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Check this out.... Go dawgs

Recent Posts. UGA Recruiting: PREDICTION – Dawgs Will Get This Five Star in a Few Days 10/16/2021; UGA Recruiting: VISIT WATCH – This Weekend Will Be What Seals the Deal for This Five Star Flip 10/16/2021; UGA Recruiting: PREDICTION – Dawgs Will Be a Top Team for One of the Best in the Nation After Today 10/16/2021; UGA Recruiting: FLIP WATCH – Dawgs Went to Check Out Elite Receiver ... UGA football, basketball, baseball and recruiting, plus Georgia Bulldogs schedules, rosters, history, and more. Go Dawgs! You can also order sauce, merchandise, gift cards, and even our Dawgs delivered right to your doorstep. Click on a link below to order pickup from your preferred location or to get more information on having dawgs, sauce, or other merch shipped to you. For information on where our food trucks will be please follow us on social media. Dawgs in the NFL: Roquan Smith scores, leads Chicago to first win. Connor Riley, DawgNation Staff @ Kconnorriley Posted September 21, 2021. The Chicago Bears have been a bit of a mess. Between the ... Dawgs RB put up 61 total yds with one TD in win over Wildcats. Rich Cirminiello @RichCirminiello. PFF College @PFF_College. Game Balls: Georgia gets explosive in win over Kentucky. Georgia ... The Formula; where c is a specific team's total number of commits and R n is the 247Sports Composite Rating of the nth-best commit times 100.; Explanation; In order to create the most ...

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2021.10.19 21:11 GvG_tv Those of you who have anxiety, what is it like?

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2021.10.19 21:11 COOOLIO3020 Pc keyboard choice

I was just wondering which one is better the razer Cynosa v2 or the razer Cynosa chroma
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2021.10.19 21:11 SpikesEvilTwin Smooth

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2021.10.19 21:11 DatTolDesiBoi Just a Modding idea I've been thinking about

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2021.10.19 21:11 saltysam300 Champions league (need advice)

Anyone have some good bets for the champions league. I have a couple of free bets but know nothing about soccer.
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2021.10.19 21:11 SailorJupiterLeo Yuta, my daughter's little kinkajou, and sister of my beloved Ume.

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2021.10.19 21:11 LtCommanderCarter Looking for Crockpot meals with long cook time?

My job is about an hour away and by the time I get home in the evening I am starving. I'm looking for recipes that can sit in the crockpot for 10 plus hours on low. So far I know one (chili). I have an odd dietary restriction though. I cant use canned tomatoes because they give my spouse heartburn.
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2021.10.19 21:11 recyclopsdestroy2 How would you rewrite the Star Wars sequel trilogy?

