What's the funniest moment in the show?

2021.09.21 22:20 Ryouconfusedyett What's the funniest moment in the show?

The ones that made me laugh the hardest are:
"Fucking mrs Springett"
Jay/Simon/Carly toilet scene
Simon's Dad talking about his sexlife and meeting Simon's mother at a party.
"How much lego could you stuff up your bum"
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2021.09.21 22:20 Sweetdari Wanna see more ? Link in comments ❤️‍🔥

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2021.09.21 22:20 kobony Original Art Ink/Acrylic/Pastel Painting,60W x 80H x 0D cm,Ooboov Ka Pi Figurative,Modern,Abstract Expressionism,Street Art,Pop ArtReligion. Blue,Yellow,Green,Devil,Red,Black,Afro-culture

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2021.09.21 22:20 ShortAlgo $BAM.A Waiting for Short signal on BAM.A with https://t.co/WBARPaspdC https://t.co/vTm5lR5rwB

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2021.09.21 22:20 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 22:20 Exastiken Kremlin’s party gets 324 of 450 seats in Russian parliament

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2021.09.21 22:20 Danky_Devon Outboard simple repair

I just got my first little boat and outboard recently from my grandpa. The motor is a Suzuki 6hp 4 stroke. I think it was made in 2006 but it is in brand new condition (I think it was only used once or twice.) It has just been sitting in a garage for years and won’t start. I’m wondering what maintenance I can do to get it running. I’m reluctant to take it to a marine shop for repair because I don’t think it’s broke, I just think it needs a little help. What should I do?
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2021.09.21 22:19 npaga05 MT-82 grinding when going into 5th or 6th

I am somewhat mechanically inclined but transmission freak me out so I’m here for insight. I got my ’14 GT PP 2-3 years ago and it’s got about 688XX miles on it. Although this has been an issue for some time. Usually when cold when shifting from any gear to 5th and then from 5th to 6th I get some grinding. And it occasionally does when warm but not often. And the wheels must be spinning, it doesn’t grind when idling. I’m not sure if a bad clutch or something. Although I don’t think it’s the clutch since I don’t get really any chattering. Or maybe a bad master slave, or air in the lines. And I don’t think it’s a shifting habit since ive completed disengage the clutch( petal to the floor). I’m not sure if any work has been done to the transmission before I got it, but I have yet to do anything to it.
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2021.09.21 22:19 FlamingOrange After a whole month of no smash due to hurricane Ida, I'm finally online again, using my mobile Hotspot on my phone and a generator

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2021.09.21 22:19 Tanker514_2 Why does the mod keep crashing whilst loading?

While the mod loads, my game seems to always crash, I don't have any other mods other than new ways, whats causing it and how do I fix it?
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2021.09.21 22:19 littlekidasshole My kitten is hissing at my other pets

Hello! (: I am having a slight issue at the moment. I just adopted a Siamese kitten yesterday and as soon as I brought this cute little one home she started hissing at my dogs and also my other kitten and her hissed at each other. My dogs have no intention in hurting her, although I am a bit worried for my other kitten since he is more of a punk and would probably try scratching her. Can anyone please give me any advice that I can do in regards to this situation? My kitten really does hiss every time any of them get too close and I just want them to get along. Again, If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thank you (:
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2021.09.21 22:19 ShortAlgo $AVAP Waiting for Short signal on AVAP with https://t.co/WBARPaspdC https://t.co/GOqMXgMEs8

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2021.09.21 22:19 agardener20 What is this plant?

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2021.09.21 22:19 JugieNoob These two numbers stay the same after the glitch at the end of the new F&F OT episode which could mean that we're getting security breach within the next 3 months.

