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How And Where To Buy Groestlcoin (GRS) - Step By Step Guide

2021.10.24 07:23 CryptooGuide How And Where To Buy Groestlcoin (GRS) - Step By Step Guide

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2021.10.24 07:23 reddituser02309193 Išem novega operaterja za Internet in televizijo

Lep pozdrav vsem,
kot se že vidi v naslovu - iščem novega operaterja za internet in televizijo. Za to me zanimajo vaša mnenja/ideje in pa izkušnje pri ostalih operaterjih.
Trenutno sem pri Telekom Slovenije, kjer še zaenkrat plačujem 43€/mesečno ampak se bo kmalu ta cena povišala na 56€, kar pa je meni osebno že preveč (pripravljen sem plačati max. 45€).
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2021.10.24 07:23 ThrowRAstep45 Creepy stepfather who makes our life miserable

I have a post on relationshipadvice , sorry if I sound angry in this post.
But I just wanted to share the creepy things my stepfather has done, and hopefully feel that I am not alone in the midst of all this.
Long story I am going to summarise , bio dad passed away when I was 8 , mom remarried guy from work when I was 10.
Step-"father" asked me if I wanted help to bathe like.. if I was an infant or wee child I would be fine with it, but I was 10 years old. This was not a one or 2 time occurence he would constantly berate me over this. You might be thinking where is my mom in all of this? Sucking up to him obviously, she does talk to him and then he will obviously manipulate her and she'll come back saying "hE diDnT mEAn tHaT" or my favourite , "hE is JuST TRyING to StEP in As A fATHeR"
Then when I was 14 he started talking flirtatiously with me about whether or not I had boyfriends , what I would do with them ... (What the fuck) whether I was "active". Asked me about my motherf***king cup size , can you imagine being asked that at 14 years old in an inappropriate manner.
After I found out mom was pretty much useless in all of this , I became a much more independent and firm person. Stopped engaging in any conversation with him, or only keeps it to short minimum effort replies.
He made a fake instagram account to tell me he was a "boy from school who found me pretty" until I checked the account and realised it follows my step-"father" and immediately blocked him and deleted all my major social media except for reddit even them I am still paranoid.
Was extremely touchy when I was young, still is but I tell him off , I don't have a single problem with raising my voice at him.
There are many more things but luckily I am on my way to move out with my sister.
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2021.10.24 07:23 074cry all i could think of was fucking amogus. anyways here's a higher effort title.

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2021.10.24 07:23 Tardis_Genie Was it right for myself and my family to be kicked out of a music gig for dancing in our seats?

So a bit of a conundrum I was hoping people might have some honest feedback about:
Last night myself and my parents attended a music gig in our local UK town (not going to name names here but it was a smaller venue with about capacity for 500). It was the first music concert I'd been to post-lockdown so was looking forward to it. I'm in my 20s and my parents are both quite youthful for their age so we did want to have a few drinks and a good time.
As the concert started, myself and my mother were abruptly asked by a woman behind us (who's seating was raised) if we could stop 'bopping in our seats' (to use her words) as she claimed she couldn't see properly. She also touched both of us on our shoulders when she did so. We felt uncomfortable by this and decided to ignore the woman as we were only taking a few pictures and felt we weren't doing anything wrong. As the seating was raised, we felt she was being unreasonable.
The concert was seated throughout the venue, but the act in question was encouraging people to get up and dance throughout the gig - in fact there was an implication from this artist they thought it was quite a flat audience from some of the on-stage comments, and so was encouraging us to get up more.
So later on, we did get up and dance in our seats, as did a number of people in the venue. However, when we did so we were asked by the same woman and a gentleman in her group to sit down as we were apparently ruining the experience for them. We politely told them that they could clearly see other people dancing (including behind them) so we shouldn't have to sit down, but they were also welcome to get up and do the same.
However, this made the gentleman rather antagonistic, who started becoming more aggressive towards my mother, at which point a verbal row developed. In an effort to diffuse the situation, I tried to calm the gentleman down and, as a purely casual reflex, touched the gentleman gently on the arm to try to get him to focus on me.
At this point though, we were spotted by a member of security, who, possibly seeing that I had made physical contact with the gentleman, grabbed me by the arm and escorted the three of us out of the venue without listening to how the situation unfolded.
This left us all feeling rather upset and while, after we explained to another member of security we were allowed to re-enter, we were placed in a different location and escorted out by one the stewards at the end of the show. The steward in question was lovely but it was quite obvious she had been asked to keep an eye on us, which made us feel like we had done something wrong.
As far as I'm aware, the other people were allowed to remain in their seats and were left alone.
Anyway, I've put this post up this morning as a way to try and rationalise this as we have been left feeling like the bad guys, and we don't want to go back in future, despite having other bookings at the venue.
I ask - did we do something wrong or were we treated unfairly by those people and security? Could we have done something different? I really do appreciate after Covid that people might have different ideas about what behaviour to expect in a public place, but I do think it's reasonable to assume at a music concert people will want to dance.
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2021.10.24 07:23 Mikile00 Korelacija broja godina u skolovanju sa prihodima i uticaj podizanja minimalca na zaposlenost. Dobotinici "Nobelove" nagrade za ekonomiju 2021.

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2021.10.24 07:23 GoncaloNunes Connecting, me, digital, 2021

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2021.10.24 07:23 mrsodapopcandy Im Calling That Gjallarhorn will Be Bad.

