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Decided to make a meme for us drivers to laugh about

2021.10.16 16:44 Born-Alternative-957 Decided to make a meme for us drivers to laugh about

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2021.10.16 16:44 Qnisss [H]PayPal (I cover fees) [W] Outriders , Detroit Become Human

Hello everyone
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2021.10.16 16:44 Konstantinos6942 how to find People that are anarchist in my country? I want to find People to make a group, so we can do things like protests, graffiti's, and other things like that.

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2021.10.16 16:44 PokemonGoBao 7609 6845 6949 mega gengar first 20

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2021.10.16 16:44 Geocentricus Globers will dislike this simple fact

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2021.10.16 16:44 Vailhem Regenerating Wellington's seaweed forests

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2021.10.16 16:44 Economy-Lobster-9550 Depressed bf?

So my (F25) boyfriend (M23) broke up with me twice within a span of a week. He was diagnosed to depression and anxiety when he was twelve, and also has adhd. Started taking SSRIs when he was in college but recently decided to stop taking them.
We were in long distance relationship, 3.5 hours away from each other. He called me one Wednesday and told me that we need to break up because he can’t stand long distance even though he still has feelings for but he needs to protect his mental health. Even though I was supposed to move to his city in a year and come see his almost every weekend, and spend summer there as well. I was crushed cause it came out of nowhere for me, and nobody has ever hurt me so much. Like we planned things that Monday and Tuesday. I went to his city on Friday to talk in person, and tell him that it’s a fear based reaction and maybe we should not rush decisions because he’s not in the best place mentally but I’m always here for him and want to support him because I care about him so so much, and he just can’t push me away like this. He cried and told me that he missed me and he’s just a really confused person now but he’s willing to try things. We spent weekend together and planned things again. I left his city on Sunday and he was like thank you for not letting me do a dumb decision. We talked 4 hours over the phone on Monday, but on Wednesday he called me again (kind of ironice that it happened at the same time just in a week), and told me that this is not working for him AGAIN. I’ve been in such emotional rollercoaster, and the way he went about breakup was completely dismissive, something that doesn’t sound like him. I’ve been really trying to reconcile how a person who cared about me so much (and I don’t think he faked it) is able to hurt me twice, knowing how crushed I was and that I’m always there to support him and accommodate his needs. We decided not to talk to each other for a bit.
Im just wondering if it’s the side effects of his ssris withdrawal or he just doesn’t like me enough to fight for what we have.Despite that he hurt me so much (which makes me feel like I’m just disposable and he has not prioritized my mental health in any way), I still care deeply about him. He also told me that he has not spiraled this bad in terms of his mental health in years. And he only seems to have 2 friends in his city, and one of them is a complete self-absorbed prick, which I don’t even know why he’s friend with. What would you do in this situation?
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2021.10.16 16:44 Brilliant_Diamond_91 I don't know what to do

I moved out from home leaving my parents, to a new city because of college and I'm now living in an apartment alone. The city is cool and the college is pretty nice, last week was the first week of classes and I already talk to all of my classmates but I just feel lonely.
I talk to people easily but I find it really hard to actually establish a connection with them, there are 2 girls in my class including me, the rest are all guys, I already talked to most of the guys in my class but idk it just feels like there's some kind of wall between us whenever I talk to them, yesterday we all went to have lunch together and I just felt out of place. I already befriended the girl and she is really nice and I am pretty happy to make a girl friend instead of it being all guys but idk man I just still feel like there's something missing inside me and that I am slowly getting depressed.
After this first week I just thought to myself to stop giving a shit about meeting new people and just focus on my classes because my goal there is to study and get my degree done but I'm a person that really likes to talk to people so it's not that easy.
There are also the college parties that will be going on next week but I don't know anyone apart from my classmates since I'm new in the city and I've never been a party person before and I'm kinda shy. I don't know if I should force myself to go to those parties or not, it's not my thing at all but I want to meet new people.
This is all confusing because my whole mind is a mess about this whole thing rn, if you've read it all thank you, if you haven't it's fine too, I just wanted to get it all out.
I'm just sad everytime I wake up, I feel like I'm slowly losing myself.
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2021.10.16 16:44 amandamichelle90 Beware of trending shitcoin technique *Rebase tokens*

