Is a 60 watt ceramic heat emitter too much even if I use a thermostat to control the temp?

A: Answer I have the 4 quart and while I only use a tiny amount of space for just me, I would suggest the 6 qt for a family of 5. It's not so much about capacity as it is about air space; food crisps better when the air can circulate around the food. That's why you need to take the tray out and give it a shake a few times while cooking. Another excellent—and very affordable—choice, this boasts a pro-level AC motor. It also has ionic technology to combat frizz and keep hair smooth, as well as ceramic technology for even heat distribution. Also nice: It comes with both diffuser and concentrator attachments. 2 in 1 heater fan: This ceramic heater provides two heat levels, 1500W or 750W and one cool air fan, you can use it both for winter and summer. Thermostat control of the heater will turn the heater off when it reaches a preset temperature and turn the heater back on when the temperature dips below the thermostat setting. It will cycle on and off. Curling Iron 1 1/4-inch Dual Voltage Instant Heat with Ceramic Coating, LED Display, 6 Temp Settings, Glove Included HOT TOOLS Professional 24K Gold Curling Iron, 2 inch Lanvier 1.25 Inch Clipped Curling Iron with Extra Long Tourmaline Ceramic Barrel, Professional Hair Curler up to 450°F with Dual Voltage for Traveling, Hair Waving Style Tool ... This 1500 watt heat output is perfect for a bedroom or a work shed ! It has a Remote Control that has all the functions at hand ! The control panel is an easy to read, read out. With a safety tip over sensor it is safe to leave alone for short periods ! The temp control is set to room temp desired ! How new Sensi-Temp burners work is they use a sensor to detect the temperature of the cookware. If the pot or pan gets too hot, the coil shuts off until the temperature drops to a safe level. This feature seems like a good idea for forgetful people who also leave their iron on all day. For the 240V diagram 25s would work as would 40s for the 3kW load. For your 30A application use two 40s. Make sure they have plenty of surface area in the heat sinks to dissipate heat and use some thermal conductive compound to maximize heat transfer away from the SSRs. Adding a small fan really helps to reduce the heat in the SSRs too. Regards ... The Electric Sky 300 V3 (ES300 V3) is a flagship 330-watt grow light that flowers up to a 2.5'x5' area. It features a wideband spectrum with a color ratio tuned for rapid vegetative growth and heavy flower yield. Light is projected in two directions from the linear lenses to form a rectangle. The distributed design allows for maximum headroom.

2021.10.19 21:43 MiserableJackfruit89 Is a 60 watt ceramic heat emitter too much even if I use a thermostat to control the temp?

Is a 60 watt ceramic heat emitter too much even if I use a thermostat to control the temp?
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2021.10.19 21:43 RussianGamerboy That one friend that wouldnt leave after the party

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2021.10.19 21:43 nazzing Beginner Turf Advice, where to even begin?

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2021.10.19 21:43 cesarchico Indecisão maldita.

Eis que você para, senta, e reflete sobre perspectivas de futuro.
Faço engenharia na federal (Integral, mas tá no EAD ainda). No começo era um sonho, hoje em dia eu já olho e penso: será que isso é pra mim?
Eu preciso trampar pra me manter e manter os custos da faculdade (Passagem do busão, almoço, xerox e etc). Porém, como que trampa e faz faculdade integral? Além de todo o meme do engenheiro Uber.
Já pensei em empreender no digital, sinto que tenho uma vocação e até já consegui uma grana. Mas mó medo de ser só mais um Zé ninguém.
Enfim clã, alguém já passou por algo parecido? Compartilha aí.
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2021.10.19 21:43 hippiecat22 Close vs move in date

Okay. I'm trying to get the timing down So after you close, is the house yours on that day? Do the other people have to move out? Does it depend on the situation? Thank you!!
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2021.10.19 21:43 jskiba Magic Numbers

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2021.10.19 21:43 Samjagoprime I'm building a pc and tried installing my motherboard. However, it doesn't seem to fit. I'm not really too familiar with this. Can you confirm whether or not it fits?