Let me explain. Bungo is adding Gjallarhorn, probably one; if not, the most iconic Destiny weapon back to D2 in the 30th Anniversary Pack. Currently, everyone is pretty hyped, but I will guarantee that Gjallarhorn will be the best power weapon for like a month or two, then get subsequently nerfed to shit and be absolutely unusable anymore. What are y´all´s thoughts about this kinda thing?
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2021.10.24 07:23 mptkala 👜👜 $TRENDY 👠👠 | New Token for E-Commerce TrendyStore | The token you can spend on luxury products | Redistribution, BuyBack and Anti-Bot system.

We are almost finished designing an online store where you can anonymously use your $Trendy tokens to purchase authentic designer luxury gifts, watches and hand bags … and the best part, shipped anonymously!
Redistribution: 2%
Buy-Back: 6%
Marketing: 3%
Total supply: 1 Trillon
Holders: 200 (You Are Early!!!)
Liquidity: $65,000
Market Cap: $100,000
Current Price: 0.0000001
CoinGecko: Pending
Transparent and sincere devs!
Website: https://Trendy.Finance
Reddit: Trendy
Join us on Telegram: https://t.me/TrendyToken
Instagram: https://Instagram.com/trendy.finance
Twitter: https://Twitter.com/TrendyToken
BSCScan: https://bscscan.com/token/0xaA7836830a58bC9A90Ed0b412B31c2B84F1eaCBE#balances
Dextools Chart: https://www.dextools.io/app/bsc/pair-explore0xcdb8178699c554aea94a79273b4a0e17589658c9
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2021.10.24 07:22 OfficialTornado Concept except I do it with a level 1 mercenary

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2021.10.24 07:22 EconomistKey7401 Any good shouts on chill location ideas to smoke?

Always end up getting sleepy and stuff when I smoke and it needs to stop. Any good spot ideas or anything to do after smoking?
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2021.10.24 07:22 Psychological-Cap333 What is up with the 00s obsession?

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2021.10.24 07:22 Mazsola6912 Na, ez Magyarország igazi rákfenèje

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2021.10.24 07:22 willrearwheelreel Hands swapping

Are far from home stealth suit spiderman hands interchangeable with wenwu’s hands? If they are will spiderman’s hands be too small? I want to use the gloved hands on wenwu to create a more screen accurate look.
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2021.10.24 07:22 Jackal_83 Can't Advance Game Aftet All Star Weekend Next Gen

So i was one of the unlucky people to have the Toe The Line bug where i wasn't being made a starter. After the recent patch i was able to become a starter and advance to the Trade Rumors questline where i forced a trade to the Celtics just before the All Star weekend. There were no games to play for my new team before the break so i competed in the 3pt contest and the Rising Stars and then went to play my 1st game as a Celtic however there is no response when i go to select my uniform. I tried simming the dunk contest which is the current day however it says 'You are not allowed to simulate games until the following quest is completed: The Drama: Trade Rumors'. I can't advance this because the current objective is to play my 1st game for my new team! I am now completely unable to advance the game. Has anybody had this issue or similar? I've sent a ticket and awaiting a response but i'm thinking this career is dead at this point does anybody know if it is possible for 2k to put me back to an earlier save? If so i won't force the trade.
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2021.10.24 07:22 GA4G Screen loses signal as soon as the gpu is loaded

When i start a game or a program that demands the gpu (zotac twin edge 3070 oc) the screen loses signal as if it is not attached to the pc, and the only solution is restarting the computer.
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2021.10.24 07:22 GarlicCornflakes The plant with seeds that can grow meat

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2021.10.24 07:22 hany004 Tram

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2021.10.24 07:22 Right-Carpenter Settle a dispute

So, My friend wants to get together with this girl, at the start of the year they kissed and she ghosted him for months, she also has since apologized and he's forgiven her, but after 8 months and just after breaking up with her last fling. She is a nice person but has shown red flags in the past. He wants to have a relationship over the summer, but they are going to different Unis, so he understands that it probably won't last.
I'm telling them not to go for her as he will most likely be hurt, but he disagrees,
What is the consensus from you guys
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2021.10.24 07:22 isaacEggBoi 2nd place HOWWW????

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2021.10.24 07:22 JyotishaLearning Resources To Learn About Divisional Charts As Per The Subreddit Rules

The sub reddit rules specify methods on interpretation divisional charts. Planets are not placed in a "house" in a D-Chart but merely in a division of the sign. This has been painstakingly repeated by the moderators this forum.
I'd like to know about some books/resources to learn about interpreting the D-charts respectively with respect to raashi.
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2021.10.24 07:22 casvandam10Z Can someone help me with a team for extreme teq esbr, I’m a little stuck on what units I should bring. Thanks in advance!

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2021.10.24 07:22 mike6788 [PS5[ [PS4]

Relatively casual player not played in a while Looking to play some games duos trios or quads. PSN is sleepysloth1888 Preferably looking for a UK based team with mics and 18+. Preferably not crossplay considering the cheats I’ve seen on there but I haven’t played in a while so it may be different now.
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2021.10.24 07:22 ticaret Isparta İkinci El Plastik Su Deposu | Sahibinden Satılık İkinci El Satışı Fiyatları ❣️

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2021.10.24 07:22 bethwhisper19 I would like to sit here if that’s cool

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