u/giddyup281 wrote about this last week after noticing something up with his own portfolio but since then I’ve seen 2 threads with newbies confused about what’s happening
Here’s a very short summary
Elastic supply tokens have a changing circulating supply. The idea is that instead of price volatility, what changes is the token supply through events called rebases.
Imagine if the Bitcoin protocol could adjust how much bitcoin is in user wallets to achieve a target price. You have 1 BTC today. You wake up tomorrow, and now you have 2 BTC, but they’re each worth half of what they were yesterday. That’s how a rebase mechanism works.
It’s not entirely a terrible idea — and I believe ampleforth uses it as an almost stable coin technique. But it’s being used to manipulate the price history and set goal prices of these unknown shitcoins. Shitcoins that are being heavily marketed on YouTube and in moon shoot hunting threads. People buy like a fucking billion and then wake up to 30k and it’s confusing and alarming.
This is just an informative thread, idc what you spend your money on but if you wake up with fewer tokens - worth the same value as the night before. Many can’t be sold or traded afterwards either.
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2021.10.16 16:44 Pilebsa “Hacker X”—the American who built a pro-Trump fake news empire—unmasks himself

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2021.10.16 16:44 Creazoid My approach at Vex Theme

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2021.10.16 16:44 Sing587 Am I crazy?

I do worry about sharing too many details just in case she happens to see this (I have no idea if she’s on Reddit)
Dumping trash on the ground in the back yard overnight, even in a bag, attracts vermin. Correct?
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2021.10.16 16:44 tofakoc561 [HELP] manually change optimized night charging settings

the optimized night charging setting lets you slow charge your phone overnight such tht it is fully charged only in the morning...apparently the time at which it becomes fully charged is determined from charging behaviour...is it possible to change the settings such a way tht we can choose the time for full charge to whatever we want and change it such a way we can activate slow charging whenever we want as opposed to it being restricted to night..i hope this can be done with adb
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2021.10.16 16:44 RJskillz92 He likes to sit up straight like a people and make you hold his paw/leg. Such exquisite posture!

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2021.10.16 16:44 fdez_ian Elm en sus 3 estados chad

Elm en sus 3 estados chad
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2021.10.16 16:44 andreba Pumpkin stop motion - by KevinParry

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2021.10.16 16:44 NitricZenith Happy Halloween from Castle Dimitrescu! Presenting Bela, Daniela and Cassandra! (Photoshop credits to Mr Zenith.) =D

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2021.10.16 16:44 DavidGeistermacht When you are in a Group or need a Group. Who's the best Support?

View Poll
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2021.10.16 16:44 K_ain comfortably numb solo

i’ve been playing guitar for 3 years and my absolute favourite song is comfortably numb by pink floyd especially high. it’s 1:44am in the morning and i and contiplating whether or not to learn it
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2021.10.16 16:44 FalconMG Any good screen replacements for the iPod 6g that you guys would recommend?

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2021.10.16 16:44 wattpadqueen13 The perfect JJ/Rafe love triangle trilogy on Wattpad! You’ll love this.

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2021.10.16 16:44 Brad_Zulberg what is the best name for any boat?

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2021.10.16 16:44 abbyrosesarered No PPV No Additional Paywall Full Access With Sub Daily Posts

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2021.10.16 16:44 unwieldypumpkin Anyone else struggle with shame for having such a hard time socially?

[Disclaimer: not diagnosed, but have lots of traits.]
Last week was the first time in my life entering something resembling an actual work environment. In itself, I absolutely love it, and I'm looking forward to the next 6 months there. But after Every. Single. Day. When I go home, I physically shrivel up because the way I act makes me so uncomfortable.
Eye contact is hard, although trying the 50/70 rule helped some. Even harder: knowing what is appropriate to talk about. My options: staying completely silent, which doesn't work when the job literally consists of talking. Or: saying things anyway, and being horrified afterwards. Everyone there is 20+ years older than me, and I feel ridiculous for being so nervous, awkward and rambly.
I'm also awful at multitasking, especially when learning new situations. How am I supposed to get the hang of how the social group works, while also learning tons of new technical skills? It feels impossible to balance them.
Everyone there uses casual "you" for each other, it's a volunteer space, and I don't think anyone is judging me. I even think one of the people I interact with most might also be on the spectrum. But it's really getting to me that I'm so socially unskilled, and it doesn't only happen at "work".
I even cringe about the way I act around my family and friends. My social problems are one of the main reasons I continue to lose friendships. I'm so worried, and I also feel bad because I'm expecting bad things from good people, and that feels unfair.
I try to remind myself daily that I can't know what other people think and feel about me, and the chances of me being wrong about their opinions on me are very high. So best not to make assumptions. Still, I struggle.
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2021.10.16 16:44 Timsta180 A subreddit for people that are very quick at their job.

In those classic viral videos of the early 2000s there would be people sorting mail at a rate of 20 envelopes per second. That’s just an example.
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