Was taking a test when I came across this doozy.

2021.10.18 00:17 Pigeononabranch Was taking a test when I came across this doozy.

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2021.10.18 00:17 asyndetoner Arise PC issue with dualshock

I hope someone can help with this, its kinda a specific question. The xbox control prompts have been kinda throwing me off. I just did the fight with the sixth party member and there was a prompt that didnt seem to work no matter how much I thought I was doing it correctly. It said LB and something on the dpad. Im just curious if this is going to be a recurring mechanic and if so, how I'm meant to do it.
Love the game otherwise. Tales is back baby.
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2021.10.18 00:17 Antiquus When we had real journalists

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2021.10.18 00:17 Top_Location me after buying stocks.

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2021.10.18 00:17 RoyalInterest What is considered an active job/lifestyle when counting calories?

I’m trying to count calories but I’m getting discrepancies on the apps and websites. My job is a patient transporter in a hospital so I push beds and wheelchairs for 8 hours a day 3 times a week. Is this considered active? I don’t exercise at all outside of that. One website is saying I should eat 1,400 calories to lose weight while another is saying I should eat 1,100 calories to lose weight.
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2021.10.18 00:17 lha1107 Chicago faces police officer shortage amid crime epidemic

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2021.10.18 00:17 Financial_Survey1366 Pset6 DNA - Code not outputting

I have finished my code for DNA, but when I use any sequences above 4.txt, nothing gets outputted. Why is this happening?
Here is my code:
import sys
import csv
import random
import re

data = sys.argv[1]
dna = sys.argv[2]
count = 0

if len(sys.argv) != 3:
sys.exit("python dna.py data.csv sequence.txt")

with open(data) as file:
dataReader = csv.reader(file)
dataList = list(dataReader)

with open(data) as file3:
dataReader3 = csv.reader(file3)
dataList3 = list(dataReader3)

with open(dna) as file2:
dnaContent = file2.read()

def dataFinder(findData):
global count
for i in range(len(dnaContent)):
for j in range(len(dnaContent)):
if dnaContent[i:j] == findData:
count = count + 1

checkList = []

for n in range(1, len(dataList[0])):
count = 0

check = False
count2 = 0

for a in range(len(dataList)):
del dataList[a][0]

for b in range(1, len(dataList) - 1):
for c in range(len(dataList[0])):
dataList[b][c] = int(dataList[b][c])

for d in range(len(dataList)):
if checkList == dataList[d]:
check = True

count2 = count2 + 1

if count2 == len(dataList) and check == False:
print("No match")
Can someone pls tell me how I can fix this?
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2021.10.18 00:17 jadewjelly I’m so depressed and deprived of love.

I just want someone to hold me, squeeze me tight and tell me it’s all okay. Knowing that as long as I’m in their arms, I’m safe and loved. I want someone to love me, I want to feel their touch and hear their sweet words. I just want to feel something.
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2021.10.18 00:17 CoadjuvanteNaVida Generalizar

É válido generalizar? O que você pensa sobre isso?
Eu estou achando um saco esse lance de todo mundo (olha a generalização) ficar falando: você está generalizado, nem tudo é assim. Nem todo mundo é assado.
Pra mim é tão chato estar conversando e mandar um:
- Cara, percebeu como todo mundo vive com a cara no celular? Nem olham mais na cara da gente pra conversar.
E daí a resposta é:
- Nem todo mundo tá com cara no celular, é uma generalização besta que você tá fazendo. Eu mesmo to aqui olhando pra você.
Sério mesmo? Eu tenho que ficar me policiando pra falar, tipo, viu como uma boa quantidade de pessoas ficam com a cara no celular?

É essa a nova regra? Tenho que me adaptar? Não posso mais usar expressões generalistas para ilustrar algo que acontece muito?
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2021.10.18 00:17 DYNA_might Anyone else becoming an “off season” Cardinals fan besides me?

