Sakura Miko [Hololive]

2021.09.21 22:51 xdragon2k Sakura Miko [Hololive]

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2021.09.21 22:51 lillitheminion warm winterjackets for riding

hey, does anyone have a recommendation regarding really warm winter-riding-jackets? so far i‘ve heard that the wellensteyn cliff-jackets are supposed to be good but i‘m not quite sure as they seem quite „light“ to me and are also very expensive… thanks in advance for any help :)
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2021.09.21 22:51 ResolutioninMajo [OC] What happens when a Bandsaw hits a nail.

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2021.09.21 22:51 Acceptable-Orchid-73 Mihoyo loves us

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2021.09.21 22:51 loveandgarlic Trapped a stray and she's pregnant - help

I live on a far and recently I kept seeing this cat come out to the food I was throwing for the crows, for a week I put out cat food specifically in a trap and Saturday I caught her. Thank god she had no fleas, just a few ticks and I am on day two of giving her dewormer...
She is less than a year old and incredibly sweet. Within the first half hour of bringing her inside she was already purring and climbing in my lap, so clearly once she got pregnant ass dropped her off.
The vet I used to go to closed up during so I don't have a vet to call yet and don't want to move her while she is still adjusting to her surroundings. She right now is in her own bedroom, has no contact with our other cat (15yr old female) and kitten food, and a nesting box in the corner set up but she likes under the bed.
The only real concern I have at this moment is she is sneezing a bit. It isn't frequent, but, she will sneeze at least once or twice within the half hour intervals that I spend time with her. They are large spray sneezes, but she isn't coughing, her appetite is large, no discomfort, just large loud sneezes. Or is this just her being under the bed and the dust?
I am figuring out a vet situation, just frustrated ours who was great shut down and the next closest one has terrible reviews.

thanks in advance!!
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2021.09.21 22:51 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 22:51 amaintassoc Empty Bin PORN

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2021.09.21 22:51 Dramatic-Common-2122 (Free) Ken Carson x Playboi Carti x WLR Type Beat - "Lights Off"

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2021.09.21 22:51 flutterkipz [US-MI] [H] Adélie Keyboard Navy/PVD Silver [W] paypal

B-stock board because of the little dot next to the logo on the bottom, no other marks at all. Comes with brass plate, two solder PCBs, an extra daughter card, an extra JST, and a Cannonkeys carrying case.
Price $800.00 OBO
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2021.09.21 22:51 realchodepleaser Forbidden video shows UFO dropping orbs over Wales, UK

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2021.09.21 22:51 dragonfly29_bzz Tongue Pain?

I tested positive for COVID-19 on September 7th, but had symptoms for at least a week before then. I am double vaccinated as of August 16th. I had a very sore throat and chest pains, both of which got worse at night. These symptoms are slowly subsiding but I also had very weird mouth symptoms - my whole mouths feels like it’s burning, and it feels like the virus is moving around in there - I can feel tingling in my tongue and in teeth, and in my gums. I am currently experiencing non stop tongue pain, especially on the sides - it’s like shooting pains and pins and needles, a lot of needles sensations. I can’t get a good look at the back of my tongue myself, but the sides look a bit aggravated - weird yellowish reddish small bumps. Is this is an actual symptom of covid? I did test positive for Candida Albicans in the genital area a couple of weeks ago, but I don’t have any signs of thrush in my mouth, unless that’s what the pain is …
If you’ve experienced these mouth symptoms, how long until they went away ? They’re so painful and uncomfortable :(
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2021.09.21 22:51 Any_Procedure_2405 I drew these in math class

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2021.09.21 22:51 kwentongskyblue Unite boss warns Starmer he has 'lost touch with reality' with rules shake-up

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2021.09.21 22:51 iReptaar Video of my ride in Morro Bay on my 2021 Meta TR Signature

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2021.09.21 22:51 TrickyPancakeUwU Oshawott Community Day was pure heaven...

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2021.09.21 22:51 BriefcaseTimeMachine Anon loses life to school

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2021.09.21 22:51 Mardax0 Bloodhunt - fun battle royale set in dark setup

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2021.09.21 22:51 RubyislitTF Selling amp for rhd

NLF: Underpays
Normal T-rex
4x Ninja Monkey
3x Peaco-cks
Ride Robo Dog
8x Metal Ox
Normal Golden Unicorn
Normal Golden Griffin
Golden Dragon
Normal Cobra
Neon Ride Ginger Cat
Neon no potion Rhino
Full grown no potion rhino
2x Neon Ride Dolphins
2x Neon wolfs
3x Fossil Eggs
10x Ocean Eggs
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2021.09.21 22:51 Kujo-Jotaro2020 Can students have more than one stick at a time?

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2021.09.21 22:51 Rangersimi Raging BattleAxe

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2021.09.21 22:51 AppropriateLaser Thank you King

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2021.09.21 22:51 HotMess813 I want to cat!

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2021.09.21 22:51 isaac_horstmeier How are you preparing for this Evergrande event?

The Chinese stock market will be open in a few hours from now, and we all know the Evergrande event it’s one of the biggest financial “moves” that had happened this year so far.
We all know crypto always does whatever the hell it wants to do, and when everyone it’s expecting one thing, well… Crypto does the other.
So how are you preparing for this event, are you getting some fiat ready for a dip? Did you already bought at the dip but it keeps dipping?
Personally I will do nothing with my actual position on my bags, and I’ll set some fiat to buy if we don’t see the Chinese government bailing out Evergrande.
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2021.09.21 22:51 favio1498 Thanks to this sub I started stacking again after I was discouraged due to the very high premiums. How many people started stacking thanks to this sub?

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2021.09.21 22:51 Zarski843 I can’t add a player with a freshly opened bench slot after placing a player on IR? (ESPN)

I’m on ESPN Fantasy. Jarvis Landry just went on IR, so I moved him to my IR slot which frees up a bench spot. I can’t add anyone to my team from waivers for some reason, despite having the new slot open. I tried on the app and on the computer, same thing, it’s making me drop an existing player.
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