Saturn Through the Orion Skyquest XT8 Dobsonian

2021.10.19 20:44 youdontknowmae Saturn Through the Orion Skyquest XT8 Dobsonian

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2021.10.19 20:44 vladmir_lenin-55 i made the flag for my faction on a minecraft server i play on

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2021.10.19 20:44 Clevercrumbish How did the DE devs achieve properly immortal players in campaign scenarios?

In AoK/AoC/HD, the devs would hide a single unit of an AI player's colour somewhere hard to find and hard/impossible to access in order either to prevent that player being defeatable or to prevent that player losing the game before the trigger where their actual units show up later in the scenario went off.
In the Definitive Edition this is no longer necessary, and these hide and seek units have been removed from the campaigns that contained them, as such AI players are now properly "immortal".
But how was this achieved? I expected to find some kind of option in the scenario editor's "Player" tab regarding it, but there doesn't seem to be anything there or anywhere else in the editor to set this on a player-by-player basis. Is it done with victory conditions instead, or something else?
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2021.10.19 20:44 Orwellze The free will to be free of evil

I want to start out by saying that I'm aware this topic of 'free will' in the context of God has been discussed countless of times, yet the premise I will be presenting here is going to be of a somewhat less common rhetorical nature, in addition to a point I would like to raise that I haven't seen being given too much traction. This post is intended for Christians who subscribe to the concept of 'free will', which I do not by the way, as a determinist.
A while ago I was watching a popular Christian youtube channel, "Breaking in fhe Habit" in case you are familiar, and they've given fhe retort I will be addressing in one of their latest videos, which I will link if requested, in response to a comedian who delivered a very simplistic rant about how God must be doimg a terrible job since there is so much evil happening in the world. And I'm telling you where I've heard it because the Catholic friar in question is held up as a top-tier apologetic/preacher, especially for younger audiences and outreach towatd atheists, and is well-versed in Catholic Catechism, Philosophy, Church Father writings, and so on. So this is not just the casual opinion of some nobody.
And part of that retort was, at least with respect to evil acts rather than natural disasters or the like ( To which he mentioned something about not being able to recognize and appreciate the good without the bad, which I also contest ), that those who bring it up are placing too much responsibility on God instead of human agency, and that if God were to impose his rules on them by force, they wouldn't like it either.
It's a pretty standard response and one which usually leads to the debate about who beats the responsibility for humanity's situation and and the definition of free will, and you know, all the debates that show up here regularly. But I wanted to tackle it a bit differently, not neccessarily in a way that might've not been phrased as such before but one which I would personally like an answer to:
Why doesn't God give each person the option of choosing whether they want to live by their own autonomy or live under divinely enforced authority? Because "Just adhere to the Bible and God's morality" doesn't stop your freedom from being infringed upon by other, less moral humans which God has deemed fit to cage in the same planet of a human pen. Instead of dealing with God's tyranny which God is apparently very wary of, you have to deal with human tyranny, not much of an improvement there.
Can't God just create a safe haven somewhere on Alpha Centauri where anyone who, of their own volition, prays to be sent there, gets teleported there to live under God's watch? No violation of their will, they wanted it, and all the Godless humans can just keep on exercising their will back on earth. You can even have a trial period where any human who doesn't think God's rule suits them can just go back to Earth and never come back.
By now, you might becoming up with different arguements as to why God totally shouldn't be doing it and why in his wisdom he has decided to design our circumstances differently. A shortcut to God's realm by snapping your fingers? No no, there must be a valid reason to reject this preposterous notion. But wait....what if I told you that God's design already enables something similar?
It's called suicide. All souls go to face judgement and be sorted out to their appropriate place, which makes suicide a one-way instant teleportation ticket to the Divine domain. A lot of humans who decided they've had enough of 'God's' experiment or are suffering too much or don't wish to live with evil anymore have simply escaped it of their own accord. Sure, its supposedly ( by some interpretations ) a sin, but exactly how significant of a punishment are you going to get for it? What about killing yourself to avoid being used to harm others? How about trying to end your life in an act of martyrdom back in antiquity?
Which begs the question of why exactly God's blueprint of the universe excludes my former proposition, but allows for the latter. You do know suicide doesn't have to exist if God doesn't want it to, right? No, I don't mean preventin the causes. I mean that God can literally just turn anyone who attempts to slice their throat into Superman for a second, bounce them off falls, neutralize substances in their body, with a little voice in Heaven goinf - "Nice try! But your purpose is'nt finished until I say so."
But God designed human biology with the capacity for that, knowing full well that tons of people will resort to it, and often times with the express purpose of circumventing their earthly confinement. But at the same time, he doesn't think it's a good idea to let those who want to submit to his judgement outright just snap their fingers or ask him to do so. It needs to be a traumatic process involving a lot of fear and pain. Not a good look for God's motives right there, I must say.
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2021.10.19 20:44 znowmax Should I buy v3rmillion VIP or robloxscripts forum Premium Member?

