3.16 Can Totems get through all content? Arc / Holy Flame?

2021.10.22 13:18 SiahC 3.16 Can Totems get through all content? Arc / Holy Flame?

Holy Flame totem? Arc totems?

I'm out of touch with totems, tried looking up some guides / tree's but will most likely only have time for one character this league.
Can Arc totems still go all the way ?
or am I better off with Shield crush champion?

Any skill trees would be appreciated.
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2021.10.22 13:18 royalwayesports Ethical issue: Are Children people?

As a Christian parent, I have noticed more and more that our society does not acknowledge that children are people. They seem to either have no human rights at all or too many rights given by the state in weird ways like determining their own gender, etc.
How should we as Christians feel about the personhood of children? Are they kids until 18 because the state says so? Do they form a kid mind at some different age? At what age does God determine entrance into childhood and an exit from it? It being a child determined by a number at all?
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2021.10.22 13:18 dirkdragonslayer Turn signal "paint"?

Recent inspection had one thing I never heard of; one of the turn signals isn't amber-colored enough. I don't see it, but the mechanic suggested I replace the bulb or dip it in some sort of ink/paint to make it more amber. He said there is a type of paint specifically for that, but I can't find it.
Thank you for your time.
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2021.10.22 13:18 downwidopp Cloud 9 wings from Mellow Mushroom. For double baked wings they were quite Squishy.

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2021.10.22 13:18 WinterLaw4149 DAE ever get the opposite feeling of imposing doom?

DAE ever get the opposite feeling of impending doom? like you just have this overwhelming feeling something great is going to happen? i know impending feelings of anything don’t tend to mean much, but having experienced bouts of feelings of doom in my darker days, i’ll take this new feeling any day.
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2021.10.22 13:18 08u3a1o Most anticipated earnings releases for the week beginning October 25th 2021(Big Week For Technology):

Most anticipated earnings releases for the week beginning October 25th 2021(Big Week For Technology): Hey guys, upcoming earnings! Which ones are you waiting for most? Guys, where do you listen to them?
What is ahead of us:
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2021.10.22 13:18 InActionJackson Found in an old issue of "Automobile Quarterly" - "Reaching for Aquarius: Track Three" by Syd Mead (1975)

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2021.10.22 13:18 TrashyDrawinges Blatant hints

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2021.10.22 13:18 Islandgirl1444 BUTTERTART PIE.

BUTTER TART PIE. 1 1/4 cups corn syrup 1/2 cup light brown sugar, packed 3 lightly beaten eggs 1/4 cup butter, melted 2 tbsp lemon juice 1 tbsp vanilla extract 1/4 tsp salT 




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2021.10.22 13:18 rgoff31-psn Maine schools seeing increase in COVID outbreaks

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2021.10.22 13:18 DEL994 (Spoilers Extended) Happiest and most functionnal marriages in ASOIAF ?

Which marriages, of political origin or for love, in Westeros and Essos' very long history do you think were the most successful and solid for both members of the couple ?
Which marriages in the past were the most functionnal and happiest ? Which one(s) is or are the best in the present story ?
What are the factors and reasons for these successful weddings and married lives ?
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2021.10.22 13:18 PrimarisHussar [H] Various Space Marines, [W] PayPal, [Loc] Western NY, USA