JJ Watt did more for our beloved H-Town than FEMA or anyone else. If anyone deserves a ring it’s that dude; and I want him to get it. Until next season, I’m all in on the red birds.
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2021.10.18 00:17 CLBHos [WP] "Sorry, but you don't meet our requirements for a heavenly afterlife. Here's a paper of other heavens you can try, and hells if none of those work, sorted by least painful. You could always try the re-incarnation wheel, but the number of tries is numbered, so be careful."

"Goodness," I replied. "I don't meet the requirements?"
"I'm sorry, sir," said the angel. "You don't."
"You're sure this isn't a mistake?" I asked.
"No mistake," the angel replied. And then, speaking compassionately, she said: "I realize this is difficult. Looking at your record, I can see you lived a stand-up life. You tried your best, for the most part, to be a good and moral person. You were openhearted and giving. You were openminded to all things that smacked of virtue, and closed your mind to thoughts and ideas in which you sensed even the slightest tinge of evil. You should feel proud of the life you lived! I can assure you, your Heavenly Father, though he has not granted you entrance into Everlasting Bliss, is proud of you."
I looked behind her, through the golden gates, at the great, white floating castle, behind whose high walls the chosen souls were evidently having a party. The bassy music blared. Rainbows shot from behind the walls into the starry sky, where they danced like spotlights. I scowled.
"So hedonistic raves were evil on Earth, but they're perfectly acceptable here," I said sarcastically. "What, are they snorting lines of cloud dust in there, too?"
"Sir," the angel said, "it's not my place to judge who is chosen and who is not. Nor is it my place to explain why the judgements were made. My role is only to tell new arrivals what the judgement placed upon them is, and to give them options for next steps."
"I understand," I said, nodding my head, trying to keep my composure. But soon despair leaked through my facade, and I found myself begging: "Please. At least tell me why I was judged as I was. At least give me something. I worked so hard to live a life that would be pleasing to the Creator. Or, one I thought would be pleasing to Him. I sought to glorify Him. I never thought or acted without first asking myself, "How would the Lord judge me for this?" If you could just give me a hint. Then, when I go back into the world, into a body, into the cycle of reincarnation, I can carry with me that hint, and can make sure I live my life right this time, so that I can be accepted next time I arrive here. Please."
The angel bit her heavenly lip. She seemed uncomfortable about my request. Was it because I was seducing her into transgressing her duties? After all, she had said it was not her place to explain the judgements. And here I was, begging her to do just that. Or was it for some other reason that she looked so uncertain, so torn, so ready to tell me everything I wanted to hear, and yet so unwilling to do so.
"What?" I asked. "What is it? You seem perturbed. I don't mean to put you in a difficult position. It's just that...well...this isn't even a matter of life and death. It's more than that. It's a matter of eternity! After a long life lived a certain way, hoping for a certain reward, I only want to know what I did wrong. Why I wasn't...enough."
"It's not your fault," she said sadly. "Oh, not at all... I'm sorry. Look."
She held out the form for me to examine.
"The judgement section is blank," I said incredulously. "It has my name, my good deeds balanced with my bad ones. I'm well in the positive, it seems. And it has that number --"
"Your spiritual serial number," she said.
"But the judgement section," I repeated. "It's blank...Why are you telling me I've been denied, then? Why are you giving me these other options? There is no judgement there! None at all!"
"I know," she said, looking down at her feet. "I know."
"Then how did you determine I was denied?" I asked, a fury growing in me. But I curbed the anger, as best as I could. "Please. Please. Explain."
"Today, God gave me the number 14," she said.
"What does that mean?" I asked.
"It means that every fourteenth soul who arrives is allowed entry. All the others are turned away."
"Every fourteenth soul?" I said. "That's preposterous! Why fourteen? What is so special about that number?"
"Yesterday's number was 3," she confessed. "Every morning when he awakens, or rather, every afternoon, as it has been lately, he chooses one from the multitude in there, at random. He puts a blindfold on this chosen soul, spins him around three times, and has him throw a dart at a dartboard. Whatever number the dart lands on, that's the number for the day. And if the dart misses the board, or lands in the edge, without hitting a number, then the number for the day is zero. That means, for that day, zero souls are admitted into Heaven."
Needless to say, I was horrified by this explanation.
"I refuse to believe it," I said.
"Oh, it's terrible, isn't it?" she cried. "No method. No reason. Pure arbitrary chance. He's made a cynical game of life, and the afterlife, too. And we have no choice but to carry out his will!"
"But why?" I asked. "Why would He play with our souls this way? I thought he was a God of love, and reason and compassion? Of Goodness and Truth?"
"He was," she said. "He was. For so long. He created this beautiful Universe. Gave form to the formless. Created Being from the Void. And truth! He created truth, and even seemed composed of it himself. But over the last while, a few hundred years by your mortal ways of reckoning time, a change has come over him. One day, he was struck by a question: "What right had I to create truth or goodness? And are my creations really True and Good? Are not truth and goodness arbitrary? The products of my fancy and whim? I created the Laws; yet I have no higher Laws to serve myself."
And from these questions he set to searching. Searching for that which transcended his own creation, his own mind, his own limitations. He searched in earnest, for decades. High and low. Outside his creation and down in the smallest wrinkles within it, searching for clues. Searching for a hint of something realer than this arbitrary reality, for some confirmation of something that existed beyond his own will and mind. But he could not find it.
"The Cosmos is only my dream," he concluded. "A foolish dream by a foolish and lonely deity."
Since then, he has let chance govern. He has taken his hands from the wheel. He has let dizzy and blindfolded chance determine the fate and future of the Cosmos. And we angels, though we have tried to reason with him, have gotten nowhere, and so we submit to his will. For any reason we give him for going back to the old ways, for governing as he used to, with ideals, and love, and reason, he dismisses, saying,
"You give me reasons. But I created Reason. I know what it is. I know its limits. And I know that I am beholden to it only so long as I choose to be!"
Our Father, our great Creator, depressed and alone in his own creation, seeking some Otherness, some difference, something that doesn't simply bring him back again to himself, and not finding it! Never finding it! Reaching His hand out into the Void, hoping the hand of another might reach back, might touch him, with warmth, with solidity, with love, but only finding more of the same! Either Nothing -- or, what seems even worse to him now, Something that he created! Only more of himself! Can you imagine? To realize that all is nothing unless you create it? To realize that all that exists is merely an extension of yourself? To have nothing beyond your own imagination on which to sit and rest? The terrible loneliness! It is too large, too deep, for our limited minds to comprehend."
She suddenly composed herself, aware that she was making a scene.
"So now," she said stiffly, sniffling, "He parties, to forget his sorrow, and He lets chance rule in his stead. And now you, though I am sorry to say it, must make your choice. I have given you options. So choose."
I was struck dumb. Yet I had to say something. I had to say something that would give me even a sliver of true understanding of this insane state of affairs. Even if it was only to better understand the nature of the arbitrariness to which I, and the rest of Humanity, was now subject. But what could I say, what could I ask, that would possibly give me the insight I needed?
"Well," I eventually asked, "what number was I?"
"Pardon me?" she said
"In today's order," I said. "What number was I?"
"Look behind you," she said bitterly.
I turned. Stomping toward me was an angry, evil looking man, who had certainly received his share of cruelty in life, and had doled out many more shares to others in return.
"Yes?" I said, turning back around. "What about him?"
"He will be number fourteen."
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2021.10.18 00:17 AdBest5697 Not sure what to do