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2021.09.21 22:19 LivelyLychee Back to Basics September: The Captain-First Mate Dynamic

Throughout the month of September, we are taking out old posts, dusting them off and bringing them to you as an RPW refresher course. This week we are focusing on with the Captain-First Mate dynamic. That will be a lead in to actionable strategies that we can employ later in the week.
The Captain-First Mate Dynamic The concept is often discussed here, I will add some of my thoughts on the matter.
Dynamics of marriage
Traditionally, marriages were mostly captain-first mate situations. This was very necessary for many reasons. The man shouldered the most responsibility in terms of keeping the family sustained and protected. It was the man who earned the money and fought to protect his family. The wife was responsible for all the in-house tasks. She'd cook, clean and raise the children. She worked with whatever he brought home to her. Naturally, his word was law within the household.
Much has changed in modern times, both inside and outside the house. A man doesn't need to haul everything on his back anymore and a women doesn't need to spend hours washing laundry by the river. Many dynamics changed even before feminism came to be, how much more so since it's inception. These changes brought about many good things and some bad ones as well. Many traditional gender roles became obsolete while others were purposefully shamed and ridiculed. However, certain things are in our DNA. We need them to be a certain way. The current mixed up state of gender dynamics leaves many men and women confused.
Naturally, men are dominant and women are submissive. Of course there are dominant women and submissive men and if that works for you, wonderful. But many of us are here precisely because we learned the hard way that it doesn't work that way. What does it mean to be dominant or submissive?
In short, it's all about who's in the drivers seat and who's in the passengers seat, who's the owner and who's the manager, who's the pilot and who's the copilot.
Being submissive isn't the same as being passive. Not at all! A passive person just lets things happen to them. Being submissive is about trusting your husband to make the right decisions and to lead your family in the right direction. You have an opinion and you have a say, but the ultimate decision is in his hands. Why? Because you submit to his authority, because you respect him, because you trust him. Your trust for him is so deep, you trust him with your life, how much more so that you'd trust him with important decisions.
Needless to say, a captain must gain your trust to be trusted to this degree. This should be done before ever getting in bed with him.
Being trusted to this degree is a huge responsibility, one no quality man will take lightly. The more you trust him and submit to him, the more seriously he will take this responsibility and the more confident he will be. The more serious and confident he is, the more likely he is to actually make the right decision. The more he's criticized, the less confident he will be, the more likely he is to make knee jerk decisions and the more likely he is to mess up. You can influence the upward spiral and reverse it if it's already in a downward spiral.
Needless to say, a captain with this level of responsibility will always look out for what's best for you. In my last post i spoke about my grandparents. My grandfather was a true dominant and my grandmother is a true submissive. I can assure you that he never manhandled her, ever. He was the gentlest, most courteous, most yielding person, but there was no doubt that he was in charge. There was no doubt that she submitted fully.
Dominance without submission is abuse, submission without dominance is dysfunction. Both are needed for a healthy dynamic. It's a balance.
Dominance is about responsibility, being in charge and making you feel safe and protected. Submission is about total trust, yielding to his authority and receptiveness. Balance is key!
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2021.09.21 22:19 TheDeathSummoner Ako ste iz Sarajeva i trenirali bi ste ragbi, bujrum!

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2021.09.21 22:19 WorldofWordPress Exabytes Review 2021 – Is it a good WordPress Hosting Provider?

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2021.09.21 22:19 Character_Mongoose_3 [A3] [NA/EU] [Recruiting] 2d Marine Raider Battalion Recruiting

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2021.09.21 22:19 URANUS_lennyfacejpg What is the difference between "That sound like" and "It sound like"

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2021.09.21 22:19 AVH---837 Tales of Kahn the Dragonborn Barbarian Session 4 / Story Part 5

