2021.09.21 21:35 anitamichelle0125 help!!!!

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2021.09.21 21:35 Laogothhinger I like my Moana's floppy neck. It makes her feel a bit more like a rag doll which is really cute

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2021.09.21 21:35 Budget-Set-2192 I am trying to learn value of this painting. Does anyone has idea ?

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2021.09.21 21:35 illini344 Recently pick up the new Pepsi

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2021.09.21 21:35 bamawildlife4321 Not the whole toolbox obviously, but a pretty helpful start to practicing identifying snakes quickly when you find one.

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2021.09.21 21:35 clownput3r Fuck Baby, yeah! Another H3 fan in the house.

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2021.09.21 21:35 LevelJoy Does PETA hate women? An interesting deep dive into the activism strategies of this organization. What do you think of PETA? Is some of the criticism they face justified? ... or perhaps all of it?

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2021.09.21 21:35 thorndike I am trying to start and learn krunner. Unfortunately, neither alt-f2 or alt-space brings it up. How can I reconfigure it to activate correctly. This is kubuntu 21.04

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2021.09.21 21:35 Priapus4u Bathtime!

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2021.09.21 21:35 curlywurly9 What is your favorite weapon ever in Fortnite?

Mine is definitely the heavy sniper!! Hope every season it will return finally 😩
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2021.09.21 21:35 Iguanasteaks 23M A little maturing or noticeable balding?

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2021.09.21 21:35 FuzzySparklez Will the option to learn remotely continue in the winter when the school plans to go completely in-person?

Thanks for answering :)
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2021.09.21 21:35 Garsia95 I started playing chess because I wanted to reduce cognitive decline but I fear it has given me higher risk of heart attack

So my grandparents sufferd from dementia and alzhiemers so out of fear I wanted to improve my cognitive health with chess.
I started to play only the computer but later started playing on and lichess I would only play rapid because I thought the other modes were to fast until I got bored of how slow it was, so i started blitz 3 min games and got instantly addicted, I would get waves of adrenaline like I had drank a energy drink and did a line off a hookers ass, I had to limit myself to 10 games a day and that only lasted a week because I would keep on playing if I had a losing streak now I just win 1 game on each app and stop for the day but somedays it takes 4 games to get that win and I have to keep playing to redeem the losses.
how do cope with this game? Ffs I even play games in my dreams
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2021.09.21 21:35 SirLadthe1st What youtube guided hypnosis video is the best one? What vid did you have most success with?

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2021.09.21 21:35 ArsonArse Why are antivaxxers/conservatives ingesting horse medicine?

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2021.09.21 21:35 Wholestepdown Not sure if this has been pointed out but

In divinity, the first words are lean into my side, never felt alive. And the last song off nurture, speaks of trying to feel alive. Coincidence?
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2021.09.21 21:35 saxtonferris The Dark Circles...

51yo female here. I've just started iodine, selenium, magnesium citrate on top of my fish oil, vit D and B12 because the dark circles around my eyes suddenly flared, (darkened?) dramatically. Just call me Ricky Raccoon--I don't wear concealer makeup and refuse to start now. I'm on levo, tests are "normal". T3 is not an option, makes me stabby. I guess this is a flair, as the aches and pains have gone crazy too lately, and some form of daily laxative is 100% necessary. I think the AI problems I have are destroying my joint cartilage as I already have one artificial knee and the other one is falling apart--and my shoulders have started to twinge, too. Gah!
I'm also stopping the gluten today, again. I've done it before and it seemed to help but I was more stable otherwise then so maybe I will see a bigger difference. I'm not a huge gluten or dairy consumer, although I like cottage cheese and plain greek yogurt. I also am very low sugar already, and low sodium. I'm going to cut out gluten first, then dairy if I don't see much difference. Hashimotos has stolen all the joy from eating, and the older I get, the more things I need to stop enjoying just to stay sane and able to live life. I'm just sad. :(
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2021.09.21 21:35 Connect_Crypto AVOID BIG CRYPTO LOSSES WITH ONE MAJOR TRADING LESSON! [Crypto Banter on YouTube]

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2021.09.21 21:35 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 21:35 Meas0n Any advice?

I'm a warlock and I have tried to do arena many times and just get so angry. I can't seem to do anything despite trying to follow rotations and shit my brain just doesn't work fast enough. I also find myself in situations where I literally can't do anything because I'm stun locked by a giant hair tauren with to swords. I'm aware that warlock is good but that shouldn't be an excuse. A class shouldn't put you at a big disadvantage right? That questions makes me wonder whether I'm just shit. I genuinely don't know. I just feel like that part of the game I'm paying for is unplayable and I don't know whether is because of me or the game.
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2021.09.21 21:35 Becca39 Removing Smoke Odor

So my coworker got me a Zero squish from her other job and left it in her car. I got it yesterday evening only to take it home and it to smell so potent it triggered the gag reflex.
Her husband smokes in her car. But he smokes a little more than cigarettes if you know what I mean.
I know baking soda can take care of cigarette smell but everything I've read about this more pungent odor suggests vinegar.
Is vinegar okay for squishes? I currently have it in a bag with baking soda since I can't get to doing a hardcore wash until the weekend but now I'm wondering if that's even worth it. Lol.
Any help is appreciated!
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2021.09.21 21:35 ComfortableRice2577 🌘CloneBit🌘 | 8% Uniswap Rewards | Launching Now | Extensive Roadmap | ✔️ Dev Based | 🔥Professional Marketing Team🔥

🚨CloneBit Project🚨

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📄Token Details📄

Token Name: CloneBit

Token Symbol: $CNB

Token Type: BEP-20

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1B)

✅Contract Source Code Verified

🔓Liquidity will be Locked and the Lock Link will be shared!


1% Liquidity Pool

8% rewarded to Holders in Uniswap Token!

1% Marketing and Development

Great Marketing push & Road Map is planned. We have made this project from heart and soul, you all have the chance to be one of the first to join our project and be a part of our 💎Diamond hand community💎.

You are more than welcome to DYOR, Visit Our Links Below :


💠 Contract: 0xfa0d3deb29ad039b168a01a53c2fd264bad96438

💠 Buy Here:

💠 Renounced Ownership:

🔐 Liquidty locked:
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2021.09.21 21:35 StarDestroyer50 Can't seem to smoke anymore after a meal without gagging or throwing up?

As the title says. I have been a smoker of maybe 10 a day or more, sometimes averaging 20, for about 8 years. I'm male and I'm 25 nearly 26 years old, and I always smoked after a meal or snack. But nowadays, whenever I do this. I just vomit up my food or I tend to gag, and recently I'm not finishing my full meals.
Should I see the doctor or just stop smoking now after meals? Is my body rejecting the chemicals?
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2021.09.21 21:35 WinterAssassin2004 Tell me something embarrassing you’ve done

I feel like I’ve done something embarrassing today and I cant stop face palming at myself now so let me know something you’ve done so I can feel not alone lol
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2021.09.21 21:35 daniared91 Anyone take Proferrin, tums, or Pepcid?

I feel I’m reacting to something but I’m not sure - don’t know if I’m being glutened or something else is going on.
The only things I’ve added/taken in the last few weeks that are different are:
Proferrin iron supplement Tums Pepcid
Does anyone else take these or have problems with them? I’m in Canada if that makes a difference.
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