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OCD becoming indistinguishable from everyday normal thoughts.

2021.09.18 08:33 AstronomerCareless30 OCD becoming indistinguishable from everyday normal thoughts.

When my most recent theme of HOCD popped up last November, it was very obvious when I was spiraling and ruminating and having an episode, and when I was not. Now I'm not really sure what is real and what is OCD. Now it seems that all my thoughts are dark and cruel and inappropriate and the "good" days are harder to come by and not even good anymore. I have done so much testing and have undoubtedly caused damage to myself with how I have handled this theme, and I'm afraid I'll never be me again. I miss being able to be comfortable with my attractions and miss being able to daydream about dating. Now, everything sex and dating-related just makes me freak out and nauseous. I am not a huge fan of life right now. Just needed to vent.
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2021.09.18 08:33 MoxieColorado I am so looking forward to these going ripe. These are going to kill in some some of my sauces!

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2021.09.18 08:33 Weak_Contact_5484 Problem: Solved

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2021.09.18 08:32 praaany I love them too

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2021.09.18 08:32 Emilylovewsy where successful people meet and chat attractive singles with the expectations in a private relationship.

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2021.09.18 08:32 johannhowitzer Follow-up: Later on, checking to make sure. (37 man interested in late 20s woman)

Got a serious question toward the bottom of all this, but I really need to set up context first or my question might come off the wrong way and I'd get answers that weren't applicable to my situation.
For context, here's how the situation was a couple weeks ago:
To recap, I met a woman at work, we hit it off, played some music together, she moved some hours away later that week. Kept in touch through a chat app, sending about a message a day back and forth. I actually ran things past a female friend of mine, who swore from reading the chat that this woman had to be interested in me, and aware I was interested in her. So, about a week ago, I tried to arrange to go see her, but because the virus is raging in her area, we agreed to wait and see if it calmed down before making plans.
Well, I ran out of reasons in my mind not just to tell her how I felt. I'd been escalating for a few weeks, and I tend to tell a woman I like her pretty early on. So I called her up last night. And... she was blindsided. Not interested and didn't know I had been interested. We have a lot in common, and I'm fine staying friends. It hurts, but I had been bracing for this just to protect myself in the event I'd been wrong about her interest.
Now I'm in an unprecedented situation. For one reason or another, when I've had my eyes on women in the past, and they turned me down, there wasn't really any consistent contact after that point. You know, long distance crush, go to see her, tell her how I feel, come back home and we go our separate ways. That sort of thing. This time, I have continuing contact with this woman, as well as two possible visits coming up. We still intend to play music together, share stuff we like, and so on.
I told her that while I'm not putting my life on hold to wait for her to change her mind, I'm moving on... if she finds herself feeling differently, to come tell me right away. Which means that even though I AM moving on, working on stuff I enjoy, meeting new people, enjoying exploring this new country, there's now this seed planted in the back of my mind that maybe she could change her mind.
So I guarantee, after we maybe hang out in October, and almost certainly around Christmas, once we have nothing more in the works, I'm going to be wondering if somewhere along the line, maybe she started to think about me more. After all, I know now that she hadn't been thinking at all about whether she liked me or not before I told her. And knowing someone likes you can sometimes prompt you to start liking them back. And I very much nailed the confession, kept it confident, clear, direct, didn't undercut myself, and bounced back quickly to continue communication. If someone told me they liked me, and I'd never thought of that possibility before, it might get me thinking.
So my question is, after these visits, after the year ends, would it be reasonable to ask her if anything's changed, just check up, if it hasn't, fine, that's the last nail in the coffin? I know normally the conventional wisdom is just to pack up and move on, but from what I know of her, even though I told her to come tell me if she changed her mind, I'm not completely sure she would do so, even if she wanted to. And despite what I expected, it turned out that before I told her, she hadn't had a chance to consider this at all.
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2021.09.18 08:32 R_barnes Keem at the gym

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2021.09.18 08:32 KrisssoBG_ society

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2021.09.18 08:32 Coltmax21 Yeah fifa 22 is gonna be real great

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2021.09.18 08:32 gotfannorthofthewall Saoirse Ronan

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2021.09.18 08:32 Ackerbacker Mespirit raid on me 4808 2173 2082

Adding 5
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2021.09.18 08:32 TheImpossibleMAN_151 Brain.exe has stopped working

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2021.09.18 08:32 dog-loaf [SUMMARY] Budget for the Unbelievably Beautiful Country of Finland in the Year of our Lord 2026

