Trading most of my adopt me pets! (CHEAP!!)

LEGENDARYS 15 ocean eggs (what ever is fair)
ULTRA RARES 2 bees (2k each) 8 lunar ox (1k each) 4 penguins (2k each) 4 red pandas (1k each) 5 clownfish (2k each) 12 hydra (2k each) 1 neon frog (4K)
RARES 3 bunnies(1k each) 5 emus (2k each) 4 beavers (2k each) 6 monkeys (1k each) 53 oxen (2k each) 2 pigs (whatever is fair) 17 rabbits (2k each) 2 rats (1k each) 5 seahorse (2k each) 4 snow puma (2k each)
UNCOMMONS 1 neon puma + 4 puma (1k each/4K) 23 cats (1k each) 4 snowmen (1k each) 1 mega neon wolf (16k/32k) 10 Buffalo (500 each)
COMMONS 26 dogs (1k each) 1 mega dog (16k) 13 otter (500 1 mega robin (32k/16k) 1 mega stingray (16k) 5 stingray (1k each)
DISCLAIMER I’m not certain all of these are fair traded you can tell me what is fair or not, and I won’t be able to do any trades until the 23rd!!
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2021.09.21 22:54 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 22:54 jryes1212121 🎉Stealth Launch 1 Min Ago & Low MC

100000000000000000x LFG
a Community driven Token with one dedicated Developer we're a group of Investors trying to get this to the Moon . We're focused on making enough so that everyone has a stable financial future. In this part of Project, we're trying to build a huge Community and a strong Token
PARADOX is the first ever comic based BSC token with an upcoming RPG videogame and mobile game in the works with a major studio to be released soon. We'll also be bringing it to TV and have just released NFT's!
⭐️TOKENOMICS ✅Total Supply: ❌💩No Bullshit 💎Stealth Launch 🔥Frequent burns! ❌No reflections or reward tokens to fast track exchanges. 💰Buy backs for pumping 🔒LP locked for one year. 🔥 Based Dev 🐳Anti-Whale🐳 🚀Low MarketCap
📦 Contract: 0xD7D925F42d25754693655E321384A412F1042884
📜 Contract: https://bscscan.com/address/0xD7D925F42d25754693655E321384A412F1042884
🥮 PancakeSwap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xD7D925F42d25754693655E321384A412F1042884
Paradox https://t.me/ParadoxBsc
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2021.09.21 22:54 lordev1l666 Evolution of Digital Illusions (DICE) Game

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2021.09.21 22:54 tehcrashxor Unglued || Crack-A-Pack - Sept 21, 2021

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2021.09.21 22:54 LPAki My mom and Chihuahua Yorkie Mix taking a nap together

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2021.09.21 22:54 Tyydron My mother doesn't believe I have narcolepsy, what do you say to people like this? Is my understanding correct that you couldn't easily fake a diagnosis? I understand that it can be difficult to get a diagnosis. but if you are diagnosed is it usually black and white?

I was diagnosed with T2 Recently I've begun working for my mother as a dog washer, which has been good, task oriented, and the constant movement has been good for my energy levels. However, my mother has never acknowledged that I actually have Narcolepsy. Sometimes, for example, she'll ask how I'm doing, and I'll respond, "tired." She's the business owner, so I can imagine she doesn't like to hear that she has tired employees, but she'll often respond by saying something like "What? you've only worked 3 days this week!" And like.... I think even regular people are tired even on their first day of work, especially at the end of the day? Anyway, any time I tell her that I have Narcolepsy she'll ask me for symptoms as proof and I'll list a few, but she always just writes them off by saying things like "oh that happens to me to." Basically, she doesn't have any compassion for what I am going through, and that is difficult.
Sometimes I feel like I'm being gaslighted by the world around me that's trying to get me to believe that I don't have Narcolepsy. To me, it's obvious, I was diagnosed. I took sleep latency tests, and those aren't something that you can walk into a doctor's office and fake, you know? I equate them more to something like having a broken bone, where you can say hey look, we measured this thing about your sleep, and it is shown that you have Narcolepsy, just like you can point at an x-ray and show, "see, it's broken". The difference is that sleep latency test results are more difficult for people to interpret as black and white results. And just like you couldn't fake a broken bone, you can't really fake Narcolepsy. I don't know, I'm frustrated with her, I'm thinking about quitting my job with her because of the blatant disrespect I get from her, etc.
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2021.09.21 22:54 apecockandballs How slow does the game gets with this mod?

I will try to run this mod in a Ryzen 7 3700u laptop because I like to suffer. Should I expect it to get too slow? Vanilla EU4 is pretty playable.
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2021.09.21 22:54 Significant_Tear_209 100 pokeball and daily gifts HCQ4M3BMC :))

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2021.09.21 22:54 Izerpizer Mullvad VPN not connecting on Arch Linux

When I try to connect to mullvad on Arch Linux, It will just spin around for minutes on end and not successfully connect. I know that Mullvad works on the network because I can connect to Mullvad just fine from my phone, but for some reason my laptop, running Arch Linux, has an issue with Mullvad. Any Ideas?
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2021.09.21 22:54 brieg4l [AEW] AEW will be conducting a silent auction to benefit @Tunnel2Towers during #AEWDynamite Grand Slam

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2021.09.21 22:54 gwpmike *Egyptian music plays*

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2021.09.21 22:54 Navpec True😂😂🥮🛖

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2021.09.21 22:54 anon131366 might be a dumb question but i keep seeing 444 EVERYWHERE

I've been trying meditation and manifestation lately just a little, ik repeat numbers can have significance and i occasionally will spot one or two throughout my week. but i have been seeing 444 constantly, when i check the time, in video games, waking up at 444, on social media. it's ridiculous i just feel like im going crazy but i keep seeing this number everywhere and i know im not imagining it. what does this mean if it has any spiritual meaning
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2021.09.21 22:54 arumitabunbun Nacen dos tortugas golfinas albinas en Los Cabos (link en la descripción)

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2021.09.21 22:54 stickycreamcheese Fast kine paint

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2021.09.21 22:54 WorkoutPlayout The Best Bottles of Japanese Whisky to Get Your Hands On

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2021.09.21 22:54 CravingCake Rip

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