My first ever piece might be controversial

10 Most Shocking & Controversial Art Ever Made. From graphic nudity and feminist protest to childish pranks, we examine the most controversial art ever made, and the powerful impact they have had on art. ... They remained on this controversial art piece until a restoration of the Sistine Chapel hundreds of years later, in the 1980s. But by then 8 Controversial Young Models. Posted on June 4, 2017 by Grace Murano. Category: ... The cover of Haven shows a nine-year-old model dressed in a two-piece vintage circus costume, ... She is the youngest model ever to appear in a Playboy nude pictorial and was featured at age 11 in the October 1976 issue of the Italian edition of the magazine in ... Sponsel despaired that what is known as “the fierce controversy” would ever be satisfactorily resolved. ... in which she called Tierney’s book “just a piece of sleaze, that’s all there ... HERE goes. This article completes my two-week project to select the top 10 classical music composers in history, not including those still with us. The argument, laid out in a series of articles ... The 50 most controversial movies ever made. ... director Leni Riefenstahl insisted she was not a Nazi; she merely made the single most famous piece of propaganda about them ever conceived. The ... Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of One Piece belongs here! If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit! If you want discussion, please sort the subreddit by New. Editor's note, 8/14: This op-ed is being used by some as a tool to perpetuate racism and xenophobia. We apologize. The essay, by John Eastman, was intended to explore a minority legal argument ... Let’s do a quick rundown of the primary takes from these controversial ads. Avoid dealing with sensitive topics in your ads (race, gender, stereotypes, tragedy). Don’t feature controversial people in your commercials. Don’t be inappropriate. Avoid marginalizing or offending anyone. If you do any of the above, be prepared! Deepfakes was a controversial subreddit that superimposed famous female actresses onto pornographic videos, made using FakeApp, without the consent of the actresses. Such actresses included Emma Watson and Daisy Ridley. After the subreddit was given notoriety from the press, videos from the subreddit were banned from Gfycat and Discord.On February 7, 2018, the day after Pornhub banned the ... Are you looking for more controversial topics for teens? Check out our other article where you can find 170+ controversial debate topics for teens, as well as the dos and don’ts when debating controversial topics. Controversial Science Topics. Science has a very specific way of addressing controversies – by looking at evidence.

2021.10.22 14:08 bruh___momento My first ever piece might be controversial

i’m in the process of my brand and i have the idea for the first piece. however it might be controversial because it shows something not quite “good” ,it does not glorify it shines light on the true nature of it and the truth isn’t always sun shine and rainbows and that’s what my brand is all about.
And idk if i should play it “safe” i just need the first drop to go decent so i can work on the second one.
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2021.10.22 14:08 offbrandpretzels Should I replace someone for a Charge cookie? I had mala sauce but replaced her for sea fairy. I also have red velvet, but I would need to keep sorbet to have him on and don’t know if i should get rid of mango. Pvp or pve help pls

Should I replace someone for a Charge cookie? I had mala sauce but replaced her for sea fairy. I also have red velvet, but I would need to keep sorbet to have him on and don’t know if i should get rid of mango. Pvp or pve help pls submitted by offbrandpretzels to CookieRunKingdoms [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 14:08 DecimatingDarkDeceit Başlığa yazacak birşey bulamadım. Ne diyelim ?!

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2021.10.22 14:08 raivekeiel It's DT week! Check out my attempts at some of the solos from the new album!

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2021.10.22 14:08 SM469 Prelim/Transitional Year

I have had a couple of invites from advanced position but it won't mean anything coz I don't have any prelim/TY invites. Do they send it later on during the interview season? The number of applicants for prelim/TY are significantly lower than categorical programs so I'm worried if they've already sent out all the invites. Non US-IMG
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2021.10.22 14:08 keenerwhat Interview Blunder

So my interviewer asked me who I learned a lot from, and I talked about this physician I really admired who influenced me a lot and I shadowed her fellow, but wasn't sure how to lump all of that into a response about one person. So I talked about shadowing the physician and how I saw her explain treatments and comfort patients through her knowledge, and my interviewer asked if I had shadowed her, and I said no, I shadowed her fellow.
Is this a red flag if it was her fellow, and my physician trained this fellow?
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2021.10.22 14:08 Cheeky_Fox75 Please, please throw an upvote so Ryan can see her!!!

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2021.10.22 14:08 BennosukeMusashi Snake have legs=Shorts covered!

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2021.10.22 14:08 romain34230 M6 va lancer une offre 6Play payante sans coupures pub, comme myTF1 Max

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2021.10.22 14:08 AcieHigh I R Shiba

I R Shiba
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2021.10.22 14:08 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Italy’s Matteo Salvini recorded calling far-right rival a ‘pain in the ass’ | Guardian

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2021.10.22 14:08 Tanbelia Pink Roses Large Watercolor Painting check out a new artwork in my Etsy shop.

