6sdad 7zist 62s9s ti3z5 5nsky ynzdi e94h9 7ezez d9hz9 4dhr4 afdty 3b8if hsfa3 e774a s7a4s 9szf8 khds4 2e6zs b68h7 2r4tf 5ab64 I'm having way more fun min-maxing on Core difficulty than I had roleplaying on Normal difficulty |

I'm having way more fun min-maxing on Core difficulty than I had roleplaying on Normal difficulty

2021.10.25 07:40 hawkshaw1024 I'm having way more fun min-maxing on Core difficulty than I had roleplaying on Normal difficulty

Just an observation. During my first play-through, I kept to sensible builds and auto-level-up for my companions, and it was an uphill struggle all the way. I'm well into my second playthrough now, where I'm throwing all of that out of the window, and I'm having a blast.
Enemy encounters are bullshit on Core difficulty, so I don't feel bad about building a munchkin party that's equally bullshit. In a pen-and-paper game, you'd never get away with the Monk/SorcereDragon Disciple/Eldritch Knight thing, but here it seems to be almost expected. I've been treating Wrath as more of a tactics game than as an RPG, and it's had a hugely positive impact on my enjoyment.
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2021.10.25 07:40 kaosvvitch33 How do humans physically junction GF?

It just occurred to me the other night, while I was trying to fall asleep and my mind was wandering, that I have no clue how the physical junction process works in the FF8 universe. In FF6 and 7 there was magicite and materia respectively, and in 9 Garnet and Eiko used gemstones. In 10 Yuna prays and the spirit of the aeon (I assume) dwells near her until she summons it. But how do you junction a GF into your mind, with no physical artifact?
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2021.10.25 07:40 cjs_33 22 Year old. Desperate to find new gay friends to chat to, hmu 😋

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2021.10.25 07:40 RyuNinja189 Mikey and Aaron Thirsty For MILFs

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2021.10.25 07:40 XClayX_57 tha pillars (except that tower)

tha pillars (except that tower) submitted by XClayX_57 to PizzaTower [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 07:40 BanquoTheMerciful Future of the Grow-Off

First, let me start with a huge "thank you" to everyone who has participated in a round, donated prizes, or just stopped in once in awhile to check progress on the whole thing. Without all of you there would be no grow-off.
Second, I'd like to apologize for dropping the ball big time in this most recent round. Even without entering a plant of my own, I feel like I should have been here more, trying to get everyone posting updates and talking about what does and doesn't work with our plants.
Lastly, prizes. I think I want to get rid of them. I feel rotten asking anyone for anything, even when it's more of a reminder that they agreed to donate, and don't feel comfortable doing it. I'm not saying that prize donations won't be accepted in future rounds, but I am saying I won't ask for prize donations. That being said, I do feel it's important for there to be some way of recognizing the growers who turn out an amazing plant. So I'd like to see some sort of leaderboard implemented here, to acknowledge the winnewinners of a given round. I can't do it myself, so it's out of my hands. It would be nice to see it come to fruition though.
I think I want to hold off on starting another round until the start of 2022. Here's what I'm thinking. Each year we can plan for either 3 or 4 rounds. We could totally do 4, but it's gonna mean starting a new round, potentially, before everyone gets their numbers in for the last round. 4 rounds a year equals 91 days and some change per round. I think most TT strains will sprout and finish in that time frame, but there's no guarantee. Plus there has to be time for a proper trim and dry before weigh-in. Whereas 3 rounds per year gives well over 120 days per round, which should be more than ample time for anything TTA has on offer right now.
I'm open to suggestions, criticism, questions, or whatever. This is not MY thing, I'm just the mouthpiece behind it. I want your input. Yes, you. The one reading this all the way to the bottom. If you've read this much, you care. Tell me what you'd like to see.
Stay Twisted, and have the best possible Monday you can ☀️😊💚
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2021.10.25 07:40 papusa_booty_butt Is this LARPing? Am I doing this right? MAC-V LARP at drill this weekend...

