[For Hire] Pet Commissions Open!

2021.09.21 23:28 corinnegsin [For Hire] Pet Commissions Open!

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2021.09.21 23:28 DISANews The Wall Street Journal: Justice Department sues to stop American Airlines-JetBlue alliance

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2021.09.21 23:28 Jberry999 Worse at night?

So I’ve just got into bed. It’s 10pm here in the U.K. Since around 6pm I have had chest pain. Since getting in bed I’ve had worsening chest pain, pain in my left arm, numbness and tingling in my left arm and hand, dizziness. Does anyone else feel like it gets worse when they are resting or in bed? When I’m active and working and keeping busy I feel fine but as soon as I rest it gets worse!
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2021.09.21 23:28 unicorncatqueen227 For those on SSI or SSDI on limited income how can you afford basic things such as living on your own?

I’m 23 I’m on SSI and I live with my parents which I’m fine with. But I worry about where I will live once they aren’t here anymore. I make around 700 dollars a month. This would be an issue with living on my own. Even if I wanted to I couldn’t afford it. I’ve heard of the section 8 program but most of the time they are apartments and they aren’t in good areas. I’ve heard a lot of crime happens in those areas. Plus I don’t think I would like living in an apartment because of noisy neighbors. I know my parents will probably still be around a long time but I worry about my future. Or even if I ever want to eventually live on my own. How do you do this on SSI? Does anyone have experience with this?
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2021.09.21 23:28 ProDigit Bug report x64, download slowdown

Apparently, when I choose MP3 as conversion format, my total download bandwidth slows down. I have a 20MBits network, and with m4a at 4 threads it uses it all. If I use 1 or 2 threads, it also uses it all. But on MP3, the download slows down to 7Mbits avg (with fluctuations going from 4 to 17Mbits, while CPU usage is at 100%.
In previous versions I noticed higher CPU usage, when the program was opened, but when minimized, CPU usage dropped by a few tens of percent. But even with the program minimized to task bar, or closed to systray, I don't notice a drop in CPU usage. It may be because MP3 conversion is using all available resources, and is prioritized above file download.
I have a mobile Intel M-5Y10c CPU with 2 cores, 4 threads running at 2Ghz (under full load).
I'm thinking, if files could be downloaded and cached, and queued for conversion, background bandwidth more prioritized, I would much prefer that! That way my harddrive will have less space, filled with cache files, but it'll allow the CPU to catch up with the available work.
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2021.09.21 23:28 RobotfaceX Just a mushroom

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2021.09.21 23:28 DISANews The Wall Street Journal: Disney+ subscriber growth has slowed this quarter, CEO says

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2021.09.21 23:28 skijeng Hey, not sure where else to post this, but my indoor cat got out and has been missing for 2 days from 3100 S 1800 E. I'm not sure if she's chipped but she does not have a collar. She is pretty small but very friendly but easily nervous. She responds to Floof. $50 reward to anyone who finds her.

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2021.09.21 23:28 RashidaAndersen NexTech AR has had a big year for growth, revenues up 130% YoY

NexTech AR solutions is a tech company that develops and operates AR platforms that transport 3D product visualizations, human holograms and 360° portals to consumers. Its new AR for e-commerce is being offered as a self service SaaS come early October this year. This will be the first affordable AR platform for e-commerce sites making it available for large and small customers.
They have a market cap of about $130 million and generated $25.4 million in revenue the last 12 months, still pre profit but have $15.4 million in cash and are making good strides towards profitability.
They had a really good second quarter this year, revenue increased 130% to $13.8 million and gross profit increased 59% to $5.6 million, over the same period compared to the same six months period last year. They ended the quarter with $15.4 million cash on hand. They also trimmed the fat, cut down on staff saving them $6 million annually.
Nextech served over 330,000 AR experiences, that makes an annual run rate of almost 4M augmented reality experiences served up on its platforms.
The latest news from the company is pretty big, they’ve filed a provisional patent that covers the conversion of CAD files into 3D models. CAD to 3D model conversion capability implies drastically improved scalability associated with Nextech's 3D models for ecommerce, with the creation of photo realistic, fully textured 3D models from raw CAD models and reference images. CAD is an $11 billion global market. This tech is a game changer.
They closed the acquisition of UK-based spatial computing company ARWAY recently. ARWAY provides an Augmented Reality Software Kit to frame the digital world in just a few minutes. The acquisition provides NexTech with a spatial mapping platform vital for building the Metaverse, giveing them a unique ability to build “mini-metaverses,” can be used for school campuses, malls, theme parks, stores, corporate offices and any other location that can use geolocation mapping for a better user experience. When the 3D maps are created Nextech can populate the mini meta verse with human holograms and ads, combining the 3D maps and geolocation mapping puts Nextech at the forefront of the creation of the Metaverse.
NexTech is expanding its relationship with Kohls, the next step in their collaboration is now significantly scaling WebAR for Ecommerce, creating thousands of new 3D models that will enhance the augmented reality experience for Kohls' customers. The product testing supported the ROI for the project and now the next phase can begin.
This comes after the announcement that NexTech was selected to be a part of Google’s 3D AR Search Program, this boosted the potential value of WebAR in e-commerce for customers like Kohl’s. Kohl’s 3D models will appear in google search results soon, allowing their customers to interact more dynamically with their products.
Going into the end of this year and into 2022 they are focused on developing and releasing multiple first to market SaaS platforms for Augmented Reality.
Upcoming SaaS platforms:

It’s estimated 100 million people are already shopping with AR online and in stores, by 2025 it's expected that about 75% of the global population and pretty much all smartphone users will use AR frequently. The market opportunity is there, NexTech has made it affordable, if they can scale their service globally the potential is endless.
Not financial advice, always do your own research.
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2021.09.21 23:28 GOKU_ATE_MY_ASS Free ticket to tonight's Phoebe Bridgers show at Red Hat

Invited someone but I'm expecting them to flake so DM me if you want it. No cost but it'd be cool if we could hang out while there
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2021.09.21 23:28 DISANews Washington Watch: China vows end to building coal-fired power plants abroad, a key step ahead of Glasgow meetings

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2021.09.21 23:28 Snick2021 Why is Minecraft Dungeons on Steam now?