My wife and I have been together for 12 years, married for 7. While no marriage is perfect, I think ours has generally been pretty good. We often share the same opinions on how to handle certain situations and have many of the same interests. We don’t fight very often; maybe a couple of times a year about random stuff. When we fight we always take time to cool off and the. We apologize and make up. We always tell each other “I love you” when leaving the house or going to bed at night.
About 6 months ago my wife stopped saying I love you when I would leave for work. She stopped giving me kisses goodbye. Things didn’t slow down in the bedroom, but afterwards she’d just get dressed and go straight to sleep. She also stopped helping out around the house and now just sits on the couch endlessly watching TV with her face stuck in her phone. Trying to get her to do anything is like asking her to donate a kidney.
I tried asking her about all of this and she never really gave me a response. She just changed the subject and that was the end of it.
Additionally my wife has always been a bit bossy, but she would do it in a way that if she wanted something she’d still ask nicely. Lately it’s gone from that to just demanding me to do everything and getting ridiculously mad if she doesn’t get her way. I tried calling her out on this as well and she refuses to acknowledge it; instead she doubles down on her demands or finds a way to insult me.
I’m really starting to believe that she no longer loves me and is just going through the motions. I don’t even know why. I’ve never done anything to hurt her or make her feel unloved. I’m at a loss as to what to do.
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2021.10.18 00:17 cheddarbiscuitcat [OFFER] Holiday cards [US + WW]

