[AB AETERNO] - Level Progress update

2021.09.21 21:41 _Abnormalia [AB AETERNO] - Level Progress update

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2021.09.21 21:41 RPG_are_my_initials Question about refinancing student loans while living outside US

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2021.09.21 21:41 sun_d WTT: Black Slim Dungarees size 33 for SD size 34. Open to other colors than black

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2021.09.21 21:41 Eiken420 20$ batch pay no tip suicide swipe, I’ve made a terrible mistake.

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2021.09.21 21:41 arod9277 Question about the flight

So I see that it has set times for when you can play the flight. Is that only for PVP? Will we be allowed to matchmake vs bots like before or will it not let us play at all? I'm just kind of confused about what the set times mean.
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2021.09.21 21:41 ur_dads_buttplug What can i, as a bottom, do while having sex to not appear like a dead fish

Im a bottom and whenever i get fucked i basically do nothing? What can i do to not appear like a dead fish and please my top more? Thank you
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2021.09.21 21:41 max9913 Mini portal

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2021.09.21 21:41 Mac_Oballa The Werner-Lukaku partnership is ready 💙👊

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2021.09.21 21:41 fentalynpatch When your friend breaks up for 9 and 1/2 times with same ass chick

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2021.09.21 21:41 MindlessPush Arum Lily in all it’s glory

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2021.09.21 21:41 ace-s What class/spec are most wanted in M+ right now?

I was thinking of coming back to the game. Used to be a mythic raider.
I realy dont have time to level multiple characters, so i was thinking of leveling something that can get into M+.
Iirc Fire mage and DH were always wanted while Locks were unwanted in M+
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2021.09.21 21:41 winoshino math126 D and E fully virtual except for exams....

with jonah ostroff. i understand lecture being virtual, im just confused as to why the other section (C) gets to have their quiz section in person for practice problems but D and E have to do virtual quiz section??? is anyone with prof Su in section A or B having virtual quiz sections too? just wish there was some consistency ...
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2021.09.21 21:41 icedfrappucino What do you think will be the Eternals Post Credit scene?

Eternals is right around the corner. With a movie introducing heroes this high calliber, I doubt the post credit scene will be underwhelming, it has to be something OP that people have been waiting for, for a very long time. Maybe Multiverse Of Madness tease? Or Thor LOTR?
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2021.09.21 21:41 GeddonBear New friend cycle, 5217 1049 4613

Finishing up friendships with a batch of people, looking for more for exp. Will grind to best friends. Daily Alaskan player. 5217 1049 4613
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2021.09.21 21:41 Genedide Xi Jinping Aims to Rein In Chinese Capitalism, Hew to Mao's Socialist Vision

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2021.09.21 21:41 rennyray How to ask a guy if he’s still interested?

I’m 27F and been talking to a guy 35M for over a month now. We’ve seen each other twice and both dates went extremely well. He texts me every day but he is terrible at making plans. First two dates he planned everything and slept over the second but didn’t have sex. When I asked him last week he seemed to be very vague on the day but still interested? Not sure if he’s trying to “wean” me off but doesn’t know how or just likes to talk to me. I don’t want to be pen pals as I genuinely like spending time with him but I want to know if he’s still interested. How do I ask confidently without seeming insecure and needy? Because that’s not my aim.
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2021.09.21 21:41 Vegetable_Look_4021 Różnica poziomu trudności uczniów w Polskiej Szkole Średniej (pomiędzy uczniami po GIM a SP)

Kto ma trudniej w liceum? Ci po podstawówce czy ci po gimnazjum? Oczywiście, że brzmi dziwnie!
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2021.09.21 21:41 post_mortemboredom Recommend me a retinoid other than tretinoin pls n ty

Tretinoin just isn't for me, I've tried it twice already. Gave me more pimples than I already had, gives me horrible pih, and I hate the wait time of 30 minutes.
So recommend me the retinoid you're using. Anyone try tretinoin, have no luck, and found something better suited for their skin.
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2021.09.21 21:41 Ace_and_Affraid [WP] The economy crashed so badly that the leading people decided to scratch the money completely. Everything is for free and the work still has to be done. The humanity is struggling to accommodate.

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2021.09.21 21:41 OmegaRick15 Help I have a question

I logged in at smite today and saw that Tiamat is going to get rotated soon. I'm a Tiamat main! When will she return? Does anybody know?
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2021.09.21 21:41 PetitePear18 Why can’t we all just get along?

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2021.09.21 21:41 Blizzy_the_Pleb My kids will not be allowed video games until at least middle school

I grew up playing video games. I got my first PC in 2007. Let me tell you, I played it non-stop. I was obsessed with Warcraft 3, specifically Dota. Little did kid me know that would be the cause to a major flaw in my life.
I quickly grew addicted to video games. It wasn’t an actual addiction, I could and did stop when I wanted to. But it was the most fun I’ve ever had. I would play outside with the neighbors kids and my friends every now and then, but it slowly diminished to me staying inside as soon as I got home to play video games. I would come home from school and play video games all night. I would skip homework, studying, etc. and that was the start of it. My grades started to fall and my parents were so busy with their company that they never got the time to tell me to stop and work on my grades. I learned to violate academic integrity with every test just to pass so I didn’t have to study. I would skip sports because video games were much more entertaining.
This led to a social ineptitude. Staying inside playing video games led to a sort of decline in my sociability. By the time I hit the end of middle school to the start of highschool, I had a complete lack of social skills. This lack of social skills would lead to me not being able to make many friends which would lead to a depression. Then it just started cycling. I was depressed I had no friends, then I would be upset I couldn’t make friends, which made me depressed that I had no friends. My grades also dropped dramatically and I lost all ability to even try to cheat.
What broke the cycle was me trashing the video games. I still played Dota 2 and still do, but it’s at quite the minimum now. My junior year I started playing much less and all I would play at that point would have been Dota. But with me playing one or two games a week, I quickly learned social skills, got a job, made some friends, my grades improved, and I am much much happier. I miss the friends I used to play with and talk to them on occasion, but I am overall a much happier person. I found myself a girlfriend who I am happily with for 3 years now.
Safe to say, video games are off the table until at least middle school
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2021.09.21 21:41 alittlerogue [Landlord-US-CA] inheriting tenants in duplex, what to watch for

Just received counter, offer not yet accepted but wanted to do some research/hear feedback from experienced landlords here. This will be my first time as a landlord.
Duplex, with long term tenants on MTM in one unit (fixer), other unit (great condition) delivered empty. Seller already gave occupied unit 60 day notice, but heard tenants have been uncooperative in letting anyone view the home and may not move out. Tenants pay for gas/electric and paying below market rent by at least $500. Owner pays watetrash
My understanding is there may be some cracks in the walls of their unit, signaling a possible foundation issue. Have yet to see the unit.
I am open to allowing the inherited tenants more time to move assuming they continue to pay rent. If they stay, I plan to negotiate they pay watetrash on top of existing payments. I am also prepared to pay up to 20k in foundation issues. Worst case, I can tap into retirement for any major repairs in the occupied unit. The empty unit looks turnkey.
The seller countered with terms: sold as is, one unit may or may not be delivered vacant.
What do you guys think of the deal? Anything I should watch out for in inherited tenant situation or request from sellers?
I read up on change of management notice and a new tenant form.
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2021.09.21 21:41 Patient_Craft3655 Anyone need tickets for NYC show 9/23? Can't go.

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2021.09.21 21:41 Goldndeer Have you played Deltarume chapter 2?

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