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2021.10.19 21:43 ProtectionNo7982 Do string methods and array methods do the same thing? Are they used interchangeably?

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2021.10.19 21:43 zxcbvnm90 Having Trouble with my Mouse... AGAIN

Hey everyone, I guess I'm in the market for another new mouse.
My current one (A Razer Mamba Elite) is no longer reliably clicking. It does this thing that seems to be well known among gaming mouse users where it rapidly double-clicks even though I've only clicked once and you can fix it for a bit by blowing warm breath into the body of the mouse... But the problem keeps coming back and is a daily occurrence for me at this point. Clicking and dragging or trying to highlight text and having it double click half way through makes me wanna throw my PC out a window... Or at least my mouse.
I've always liked Razer mice but this is the second mouse in a row from them to fail this way for me.. This one lasted just over two years (bought in April of 2019). I was going to buy a logitech because I like their keyboards (mostly for the volume wheel) and thus already have their app installed, but I saw from reviews they have very similar switch/clicking issues after about a year!!
Can someone point me to a high sensitivity mouse (9000dpi or above) that won't give up the ghost within a year or two of purchase? Honestly no need for RGB or extra buttons, I barely use the ones on the mamba anyways. Virtually no budget if it will really work and keep working...
Please help!
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2021.10.19 21:43 IWnaBNkd I should have stayed in the woods