Welcome to the next part of the campaign I hope you enjoy it.
Our quarry acquired (We kept the heads, I didn't chop them this time) and we head back to Targos. From a distance we see smoke rising from the town... We rush to find the town was ransacked by Dwaragar, their bodies litter the streets. Doctor Emerets brandishing my ax that I gave to him, (Gm didn't say that but he probably just forgot the ax.) He asks about the task he gave us. The fighter just holds up Sethic head by the hair.
Valin is trying to get answers from a dead Dwargar, as she is trying to raise it. I would like to say that everyone is taken aback by this action, but disturbingly that is not the case. I try to talk with one of her attendants, A kobold, so I speak in Draconic... Only to take another look at him and realize he is undead as well. Her dogs that she uses to get around are also undead as well. Me.PNG "THIS IS NOT OK! NOTHING THAT I AM WITNESSING RIGHT NOW IS OKAY!!!" Valin is all like "The Kobolds were evil in their lives before, their souls are gone, but their bodies will continue to serve for their crimes..." I am made deeply uncomfortable and so is the paladin. However, we don't want to start something with this woman... after what we have seen. The Dwargar's last memories are brought to bare. There is a fort to the north of town on the side of a mountain that was taken by the Dwargar. We all nod our heads at each other, we are going to head to the fortress at first light.
We don our ax beaks and head off. I add a little flare to the start, "HIGH HO SNOW SLICER (My Ax Beak) AWAY!" The wizard: "Don't ever do that again," everyone chuckles in response. We of course get accosted by a blizzard due to some bad rolls. We are brought to a halt in this squall, and we see a bright blue light in the distance. The light grows closer to use through the snow. I put myself between it and the rest of the party calling out to it. Then a raspy cold voice echoes back: "To those who hinder my plans, only a cold and horrid death shall follow! SO SAYS THE FROST MAIDEN!!" (DM: "Basically get F***** or whatever" I don't remember the exact wording)
--Roll for initiative--
Suddenly from the light in front of us comes a horrendous deep and raspy scream. Think of a hunter's scream from Left 4 Dead 2. Which is particularly accurate as a light blue glowing humanoid creature with black eyes and toothy maw leaped through the paladin next to me. The Dm got a crit and the Arctic Abomination just snapped the poor paladin's neck simultaneously shattering his ribs. Yet somehow he didn't die... thank goodness this Campaign was done "quick and dirty" do not take that the wrong way.
So I just look left to see my fellow Dragonborn downed gurgling his own blood. While the Omega White Walker is just standing over his soon-to-be mutilated corpse turns to us. I rush to my fallen comrade and just throw a whole bottle of healing potion down his throat. I thought the white walker would just focus on someone who was actually attacking it. (IE the fighter or wizard) NO! I get clapped by the Omega White Walker I am downed without a crit! (I was not raging) Everyone is kind of freaking out at that. So the paladin gets back up so confused that I am laying on the ground in front of him. The fighter is downed trying to take care of the creature as the paladin uses lay-on hands to bring me back. The wizard really wants us to leave as the Walker is revving up to attack him. I get up and drive my maul through the Walker's face. The paladin puts the fighter's unconscious body over his shoulder. We all get back to our birds and just book it back to town as the thing is on the ground writhing in pain.
We heal up relay what happened to us and get ready to fight that thing again the next day. I suggest that we aught make Molotov cocktails out of what is left of the alcohol from the tavern. The paladin does so and keeps them in a chest on his back. We return to the spot where we met the Walker only to find that it has moved on... DAG NABIT DM! (Dm: laughing his butt off) We reach the mountain unharmed and leave our ax beaks behind to ascend it on foot. After a short time on the path, we hear something up ahead of us. The wizard prepares a spell as the rest of us hide. (Everyone else in the party: "What are you doing?" The Wizard: "No what are YOU doing?!") Two yeti appear over the hill beating their chests and roaring at us... Which causes an avalanche. We all make it out with minimal damage but the yeti's failed their saves, all of them. They are dead in the snow, and in their cave, we find a baby yeti. The fighter still wanting a pet takes the little one for himself, and calls him Mogli.
We reach the fortress which is proceeded by a separate bunker before it with arrow slits. Now my barbarian has descent Dextairity for a Barbarian so he decides to stealth his way around the bunker. (Advantage because of Polar Bearskin.) Meanwhile, the paladin gets spotted trying to do the same thing. BRUH.PNG moment. The Paladin is being fired upon and the fighter and wizard are coming to aid. I think it is best to wait and see what comes from the fort. I was thinking someone else inside was going to see the fight and I was going to ambush them. Sure that my party could handle whatever was in the bunker. The Paladin reaches the bunker door as it is opening, tries to wedge it shut, and fails. A full-size Dwargar bursts out the door and misses the paladin. The Wizard burns the Dwargar, then Paladin freezes it with his breath. Then I notice from where I am hiding that the Dwargar has a horn on him. I finish the Dwargar off with a javelin strike from a distance. Impaling the under dwarf through his neck spraying the poor paladin in blood again. (Poor paladin is just getting used to it at this point.) However, the Dm makes up for this by giving the paladin a crossbow with enchanted arrows.
We all sneak inside the castle from the bunker, finding an armory. The Fighter use's a helmet to carry Mogli in to raise his AC. The Wizard then turns invisible and stalks up the stairs and finds a sleeping Dwargar. He then decides to use THUNDER WAVE to kill him. Everyone is just up in arms about this as he rolls damage. DM: "You kill that poor sucker twice. Oh and now all of China knows you're here." We run to the noise of the wave as were here a guttural screaming and rattling of chains. We square up for the fight of our lives as heavy footsteps rush toward us. The Paladin sets up on the stairs in the back with his crossbow. The fighter and I make a plan to double trip combo the first thing that comes through the door (Dm rule of cool.) Which unfortunately fails as an undead ogre charges through us. The Brute then turns around picks up the dead dwargar on the floor and slaps us both with it.
--Roll initiative--
The Fighter performs a circumcision on the ogre and then I break its crown with my maul. Meanwhile, the paladin sees a glint of light in the dark hallway the ogre came from. He sees a dwargar shoot an arrow at him and he catches it out of the air! (The table lost their minds) He then proceeds to put it in his own crossbow. (I forgot he shot earlier oops.) I use my next turn to cut out the ogre's Achilles Tendon with my scimitar as I slide past him. This sends him onto his knees effectively knocked prone. However he then double attacks me with a bite and a slap of the dead dwargar. I have 6 hit points left. The wizard fires into the hall revealing an invisible Dwargar who is now pissed. The fighter does his thing and the paladin continues his long-range dual with the crossbow dwargar. Meanwhile, I choose to finish the ogre off with my breath weapon... except I don't and it gets back up. I am then grabbed and pile drove nearly through the floor by the ogre. I am now downed, no questions asked and the rest of the fight happens without me. I wake up to find the paladin is healing me again and they are divvying up the loot.
I am glad to find that they give me a shardalin Maul that had belonged to the big invisible Dwargar. It is a magical maul, which is awesome and we free the prisoners of the dwargar and find our next destination. Sunlight Fortress. End campaign.
--You are now level 4--
TLDR: We are now all punching bags by trade.