Verification and pics: https://imgur.com/gallery/ONqaLQy
Hey all! Due to a large amount of backlog, I'm clearing out a bunch of my Space Marines stuff I won't be using soon. All are labeled as NIB/NOS, A for assembled, P for primed, and TLC for stuff that needs a little more work with stripping or assembly from other lots I've purchased and haven't got to. Also, numbers are indicative of models, not number of units.
3x Hammerfall Bunkers (P)- $36 ea.
1x Land Raider Crusader (P)- $58
1x Dreadnought (P)- $30
3x Eliminators (A)- $30
5x Intercessors (P)- $18
5x Intercessors (A)- $21
ALL 10 Intercessors (P, A)- $35
6x Assault Intercessors (P)- $21
14x Assault Intercessors (A)- $59
ALL 20 Assault Intercessors (P, A)- $75
3x Inceptors (NOS)- $40
3x Suppressors (A)- $35
10x Infiltrators (A)- $42
1x Repulsor Executioner (A)- $70
3x Outriders (A)- $42
1 box Scouts w/ Snipers (NIB)- $30
1x Storm Speeder (A)- $45
1x Stormraven Gunship (P)- $64
5x Terminators (A)- $38
2x Attack Bikes (A)- $24 ea.
5x Devastators (TLC)- $22
5x Assault Marines (TLC)- $20
5x Scouts w/ Shotguns (TLC)- $14
40x Tactical Marines (TLC)- $78
Or, if you want to buy the whole kit and caboodle, instead of the 925ish it comes out to, it can ALL be yours for $800!
Shipping is not included, and I would prefer to ship within the continental US if possible. Other than that, if there are any questions, feel free to ask!
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2021.10.22 13:18 flare_442 My Yotsuba Glass Painting oc

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2021.10.22 13:18 EmilyEggplant This meat thermometer probe that came with our new oven

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2021.10.22 13:18 Soumajeetb When he turns back and helps his friend

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2021.10.22 13:18 kungfubeats update is soo good this week, calling it out here, straight through no shuffle, dig it

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2021.10.22 13:18 Parabellum8g Juichen op Damrak: AEX dit jaar al goed voor 30%

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2021.10.22 13:18 hash-tag-hash We somehow turned into ghosts while taking a picture with our ghost jack-o' lanterns ~spooky~

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2021.10.22 13:18 Perfio Communication issues

I (30F) have been in a relationship with my boyfriend (29M) for the past 11 months.
We met online and hit it off spending a lot of time texting, calling and getting to know each other. We also started dating in person. Fast forward to July 3.5 months ago where we moved in together.
Moving in together wasn't easy and it was earlier than we both had planned. I was a few weeks pregnant so our original plans of moving in around the 1 year mark were pushed up. I unfortunately lost the pregnancy which both of us managed with support and love.
Recently we have been having weekly/frequent arguments on simple miscommunications. This creates a lot of tension between us and neither of us know the clear way forward on how to improve.
An example would be this week when both of our work schedules were opposite. This meant both of us wouldn't really get any time together till the following week as he works till midnight and I am up early. We'd maybe have 30 mins cuddle before I go to sleep as he would stay up till 4am relaxing after work and sleeping to fit his work day. That's ok work is work so I asked him last week if he'd like to do something during his days off (tue/wed/thur) - if I took half days vacation.
He agreed that it would be nice so I booked the time off work (half day). When the time came around and I finished my half day ready to hang out & asked what will we do together (now or later) he was confused.
The day before his best friend who he'd not spent time with in awhile asked to hang out (play online MMO). My BF asked me if that was ok and I agreed it's ok but wanted to do something together during my time off at some point.
My BF was confused as he thought we would have a day of nothing to relax and unwind where as I expected to do something together at some point that afternoon or evening (allowing plenty hours of chilling with his friend).
This would lead to me expressing frustration on communication where I try to be as clear as possible but still there is a misunderstanding. On this occasion I had told my mother we would visit that day and I said I will go soon.
He started to get ready through much tension and arguing about our plans and miscommunications. I was annoyed at this point ready to leave when he asked me are we ready to go? And I replied with yes obviously (shoes on jacket on hand on the door).
His response to this was to mock the way I said yes in an over dramatic fashion which shocked me. This never happened before but I want to work past this with him.
Does anyone have any advice how we can understand each other better? He seems to often misunderstand my expectations or plans when I lay them out clearly and I feel like I'm not being understood when I do my best to be clear and understanding.
This type of scenario repeating over the past number of weeks is causing stress in our relationship - does anyone have any advice?
I love him dearly and I am just not sure how we can work on this together as I feel I am as clear as I possibly can be.
TLDR ; My BF misunderstands our plans frequently when there is clear communication (conversations+texts). This leads to arguments and tension in the relationship as I feel frustrated.