The sign outside read “AIRBNB”, but I don't remember there being any available locations on the app. Or in my travel guide. I’d check the app again, but I lost signal once the storm started. The place was very old, but looked recently renovated both inside and out. I thought I was lost in those woods, but here I am- sitting on a comfy bed in a small room. My sigh of relief was masked by the creaks and moans coming from every direction. Gusts of wind and blankets of rain flogged the outside of the cabin. The place was small, in both size and number of rooms. There was a living room/kitchen, hallway, bathroom, and two bedrooms. I was greeted at the door by an elderly man who told me the storm had cut off the electricity, but reassured me we would square up with the bill in the morning . Once the Airbnb app could register the cabin’s location again. He promised a cheap rate for the inconvenience, but I wasn’t worried. I would have paid above the price just to get out of that storm. My week spent hiking in the mountains was fun, but I’m ready for some shelter and running water. The rain did away with most of the dirt covering my body and clothes, but I ached for the warmth of hot water. Taking a rag out of my bag, I run warm water over it from the sink inside my room. That’s right, there’s a sink in my room. It’s okay, I don’t want to use the shared bathroom out in the hall anyway. The older gentlemen seemed nice, but I just wanted some privacy and quiet. I finish washing, drop my bag at the foot of the bed, sit on the mattress, and look around my new sleeping quarters. There’s just enough room for the bed and sink. “Cozy”, is what the old man called it. There’s also a framed picture on the wall and a window overlooking the woods I emerged from moments ago. Finding this cabin must mean that the small town I had looked up this morning is close by. But this will do for tonight. The photo hung on the wall is very old; it’s frame flaking slivers of wood and is void of all colors except brown and tan. The photo is of a figure standing in a door frame. Maybe it was an ancestor who built this cabin. Maybe this was a hunting cabin at one time. The storm outside grows more intense. The roof and walls erupt in groans, bowing from the storm’s force. The rhythmic sound of dripping water is heard, though I can’t locate it’s source. The window rattles slightly from the wind. I stand and walk towards the window, the weight of my footsteps bleeding the floorboards of creaks that seem to echo through the walls and into the rest of the cabin. Lightning flashes through the brittle glass of the window as I yank the curtain closed. Before I can even begin to count the seconds between the flash and thunder, a loud crack of thunder roars from the sky. We must be right in the middle of the storm. I walk back to my bed and sit on the edge. Leaning forward, I push the locking pin on the bedroom door handle, then jiggle the handle to test the mechanism. The handle is fastened, giving heavy resistance. These door knobs seem dated, considering all the renovations to the cabin. I lean back onto the bed and sigh. I probably don’t have to lock the door anyway. I just- I don’t feel unsafe in this room, but I don’t feel safe either. I lie into the sheets of my spring mattress and try getting comfortable. I can’t help but think that I haven’t heard the old man since I walked into this room and closed the door behind me. Was he fast asleep in his room? Does he live in a different house in town and rent this entire place out? I try not to think about him standing, still and patient, on just the other side of my bedroom door. I pull out my phone to see if there is another place I can rent for the night, but the black void of my phone’s screen shows me my battery is dead. I place the phone back in my pants pocket. I didn’t feel like dressing down, so I just plan on sleeping in my clothes. I felt more comfortable this way, since it seems I’ll have to settle here for the night. I scan the room one more time, then shut my eyes and try to relax. What feels like only a couple seconds pass, when suddenly, I jolt awake in bed. The bright flash of lightning dances on the walls. I’m drenched in sweat. The feeling that time has passed begins to set in. I must have been asleep for only a couple hours. Thunder screams from outside. The storm is still heavy and punishing. I toss the covers off me and try to cool off. Evaporations begin to roll off my body, vanishing into the chilling air. I’m overheated, but the room is freezing. I begin to feel better as my temperature drops. The curtains are still closed but because they’re so thin, the flashes of lightning and moonlight pour in through the faded silk. My door is shut tight, as is the window. The rest of the cabin is quiet. The old picture on the wall seems to reflect the light shining through the window. The light of the moon causes the frame’s glass to glow. I’m not sure how the moon can shine through these storm clouds. The image of the doorway, and the figure it surrounds, appear faded still. If not more than before. I check my phone again, hoping it magically charged so I could at least listen to some music or something. But the reflection of my hopeful face is all that stares back at me. I pull the bed’s sheet up to my neck, leaving the thick wool blanket at my feet. I close my eyes hoping to pass a few more hours. Maybe the storm will be over soon and I can leave a little earlier. I’m sure if I left a note with my information, I could just pay the gentlemen later. Just as I finish my thought , I wake again, but this time to the sound of glass breaking. Thunder strikes and I shoot upright in bed. Drenched in sweat, like before. The picture frame has fallen off the wall. The sides of the house shake as the wind relentlessly squalls. The picture rests on the floor, leaning against the bedroom wall. Tiny shards of glass littered around the frame and on the picture itself. Light from outside sparkles off the fractures of glass. Oddly enough, the frame’s glass didn’t shatter entirely. Only around the doorway in the picture where the figure stood. Two shards of glass rest on the figure’s head, appearing as eyes that glow from the lighting. As if they were eyes. I look around the room. The door and window appear closed, as are the curtains. Overcome with the feeling to leave, I force myself to wait until sunrise. Even though I don’t want to sleep anymore. I listen for the elderly man coming to check on the sound of breaking glass, but all I can hear is the sound of rushing rain, settling cabin structure, rustling trees, and angry winds. And thunder. The bed is soaked in my sweat. The itchy fabric of the heavy blanket scratches against my socks. The