Spirited Away Bath House Timelapse Tutorial

2021.10.19 13:42 FallenAphrodite Spirited Away Bath House Timelapse Tutorial

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2021.10.19 13:42 DarkKingMGV Xiao and Skybracer references in the game ...

So, I've been hearing about this for a long time, so I wanted to share my information about it.

During the lantern rite there was an story teller NPC near the wall after you enter the Liyue through the bridge, beside the food stand.
He told the story of what happened at Skybracer.
The part that I remember was something like "The Monster shot its ultimate attack, but the Adepti dodged that attack. It hit the mountain in Liyue harbor and it started to collapse, Skybracer asked a Masked Friend to cut his horn so that he could use it to prevent the fall of the mountain"
That monster I heard about from the storyteller is Osial I guess. If you check the fight with Osial at the Archon Quest, Adepti start to talk when you are fighting Fatui.
When Osial is charging its attack, Paimon asks: What's that?!.
And Xiao replies with something like this: Osial's powerful attack. I'm ... familiar with it.

He talk about it like it brings back painful memories when he remembers that attack.
And although the storyteller called that friend the "Masked Friend" I can 100% surely say tat it went like this:
Osial attack the Adepti with that attack, they dodged, it hot the mountain and Skybracer asked Xiao to cut his horn to use it and prevent the destruction of Liyue.
Unfortunately I was not in a habit of taking screenshots from idle NPC talks around those versions, so I guess you can only find it from a person who talked with that NPC and have a gameplay footage. But Xioa's comment about Osial's attack is in the Archon Quest adepti talks during the attack of the Fatui.
So, that also answers the involvement of Xiao during the Archon War I guess.
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2021.10.19 13:42 Zealousideal-Switch8 Tuned to the world's sound event

So the title is tuned to the world's sound, yet the notes don't even match up with the buttons you press. I guess that would make too much sense? The first 2 locations are synced up with the notes but only on Pro mode. "The winding way" is not synced and when you press the buttons at the time the song plays the notes, you fail. Hopefully the rest of the pro mode event is actually synced to the music..
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2021.10.19 13:42 Masterzoroark666 Hammerhead

Hammerhead A quick design of anthro hammerhead shark (not many people draw these). The main mover to draw this was song Hammerhead by Worthikids (Yeah, this Worthikids- creator of Bigtop Burger series)
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2021.10.19 13:42 KindOfEveryColor Is facing a wall while learning basics a sign I should quit?

Hi. My goal is (was?) to self-learn programming to find eventually a job as software developer. But my struggles during that process made me question my endeavors.
Here's my "backstory". I'm not from U.S., but from relatively poor country. The job prospects here seem rather bleak: it's really hard to land some job and most of them are not paid well (basically, it's hard to make a living being single with not many needs). Almost the only industry that have well-paying jobs is IT. That led to rather peculiar situation: software developers earn 5x more money than workers in other fields (excluding CEOs, celebrities etc). So financial side alone makes learning programming here tempting.
I started learning Java on my own around February. Since then, I've been trying to code every day. Now, that wasn't my first experience with programming (I had some subjects that involved programming at university), but first serious one. I like doing it, so it's not that I have to force myself to keep my schedule - the thrill after figuring out how to write a program is quite big. There were some hiccups along my journey, but I wasn't paricularly discouraged by it.
The problem started a couple of days ago. I'm going through universally recommended Java course done by University of Helsinki. I came close to finishing it, but I got stuck at one exercise - making a tic-tac-toe app using graphical interface. (Here's a link for it: https://java-programming.mooc.fi/part-13/5-multiple-views ) After hours upon hours of trying to figuring it out, I still am not one inch closer for coming up with an algorithm that checks whether buttons are pushed in a sequence making three X's or O's by the row, column or diagonal. Honestly, it feels quite embarassing after seeing some youtube video called "make your tic-tac-toe app in 30 minutes" or something like that. I know it's not a super challenging problem, yet I'm simply facing a wall lol. I don't want to see solutions done by others and memorise them so I'm spending days like a madman trying to make this (apparently) simple stuff. I have to say, I always thought that my analytic, deductive and logical skills were at best average, but I was believing that hard, fair work might lead me eventually to being good enough to become professional programmer. But at situations like I just described I just feel disillusioned and sad.
Thanks to all that have read this. Should I just quit? Anybody in similar boat? Maybe somebody got through the same thing and overcame it somehow? I'd appreciate any kind of feedback.
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2021.10.19 13:42 niuz-bot Iohannis, declarație de presă de la ora 18.15, în ziua în care România a avut cel mai negru bilanț al pandemiei COVID - [Actualitate][Esențial]

Președintele Klaus Iohannis va susține, de la ora 18.15, o declarație de presă la Palatul Cotroceni. Reamintim că România a înregistrat marți cel mai negru bilanț COVID de la debutul pandemiei.
Citeste in continuare: https://www.hotnews.ro/stiri-esential-25117143-iohannis-declaratie-presa-ora-18-15-ziua-care-romania-avut-cel-mai-negru-bilant-pandemiei-covid.htm
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2021.10.19 13:42 mazeking Half automatic - tube change

A lot of the half automatic hunting shotguns comes with tubes with room for 3 shells. Which of the common brands does allow/has upgrades for changing to a longer tube which can store more than 3 shells?
Does anyone have any info on this?
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2021.10.19 13:42 VeryInsecurePerson Just fought a teabagging Sora that ran away and mashed

Didn't win but got a pretty nice spike on him
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2021.10.19 13:42 ASICmachine You can stake as little as 0.5ETH on ANKR's Micropool mechanism with zero developer knowledge. (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.10.19 13:42 niuz-bot Bitcoin a crescut cu 40% în ultima lună și se apropie de maximul său istoric - [Economie][Burse]

Bitcoin a atins marți cel mai înalt nivel din ultimele șase luni și s-a apropiat de maximul istoric, în contextul în care brokerii pariază pe așteptata listare a unui fond de investiții futures în SUA ce ar putea atrage noi bani în sectorul criptomonedelor, transmite Reuters.
Citeste in continuare: https://economie.hotnews.ro/stiri-burse-25117129-bitcoin-crescut-40-ultima-luna-apropie-maximul-sau-istoric.htm
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