2021.09.21 22:09 RealAnimavestra :(

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2021.09.21 22:09 Srjhonnyw Uwuuuuuuuuu

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2021.09.21 22:09 Venom_x1x BIG NEW: EPRO will now reward holds of at least 100k with REFLECTIONS!

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2021.09.21 22:09 tussin12 DIGITAL

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2021.09.21 22:09 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 22:09 reddit_feed_bot Thomas1774Paine: ‘Unconstitutional’: Food Delivery Services Sue New York City Over Delivery Fee Regulations https://t.co/P8ksnV5x4O

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2021.09.21 22:09 Tim_236_ Looking for stylus on Linux

I am currently looking for a stylus for a convertible laptoo for school and I would like to know which are the best and what are the problems.
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2021.09.21 22:09 DeadbeatDadClub Imagine "The brain on Amanita Muscaria"

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2021.09.21 22:09 DisappointingDiamond My first time trying out night photography [Pentax Spotmatic II // Takumar 50mm f1.8 // CineStill 800T]

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2021.09.21 22:09 Weird-Scratch Science is real! Black lives matter! No human is illegal! Love is love!

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2021.09.21 22:09 Santos_Tarsis nanica smitch

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2021.09.21 22:09 MrAydinminer hmm yes my favorite children's game

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2021.09.21 22:09 anniebeadart (For hire) illustrator, logo designer, graphic designer

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2021.09.21 22:09 Michael_93Vancouver Unrealistic Expectations for a Mature Applicant?

So I've lurked before making this post and I've come to understand that there is quite a bit of unrealistic expectations in prospective law school applicants. So I'm looking for some truthful answers here.
I'm 28 years old and I have a master's in public policy (UBC) and a BA (McGill). I've been working as a policy analyst for the Fed Gov in a regulatory policy shop for almost two years. I have worked previously as a litigations adjuster for a public insurer for three years prior to grad school. And I'm exploring applying to law school as a mature applicant in the next year or two (before turning 30).
1. What are my chances of getting in?
My UG at McGill was messy in the beginning, pulling a CGPA of 2.9/3.0 in the first two years but moving to a 3.6/3.7 for the last two. Based on the many different calculations, if we take out the Cs that I got in my first year, the CGPA would be around a 3.3~3.4/4.0. I have straight As in my master's but I assume it doesn't matter much.
I have taken the LSAT practice test once and scored around a 150. With some studying I can see myself making good improvement in the logic games section, perhaps plateauing at around the low 160s. I will have a year or so to take it several times. As my user name suggests I'm based in Vancouver and would prefer UBC, but I won't be picky about the law school I'm attending. Considering the mature applicant category, the GPA/LSAT blend, what are my chances of getting into any law school in Canada at all?
2. What does the job market look like for a new law grad school in their early 30s?
I am not picky at all about the area of law that I can practice in. My first job was settling minor personal injury claims as an adjustor with suburban PI lawyers so I know what some of the unglamorous law jobs look like. Ideally, I would prefer to work for the government or a non-profit where I can expect a lower salary but wouldn't have to work 60+ hours a week. I currently work very closely with government lawyers and their pay and work/life balance are enviable to me.
While we can't predict the economy in 3~4 years, is aiming for a public sectonon-profit legal career realistic? Or are these jobs just as competitive as working at a highly-paid Biglaw firm?
That said, many people on my policy team have J.D.s and the transition back into policy is fairly seamless having already had a master's in policy and govt work experience. But this would be a backup rather than the preference.
3. Would an older (early 30s) fresh law grad experience far more difficulties?
I have 0 debt from my previous degrees and have significant savings and family/spousal help that can cover tuition and other expenses for several years without having to take out loans. So while finances won't be the biggest concern and I understand the ROI of paying for an expensive degree in your 30s, what are some other difficulties that an early 30s law school student would face? Any comments are welcome.
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2021.09.21 22:09 StunningRest3004 Day of noise, but has anyone spent time today on DD based on the proxy statement by comparing with what is new and old??

Reading today’s proxy I note that basically there is hardly any news. It known from July already that $BBIG will finance merger with Zash and its stake in Lomotif via exercise of warrants. This investors slide deck (exhibit 99.1 makes clear to the market. In addition this is further analysed at this article fromInvestorplace.
All warrants have been reported to SEC prior to the investor deck, which is dated September 3rd.
Thus I see nothing new here. MMs waited for this and accumulated short positions to take advantage of the weak hands. There could be something that I missed, and would be happy if a rational analysis and DD is done instead of all these crying out posts.
We could speculate about what happened last couple of days, weeks. I would not be surprised if in the days from now up until Oct 15th the company updates with additional information, such as cash raised by exercise of the warrants that were supposed to be exercised between September 3rd and period up to shareholders meeting.
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2021.09.21 22:09 failuretobloom Does this count as "Institutional Service" for my grad school CV?

I've been a scholarship reader for two scholarships from one alma mater (university), and on a scholarship committee for 50+ scholarships at my other alma mater (community college). I've also worked in educational equity at a community college. Do these activities count as institutional service? Or should I illustrate them in another way on my CV?
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2021.09.21 22:09 Advanced_Building_47 SDC dont give up!! tomorrow 🌛🙌💎

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2021.09.21 22:09 redana02 I wish!!

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2021.09.21 22:09 OutlandishnessLimp92 Altre papere che non usano armi da fuoco ce ne sono?

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2021.09.21 22:09 Pitiful_Temperature5 We really vibe in real life but barely text

So I started talking to this guy on Bumble. We went on a first date which went very well we really got along so we decided to see each other a second time. The second date went really well as well. However, he has confessed that he wasn’t a good texter. In fact, before the first that and in between the first and second date, we only exchanged very few texts. But when we see each other we always have so many things to say to each other and spend a good time. Now we haven’t seen each other in a little while because of our busy schedules so I’m starting to miss the contact sort of. I would have liked if we texted more.
What do you think I should do? Because it’s not like I could ask him to change his habits at this stage since we don’t know owe each other anything.
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2021.09.21 22:09 kenedyw1 Warm places on campus??

Weird question. I’m a commuter student and I get so cold so easily. Bad enough that it’s hard to focus sometimes. My classes are in the journalism, schoenbaum, and agriculture admin buildings. Where can I chill and do school work without being chilled? Are there consistently warm/hot buildings or rooms around here?
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2021.09.21 22:09 kyle6218 I want someone I can build a life with and that is not you.

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2021.09.21 22:09 maskedKnight0 NMH3 Kimmie boss fight

Hey just beat Kimmie, did anyone else have trouble mashing through her grab? It seems easy to mash through, but idk, maybe I just need to mash harder?
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2021.09.21 22:09 ComfortableRice2577 🌘CloneBit🌘 | 8% Uniswap Rewards | Launching Now | Extensive Roadmap | ✔️ Dev Based | 🔥Professional Marketing Team🔥

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🔐 Liquidty locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x010073a50dfb4f6308980aa8a850ca3169e5f196
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