town is only a ten, or twenty, minute jog from here. I’m sure I could just run through the storm. Or, I could just as likely head in the wrong direction, deeper into the woods. I compare the feeling I have now, sitting in this creepy room, to the feeling I might have if I came across a bear or pack of wolves in the dark forest. At least in here, I won’t be torn to shreds. Thunder cracks again and I tense suddenly. No longer overheated, I begin shaking. I’m freezing. I might as well be outside, it's so cold in here. I grab the blanket and wrap myself up. I’m not sure how much I have slept, but sunrise should only be a few hours away. Though I wouldn’t know, the way this storm continues to hit so heavily. I slowly begin to warm up. Refusing to lay down, I lean against the cold wall of the bedroom. I don’t even remember closing my eyes when I wake up, yet again, drenched in sweat. This time, lying on my side, facing the door. I feel nauseated. Almost dehydrated. As if I had sweated out all bodily fluids. The storm is worse now than it’s been all night. The lightning flashes through the, what I could see now, were tattered and worn curtains, and I notice immediately, the bedroom door is wide open. Thunder shakes the cabin. Sweat drips off my nose, but I fight the urge to uncover myself. I feel as though I’m being watched and since I haven't moved yet, my instincts imploring me to remain still. I stare into the darkness outside the bedroom door. Lightning illuminates the room, but beyond the door frame is an empty-pitch black. In this position I can’t see the window, but I can see the picture, which remains on the floor. I dart my eyes between the empty doorway and the photo; every so often the light from a flash of lightning engulfs my surroundings. And I notice. The photo, lying broken on the floor, still portrays through yellow and orange fades, a doorway. But, I can’t see the figure. The once dark shadow given eyes from broken glass. Wind howls through the cracks in the walls. Cracks I don’t remember being visible when I first arrived. My slippery, sweat soaked fingers, grip the damp blanket tightly. Creaks, groans, and moans sing throughout the cabin. The smell of mold seeps through my blanket. I stare, wide-eyed, into the black void of the hallway and notice- sparkles. Two very small glistening lights shining subtlety. Only a few inches off the ground. My breath catches. I can feel the blood leave my face, hands, and feet. I try to hold still but I can’t stop shaking, though I’m so overheated. I feel nauseous. Lightning flashes and for a second the room is painted in light, but the hallway remains dark. Except for the eyes staring back at me. Breathing shallowly, I try my best not to move. I wonder if the owner had a cat I didn’t know about, or, something- anything to make sense of this. Impulsively I swallow- my dry mouth breaking my stillness. The sound of muscles contracting and squeezing throughout my head is the loudest noise in the room. Suddenly, the eyes at the edge of the darkness begin to slowly rise. I watch as they do. I gasp as the once glowing eyes fade to a worn yellow and raise to a foot off the floor. Then two feet. Three feet. Four. A loud creaking noise begins to grow from the hallway as if weight on the boards grows heavier and heavier with every passing second. The creaking of wood becomes rhythmic, like breathing. This breathing grows longer, and louder, as the eyes grow bigger, and brighter. The walls shake violently and the window begins to rattle louder. The clap of thunder is one after another and lightning is so persistence, the room is lit almost every second. The bright yellow eyes are now six feet off the ground, rising further- and growing larger. As lightning flashes from outside, the outline of a figure begins to slowly take form around the eyes. The eyes reach the top of the door frame, but only continue to disappear above it. This isn’t a cat, a dream, or the old man. I need to run. Run, before whatever is out there, decides to come into here. Without any rational thinking, I thrash my arms and legs out from underneath the covers and step onto the icy floor. I lunge for my backpack. Lightning flashes and the menacing eyes, now as big as dinner plates, lower back into frame. I grab the strap of my bag and a large, dark, claw-like hand grips the door frame; so hard, I hear the door jamb begin to fracture and splinter. With the few steps I have I rush toward the window and, using the backpack as a shield, I crash through the thin glass and land on sticks and dirt. The only noise louder than the thunder and shattering glass, is the high-pitched scream from the hallway. I tumble to the ground and rush to my feet. But I stop. Shielding my eyes from the light, I squint; the sun bathing me in it’s warmth. I drop my backpack and wait for my eyes to adjust. Something is not right. I take a couple of steps forward, twigs and glass crunching beneath me. I turn around and see the broken window. The cabin itself is tattered, old, and broken. Abandoned. It doesn’t appear to be in safe standing at all. But I slept in there. I stumble around for a moment. Trees and hills extend as far as I can see. The lush forest I once hiked yesterday is still dense and without escape. I can see smoke in the distance and hear the sound of a cars honking every so often. The town I was looking for was in the opposite direction I once came. I walked around to the front of the cabin. The wooden sign I had seen was still there. “AIRBNB”, was spray-painted on the front of a wooden sign. The bright graffiti covered the once cautionary, now withered, notice from the community nearby. “Do Not Enter. Derelict. Subject to Demolition.” Police tape that once covered the entrance was scattered across the ground. What strains remained wrapped to the cabin blew carelessly in the wind. I slung my backpack around my shoulder and walked back around toward the window I broke. The room I slept in was destroyed. Sunlight was peeking through broken boards. The walls and the ceiling. Water dripped from multiple areas, the storm’s presence remained still. The mattress was covered with faded stains and protruding springs. The blanket I had gripped for dear life, lay tattered and shredded on the floor. The bedroom’s door is shattered. I could tell from the water damage it had been like this for decades. A couple pieces of worn wood hang only by the rusty hinges. And a picture, leaning against the wall, is on the floor. It’s a photo of a gentleman. Standing in a doorway. His yellow eyes staring directly at mine.
Written By C.T. Flaska
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2021.10.19 21:43 mana_d0rk Test Tau for grim dark/blanchitsu army. C&C welcome.