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2021.10.19 20:44 missfeetandfingers Lick the chocolate cake off my feet

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2021.10.19 20:44 EwokHoney Communication Is Key...

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2021.10.19 20:44 FunkyJu1ce I don't see men get typed often, so I was wondering what my boyfriends type is? I think I'm getting SN vibes but what are everyone's opinions? He is 5'11

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2021.10.19 20:44 cumlord1900 Ayo?

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2021.10.19 20:44 g3nerallycurious Best place for sliced deli meat?

Publix in Florida ruined me. I’ve tried the Boar’s Head at Homeland, but it’s just not the same somehow. Plus their selection was like 1/3 of what I’m used to. Maybe it’s just not the East Coast and nothing will compare? Help me if you can.
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2021.10.19 20:44 EchoEquani Lkwd Sparks Hair (Wizard School)

OK it's quite obvious Lockwood is able to make decent high quality masculine looking hair for males. Can we please get Lockwood Sparks hair in Black,Brown,Red,Blonde and various other colors ?
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2021.10.19 20:44 RenOperative The Fear Street Trilogy - All Films Ranked & Reviewed (Spoiler Filled Analysis)

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2021.10.19 20:44 RKOClips Erica Francis

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2021.10.19 20:44 marcuscoolboi2007 Synapse worth it and is it safe?

I was thinking about getting it. Idk if its a virus becuase thr last time i bought somthing like this it gave me a virus. And how much could i trusted it
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2021.10.19 20:44 AmySharpton All your burning questions about the oracle pug Noodle and Bones Day, answered

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2021.10.19 20:44 Neat-Muffin3393 Question

So, addiction in various forms runs in my family, my mum grandfather and great grandfather are all alcoholics. My dad is a drug addict but very weirdly proud of himself for not drinking idk...
Anyway I don’t really drink, maybe at most two pints of very sweet cideglassss of cuba libre once a month, or a glass of nice whisky for my birthday.
Lately I’ve noticed that when I’m drinking alcohol specifically I feel like a switch go off in my brain and it feels like buzzy and happy as soon as I’ve taken my first sip!
Now, my question is, is this how it feels when an additiction is beginning?
I don’t smoke or take any drugs, I don’t drink caffeine, I always refuse pain meds in hospital unless I’m in extreme discomfort.
Thanks for your answers
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2021.10.19 20:44 ConversationJunior90 Weird old couple staring at me through their kitchen window

This happened a couple months ago at around 9 pm at night. Was walking my dog with my friend and it was dark out. I was in my friends neighborhood so I wasn’t familiar of the area. Anyways we walk past this house and there’s this old guy staring at us as we walk past. Like not a subtle stare literally standing at his kitchen window full on death stare at us. Asked my friend who he was and she said they never met but the couple had lived there awhile. Anyways we get to the end of her culdesac and head back home (it’s been about 20 minutes) and when we pass the hoise what happens. Not only is the man staring at us but his wife now also. Same creepy death stare. Everytime we turned around they were still staring. We ran back to her house
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2021.10.19 20:44 blayana881 We have a different wifi network, probably because we are in different countries.

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2021.10.19 20:44 chiefneef1 LF: Necrozma(IVs don’t matter it’s for my little brother’s birthday it’s his favorite mon!)FT: Legendary List Below!

Legendary List: Galar Zapeos Blacephalon Eternatus Suicune Raikou Rayquaza Galar Articuno Terrakion Thank you so much in advance!
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2021.10.19 20:44 DrMooMooPhD Referral Credit

I recently switched to Mint. I’m in the process of referring my family to switch over and get the referral credit. I saw a post from 2 years ago that said the credits would show up 15 days later. Has this changed since then? Hopefully quicker lol
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2021.10.19 20:44 ChubbieT Why is the manga colored only up to the 32nd chapter then it jumps around? Is there no way to read it in color???