Is this LARPing? Am I doing this right? MAC-V LARP at drill this weekend... submitted by papusa_booty_butt to tacticalgear [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 07:40 Longjumping-Quail529 Add me for darkrai 8110 1318 7528

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2021.10.25 07:40 SnooDonuts2451 State highway 1 traffic?

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2021.10.25 07:40 SpizdiL Они слишком быстро растут.

Они слишком быстро растут. submitted by SpizdiL to Epicentr [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 07:40 patovc ¿Qué tipos de contenidos os gustaría ver en este sub?

Pues eso, ¿qué os gustaría tener al entrar en el sub? ¿cómo podemos mejorar lo que hay?
A mí no me importa buscar noticias sobre algunos temas siempre que sean atractivos para todos los que participamos. Seguro que hay más personas dispuestas a aportar contenido interesante.
¿Te atreves a dar ideas? ¿te apetece aportar contenido?
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2021.10.25 07:40 IBinkyI PLZ HELP

today i bought and downloaded Call Of Duty Cold War. After it finally downloading i go to start it. It says that its downloading some stuff since its only just been installed and after only 2 minutes max it just crashes itself. i have nothing open but the battle launcher and the game itself. Ive opened it up in safe mode. My specs are a core I7 and an RTX 2070 if that matters. Please help me
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2021.10.25 07:40 united-verdict-bot Unanimous "Not the A-hole" with 17 votes

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2021.10.25 07:40 excelsiorious Greece, Beautiful Relaxing Classical Music for Sleep, Yoga, Spa - 3 Hours - HD 1080p

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2021.10.25 07:40 ilyom VIP Subscription does not guarantee you Exclusive Characters (but apparently it's still possible to match since a few of us did!)

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2021.10.25 07:40 laterdudess Antidepressants

I started taking antidepressants a week ago (rexapin and efexor) and the doc said I can dive without problems but I wanna ask anyway. Has anybody had any experience with this kinda situation and give me a heads up about what I should open my eyes for?
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2021.10.25 07:40 xdchud My teirlist IMO no tøp song is D teir(not even Christmas saves the year that is my fave Christmas song no cap)

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👀 Is it safe? 👀
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🥰 1% For Marketing & Donations
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2021.10.25 07:40 talk13 My toilet paper roll ended in school :(((((

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2021.10.25 07:40 shannonoilerYT **PS4** GTA HOOD RP

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2021.10.25 07:40 avawatson6244 Smart Layouts allow you to restore the Snap Layouts with one click.

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2021.10.25 07:40 Dbuk2020 FM touch vs FM mobile

I have a couple of questions and I appreciate they have probabaly come up many times.
1) I am a seasoned FM fan from back in the day but stopped playing around 2013 and want to now get back into it. I dont have a PC so looking at the touch or mobile versions. Which one would you recommend? I did enjoy the full version of the game.
2) If I go for the touch then what tablet do you recommend I buy. Does it work on any tablet and what sort of specs would you recommend in terms of memory and ram?
Any advice is appreciated.
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2021.10.25 07:40 1_ze What a rollercoaster ride it was

Things ended a few days ago. We were supposed to be married in a little over a month. I had known her 7 months and what a journey it was! It was mostly long distance but there were days when we used to talk for hours, even 6-7 hours on a stretch. It seemed like a fairytale love story. We both understood each other. She was the one, I knew, I still think she was the one. I don't know how I'm supposed to get over her. She was perfect. I love her from the bottom of my heart but due to misunderstandings ( caused due to long distance) things started getting ugly in the last couple of months. But still I never thought things would get so ugly that it marriage would be called off. She was always very much looking forward to getting married too. But one fine day she just said it's over and moved on. She had blocked me from everywhere. I still can't believe how can someone so easily move on. I didn't even get closure. It's difficult. My heart aches. I don't think I'll ever get over this. I miss you S. I love you. I still believe that if our love was pure and real, she would come back.
Your Baby, A.
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2021.10.25 07:40 Alfif12 Thoughts on my shrimp home? Set it up today so still needs to cycle and grow in.

Thoughts on my shrimp home? Set it up today so still needs to cycle and grow in. submitted by Alfif12 to shrimptank [link] [comments]