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2021.10.19 21:43 Quit_Asking Question about twitch drops

Are they only available on certain days? If so did I miss the monkey emoticon? I’ve been watching a Channel with drops enabled for over 15 minutes today and haven’t received anything. Thanks!
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2021.10.19 21:43 NoFilterJustRawness M26 honest opinions and rates 1-10

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2021.10.19 21:43 KlausHoffman Are you sick of British companies targeting the hiring of minorities just to talk about diversity on their website?

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2021.10.19 21:43 Jimmylovescats Sunbathe ( maybe)

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2021.10.19 21:43 Icecream786 Is fasting everyday okay?

I do 18:6 and 20:4 for fasting and I've been doing it every single day. Is that okay? Or is there a certain limit. Should I be taking days off?
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2021.10.19 21:43 ericschendel Over/Under Alive or Dead?

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2021.10.19 21:43 sassifras Has anyone tried playing Dr Mario online with a friend?

My friend is moving away and we won’t be able to play together. She doesn’t have a switch and we want to see if it will work before buying one.
Thanks for any help!
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2021.10.19 21:43 Different-Buy7171 How to revise science??

I take edexcel, normally I’d just learn off notes but now I won’t have time to make notes for scinece and most my friends aren’t either. But I don’t get how to revise scinece without notes? Like espiecslly since you need multiple sources to revise off I know past papers are rlly important but how do you even leanr the content (I have my sources i need to know methods ) thanks
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2021.10.19 21:43 Canuckamuck In Vancouver - any great suggestions for a BC gin or two to bring back East with me?

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2021.10.19 21:43 youeverjustflex “Clan Wars is the best way to earn Gold”

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2021.10.19 21:43 gew114 Advice for new hire

I joined Deloitte recently and was staffed on a project immediately. I am working under a manager who sends meeting requests starting at 7 am some days and has touch points with me every day at 8am and schedules meetings until 6pm. I am scheduled 6 hours a day for meetings that I have nothing to contribute to and only take meeting notes, leaving me with “technically” 2 hours a day to do any “other” work. The “other” work is mainly busy work ie. following up with team members, copying from spreadsheet A to spreadsheet B, copying meeting requests into a spreadsheet. I am frustrated because I end up having 10 hour workdays and find my work to be completely meaningless. My salary is very low in comparison to my peers who have gone to other consulting firms and graduated from the same program. I am making almost $5 more an hour than minimum wage. Is my experience the norm? I’m not sure if my expectations were too high to begin with or if I am correct in my frustration. Is there anything I should be doing or should I suck it up for now?
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2021.10.19 21:43 Hmmm2008 Got 4mill in total, was thinking a team along the lines of this? What do you think? Or any other ideas for any different teams?

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2021.10.19 21:43 LeadershipComplex958 Where to connect headphones? (too many options lol)
Obv it won't it be spdif, and mic. But aside from that, I have no idea what those 4 other ports mean and which one to select lol. Don't have good ears, so would rather just ask than try all 4 lol, also would like to learn from an expert.
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2021.10.19 21:43 Tom_3011 XD igual que mal final tienen esas tres.

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