Sky Shiba - Just Launched! Sky Shiba - Get the next flight to the moon!

2021.10.19 21:47 SaleNo6956 Sky Shiba - Just Launched! Sky Shiba - Get the next flight to the moon!

📈: 7% Buy Tax
📉: 7% Sell Tax
🔎 : KYC doxxed owner
💰 6% Shiba Inu Rewards - Passive income just for holding!!
⛽️ Rocket Fuel Buy Back
We will have a Rocket Fuel release function that can be activated, using a percentage of the fuel to inject into the chart and lock it away permanently!.
🔥 Fuel Frenzy 🔥
Rocket Fuel will be rapid released at certain periods, buy taxes go to 0% for 1 full hour and sell tax will be 30%!
🔶 Why Fly With SKY SHIBA?
Here at SKY SHIBA we have a dedicated team that will be working around the clock to ensure all our supporters get the maximum effort to make this a success. With marketing funds to push out ongoing promotions such as Twitter campaigns, youtube promotions, Influencer support, outside marketing firms, community giveaways, shill contests, BTOK ads, publication listings... the list is endless what we we can keep pushing out from the marketing funds!!
⛽️ Manual Rocket Fuel releases - The team have the power at any point in which we see a downtrend to release as much Rocket Fuel as they see fit!! 🚀
🔥 FIRE FUEL FRENZY - Buy taxes go to 0% for 1 full hour and sell tax will be 30%!!!
❤️ Socials 👇
❤️Contract: 0x4c419afaa7672f1b03b71e59719c577259150f85
❤️Pancakeswap :
❤️ Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.19 21:47 persojm Weather Balloon - Sky Cam

I am located in Lee County Al. I am planning to launch a weather balloon with a raspberry pi /with camera. Is there anyone within an hour or so that would be interested in working with me on this project.
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2021.10.19 21:47 csdavis715 Game developer: Enemy AI have "hidden" attributes, but friendly AI do not

This discussion has been circulating around the last week or so. I thought it best to ask one of the game staff to see if he could put address it and put the mystery to rest.
It's truly fascinating to learn how they make it all work. My hats off to them.
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2021.10.19 21:47 Kakucho trust me I know (the meme isn't mine)

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2021.10.19 21:47 masonridle IWFTR

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2021.10.19 21:47 Hubbabubbatime It's finally that time again!

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2021.10.19 21:47 Fun-Consideration978 8 more days!!!

8 more days until my last day! The 27th can’t get here fast enough! I can’t take it anymore! I can’t wait be out of this miserable place! Can’t wait to no longer see that mean ASM anymore! Can’t wait to be promoted to customer!
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2021.10.19 21:47 6aXL6 Today's Poll is a Hostile One!

In today's episode, we have for you 3 new mobs. Vote for your favorite now!
OPTION 1: Magma Snake
The magma snake will spawn in nether wastes and crimson lava bodies and be quite big. It will wait for you to cross over and leap out to hit you in. Don't worry though, if you are high up enough, it won't hear you.
OPTION 2: Crawler
The crawler is a medium-sized mob that has a small chance to spawn in the overworld and end. It will move slowly, but it can go almost entirely invisible once it notices the player, in that state, it can move very quickly. But don't fret, it cannot pass blocks and it will only last for a few seconds. The crawler will do massive damage with its big claws. This mob is sure to freak some people out. This mob will burn in sunlight.
OPTION 3: Screecher
The screecher is a chicken-sized mob that will spawn in the overworld, similar to a crow or vulture. This mob spawns in plains, deserts and savannas. flying around to spot players or rabbits. Once it spots you, it will fly at you and screech to deal damage. It also creates nests in trees. This means acacia trees will also be brought into deserts.
View Poll
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2021.10.19 21:47 ericsantosbr Was playing and a friend insisted in staying there with the ghost

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2021.10.19 21:47 VeryMentallyStable My scars have already ruined every relationship I’ll ever have

Don’t even know why I’m thinking about this. I don’t even want a girlfriend. I already know that. I only like the idea of having one, not the real thing. So I don’t know why this is bothering me right now, but it is. I’m covered in self-harm scars. They’re all up my right arm, across my chest and stomach, my thigh, even up and down my back. There’s no angle you could look at me from and not see a scar.
I’ve heard all the “they’re not ugly” and the “they’re part of who you are” and “if you meet the right person, they won’t judge you over them”, but honestly I think it’s bullshit. At least partially. Because people might try to believe that stuff on the surface, that’s what they might think consciously when they see them, but there’s a subconscious reaction that I think is impossible to avoid.
Now I’m not the type of person who normally gives two shits what other people think of me. Live my life alone, so people mean next to nothing to me in general. But one thing I really hate I when I feel like people see me as weak. And that’s why my scars frustrate me so much, how to hell could I ever let anyone see them and not have them think of me as weak on some level after that? I don’t think they could help it, subconsciously, if they saw that I’ve self-harmed before and saw how much, it’s kinda unavoidable to see that person as vulnerable, fragile, weaker than they were before. I don’t think you can avoid seeing someone differently after seeing that.
You hear it in people’s reactions all the time, it’s always something like “I’m sorry”, it’s sympathy. I don’t want it, don’t have any use for sympathy. Don’t want someone to feel “sorry” for me. But I can’t avoid that reaction. Even if they say nothing, I’ve seen it in their eyes before, back when I still forced myself to be around people and had casual encounters. I saw them look and there’s always this same reaction, even if they say nothing about it. It makes me wanna call the whole thing off and kick them outta my fucking house. I hate it.
I’ve never experienced it in an actual relationship before, but I don’t think I ever could anyway. Like I said at the start, I don’t even want one, so I don’t know why I’m caught thinking about this but I am. It just makes me so fucking angry that I’m stuck with these for the rest of my life, that my skin will never be smooth ever again, that even if I somehow found a way to tolerate people and maybe actually wanted a girlfriend, that I couldn’t have one now because I already know what she’ll think of me when she sees the scars.
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2021.10.19 21:47 Professor_Earth Over 600 Researchers Running Wild! WHAT CHA GONNA DOOoOOOOO When r/LevelEarth101 Runs Wild On YOOOUOUUOUOU!!!!??!?

