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Hi, anyone in NSW selling mescaline or knows of someone who does? Please contact me :)

2021.10.25 06:33 erosandpsy-key Hi, anyone in NSW selling mescaline or knows of someone who does? Please contact me :)

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2021.10.25 06:33 ouch_that_hurts_ How many upv*tes can I get?

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2021.10.25 06:33 Dan1el_va It’s honestly the worst

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2021.10.25 06:33 SNT_Gesus Reverse boosting from predators

Reverse boosting from predators Dear preds, please stop reverse boosting
I know badges are cool but man...
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2021.10.25 06:33 K4nisterkopp Institut für Technologie (KIT) erforscht die Gefahren der Deepfake-Technologie

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2021.10.25 06:33 hiiker computer science gcse.

i am in yr11 and only a month or 2 into my computer science gcse my teacher got arrested. i know it is really late to be worrying about it but it only just hit me i know absolutely nothing since substitutes have taught me nothing so i could either not study for it at alland focus on all my other subjects or i could study it and get a low grade either way, should i just study it or leave it ?
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2021.10.25 06:33 ProtectionNo3091 Chudák kuře :(

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2021.10.25 06:33 RiseHolo Who is the GENUINE Die hard you guys follow foe TA... & EXIT STRATEGYS...What should l set my sell options at...Thankyou fam

Thanks again
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2021.10.25 06:33 TheMeIonGod $100 Best Buy Card {??} (11/4/2021)

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2021.10.25 06:33 kaylene2020 I was just about to cancel

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2021.10.25 06:33 Fun-Development9925 Just why

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2021.10.25 06:32 Final-Break-8914 Pokémon Platinum: hey guys and girls I was wondering what yous think of this ? Seems to good to be true but don’t know

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2021.10.25 06:32 SpontaneousWoobly Get Smoked Mate...I will NEVER be able to repeat this. Ever.

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2021.10.25 06:32 cloctor 绕岛挑衅 中俄军舰列队绕行日本国境

绕岛挑衅 中俄军舰列队绕行日本国境

RFA 2021-10-24 /责编:钟广政 网编:刘定坚
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2021.10.25 06:32 jobsinanywhere SizeGenetics Review(2021): Customer Factsand Actual Results Received(6 months)

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2021.10.25 06:32 Sufficient_Jelly2254 Join the Nudes IL Discord Server!

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2021.10.25 06:32 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-anthony-de-mello-9

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2021.10.25 06:32 miruki oh new sub icon. what a coincidence, today i moved my last CDMA line to GSM, and another line from Metro back to Tello.

the CDMA to GSM took about 20minutes in the afternoon.
Metro line was a new line, maybe a minute or less to activate at 1am, 10hours to port, actual port time maybe instant, because Sunday and minutes before i got the ported email, i can still login to Metro, then can't
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2021.10.25 06:32 a264922 Limited's bizarre adventure

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2021.10.25 06:32 wompyxan Smoking high vs edibles high?

Tldr smoking weed always gives me a bad high Even just a few hits And i was wondering about trying edibles Anyone here that have bad time smoking but good time eating weed? Also how do the highs compare Lets say 30mg
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2021.10.25 06:32 Careful-Wealth5369 Me (31) recently mutually broke up with girlfriend (29) still struggling to grasp the situtation