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2021.10.19 20:44 Cod_Financial Airsoft laws regarding minors in Michigan?

Hi long time lurker looking to get into the sport as it's was just legalized in 2015 but what are the laws surrounding minors?
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2021.10.19 20:44 littleMAHER1 Film Theory: Beluga #6

Welcome back! It's been a while hasn't it?
Once again Remember this: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5
Anyway lets see what we got!

First things First Reply time!
u/Necromancer147 believes that in the episode where skittle disappeared it says that skittle was never seen again, same with the episode where Beluga disappeared. He thinks that it implys that someone or something has replaced them both. This could explain how Beluga does act differently between episodes or that one weird episode (No Phones at the Dinner table... (plot twist)) u/HappyPlaysWasTaken apparently thinks that Chad is not a new character and has appeared in more videos before Impress Any Girl in 9.017 Seconds. I think it might have been in the Countries Portrayed by Discord.
There are less replies since Part 5 was blacklisted for some reason. Anyway
Now lets get into my findings!
In Beluga Face Reveal while most of it is just Beluga going "Oh thank u for all the love and support" he does point out one piece of lore, which that is that according to him he turns into a Cat at 7pm everyday and at the end of the video he turns back into a cat and the video goes back into the discord style with SkittleChan asking where Beluga was since apparently they where suppose to have a date during the afternoon. This does add some magic into this and there are so many questions like 1. Why does it happen to him?, 2.was he cursed?, 3. what about the other characters like Pablo or SkittleChan? 4. are they cursed as well?, and more but as of right now this hasn't been acknowledge as much.
In Unplugging Your Phone during an Update... Skittle needs Beluga's help with Homework but Beluga can't because of a update. However because he unplugs his charger during the update apparently Hecker is free from being stuck in something (it's not said what) and he grants Beluga 3 wishes. His First wish is for Discord (i guess it deleted or something), his Second Wish is for free discord nitro, apparently it was to help Skittle since he failed his class and a tornado hit his home which wow, I will say that this does also prove that Skittle is a child since he's in School but anyway, this doesn't help so Beluga uses his Third wish to make Pepper's goldfish disappear and they get married... until Beluga wakes up and his Mom tells him that after unplugging his phone he was sent into a coma and just woke up in the Year 2035 making this entire episode uncannon.... great
In When a Prank Goes Too Far... after pranking Pablo with a Rick Roll Pablo sends a assassin to kill Beluga but turns out that this was also a prank with Pablo Rick Rolling Beluga but at the end Beluga eats chocolate his only weakness and since he's a cat ya that's bad
In YouTube Comments Be Like... Beluga clicks on one of those spam videos like "Don't watch this video" and Dave (the person who made that video) is able to hack into Beluga's personally stuff and learns everything about him including his Fortnite addiction. So according to this video Beluga plays Fortnite 6 hours a day. Turns out all Dave wanted was Beluga's checkmark (the thing that really popular Youtubers get) and it ends with Dave commenting on something with Snowie doing the classic "What's up checkmark"
In When a Hacker meets another Hacker... we learn that Beluga AND Pablo both has hecking abilities like Hecker. They mostly show off who is better by hecking money into there accounts or starting a Tsunami, Ending up Hecker and Beluga get the upper hand by tricking Pablo to download a file that turns everything on his desktop into Among Us Beluga
In Checking Discord in the Morning... after waking up Beluga is greeted with a bunch of pings from Snowie only for Lester to say how she's gone after being kidnapped when Beluga asks how he knows this Lester goes offline and the FBI tries to arrest Beluga but he just blocks them.
In When Mom Takes Your Phone Away... Beluga's Mom takes his phone away so he tries to get help. Hecker appears as a cameo but because earlier Beluga tagged @ everyone with a "ur all stupid" he doesn't help him. This shows that Hecker does have feelings. Skittle also appears but Beluga decides that kindness is never the answer so Skittle also goes offline. Then we meet a new character: Trever. Apparently he was in jail at some point and he tells Beluga to take his phone back by force and to fight his Mom if she tells him to put it back. He does and escapes to his room but his Mom then decides to destroy the cell towers so he has no internet. This shows that Belu-Mom is crazy and would do anything to get her son to listen to her
In Internet Arguments Be Like... we meet a new character Howard. He is the embodiment of a Karen/ anti vaxxe what people think of when Gen Z is brought up, Ending up he gets raitoed by Dave then for some reason Sbeve comes back(he was from Discord Mod VS Flat Earther) with more ""proof"" that the Earth is flat and the video ends with Sbeve winning due to a typo. (I don't like this video that much)
Squid Game Be Like... is a Squid Game parody with Pablo being those guys in the PlayStation masks and the contestants are Beluga, Hecker, Snowie and SkittleChan. Ending up everyone expect Beluga dies and he wins 0.000031 dollars. The only other thing to note is that they joke about how some people misspell Beluga's name to Beugla.
In When Your Favorite Song Comes On... Beluga destroys the world because of a song. He and Hecker ends up in the 9th Dimension but after playing the song one more time Hecker dies and Beluga destroys the entire universe and Pablo is there since he was here since the beginning apparently. Beluga ceases to exists and that is it. Besides the implication that Pablo was the first bein ever, the song that Beluga uses to destroy the universe 'Belupacito' is a real song now and Beluga uploaded it to his second channel Beluga Jr. Also according to the description of the video-
"Belupacito" has been widely credited by music journalists as being instrumental in popularizing pop music in the mainstream market again. It is a sussy soundtrack composed in common time with outstanding lyrics, performed in a smooth and romantic way."
This is lore whatever u like it or not
Phone Batteries Be Like... is mostly a skit video where Beluga does something different but each time is with a different phone and showing how it's battery is. So not much lore here :/
And finally (for right now) In When the Doctor tells you bad news... A Doctor tells Beluga that he will die in 3 minutes due to a illness (we're not told what illness but judging by the fact that he was wearing a mask I bet u can guess) but it doesn't matter since apparently it was a prank. This was after Beluga spammed a entire discord server, made fun of the FBI, and stole money. And I think the Mom stabbed Beluga at the end. Not much lore tbh