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2021.09.21 22:19 Deej__Nutz Can anyone ID the year of this Corvette?Looking to get my dad a model car as a gift. Thanks!

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2021.09.21 22:19 Ok_Independence825 Almost recovery

So far it’s almost gone!! The things i learned is the best way to get rid of it is to try your best not to think about, stress over it, and to just ignore it. Do stuff you would usually do and be active and social I know that sounds dumb and i know y’all probably hear that a thousand but trust me just go on with life and to just ignore it and try to accept it and it will go away!!
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2021.09.21 22:19 WalterFitzroy Lonely Fuse

This is short n sweet.
My family are very hard-core pick yourself up when you get knocked down kinda family. I am the same but have an inkling of emotional sensitivity, my siblings are my rocks and I'd do anything for them, as they would for me, except listen to me vent; especially when it concerns a mistake they've made or something rude they've said.
I felt particularly depressed and angry after an argument with my brother I didn't feel understood. I always pick up groceries for him, he always has an excuse to do me favors. This was the premise of the argument. We both understand how silly of a topic it is and went to our corners of the house (we are roomates)
I called a restaurant that had messed up a previous meal to complain and get this steam off my chest 🤣 (I made it clear I wanted no refunds and didn't plan on eating there again until problem employees were taken care of to the manager). I was very kind and talked like I would to a friend who needed feedback.
I ended up buying food from there immediately after the phone call. Joe, the manager, did nothing special; He didn't ignore my request and offer me free food or deals, he hardly responded, just said "ok sorry about that"...it was hardly like he cared....but he listened!
Short story longer, I was so touched that someone just listened to me without rebuttal or interruption I found myself in joy, like I'd just been given flowers, the pure listening skills of Joe did something to me today.
Sometimes all somebody needs is a listener....not even an active one....or a listener that cares....just act like you're listening to someone you care about. It could make their day.
Thanks for being in my way Joe. ❤
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2021.09.21 22:19 06042021001 Five Tips for Army Success

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2021.09.21 22:19 TinySpiderman Q: anyone got any high quality or decent quality underwear recommendations? I'm located in the US and just want some decent quality.

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