Hi reddit,
I am trying to grasp my relationship situation fully and perhaps learn from it. Hopefully someone else can learn something from it too.
Background: We started talking via an online dating app and from the first time we met really hit it off. It felt sincere from the start and after about 2 months of dating we became an "official" couple.
During the first months after becoming a couple it was wonderful and it took about 1½ more months until we said "I love you" for the first time (she did it and I responded to it).
It felt great everything so far.
After a few more months we got into our first issues which was related to my ex-girlfriend.
I had moved on from that relationship already and didn't really consider it to be any issue, which is why I might have been bad at noticing how big of an insecurity it was for my current girlfriend.
She got quite jealous over some things mainly related to social media (for example me having posted pictures of my ex previously but not having posted anything yet of my current gf). And the major thing was when I met my ex during a gathering in which we had common friends.
She had asked me afterwards how it felt to meet my ex and I said of course it was a bit emotional since we had been together for several years.
I just wanted to be honest about it, but really it was nothing more than the feeling of seeing a friend you had lost. I tried to explain this to her.
It almost made us break up at the time (she was so angry at me) but after talking a lot we seemed fine again. Her problem was that she had communicated to me how insecure she was about my ex but then I had still became friends on social media after meeting her. (For me following each other on social media doesn't mean anything)
Relationship went on fine for a few months with some insecurities continuing that caused some conflicts (nothing major from my perspective).
I finally posted some pictures on social media which might have helped her a bit but still the issue came up occasionally.
After a few more months we got into a bigger fight around my ex again because she found out I had exchanged some messages with my ex that I hadn't told her about.
The messages were completely harmless (I showed her) and it was more of a "goodbye, wish you good luck in life" than anything else.
After this fight I said to my current gf that she needs to drop it, we had been revisiting the topic for several months now and I couldn't do anything more to reassure her.
I think she listened to this and after it the fights around that stopped.
During the following months we started having some other type of conflicts which were more regarding my lack of communication or that I didn't want to meet up with her as often.
I would say this is probably when the "honey-moon" phase was over and perhaps I just needed something more stable here and didn't have time to attend conflicts with her so often.
For example I could be slow at responding to her texts or she could feel like I was not as interested as I was before. For me there was really no deeper meaning to this, I just have to be able to live my own life as well.
In a way I had been a bit affected by all these conflicts around my ex and it affected my tolerance towards my current gf a bit probably. But I really didn't have any major doubts about the relationship at this time, this was more about my personality which is that I don't check my phone all the time and maybe don't feel the need to communicate all the time when we are not in the same room.
Then about 1 year after the first time we met we had a conflict (nothing serious topic-wise) which ended in that I lost my patience (I had always had patience before) and didn't want to talk about it in the moment. So we went separate paths during the day just hoping it would pass.
We chatted a bit during the day and I tried to be nice and friendly, also tried to have her meet up with me to discuss and resolve what we had been fighting about before. But she didn't want to meet up. Then I was busy during the evening because I had a friend visiting. Afterwards I wanted to go to my gf to talk about it and resolve the situation because it felt like it had gotten out of hands and she was obviously very affected.
So later in the night we had the chance to meet and talk and it felt like it almost ended in us breaking up, although the fight was about nothing serious. I learned later that it was the fact that I had lost my patience that was the major thing about this conflict.
Anyway we solved it for now and a few months later we moved in together.
The first few months it worked fine, however we were smoking a lot of weed which was maybe not so good for either of us nor the relationship. I had only smoked a few times per year prior and she had this habit from before pretty much her whole adult life (10 years or so, but probably not smoking as much).
I got more passive from all the smoking and I think slowly I started to get less interested in putting in the extra effort to do anything, I didn't realise first how much it affected me and thought it was just due to covid situation and all the work stress I had.
I had a lot of pressure from work and some family issues and she kept pushing me that she needs to be validated more and that I need to put in more effort to take her out more often. I did it to some extent (but I know I could've done better) I felt like I didn't have too much energy to do this and especially since our relationship didn't feel very stable (reoccuring conflicts about minor things, passive aggressiveness etc) it was difficult for me to just give and put in the extra effort.
Then one day said she wanted to break up, I was quite shocked by it. She almost instantly "regretted" it and said she wished she hadn't said it.