I found out today while browsing the Steam store that Minecraft's dungeon-crawler spinoff game, Minecraft Dungeons, is coming to the store very soon - and apparently it even has bonus material that isn't included in the version that can be bought and downloaded from Microsoft/Mojang's website. I have two questions regarding this oddity: my first one is, why is the game coming to Steam in the first place? Minecraft itself has never been available on the store (in fact, there's even an in-game splash text that says as much), and for that matter I don't think any of the games made by Mojang Studios has been in the past (those games being Cobalt and Cobalt WASD); so, why did Mojang and by proxy Microsoft decide that Dungeons of all things should not only be the first game in the Minecraft franchise to be featured on the Valve Company's multi-million-dollar digital storefront, but should even be on the store at all? I always thought they never put those games on any other storefront for PC players because they wanted it to be exclusive to their storefronts on that platform, and in all likelihood so that they wouldn't have to pay money to another company to sell it on their marketplace.
My second question is: why is there going to be exclusive bonus material for the Steam version of the game? Though the official price of the Steam version of the game hasn't been set yet as far as the game's page says, most of the time those extras don't make that much money due to their price either being free or absorbed into the price of a bundle that includes a game and it's DLCs - and as far as I can tell, a bundle is exactly what Mojang is advertising now whenever they try to sell copies of Dungeons - so, why are they even bothering with such things in putting the game on the Steam storefront? It's especially odd to me that they're doing such a thing despite the fact that there is no physical equivalent for non-Steam players of the game - even Minecraft itself has had artbooks and two seperate types of physical soundtrack releases, and it doesn't even have a digital equivalent to either.
And as an honorable mention - to elaborate on part of my first question, why is Mojang releasing Minecraft Dungeons on Steam instead of the game it spun off from, Minecraft, or at the very least why are they not selling both there? I don't see how it makes sense market-wise, because the people who don't buy all of their games exclusively from Steam that play Minecraft already use Microsoft's storefront, which would probably be the first place that they would go to to buy Dungeons unless having a digital artbook and a soundtrack is that important to them; and for those that never played Minecraft because it wasn't on Valve's storefront, why would they care about Minecraft Dungeons being there, if they're still stuck with playing games like Block Story of all things to make up for the fact that they still haven't played the best-selling game of all time?
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2021.09.21 23:28 DISANews NewsWatch: When the stock market pulls back, keep buying — especially these five companies

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2021.09.21 23:28 pedrifthrow Playboy Carti x mally raw studios session freestyle appreciation post

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2021.09.21 23:28 Ok_Cranberry_2936 What are y’all’s recommendations for backups?

I just saw a post discussing thesis backups. Well, despite having two CompTIA certifications I haven’t backed anything up in years. I tend to move around a lot, work with water, and have two cats that could all lead to me using my data. What is the best way to back up important documents? What kind of cloud service would you recommend and why? What do you choose to back up and not to back up in regards to space?
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2021.09.21 23:28 jessnice7811 Married At First Sight UK S06E14

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2021.09.21 23:28 DISANews IPO Report: Remitly IPO: 5 things to know about the remittance company

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2021.09.21 23:28 Charcoal1117 Rodimus Prime

Does anyone have a good opponent for rodimus prime? I’ve seen ironheart vs rodimus or even gohan vs rodimus but I wanna know if there’s anyone else
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2021.09.21 23:28 typicalewan The Game Awards is only 3 months away, out of curiosity. What’s your 2021 GOTY?

For me it’s Deathloop, it’s just so fun plus invading people’s campaigns as Juilianna is so fun too
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2021.09.21 23:28 mschreiber1 Real Wassily Chair (Model B3) or Knock-off?

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2021.09.21 23:28 alltherayjjj Which US State do you live in?

Based on most populous US states:
View Poll
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2021.09.21 23:28 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 23:28 ComfortableRice2577 🌘CloneBit🌘 | 8% Uniswap Rewards | Launching Now | Extensive Roadmap | ✔️ Dev Based | 🔥Professional Marketing Team🔥

🚨CloneBit Project🚨

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📄Token Details📄

Token Name: CloneBit

Token Symbol: $CNB

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Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1B)

✅Contract Source Code Verified

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1% Liquidity Pool

8% rewarded to Holders in Uniswap Token!

1% Marketing and Development

Great Marketing push & Road Map is planned. We have made this project from heart and soul, you all have the chance to be one of the first to join our project and be a part of our 💎Diamond hand community💎.

You are more than welcome to DYOR, Visit Our Links Below :


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💠 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xfa0d3deb29ad039b168a01a53c2fd264bad96438#readContract

🔐 Liquidty locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x010073a50dfb4f6308980aa8a850ca3169e5f196
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2021.09.21 23:28 DISANews Earnings Results: Stitch Fix shares soar as company reaches $2 billion in sales for first time

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2021.09.21 23:28 Tosscraft Mural by MEDIANERAS in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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