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2021.10.22 14:08 kyle_h2486 Our lord and savior Simon the Great is color blind. The more you know 🌈

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2021.10.22 14:08 nuldabz [Service] Keebsmith Customs — Build service

Hello, I'm Gabriel, custom keyboard builder and owner of bespoke.keys. I would love to complete your next custom build! I enjoy providing a convenient service for those looking for quality assembly of custom keyboards, with a reasonable turnaround time and quick general response.
Oakland, CA 94608 (Local Drop off / Pick Up available!)
Hakko FX888D soldering station, Hakko FR301 Desoldering gun, Kester 44 Rosin Core Solder 63/37, Flush cutters, KOTTO Fume Extractor, Krytox GPL 205g0, Krytox 105 Oil, Tribosys 3203, Durock Films, 3D printed switch openers, and lube station, four-prong jeweler's claw, small paintbrush, attention to detail, and TLC.
Turn-around time:
3-5 business days.
I now offer a switch lubing service for those in need of such. It may be purchased in addition to a build service, in which case it will add an additional 2-4 business days to overall turnaround time. Priority in turn around time will be given to builds and switch lubing services that are paired together for a client. I stock Krytox GPL 205g0, Krytox GPL 105, and Tribosys 3203.

Services offered: Description: Pricing:
Soldering, Custom keyboard assembly. (No SMD LEDs, no through-hole kits such as Discipline etc, No Millmax) Soldering switches to PCB, clipping and lubing stabilizers with Krytox GPL 205g0, band-aid modding if desired, assembling case, thorough tuning and inspection, layout programming if desired. $50.00, covers up to a full-size keyboard. $25 for numpads and hotswap boards.
Desoldering, switch extraction. desoldering and extraction of switches from assembled PCB, cleaning excess solder off of switch pins. $50.00 flat, regardless of board size.
Switch lubing I lube the following areas: Stem faces & legs, Springs (bag lubed,) Bottom housing rails and pole slot. $0.40 per switch, client provides lube. Additional $0.10 per switch for service-supplied lube.
Switch filming, frankenswitch assembly Addition of switch films during lubing process. Assembly of Frankenswitches. Included in the cost of Switch lubing, available upon request. TX Films are available upon request for $0.10 each. Color is subject to availability.
I have experience lubing over 9,000 switches, and I am confident in my technique and its consistency. If you have any questions or suggestions, I'm all ears!
Here are some photos of my soldering work, and my lubing tools.
A list of builds I have completed for clients is available here!
A few client testimonials are available here.
You can view VODs of these builds, and see pictures on Instagram, YouTube, and also here!
If you are interested in booking my services for your upcoming build, or have any questions, please fill out my order form here, I'll reply within 1-3 days at your preferred contact method. You are welcome to contact me here, or on discord hakuji#0062 as well. You can also join bespoke.keys discord server here! Thanks for looking!
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2021.10.22 14:08 josim98888 What is you mother language?

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2021.10.22 14:08 _crush21 ESP force and titanium nuke ss $32 shipped

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2021.10.22 14:08 Fallstor52 Walmart Allows Customers to Buy Bitcoin at 200 Stores

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2021.10.22 14:08 s13j13 Upgraded my old PC to run VR for £100

I built my PC back in 2016 with these specs originally:
Zalman Z1 case
Intel Pentium G3258
Gigabyte H81 Pro
8GB HyperX Fury 1333mhz RAM
Radeon R9 280 3GB GPU
Corsair CX430 PSU
WD Green 1TB HDD

In 2018, I upgraded to an Intel Core i5-4460, a EVGA GTX 1070ti 8GB, EVGA SuperNova 750 G+ PSU and a Samsung 850 Evo SSD. This was all good for a while but I recently got an Oculus Quest 2 and wanted to run games off my PC, as well as wanting to upgrade to Windows 11 and my old system didn't meet the specs.

These are the parts I got for my new build, and the prices:
GameMax Expedition Case (£20)
Gigabyte A320M-S2H (£20)
AMD Ryzen 5 1600 AF (£75)
Corsair 16GB DDR4 Vengeance LPX 3200mhz (£55)
WD Blue M.2 500GB (£35)

I transferred in my hard drive, SSD, power supply, GPU and 2 case fans from my old PC into my new one. I also sold some old parts bringing down the price of the upgrade. I sold the DDR3 RAM for £25, the H81 Pro motherboard for £50 and the CPU for £30.
There's still some upgrades I'd like to do in the future such as a better CPU cooler and a motherboard that supports overclocking, I only got the A320 as it was so cheap and there was a discount where if you bought it, you got 50% off the M.2 SSD. The case that I got is actually very good for a budget case, if a little rough around the edges inside.

All in all it was a great upgrade, my PC handles games much better now and runs VR titles with no problem. I also got Windows 11 installed.

Here's some pics of my completed build
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2021.10.22 14:08 Tiger_Yu Stories about music

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2021.10.22 14:08 OctopotOfficial Contest! You're chance to win In Store Credit!

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2021.10.22 14:08 Beelzebubsadvorat FAO Ken..the classic clip

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2021.10.22 14:08 Nocturnoran I need help with tp ssd 8

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2021.10.22 14:08 curiousvenombi Stock is down 7.5%, but $145 12/17 calls are up 24%????

How does this make any sense? IV is up about 20 percentage points, but is that all there is to this?
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2021.10.22 14:08 flyingbacon22 What's better at fighting, the skyhook from infinite or the drill ?

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2021.10.22 14:08 AutoNewspaperAdmin [UK] - Radio listening figures will be a reckoning for entire UK industry | Guardian

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