The holidays are coming up and I’m offering to send out TWELVE holiday cards to anyone interested. I will send out the international addresses first because it’ll take longer to get there and US based addresses later in November.
Please comment below and PM me your address if you’re interested! I will update the number of cards I have accordingly. Thanks!
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2021.10.18 00:17 ASU_Bot A-State Opens Season with MOTIV Penguin Classic Title

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2021.10.18 00:17 sapheal357 Started doing whole sections at a time. Plastic crayon boxes from Walmart work great to sort stuff.

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2021.10.18 00:17 kck6214 Pass a constitutional amendment that limits campaign contributions to individual citizens

The country would be more civil if lobbyists, special interest groups and PACs didn’t exist.
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2021.10.18 00:17 ace_urban If it’s common knowledge that lots of massage parlors are staffed by trafficked people, why don’t “we” (FBI or whatever) send people in discreetly, offer to take victims somewhere safe, and use their information to take down the traffickers?

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2021.10.18 00:17 Talonraker422 Appreciation post: How the fuck can you possibly fight this?

(Note: I'm only on chapter 19 of HOC, so no spoilers past there please!)
Just a short post to say that one of my favourite parts of a story is when the very concept of a villainous force seems completely undefeatable and you're just left wondering how the fuck can you possibly fight this? I feel like the central plotline involving The Crippled God in this series is the best example of that I've ever encountered. I mean, Malazan is set in the midst of a load of wars, soldiers getting scarred and mutilated both physically and emotionally, and this is someone who recruits anyone who is in anyway scarred and turns them into his own pawns. And by warring against him, you are by definition scarring more people and thus creating more minions for him and his High House of Chains. How the fuck can you possibly fight that?
Needless to say, I'm really excited to find out.
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2021.10.18 00:17 sofingclever Picked up I Am the Movie on vinyl today as a companion to my original cdr version. Purchased almost 20 years apart!

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2021.10.18 00:17 Cammille2020 How long will I deal with side effects of delayed Birth control?

So I always change or remove my birth control patch on saturdays. Well 2 weeks ago on the saturday, I realized I had not picked up a new box from the pharmacy yet. So I called and asked if I could fill my prescription and come pick it up that day. When she looked she saw I was out of refills and had to fax my doctor. Well it being the weekend, my doctors office was closed. To make matters worse they didn’t respond until the tuesday. so tuesday evening I picked up the box and put one on right away. Well since then I have been experiencing feelings of depression, mood swings, and an extreme increase in my already bad anxiety. I understand the delay of putting on my new patch for the cycle is putting me through a sort of withdrawal, but it’s becoming hard to handle and is impacting my personal life and relationships. Does anyone know how long the effects of this may last and how i can potentially make it easier for myself to get through? Thankyou.
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2021.10.18 00:17 pen15es Friendlies objectives are currently holding me back a lot.

