October retake

2021.10.18 00:12 controlledsubstanc3 October retake

Just finished my October retake. I had LG-RC-RC-LR. Pls tell me the Mali one was experimental if it’s not I’m gonna cry
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2021.10.18 00:12 solidpackapplesegmen my partner and I got a button machine. this is the result of tonight (plus at least 2 more of each one)

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2021.10.18 00:12 SirCarl0s Longest backstory I've ever written. What do you think? Half-Elf Bard.

Gunnar kidnapped at a young age by Vikings. He doesn't remember his real name or parents. Was adopted by Viking chief. Became a proven warrior and took part in many raids. He always had a knack for music and was taught many things by the clan’s Skald. He always preferred playing music over raiding and fighting. One day, they made hold in a city to sell their ill-gotten gain and party. In a tavern, he stumbled upon a Bard who was playing very well. He listened in awe to the music that was so different from the music played by his clan’s traditional musicians. The fine mannerisms and witty lyrics of this man also amazed him. After the bard had completed his song, Gunnar approached him and asked him where he learned to play so well. The Bard told him about a great College in Waterdeep. There aspiring Bards could school their skills, for a fee, of course. Gunnar listened to these tales of the great Bard college in awe. And in him grew the wish to see those wonders. To make music his passion, to never having to raid a village again. He brought this up to his adoptive father, but his father didn’t want to know any of it and the matter was dropped. But some years after that, after a very nasty and brutal raiding, Gunnar saw the horror they brought and finally remembered his great dream. After they laid anchor in the next big town, he stole an enormous chest filled with silver and gems (the most valuable things from the loot.) and snook away in the night. Gunnar left a note for his father, explaining why he embarked on this search for a new life. He found the bard college the Bard had told him about and was admitted. He used the stolen treasure to pay his college fee. In the college it became apparent that he didn’t simply have talent, but that he also possessed the ability to weave magic. After some years of studying, he got his diploma. He is now a well-mannered gentleman, who hasn’t much in common anymore with the viking he once was. Nor does he want to have anything to do with his past. Now he seeks to make something of himself. Together with a college friend (another member of the party) he is roaming the land in search for adventures and tales worth singing about. Sometimes he gets a bit homesick, but he shrugs that off as good as he can. Because surely he can never return home, after he abandoned his clan and stole from his father.
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2021.10.18 00:12 nullvoid88 'Project Farm' Gives Knipex the Nod...

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2021.10.18 00:12 Significant_Ad_6519 How are Car Novated Lease costs and benefits calculated?

I've been reading up on the costs, benefits, and risks of novated leases for a car and haven't been able to find a comprehensive breakdown. Novated Lease calculators offered on lessor sites are just awful, don't provide enough info, and appear super baiting (which kind of puts me off to begin with).
I have the cash available to easily pay for a car outright, but wanted to weigh it up against a novated lease.
As I understand with a Novated Lease, its possible to avoid paying GST on the car as well as lowering your taxable income. To go with these benefits, there are costs in fees with the lessor, interest payments on the principal amount, as well as an agreed balloon payment to purchase a depreciated vehicle after x years.
So say for my example, if I'm looking at a $30,000 car and am on a $140,000 taxable salary, as far as I understand, under a novated lease (over 1 year) my benefits and costs would look like:
Taxable Income (outright purchase): $140,000 (Tax Payable = ~$36,867)
Car Price: $27,272 ($30,000 minus 10% GST)
Taxable Income (with a Novated Lease): $112,728 (Tax Payable = ~$27,103)
So before Lessor interest and fees, I have saved $2,728 on the car price (due to GST elimination) as well as $9,764 on tax, for a total saving of $12,492.
So for a novated lease to not be worth it, the interest, fees and balloon payment (with one year depreciation) would all have to be amount to more than $12,492?
Am I calculating this completely wrong? It seems like the Lessor would have to completely rort the interest, fees, and the agreed balloon value to make this not worth while.
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2021.10.18 00:12 throwawaytimepiece1 Feeling on thin ice with the guy (39M) I'm (35F)dating. Next steps?