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2021.10.19 21:47 aresef What we should hope for if Baltimore gets a ‘newspaper war’

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2021.10.19 21:47 mdsmestad Kate editor simplified vew.

Sorry new to kde. I'm used to using Geddit and when I open Kate it looks like a hot mess by comparison. Is there a way to get a simplifed vew for kate so it looks like geddit?
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2021.10.19 21:47 therealajax Guides for people without a stash full of AR small charms

Every guide for a physical build seems to account for a whole shitload of AR coming from charms but these are still not affordable and are hard to find.
Any guides out there for how much dex/AR we do need to make a functional physical build? For example, a multi/guided zon without Faith or barb without Grief?
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2021.10.19 21:47 SakarinSugarsnake Iriolarthas, restored

This is just me messing around, but since there is a chance you go back in time and meet Iriolarthas before he was, y’know, a no body, I was thinking about what he might look like. It doesn seem like he’d be the sort of Lich who dresses in bones and tattered black robes, he’s a leader. this guy is basically the president, pope and chief scientist of this city all in one, he should look grand. I also get kind of a Venetian carnival vibe from Ythrn with its descriptions of masked revelry. He might wear a mask in public so as not to frighten the citizenry.
I like the idea of a gaudy, brightly colored lich who has to worry about civic administration.
Processing img 0gignwdk3iu71...
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2021.10.19 21:47 Day-virus Big decisions!!!!

really need some sound advice. As I bang on the keyboard of my 2012 (early) 15" Retina MBP I ponder the idea of buying a brand new 2021 16" MBP. The cost will be brutal, but the device I am currently using needs a battery replacement, and it's the one that everything is glued down. The cost is like 400 or a little less. The screen has that anti-glare that is starting to peel. ( I know Listerine) but I am just thinking of any excuse to spend money I do not have. Will the new device make me any better of an IT professional? doubtful? Will I get better at making viral videos on the apps? Doubtful, will I become a super producer on Logic pro? Highly unlikely. I never take the computer out of my house, not because of the battery issue, I just never do. So...... Should I splurge and get it? I could keep this as a backup for whatever. They only want to give me like 200 bucks for it. I paid 2800, 8.5 years ago.
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2021.10.19 21:47 Llamatook So my Dad and I are arguing about the dumbest thing at the moment and can’t find the answer online. How much is a Pepperoni Hot and Ready at LCA. Help me out everyone!

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2021.10.19 21:47 burtzev Trump’s Pentagon Chief Quashed Idea to Send 250,000 Troops to the Border

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2021.10.19 21:47 Waste-Business-4313 🔥RoronoaZoroInu | 💎 CG&CMC Fast Track | 🚀AMA on Blockcast done | ✅Audit by Techrate Done

Join $RORONOAZORO and help him become the greatest swordsman and find the One Piece!
Roronoa Zoro Inu, the sharpest token The Roronoa Zoro Inu ecosystem is simple and easily accessible. The ecosystem offers several advantages:
Rewards, gifts, NFT branded, themed videogame, branded merchandaising and especially huge
Website :
👑Contract: 0xbaad36dda7d6fb665724c1b7596a43298899b34b
👑Buy Here:
👑Renounced Ownership:
⚔️ Tokenomics:
1,000,000,000 Supply 42% Burnt 3% Rewards 2% Liq Fee 3% Marketing Fee
🗡 Community owned 🗡 Weebs united
💎 Milestone:
Established and unstoppable community; NFT Marketplace; Roronoa Zoro themed videogame (Play and earn).
💎 Upcoming activities :
Whitepaper ✅ ;
Collaborazioni with popular yt
TechRate audit submitted ✅;
FegEX listing;
CG listing;
CMC listing.
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2021.10.19 21:47 Olive314 Metallica - Am I Evil?

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2021.10.19 21:47 420accountant_ New Lights. Too close?

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2021.10.19 21:47 chipotlepeanuts I have this huge rip in my hoodie. What are some creative designs I could use to patch it?

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2021.10.19 21:47 Most_Worker7299 If you ate your lunch at dinnertime, would it be dinner? Or following a chronological structure, would it be a late lunch?

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2021.10.19 21:47 FrenchBoxer40 $4,000 PSA Submission Return After Year+ Of Waiting!

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2021.10.19 21:47 doubles2210 Taj Bhopal Food /Cost review

Has anyone been to Taj Bhopal? I wanted to know about food quality and price? Do they offer buffets - if yes what is the price point(including GST)?
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