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2021.10.22 13:18 Rafael_de_Jong HAK "Kontaktirajte nas"

Nisam nasao ovakav post na hredditu pa valjda je sve ok, naime zna li itko zasto se nitko ne javlja na brojeve u sektoru za vozace? (01/6611-930, 6611-931, 6611-960) Jel HAK na nekom godisnjem svaki drugi tjedan ili sam ja lud pa zovem ko budala broj koji ne vazi vise
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2021.10.22 13:18 Iggle_Piggle13 [RECRUITING] Elite Attack | Level 9 | TH11+ | War/CWL/Clan Games | Crystal III | Competitive

Hi! I am the leader of Elite Attack, a fairly competitive war clan looking for active, TH11+ members to come and join us. We have a strong base of players and we are looking for more members who want to play seriously, but also enjoy it as well. We have many friendly and active players online throughout the day if you need troops or help, and we all work together during wars and clan games.
Link: https://link.clashofclans.com/en?action=OpenClanProfile&tag=2PPGVUPR8
Important Information:
• We are an English-speaking clan, though we try to accommodate players from all over the world
• We are currently in Crystal III for CWL, finished 5th last season and easily stayed up
• We max clan games every time, and always do it quickly within a day and a half, we have reached 100,000 points in the last few clan games!
• Currently 46 members, many of which are high level, not many spaces left
• Clan applications are purely through clash, there are no external requirements to get in. We are open to anyone at the moment, so you can easily join
• We do back to back wars as much as we can, with players free to opt in and out based on their preference. We take wars pretty seriously, so we always aim to get high numbers of stars and have specific and adaptable war strategies
• Elder and Co-leader are given based on service to the clan and trust, we don’t have jerky, selfish co-leaders
• Elite Attack is currently level 9. We have the donation boost, as well as important treasury and war loot perks as well!
• We also have a clan discord server that we are constantly working on building up, and is becoming more and more well equipped each day!
So that’s Elite Attack in a nutshell! If you are above Town Hall 11 and looking for a new clan for the long term, then we’d love to have you on board in this constantly progressing clan! Hope to see you soon!
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2021.10.22 13:18 FiddyMK ⚡️17-day-old SHIBARMY Token | Dessert Finance Audit | Partnership with Hummingbird Finance | Pre CMC & CG | Amazing Tokenomics | Could 100x this year⚡️

Hi guys, this gem $SHIBARMY Token launched just over 2 weeks ago. I am really bullish on this coin for a number of reasons. Here are updates and developments so far:
✅ Audited by Dessert Finance
✅ Partnership with Hummingbird Finance
✅ Airdrop
✅ Guerilla Marketing On Tg, Twitter & Reddit
✅ Youtube Channel Created and Medium Article Released
✅ Reddit CMS Top Trending Frequently
✅ Paid Twitter Marketing Campaign
✅ Listed on Multiple Coin Listing Sites (CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap will be expedited at the right time to provide max value to holders)
✅ Listed on NestSwap
✅ Listed on Nomics
✅ 1st Meme Contest Complete
✅ Whitepaper In Progress
✅ Liquidity locked until January 2022
✅ Additional liquidity has been added (+$5000)
✅ Listed on Coinpaprika
Personally, I feel like this can do 50x 100x by the end of the year given that we are in the biggest bullrun of all time and meme coins will go parabolic asf in December. I expect this to pump like crazy within the next few months. DYOR!
Telegram: https://t.me/Shibarrmy
Twitter: https://twitter.com/shibarmybsc
Website: https://shibarmybsc.com
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2021.10.22 13:18 mizfit37 NieR Replicant Playthrough #3 Meeting Grimore Weiss

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2021.10.22 13:18 Ass_Eating_Cowboy Crow Good 👍

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2021.10.22 13:18 jsjean01 Got my Crosshair VIII extreme in, and after hours on the phone with asus.... The PCIE lanes are faulty.... 800$ Didnt expect this.

Got my Crosshair VIII extreme in, and after hours on the phone with asus.... The PCIE lanes are faulty.... 800$ Didnt expect this. submitted by jsjean01 to pcmasterrace [link] [comments]