Slug feast all year!

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2021.10.21 11:39 MinuteAdditional4970 Slug feast all year!

So I have been having the worst slug infestation I've seen ever. I have lost 80% of my seedlings, fruits, veggies, and flowers to slugs. The extra rainy and wet season 100% contributed to it, but I need to find a way to balance it when it gets this bad. I used some yeast traps but those don't seem to do much, as they are rapidly reproducing. I want to make sure next season things don't end up the same way. Any suggestions on how to best control them? I live in Massachusetts, USA zone 5b in the woods
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2021.10.21 11:39 HumanDrone What's the song you related to the most ever?

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2021.10.21 11:39 themagpie36 buy tickets

test post
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2021.10.21 11:39 Matt85x Do monkies ever go to Heaven?

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2021.10.21 11:39 Maitomies7 Joinaa

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2021.10.21 11:39 MipSick I made a LoFi playlist that is very fitting for working in your garden. Enjoy!

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2021.10.21 11:39 Internal_Implement_3 It sound wet 🤯🤯

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2021.10.21 11:39 Hiristara Basil drawings I drew for a friend! :D

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2021.10.21 11:39 HotspurN17 Power scale (Mace vs Palpatine)

In ROTS, when Palpatine fights Mace Windu, were they actually evenly matched?
It genuinely seems that they are being cast as equals during this scene. I’ll never forget the few frames where you see mace in total concentration and almost in a state of fury, and then you see Palpatine grimacing in a defensive position.
Was Palpatine actually at a slight disadvantage here due to Mace using Vaapad? Would he have oventually overwhelmed Palpatine if the fight were to have dragged on and Anakin not have intervened?
Or is it the case that Palpatine was holding back intentionally to project the illusion that Mace had him on the ropes in order to garner sympathy from Anakin and complete his turn to the dark side? If Anakin was not part of the picture here, would Palpatine have dispatched Mace much earlier on in the fight?
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2021.10.21 11:39 jpeg_0000 Alternate timeline where muta became a doctor

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2021.10.21 11:39 Selena5000 This needs to be said: Albedo is NOT a good geo battery

This misconception is going around everywhere and it needs to be fixed before some poor soul pulls for albedo just for batterying.
Albedo is one of the WORST batteries, only slightly above Zhongli (who has rng particles generation) and Noelle whose particle generation is non existent. If you need a Geo battery, consider running Geo MC or Ninguang (ESPECIALLY at C2.)
Here's a spreadsheet from KQM for a more in depth explanation.
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2021.10.21 11:39 Alarmed-Ad-436 Next episode, she'll feature me

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2021.10.21 11:39 HTJ_Starboy What you doin?

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2021.10.21 11:39 svanapps r/cardano - staking cardano

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2021.10.21 11:39 ItsAnEagleNotARaven The fitting rooms at a local thrift store are clearly a portal to the sims.

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2021.10.21 11:39 bhavindamo संत रामपाल जी महाराज जी का उद्देश्य विश्व में प्रेम व शांति स्थापित करना व कुरीतियों, पाखंडवाद, नशा, दहेज प्रथा आदि को समाप्त करके सबको एक परमात्मा की भक्ति करवाकर सुखी बनाना और पूर्ण मोक्ष देना है।

संत रामपाल जी महाराज जी का उद्देश्य विश्व में प्रेम व शांति स्थापित करना व कुरीतियों, पाखंडवाद, नशा, दहेज प्रथा आदि को समाप्त करके सबको एक परमात्मा की भक्ति करवाकर सुखी बनाना और पूर्ण मोक्ष देना है। submitted by bhavindamo to SaintRampalJi [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 11:39 RealBishop Prescribed for depression, but I also have bad anxiety?

My new psych prescribed Spravato to me for treatment resistant depression. I've tried many different medications and all have failed.
From what I've been reading, it's highly effective at treating depression and even anxiety to some extent. My worry is about have an anxiety attack when I use it.
I'm notoriously sensitive to mind altering substances. I've had several bad reactions to THC which caused me severe long lasting anxiety.
He prescribed one spray per nostril, twice a day for a week. Then double that after. He also said I can try just one spray at first to see if I tolerate it. I'll be doing this at my apartment without any supervision. I don't have any friends or family to look after me or help if I start to freak out, though my doctor has made himself available (and his office is within walking distance)
Am I psyching myself out? What would you recommend I do to ease my anxiety and ensure that I don't trigger any anxiety?
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2021.10.21 11:39 BollieSama found the gloves ye been wearing lately

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2021.10.21 11:39 smacktownsend Roofalin Premium / To-Go Drywall

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2021.10.21 11:39 Ekiio Thoughts on switch version?

I just bought this game last night and I gotta say, it's a lot of fun and very fast paced. But what's your opinion on this game compared to the other console versions/PC in terms of finding matches and performance?
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2021.10.21 11:39 LovefromAbroad23 Why are Political Commentators so Prevalent in American Cable News?

Growing up in a small town in Asia, the only news sources I received as a child were radio broadcasts and the 7 O'Clock news on TV. Anchorpeople and hosts just announced the headlines, explained some details, and that was it.
When I came to the U.S., I was surprised how much commentators took up the airtime in cable news. Political affiliations and disagreements aside, it got to a point where it wasn't news anymore, just a couple of paid journalists/non-journalists saying what comes to their minds, usually without sources. Any reason why this is such a big thing here?
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2021.10.21 11:39 PlantTreesEveryday Twitter deleted accounts of ISKCON Bangladesh and Bangladesh Hindu Unity Council Twitter handle has been deleted (not suspended) for posting videos and news against ongoing genocide of Hindus in Bangladesh. the attacker who started the riot was an islamist iqbal hossain. Why would twitter hide it?

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2021.10.21 11:39 Vegetable-Square-203 Why do bad people get away with it?

This is more of a rant but if anyone could give me advice on how to stop caring would be much appreciated :)
I (21F) had broken up with my boyfriend (21M) a few months ago. He was toxic and stubborn, he always thought he was better than everyone else, especially me. In my head I always had the thought that karma would get him, that bad people end up having consequences but when I saw him today I just couldn’t understand how far I was from the truth.
We crossed paths when I came to Boston to visit my sister but I crossed paths with him. Literally. I saw him and waved and he didn’t even acknowledge me, I don’t know if he was doing it on purpose or he genuinely didn’t know but either way it made me so upset. It was worse when I saw his gorgeous girlfriend holding his arms. She was model like beautiful, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was one.
This next part was my fault but I couldn’t help it. I started stalking his Instagram through a fake account and saw how much better his life was. He had this online business that seemed to be doing well, he was acing all his classes, and his girlfriend was also in Harvard but as a graduate student.
I just want to know why such a egotistical person can have such a good life while I’m stuck here barely getting through my exams.
TLDR : My toxic ex boyfriend seems to be much better off without me
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2021.10.21 11:39 duck_phobia GAMER GIRL FREAK OUT! | Valorant

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