And that was Film Theory: Beluga #6. I would have included a video from Beluga's second channel but besides the Belupacito song, he hasn't uploaded anything to note on there yet

See u in a few weeks/months for Part 7
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2021.10.19 20:44 Caladbolgll Updating weapon & shield in 5e

While DnD 5e is more streamlined than previous editions to make the system easier to understand, the simplicity leaves some (including myself and the table) to desire for more options. I wanted to introduce two options that were seemingly missing that other existing non-magical equipments could not fulfill:

  1. DEX-based two-handed weapon (Katana)
  2. Lighteheavier shields with tradeoff to specialize in one aspect more than the standard shield
On top of that, I tried to buff some of the unpopular weapons that are strictly worse than its alternatives. Took this discussion as the baseline, and referred to few other post to fine-tune for my own standard.
All of the specs different from the PHB are marked italicized and bolded in the tables below.
Name Cost (gp) AC STR requirement Weight (lb) Special
Buckler 10 +1 - 2 You can don or doff this item using an object interaction, instead of an action. When a creature makes a melee attack against you, you may spend your reaction to add your DEX modifier to your AC for that attack.
Shield 10 +2 - 6 -
Kite shield 50 +2 13 12 When a creature makes a ranged attack against you, you may spend your reaction to gain half cover against that attack.
Name Type Cost (gp) Damage Weight (lb) Properties
Club Simple Melee 0.1 1d6 bludgeoning 2 Light
Mace Simple Melee 5 1d8 bludgeoning 4 -
Sickle Simple Melee 1 1d6 slashing 2 Light
Flail Martial Melee 10 1d8 bludgeoning 2 Versatile (1d10)
Morningstar Martial Melee 15 1d8 piercing 4 Versatile (1d10)
War pick Martial Melee 5 1d8 piercing 2 Versatile (1d10)
Trident Martial Melee 5 1d6 piercing 4 Thrown (20/60), versatile (1d10)
Whip Martial Melee 2 1d4 slashing 3 Finesse, reach, light
Katana Martial Melee 25 1d6 slashing 4 Finesse, versatile (1d10)
Honorable mentions Let me know if any of these looks overpowered/underpowered/unnecessarily complex. If you have any other addition without being to complex, I would appreciate them, too.
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2021.10.19 20:44 OrthodoxFirefighter In one enemy attack, can I assign multiple damage to the dog and assign multiple damage to the attacking enemy? Or is it just 1 damage dealt to the enemy no matter how much damage guard dog takes?

I’ve searched the internet for this question answer but can’t find anything.
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