I cannot finish my weeklies or get Andre because I’ve been unable to find a friendlies game since the very beginning of fifa.
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2021.10.18 00:17 WineMark BR Solo is So Much Fun

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2021.10.18 00:17 Broken_Broca Hackers keep targeting our water supply

This needs to be in headlines, but I don’t hear anything about it. Everyone needs to store as much water as possible. I know I need to do more water stocking. hackers messing with water supply
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2021.10.18 00:17 CallMeSisyphus The anniversary I'll never celebrate

Apologies in advance, because this is long AF. I'm not looking for advice, I'm just... I dunno, screaming into the void, wishing for something - anything - that can un-break me. I'd say I'm wishing for a miracle, but it's pretty clear to me that there is no God (and if there is, he's either cruel AF or incompetent so I'm definitely not gonna jump on the prayer bandwagon).
Two years ago today, I married the love of my life, in the most beautiful place on earth, exactly four years and one day after our first evening together. 126 days later, he was dead - suddenly, unexpectedly gone.
I should be celebrating, but instead I'm frozen in time on the day he died. He's been gone nearly 20 months, but I'm still firmly in February 2020. I'm still 54, my husband just died, and I don't want to do this anymore.
I've had the rug pulled under me plenty in my 56 years on this planet. Didn't get to have the career I wanted; oh well, I love what I do, so I can handle that. Wanted to have two children, and had only one (he's an adult now, and he's wonderful, so I can cope with that). I wanted to give my child a HAPPY childhood so he'd have a solid foundation but got divorced when he was only 3; okay, I'll do the best I can, and maybe he'll be all right. Wanted a long, happy marriage, but never got that; okay, I have a full life with friends and family, and hobbies I love, and a successful career, so that'll have to do. And EVERY TIME fate shit on me, I was able to convince myself that it would get better; that TRUE happiness was just around the corner.
Not this time.
This time, there's no thinking something better is coming; there IS no better than him. This time, there's no finding a way to be happy in spite of my loss; there IS no happy without him. It took me forever to find him, and I'm supposed to just be okay with going back to having to do everything for myself and by myself, with nobody to share the pain and the joy of life's ups and downs? Nope. Miss me with that bullshit. I've been there and done that my whole adult life, and it was fine then, but I DON'T FUCKING WANT TO DO IT ANYMORE.
I am SO lonely, and it's a loneliness that can't be helped by friends or family (I don't really have friends or family anymore anyhow: I can't relate to normal people, so I've stopped trying). It's a loneliness for true, daily intimacy. It's a loneliness for a partner to share life with. It's a loneliness for snuggling up to watch football and share stupid inside jokes. And it's a loneliness liberally sprinkled with rage that we didn't even get to START to have a marriage. I don't have decades of memories from which to draw comfort; just the bitterness of losing all the memories we planned to make but never will.
I wake up every day, lonely and missing him. I go to sleep every night, lonely and missing him. In between, I work, and I read, and I watch Netflix - anything to distract myself from the abyss of empty, lonely time I have to endure until my heart finally gets the message that I'm dead too.
And no one - NO ONE understands. They think I just need to go on antidepressants, when the issue isn't my brain at all: it's my SPIRIT that's broken. My husband's death was one catastrophe too many; I've exceeded my ability to cope. I'm broken. I have no hope. I'm not even really a person anymore: I'm a sentient meatbag of pain. I'm the ghost of the funny, happy, bright woman I used to be. She died with him. Therapy, grief counseling... I've done both. But there's no fixing this problem, because the problem is that I don't want this. Not any of it. No, I'm not really suicidal (though NGL, I'd welcome a massive heart attack in my sleep), I'm just done. I don't live so much as I endure.
So, tonight, I'll cook dinner and eat while watching the local news. I'll watch something on Netflix until I can go to sleep (my only reprieve from the prison my life has become). I'll sleep - but I won't even get the gift of dreaming about him, because I never do - and then I'll wake up tomorrow, work all day, cook, eat while watching the news, lather, rinse repeat every goddamn day.
Never in my adult life have I needed someone to take care of me. I didn't believe I would ever have that, so I just did it all for myself. And then suddenly, I DID have that - we took care of each other, and it was glorious - and now he's gone, and all I want is someone to take care of me. But there isn't anyone. And there won't be, ever again.
They say it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. I'm not sure I agree. I could at least convince myself I was happy before him, because I didn't know any better. I didn't know what I was missing. But now I do. And it's unbearable.
Some days, I genuinely wonder if I'm the one who died and this is hell.
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2021.10.18 00:17 Perfect_Payment2887 Is this a Rare TES+ variation haven’t been looking at TE sticks too often but I haven’t seen this one

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