Category Information
Budget Year 2026
Country Name Finland
Gov. Corruption 3.00 %
Budgetary Shock . %
Category Information
Nominal GDP $295,215. M
GDP Growth -1%
Nominal Budget $82,660.2 M
Population 5.58 M
GDP Per Capita $52908.96
Spendable Budget $80,180.39 M
Allocations Budget $1,026.08 M
Allocations % 10.5 %
Foreign Military Financing $100. M
Category Information
Taxes [%GDP] 43.3%
Spending [%GDP] 28.%
Deficit/Surplus [USD] $45,167.89 M
Category Information
Finland's Debt $120,000. M
New Bonds (Debt) Issued -$45,167.89 M
Total Government Debt $74,832.11 M
Debt to GDP % 25.35%
Credit Rating A
Interest Paid on Debt 2%
Spending Categories % of Budget % of GDP Actual Expenditure Nominal Expenditure
Ministry of Defense 11.00% 2.99% $8,819.84 M $9,092.62 M
Ministry of the Interior 3.00% 0.81% $2,405.41 M $2,479.81 M
Ministry of Transport and communication 7.00% 1.90% $5,612.63 M $5,786.21 M
Ministry of Education and Culture 9.00% 2.44% $7,216.24 M $7,439.42 M
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 20.00% 5.43% $16,036.08 M $16,532.04 M
Research, Science & Technology 4.00% 1.09% $3,207.22 M $3,306.41 M
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 11.01% 2.99% $8,827.86 M $9,100.89 M
Ministry for Foregin Affairs 2.00% 0.54% $1,603.61 M $1,653.20 M
Prime ministers office 0.55% 0.15% $440.99 M $454.63 M
Ministry of Justice 2.00% 0.54% $1,603.61 M $1,653.20 M
Ministry of Finance 18.22% 4.95% $14,608.87 M $15,060.69 M
Ministry of Economic affairs and Employment 2.00% 0.54% $1,603.61 M $1,653.20 M
Ministry of the Enviroment 1.00% 0.27% $801.80 M $826.60 M
Investment in Finnish startups 1.00% 0.27% $801.80 M $826.60 M
Ministry of Animals and Pets 2.00% 0.54% $1,603.61 M $1,653.20 M
Interest Payments 1.87% .51% $1,496.64 M $1,496.64 M
Total Percent of Budget Allocated: 96% 25.98% $76,689.82 M $82,660.2 M
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2021.09.18 08:32 echoaoki Will Queens face budget cuts?

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2021.09.18 08:32 newman624 I'm Just a little mad

I'm Just a little mad
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2021.09.18 08:32 Hanwen1234 Helltaker Jumpchain + Examtaker DLC (The jump, by u/vluekardinal)
Do-do-do-do, den-den-den-den...
Yeah, you should know what this is. Le Polish Kiryu attempts to get demon harem, gets demon roommates instead. Glorious success in my book.
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2021.09.18 08:32 Automatic_Tap_626 How can I do this?it seems impossible

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2021.09.18 08:32 Mediocre_Jeweler_671 Seriously who's idea was that

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2021.09.18 08:32 orinocotribune Venezuela’s Vice President Rodríguez & Foreign Minister Plasencia Arrive at 6th CELAC Summit in Mexico

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2021.09.18 08:32 Jacoblol 🚀 BIN Spotify Premium 🚀

🚀 BIN Spotify Premium 🚀

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🔺Share And Support Us🔻

⭕️Telegram Channel:
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2021.09.18 08:32 poopmaster4 (NSFW) What's something you can say during a baseball game and sex?

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2021.09.18 08:32 moon_daily Mercury Hackathon 2021: All About NFTs & Decentralized Storage

Don't miss your chance to hack for over USD $120,000~ in prizes at our biggest event of the year!
Welcome to the Mercury Hackathon 2021. 🚀
AngelHack is proud to announce that we're partnering with Tribe to host this online 6-week hackathon is designed to bring together the brightest creators and innovators from around the globe to challenge boundaries in the world of blockchain technology. Join us from September 20 - October 31, 2021, together with the experts from Filecoin, IPFS & Flow for Developer Hour sessions, technical workshops, and a whole lot of adventure and fun.
With up to USD $120,000 of prizes (in tokens) for grabs across 3 tracks and 14 prize categories, participants get to look forward to being the best integration project, the best browser integration project, and more.
Wish to experience, Estuary, Slate or and beyond? Strap on, suit up & let's get building.
May the force be with you. 💪🏼
🗓 20/9 - 31/10
🙋🏼‍♂️ Register here:
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2021.09.18 08:32 AbleRefrigerator4545 Ppcocaine show her huge ass and chubby cunt hot new video

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2021.09.18 08:32 kkwantstobebig Baby Plats NFT giveaway

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2021.09.18 08:32 siccoblue Mom, I finally did it.. I got picked to be the leader everyone looks to..

I know it's been a hard few years.. I know I've faced and fought and beaten addiction, I know one thrown away multiple jobs where I didn't feel appreciated, and I've had a super hard time adapting, but through everything I've finally found some level of success, I was closed over a dozen other extremely qualified people to be their leader and keep this place running.. I know it's not massive, and I know to most people it's a small succeed, but to me it's the biggest thing to ever happen, and the thing I'm the most proud of succeeding in by far.. all my hard work and dedication is finally broke recognized after years of dealing with someone who would tell me why it's not enough if I broke bezos levels of success and wealth
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