He and I had....I wouldn't say a fight....sort of a passive aggressive back and forth last night.
We were texting about 7 or so, and I told him we needed to get together....I didn't mean right then, more just in general...his response was that I should have said something sooner, so that we could have gone to dinner. But that it was a little too late to come over to his place (I live with my parents, so he knew i wasn't inviting him over to mine.)
Probably immature of me, but I got annoyed. He's invited me over much later in the past...(usually, the answer is no, but still) And 7 at night, isn't late. So, it came across to me as an excuse, though I didn't tell him that. So, in an effort to be forthcoming, I shared my frustration. His response was that I would be getting home very late, after midnight...which...fair enough. I told him that didn't bother me to come home that late...but his reasoning made sense to me. Ok fine.
We continued texting, and the texting turned...flirty and sexual. Not unusual. So, in the course of sexy conversation, I ask him what he was doing this morning, winky face all that. He said probably sleeping in. I could text him early if I wanted, but he might be sleeping in. And...he didn't think he would be able to hold out much longer, would probably be , er, spilling his load last night, so he probably wouldn't be up for anything today. He didn't say that last part, but he did tell me he would be needing to come last night, so the last part was implied.
Well...this just set me off. I went off on a bit of a rant. About I shouldn't have to beg him to have sex with me and how humiliating it is to get turned down, and so on and so forth. I wasn't really humiliated, persay....more just annoyed and being dramatic. Plus it's been a while, and I get cranky when I'm horny. So, it was just spewing textual diarrhea. Which...I regretted immediately, of course.
His response....after a good while was that maybe I shouldn't be dating him anymore. He doesn't have any intention to humiliate anyone. I responded with a more measured head...he said he did want to have sex with me, just not right then. We talked a bit more, and seemed to get past the worst of it.
We continued texting, and it got flirty again. Well.....then around 10:45 pm, he's like..."Get over here." I was just like, "Haha, I thought you didn't want company?" He said I could come over, but he just didn't want any overnight guests. Sorry, what? I wouldn't be getting there till after midnight....which means I would be leaving 2, 3 am in the morning? So...I declined. I told him, it was fine...and really, it was. At the time.
We continued talking the rest of the night. We did some video chat (he appeared to be alone in his bed). He came, I didn't. Which was slightly annoying. But...still, it's okay. I did send him a half annoyed message about not climaxing, and he replied. But, the more and more it festered....the more and more I thought about it....the more messed up I thought it was that he would effectively kick me out of his house in the middle of the night, for me to drive home an hour+ in the middle of the night....rather than let me stay over. And...the more I thought about it the more mad I got. Who would do that to someone they cared about? Heck, who would do that to someone they liked even a little bit? It seemed like common decency to let me stay out of concern for my own safety.
I sent him a reply this morning to his last message. And I haven't heard from him since. Which is fine....we probably need some space. I do worry that...maybe that rant of mine, and his reply...even though it seemed like we got past it last night, I worry that maybe given time to think, that he will be even more bothered by the whole exchange. I worry that I crossed a line that it will be impossible to come back from.
What should I do at this point? My thought was maybe to take a step back, give it a few days before reaching out to him. Maybe he'll message me in the meantime. Maybe not. But...then I wonder if I should just act like normal, easy and breezy and fun...so that it's like....no big deal, ya know? I'm worried that not talking for a few days will only make things more tense and draw attention to last night. Maybe talking sooner, we can move on sooner, does that make sense?
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2021.10.18 00:12 The_Littlest_Punk Total Mats for Everything Spread Sheet?

Hey peoples! I have a question. Has anyone made a spead sheet of the total number of mats you need to completely level everything in the games. Like total books needed to max all talents or total world drops for all weapons kinda thing? If not would people be interested in this kinda thing. I have been making a version in my free time for me and my friend cus we are hard completionist/prepers and i can always post it here when im done if others would like to see the numbers and know.
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2021.10.18 00:12 blackcray New test, how'd I do?

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2021.10.18 00:12 Gemuese7 The Bosstang

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2021.10.18 00:12 jordicor Shinji having a mental breakdown

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2021.10.18 00:12 josiemarcellino Day 17/31 Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus from Old Town Road

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2021.10.18 00:12 JustRoyal_ This is my perfect little angel (mouse, age 6)

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2021.10.18 00:12 CraftGeek88 everyone has that 1 friend

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2021.10.18 00:12 thepowerofmysword Blush pan and attempt to repress

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2021.10.18 00:12 Bigjambo1 So glamorous

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2021.10.18 00:12 XilaMonstrr More Kats Of Skyrim - Khajiit Followers Mod

More Kats Of Skyrim - Khajiit Followers Mod Just ported over to Xbox by mod author doomguyaeod01
I've tested in Riften, Windhelm and Whiterun with my current Khajiit LO that includes Immersive Citizens and had no issues. As someone who has been seeking more Khajiit Immersion I'm super excited about this release on Xbox
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2021.10.18 00:12 TheBeefMan53 Help. I cant color….

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2021.10.18 00:12 patsfan4life17 (In Depth Breakdown) Daniel 8:23 KJV - “And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of FIERCE COUNTENANCE, and UNDERSTANDING DARK SENTENCES, shall stand up.”