Here's mine
Ok so
(The Force Awakens starts out on Jakku. Scratch that. Why does it have to be on Jakku? Its literally just Tatooine.No. Its Tatooine now. Just note, I’m going to still stick to the plot in a way, just make the story sorta better. Basically getting rid of all the stuff I thought was stupid, and trying my best to fix it. Han, Leia, or Luke do NOT die, because we all know they shouldn’t have.. And Palpatine isn’t in this at all. Its dumb. He’s not alive. Theres literally no way he could have lived through his death. Therefore there goes a lot of the plot from Rise of Skywalker.)
Star Wars Episode VII: A New Empire
Luke Skywalker is back on Tatooine, with his droid companion Artoo, and his new Jedi Padawan, Ben Solo. (I’m still going to keep that he IS Kylo Ren). Luke had picked up a distress signal while they were on their way to the base of the New Republic, and it led them down to a remote village on Tatooine. They discovered the Village torn apart, on fire. While they were searching through the remains and debris of the Village, Ben finds a young girl who calls herself Rey. Luke and Ben sense the force sensitivity in the girl, and since her parents were both killed in the attack (Led on by imperials), Luke and his young Padawan Ben Solo take Rey back to the base of the New Republic, where she is quickly taken in by the Solo family. Luke started training Rey alongside Ben, the two learning the ways of the force together.
Later, the Rebels have learned that a Starkiller Base was being made, and must find a way to destroy it. Therefore, Admiral Ackbar sends Commander Ben Solo as a undercover spy, to Starkiller Base, much to Leia and Han’s disapproval. When Ben makes it to Starkiller base, Emperor Snoke senses the presence of the young Ben, and sends for him. When Ben is brought before Snoke, Snoke persuades Ben in the ways of the Dark side of the force, teaching him how the Dark Side is more powerful than the Light side, so, instead of returning to the New Republic when planned, Ben trained with Emperor Snoke and became Kylo Ren, and gave up the location of the New Republic to the New Empire, where the base is then taken to it, to destroy it.
Meanwhile, Luke sensed the Dark Side of the force within Kylo Ren, and the New Republic picked up intel that the New Empire knew where the New Republic was, and was bringing Starkiller base to kill them. They were shortly after evacuated from the planet. By the time Rey, Luke, Han, Artoo and Threepio, and Princess Leia had gotten off the planet, Starkiller base had made it into the system, and was powering up. (Ik this sounds a lot like A New Hope, but the force awakens reminded me of A New Hope as well so eh) The New Republic released squadrons to hold off Starkiller Base the best they could, while everyone else made it off the planet. There was an epic space battle as usual, and by the time Starkiller Base was powered up, most of the Rebellion had made it off, but some did not make it. Starkiller base destroyed the planet, the Rebel Base with it. The ships made a jump to hyperspace, where they then started their search for a new base. The Movie ends with Rey training with Luke in the ways of the force.
Star Wars Episode VIII: The Force Awakens
(Thats right, the Force Awakens is now eight, screw the Last Jedi. We have Three Jedi right now.)
The Movie opens with Kylo Ren bowing down before Emperor Snoke. It was 5 years after A New Empire. Snoke told Ben Solo that the Jedi must be destroyed, as they were becoming too much of a threat, especially after Rey started slowly becoming more powerful in the ways of the force, thanks to Luke’s training. Kylo Ren became hesitant at this, seeing as destroying the Jedi also means killing his own mother. At that Emperor Snoke became angry at Kylo, telling him that if Kylo Ren didn’t take care of the Jedi, Snoke would take the matter into his own hands. Kylo finally agreed to the Emperor’s order, and was on his way to seek out the Rebellions new base.
Meanwhile the Rebellion has established a new base, and was doing the best they could to fight the New Empire. Rey sat in the Archives Room, looking for any information as to how the New Empire came to be. She discovered that after the Original Empire had been defeated, that there were a few former imperial workers that had survived, and agreed very much with the Empires way of doing things, so attempted to rebuild it. The leader of the operation was non other, than Grand Admiral Thrawn. Thrawn had rebuilt the Empire into what it was now. A Threat to the New Republic. Rey told Luke about this, to where Luke brought it up with the Counsel. So now everyone else knows, and so does the movie audience.
Meanwhile, General Han Solo was sent on a mission with young Rey, who had recently acquired her first lightsaber. The mission was to gather supplies for the new Rebel Base, but while they were doing that, they ran into a Star Destroyer, which was named the Chimaera. Han and Rey were captured by the imperials (After putting up a fight of course) Where they were then confronted by Grand Admiral Thrawn himself, who discovered who they in fact truly were, and contacted the new Emperor. Kylo Ren was sent to the Chimaera where he confronted both Han Solo and Rey, but neither of the two realized that Kylo Ren was indeed Ben Solo. After questioning them, Kylo Ren sentenced his father to be executed, and was to take Rey before Emperor Snoke. But before Han was killed and Rey was taken, the Rebels attacked the Star Destroyer Chimaera and rescued the two, but the New Empire had placed a tracking device onto the Falcon, where the Falcon led them back to their current base. Grand Admiral Thrawn decided not to pass the information to the Emperor, but to Kylo Ren, who then went to the Rebel Base, as Ben Solo, disguised to look beat up, and tired.

