[PC][ds1 rem]need help for kalameet

2021.09.18 08:43 kia0071 [PC][ds1 rem]need help for kalameet

please put your sign at the bonfire after the artorias boss fight.
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2021.09.18 08:43 nas_abyss Poll for Season 3

We're y'all satisfied with the latest season of Sex Education?
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2021.09.18 08:43 LoneWolf0936 DESPERATELY in need of some career advice

About me :

My thoughts :
  1. I have worked for some XYZ IT company, pretty decent pay, the environment was okayish, people were kinda dead, very work centric, work pressure was there, I couldn't pace myself, always had to rush, didn't like the idea of SCRUM (daily meetings) every single day, didn't like having too many stakeholders (team lead, manager etc) judging/commenting on stuff time to time, work life balance was shit.
  2. Even though I did CS & kinda liked coding in college, I didn't like it anymore after my experience in corporate, felt too monotonous & boring. I'm kinda afraid of getting back to it too, honestly speaking, I'm not that great at it too, I'm just decent, would ask around, read up, understand, try & get things done.
  3. Working out has been my hobby for a while now, I came across this organisation called FITTR, I liked the idea of being a COACH (online personal trainer), like being in control of your life, being active on social media, working with clients online, having time for yourself etc.
  4. I don't like continuous meetings, sitting at computer all day (for office work), sometimes till late, I hope you understand what direction I speak in (typical IT thoughts)
My query :
  1. I don't know how scalable being a coach is.
  2. I don't really know how will I like handling people every day (but I know I'm great with people).
  3. I tried to be clear about my character & my personality, so what do you guys think about my decision?
  4. What are your thoughts about fitness as a career?
  5. What are your thoughts/advice about my career as I'm really confused currently?
  6. I want to go abroad, probably US, but I don't know how much fitness as a career would help as compared to IT as a career.
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2021.09.18 08:43 Cadidiot_Old_11C 99 Agility IRL

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2021.09.18 08:43 Ice7674 How do I get these mods?

I'm trying to get elemental armaments and font of might but it's not showing in the war table but I'm only rank 8 and I dont know if more mods appear the higher level I am
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2021.09.18 08:43 starofthebucks1 Philadelphia Z6 with 50mm f1.8 S. 1/125th, f/11 for the shutter drag

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2021.09.18 08:43 Technically_No234 I need some courage, I’m planning on asking my crush out soon

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2021.09.18 08:43 Life_Maximum385 Give it a try

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2021.09.18 08:43 NODE_Gamers Dojoran Trophy Guide

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2021.09.18 08:43 SesshamoNekodearuzo The Fatal Flaw Of Free Market Capitalism

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2021.09.18 08:43 According_Berry_9367 PS4 LF people to play 21 with (rec/park)

21 is dead and everyone that I used to play with got 22
I’m a ss3 with 65% in park and 70% win in rec
I got multiple builds stretch slasher play shot
Just have iq and be unselfish (if I run point I like to get everyone involved)
I don’t care what your win or rep is just know how to play and be willing to listen
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2021.09.18 08:43 okpablomustard Love is a bitch

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2021.09.18 08:43 Vampirilor My first win and my best game

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2021.09.18 08:43 Lord_D987 They fixed the glitch that allowed us to get multiple "100 multiplayer coins" during coin aplenty :-(

It looks it doesn't work anymore... I guess it is related to the update.
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2021.09.18 08:43 thedickbear Ok do all nuts become a paste when grounded finely or just some of them, like peanuts and almonds become a paste when grounded finely so are they the only two or can walnuts become they're own paste when grounded finely or do they just become powder

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2021.09.18 08:43 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Lifestyle] - Chicken, tofu and noodles: Chi San’s Chinese-Vietnamese salads | Guardian

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2021.09.18 08:43 zenquest DTC is shitting bricks as real share float is moving to Computershare. They're on PR campaign to "reassure" investors who've been defrauded for years. They're also promoting it (read shilling) here. Watch out, you know what to do.

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2021.09.18 08:43 superfankiks What are some of the best things to do when it is raining?

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2021.09.18 08:43 NerdyNina2106 Roommate says she saw something "weird" flying over American Fork last night?

She said it kind of looked like a helicopter, but not quite. According to her it was fully illuminated and the whole thing was pure white. Neither of us have seen helicopters where the entire thing was 100% lit up, which is why she doesn't think it was a helicopter.
I wasn't with her when she saw it, so all I have to go on is her description. "Pure white, glowing, not-quite helicopter." Do we have helicopters around here that are 100% lit up at night instead of just the standard couple of lights?
I keep telling her that it probably was just a helicopter, but she's not entirely convinced.
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2021.09.18 08:43 slowswede Have mercy upon me

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2021.09.18 08:43 CheapCrazy3707 ¿Sigue conveniendo ahorrar en dólares?

El otro día estaba leyendo un post de esta comunidad sobre inversiones y encontré un comentario que recomendaba gastar los dólares ahorrados porque los mismos están perdiendo valor. ¿Están de acuerdo o difieren de esta opinión?
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2021.09.18 08:43 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Lifestyle] - Fit in my 40s: I suck at table tennis. Instead, here are my final seven fitness lessons | Guardian

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2021.09.18 08:43 jujubean81 Men or women’s ?

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2021.09.18 08:43 Darthwolfgamer What is your phobia?

Examples like phobia of the deep ocean or the dark rooms.
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2021.09.18 08:43 iiamberxcloudyii How much does bunny slippers worth

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