This caused a huge insecurity in me which then grew bigger and bigger over time. She kept raising insecurities around my behaviour and I had even more tragedies in my family. Eventually I think my brain and heart just gave up. I put in very little effort and I just lived a quite destructive life and tried to focus on work to keep myself distracted from all the relationship problems and the tragedies that had happened. I know this was not so constructive for me but it was too much to deal with at once since I had a huge project at work to care about (my work is important for me!).
Then she wanted to break up again, but we didn't this time either. After this I just broke in some way I started to become very insecure about things and in the end me (instead of her) became the one saying sudden things like "then lets break up" when we had a serious conflict. Occasionally I tried to put in extra effort to see if things got better, usually it did but after some weeks we always got back to the same place.
Worth mentioning is that sometimes it was wonderful between us and this is what kept me going at least. I really loved this woman to death but it had went too far here and I realised that there was no way for me to deal with all the emotional baggage I had built up during the time so it ended with the both of us agreeing to break up a few months later.
After a few weeks we started to talk again and it ended up in us sleeping together a few nights per week. This was probably quite destructive so we then cut it down a bit.
But then we ended up seeing each other more again and I felt like we had grown a bit since we could be more honest with each other and it was not as much ongoing conflicts between us.
One day she came over to me and said she wanted nothing else in life than to be with me. It was great to hear because on some level I felt the same, although I could still feel that I was struggling with dealing with all the things that had happened over the year. It ended with us both realising it was a bit rushed to just jump into something again so we continued to stay in touch and have great conversations where we shared inner thoughts and struggles in life. It felt like we were slowly building something that could turn into something great and more meaningful where we finally understand each other. We both could be open in that there was no expectations from each other and that we had no obligations. She started to move on sleeping with others and I struggled to stay ok with it.
One day maybe 2 weeks later she tells me she cant do this anymore and that she needs to focus on herself because she is hurt by the relationship and she is not sure what she wants anymore. I got really upset about this (which was probably not right, since she has every right to feel whatever especially when we are not in a relationship). I figured it was all about her having met someone else that she found interesting, she said it was not the case but how can I know.
The next few weeks I could feel like I started struggling with constantly thinking about "what could have been" or if it was really true what we had felt a few weeks back.
A few more weeks later (around 3 months since we broke up) I am still struggling to let go of the thoughts and since we still have pretty good communication with each other I have tried to understand what made her feel this way and not want to "fight" for it anymore.
She says that she needed someone more like herself (we come from different cultures) and that I was unable to give her what she wanted and that she no longer thinks I will ever be able to do that. She wants someone that keeps going the extra mile for her, that's always there to help out with anything and someone that thinks of her as a "goddess".
I think the first two things makes sense and would come naturally if both are really happy and committed in the relationship, but then I don't feel like it's realistic to not have ups and downs, and especially when difficult things happen in life then you need to have a stable relationship to lean back on. I never felt the stability in the relationship that I needed. What it means to consider her as goddess Im not so sure of, I dont think it sounds healthy. Surely you want to be admired by your partner but this sounds like "next-level" worshipping.
In the end I can see my shortcomings and that it was unfortunate with all the things that happened, especially the whole covid situation affecting our time living together.
A small part of me believes that although she says she never wants a RS with me I could probably persuade her if I showed her all those qualities that she said she requires from me. (I know I didn't do my best especially the last year I kinda lost it). But then a part of me thinks that it's not really the root-cause and that perhaps there is something bigger going on here which I can't fully see.
I guess the obvious thing to do is just let it go and move on but I also know that it's not easy to find this deep love that I have felt/feel. That we are quite different persons with different temperaments made it interesting and something to constantly learn from, but I feel like it might also be a bit problematic in the long run.
Does anyone have any similar experiences or useful insight? Does it seem like I need to check my behaviour and learn from it further or was this just a too difficult relationship? Is there any chance the relationship might work out in the future? Do you think there is something bigger going on here behind the scene that I have not understood?
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2021.10.25 06:32 reyprince Need some advice... My first breakup felt soo empty part 1