This is a tremendous article(linked below). Lots of facts, in fact it's the greatest article on Trump's speech I've ever read, and I've read them all...
So I hope you saw the humor in that statement.
But let's go to the scripture I referenced. I think it's one of the first scriptures I read about the Antichrist and immediately thought, "that's speaking about Trump."
And it wasn't even the fierce countenance (it means strong look) part, which also definitely fits Trump and is the only physical description we are given of the AC.
It was the dark sentences part. So I decided to look into the original Hebrew and see what it meant.
And what I got from that study is that this scripture implies that the Antichrist will use his speech as a powerful tool.
He will speak in riddles & enigmas and more importantly he will know how to use his speech as a powerful tool.
It's right there in the verse, "he will understand dark sentences." He will understand how to speak in a certain way that's unique, or different, than what's to be expected(amongst politicians in this case).
So when I found this article focusing on Trump speech (there's also a whole book about it) I decided to see what the experts had to say.
Here's an excerpt from the article,
-Trump is a “unique” politician because he doesn’t speak like one, according to Jennifer Sclafani, an associate teaching professor in Georgetown University’s Department of Linguistics.
-“He is interesting to me linguistically because he speaks like everybody else,” said Sclafani, who has studied Trump’s language for the past two years.
So what she's saying is that Trump speaks like your neighbor, your uncle, he's an everyman. Trump understands that in order to get the public to support him he must speak like them.
And that makes sense because the only interaction Trump will have with the public is when he speaks with them.
And Trump seems to know this(understands it) because he's quoted in the article as saying this,
“That’s how I won,” Trump told reporters gathered at the White House. “I won with news conference and probably speeches. I certainly didn’t win by people listening to you people, that’s for sure.”
So going back to Daniel 8:23 we see that first it implies that his speech will be a weapon, because why would it be something that would be worth mentioning if we are not to look out for it?
Secondly we get into what the "understanding dark sentences" actually means in relation to speech, and this article digs into that in detail here,
-“President Trump creates a spectacle in the way that he speaks,” she said. “So it creates a feeling of strength for the nation, or it creates a sense of determination, a sense that he can get the job done through his use of hyperbole and directness.”
-The features of Trump’s speech patterns include a casual tone, a simple vocabulary and grammar, repetitions, hyperbole and sudden switches of topics, according to Sclafani.
I believe that after reading that detailed description of Trump's speech we can make a pretty strong connection between what scripture says about his speech (dark sentences/riddles/enigmas) and what this expert has to say(he uses his "everyman" hyperbolic speech patterns as a means to an end).
In short that scripture gives us insight into how the Antichrist will look and how he will sound. I believe it matches up pretty strongly with what Trump look like(he does present a strong look) and he does, according to what I've interpreted as meaning, understands dark sentences.
Lastly I'll leave you with a other Trump quote from the article,
-“I know words,” he said. “I have the best words.”
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2021.10.18 00:12 usdballum The Red Sox are also at today’s game. Christian Arroyo putting on a show for the fans

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2021.10.18 00:12 WildPotatoCat Yay photogenic foxxo

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2021.10.18 00:12 I_reddit_like_this Size of wire rope for shade sail?

I have 2 shade sails over my pool that were originally secured to anchors with nylon rope - the sun here is pretty brutal and after 2 years, the outer layers of the rope is starting to fray and wear down so I want to replace them with a wire rope. I'm wondering how thick should the wire be? I've seen mounting kits with sizes ranging from 1/16 - 3/16 and I'd go with the strongest except I'd need to shell out some addition $$ for a bigger wire cuttecrimper
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2021.10.18 00:12 Caringcircuit QDC releases Dmagic Solo Single DD IEMs!

QD has released its latest IEMs, the Dmagic Solo. Its equipped with single full range dynamic driver with Dmagic turbo acoustic technology. As expected from QDC, the build quality is top-notch. Comes with a premium cable with replaceable plug design.
More Information
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2021.10.18 00:12 Phlaser_taser Question about conditional effects and multiplayer

Hello, I'm relatively new to the game and was wondering:
For Thorin Oakenshield, the card states "If you control at least 5 Dwarf characters, add 1 additional resource to Thorin Oakenshield's pool when you collect resources during the resource phase."
Do I have to control 5 dwarfs within my play field to get this effect? or do other players dwarfs (like if another player has Gimli) does he count towards the progress of this effect?

Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.18 00:12 candler_cowboy I wouldn’t be surprised at this point

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2021.10.18 00:12 morkaniso GoodDollar Airdrop Claim 50 G$ Token and clam every 24h basic income.

GoodDollar.org is a non-profit organization on a mission to leverage new blockchain technologies to deliver a scalable, sustainable model to deliver basic income. GoodDollar has built a wallet that enables any human with an internet connection to sign up and claim a small daily income in G $ coins.
Step-by-step : 1st. Register on https://wallet.gooddollar.org?inviteCode=46rtFFZ89X link. 2nd. You will receive 50 G$ tokens. (Don't forget to "CLAIM" once for receive 50G$ ) And Also, you can claim tokens every 24h. But time is money so let's go! And discover FuseSwap.
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