Hii … im(23m)..Recently ended up 2 year old relationship..she is my first and yall know how its feels like to end up a first relationship… For simplicity I call me as “x”. her as “y”, other guy (she is with now) as “z”..and other guy(her first bf as A)
I know her from 4 year.. and start liking her from the start of 2019 but never did anything to express my feeling bcz she is with “A”(her first bf )..”A” is using her and she know it and did nothing because it hurts bcz she dint want to leave him at any cast (she told me that)…'A” was merried and still call her for alone time and always when she is with him she thought about me that she is not doing good with me{bcz she knows about my feeling} (she told me that too).She told me she never have sex with “A” and I thing its true... and bcz I like her but I was not her bf at that time I was in pain ..i tried to leave her..but didn’t work(she cried when I suggest her we should stop seeing each other… its hurting me)
(At one time.when she is still with “A”(not officially) I tried to kiss her ..but she move her face I feel soo ashamed) Soo in August 2019..i strongly.. made condition- him”A” or me”x”..not clealy but she ended friendship with me ..we are not talking.or anything(after few weeks ) she come back and said . I want to chose .you.. so from October 2019 we started our relationship…and just after .. 3 month..she got a job in different state… lots of thing happen … she don’t don’t want to have sex with me… bcz she want to save it for marriage andif she had sex she couldn’t stand befor her father after.. I respect her choise and never have a real sex with her…. So in her job(while she is in other state) she met a guy ”Z” …and they become good friends … “Z” help her in lots of work stuff and she felt greatfull for his helps…. And she told me that he is the only one she is comfertable with..other guys or girls or being mean to her or not helping her.. now after some months they spent more and more time with each other ..she told me every thing about him….dont want to control her so I just said its ok to be a friend… but the progress u guys are making are may be .. dangerous for our relationship… after some time he starts liking her .. and he started inappropriate touch to her and she never strongly refuse any thing …she told me every thing .i warn her It is not good for our relationship…. But she never listen… one time I told her leave him or me (after this z guy did something inappropriate) she chooses me .but I can sense the depression and sadness in her face… he ”z” did something wrong (bad touch) she still want to be with him as friend but cant directly ask me ..bcz she know z did wrong thing… and also z send her crying picture or her .. I told her to control his action and be his friends but if he did something wrong I will definitely leave u..she get happy instantly..
(Im every 3 to 4 month…she come to my state(her home) to spent few days with her family… and still we never had sex . And some time she cried just bcz im kissing..bcz she said her father face is come in front of her(mentality) ..and she felt cheating to her father ..) In 2021 they become too close and still she don’t want to leave me… mentally she some time though about him kissing her and stuff
..and he did something worse after that I want to leave her …I said its over.. she literally baggs me ..to give her last chance after a long conversation I propse her to leave him completely never talk to him msg him or meet him..she agreed… but..after few weeks. She start fight me to let me meet him in near future … I agreed bcz I don’t want to control her… Now she come to my state.. we had sex (like she still don’t want to do it with me .but at this time i loss my control and did one stroke of penetration)..i told her at that time she was angry and said leave me…I don’t want to be with u… I don’t want to leave her so I told a lie that no its not happen…(I though in future I will ganna told her the truth when its getting normal ) But still after few weeks fight getting worse see accused me that im controll her .and she is not my pet..to control…so we broke up(first and last time officially) in the term that she want some space to know what really she want… me or him …… she agreed she felt something for him”z”
Now she start meeting him and he start emotionally manipulate her (by giving her false promises)..(also he already have a gf at that time )..now one day he kisses her forcefully and she starts crying… (she told me…) i said its over..she said give her last chance at that time I am in straight mind..told her to..no!!!!(but in my mind I will acept her if she by herself willingly leave him .i though it is the only way I can find if she is guilty or not )..
After few days she said yess to him..and just after 3 day they went to a hotel willingly and have sex 5 time in a night with him.. And in morning she told me every thing (I feeli like somebudy putt a bullete in my chest..my chest is getting heavier and its getting harder to breath .) She told me give me last chance now… or it will gett worse… I said no ….(now I feel if I give her chance may be we are together today). This incident happen last 16 of oct this year.. We call last night .i tell her im giving her last chnace…if she want to come back…. I thing she considerd my request… but she want to talk to him”Z” after one hour she told me im not the same girl u know I had sex with him several time im destroying herself .and want to know how far she is going to be this type of person.. I said will fill forgive u… after long conversation she said”z” will be sad..(now I know the bond once I was had with her is not the same..she priorities him over me now..) Now (she) willingly tell him that that she is in mood im not the same girl. I know.i said its ok ..its over for over relationship forever. And I told her the truth about tha sex we had.
She told me I should Told her that earlier… may be the result would be different .. the whole incdent from breakup to last night call I happen in between 1.5 month
I feel empty .. full of questions ..i will express my feelin in diff post .. i still want to be with her ..but i know it will never happing again
Thanks u for read all this stuff…. And sorry for English
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2021.10.25 06:32 OldToday4340 Anyone down to trade accounts I'll take anything decent

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