When Ben Solo arrived at the base everyone welcomed him, besides Luke, who sensed the betrayal, and the darkness within him, Leading Luke to believe that Ben Solo was indeed Kylo Ren. When he went to tell Leia and Han about this though, they refused to believe Luke. They wished to believe that Ben Solo was alive and that he was not indeed Kylo Ren. But in the night, Kylo Ren had awakened, and kidnapped Rey, taking her aboard his ship to bring her to Emperor Snoke.
When Rey and Kylo made it to Snoke, Snoke decided it was best to kill Rey, and forced Kylo to do it. Kylo and Rey battle, to where when Snoke realizes Kylo is losing, (Remember, Rey isn’t a Mary Sue here, her and Kylo just started learning the force and are sorta at the same skill level.) and force chokes Rey, about to kill her, Kylo doesnt do anything about it when Rey begs for help, but suddenly Luke arrives and stabs Snoke from behind, killing him. Rey drops to the floor unconscious, and Luke and Kylo fight, to where Kylo horribly loses, and is left badly injured while Skywalker and Rey make their escape. Rey recovers from her injuries back at Rebel Base, while Han and Leia accept the fact that their son, Ben Solo, was truly Kylo Ren.
Meanwhile, with the Emperor dead, Kylo Ren rises to the rank of Emperor, with Thrawn second in command. Kylo, not knowing what to do still with a limited knowledge and skill with the force, sets off on his own journey to become more powerful, leaving Thrawn completely in charge of the New Empire. The movie ends with Thrawn beginning to hatch a plan to defeat the Rebels once and for all.
Star Wars Episode IX: Rise of the New Republic
It is 5 years after The Force Awakens. The New Republic has been dying out again slowly and becoming smaller ever since Snoke was killed, and Grand Admiral Thrawn and Kylo Ren have taken over the New Empire. The Movie Opens with Grand Admiral Thrawn and his Noghri Bodyguard Rukh welcoming the New Emperor Kylo Ren to Starkiller Base. Kylo Ren looked older than he used to, more calm and collected. For the moment. The two make their way to the Throne Room, where Emperor Kylo Ren claims his throne. Grand Admiral Thrawn tells Kylo Ren that he knows the location of the new Rebel Base, (They got a new one since last movie of course, because they knew kylo ren was there and couldn't take the risk.) and that his plan was to capture Luke Skywalker, and kill him. Without Luke alive, the New Republic would never stand a chance against the New Empire. Little did Kylo Ren know that it also meant his own Mother, Princess Leia Organa Solo.
Back at Rebel Base, (Ajan Kloss is the planet) Rey was meditating. (No dumb floating rocks or anything :) ) She had been learning to use force abilities, including Dark Side ones. She had become more hateful towards the people around her, to which Luke took notice, and came to confront her about. When Luke walked in and questioned her about it, Rey denied it with a harsh tone, saying she wouldn’t turn to the dark side even if she was using the abilities. Luke told her that its unsafe to be using these abilities, and even if she didn’t want to she could find herself turning to the dark side. Rey finally listened a little to what Luke said, and left the room.
After a while Leia and Luke had met up again, and talked about what was happening with Rey. Luke saying he fears that she might turn to the dark side when she once again confronts The New Emperor.
Back on Starkiller Base Grand Admiral Thrawn sends out a fleet in a stolen rebel ship, that is going to Ajan Kloss to spy the planet out. When the ship made it to the rebel base, once they were cleared, the disguised imperials were to slowly rise in the ranks over the course of the next year, to gain the trust of the rebels, keeping in contact of course with The Grand Admiral.
Time cut to a year later, Rey has learned much in the force, still using both the dark side and the light, but is close to being named a Jedi Knight by her Master, Luke Skywalker. When she went to her Master to ask him when she was going to have the special title, Luke sat her down and explained that his Master Yoda told him that his training wouldn't be complete until he confronted Darth Vader, his father. He then told her that for her to complete her training, she must confront Kylo Ren.
Meanwhile, on his search for the almost Jedi Knight Rey, the New Emperor Kylo Ren stumbled across a ancient sith temple on the planet Malachor, after sensing something strange from below the surface of the planet. He searched the temple, stumbling upon a dusty sith holocron. The moment he touched it it sent him writhing on the ground in pain, as a message played. He watched it, the former Emperor of the empire, Sheev Palpatine, coming up in a hologram. The message was meant for Kylo Ren’s Grandfather, Darth Vader. The former Emperor telling Vader to bring a younger Luke Skywalker to an ancient sith master named Vor Talum on a planet called Mortis. Kylo Ren heeded the message, and went there himself.
Rey herself had set off on a journey to find Kylo Ren. After receiving intel that he was seen around the planet Malachor. Rey went to the planet, shortly after Kylo Ren left of course, and stumbled upon the sith temple, and the holocron that Kylo had opened, with the holo message of Palpatine stuck in loop. She viewed the message a couple times over, and put two and two together and followed Kylo Ren to the planet Mortis, after sending a message to Luke telling him where she was going.
Back at the New Republic base, the imperial spies had been raised in the ranks, and Grand Admiral Thrawn told the spies he was on his way with an attack force, and of course Starkiller base to destroy the planet and defeat the Rebellion once and for all. One of the imperial spies however decided to betray the empire and confess. The Former Spy told the rebels that Grand Admiral Thrawn had indeed come to destroy the rebellion, and told them the weakness in Starkiller base was the thermal oscillator, and that when fully charged, the station would blow if the oscillator was destroyed. Admiral Ackbar had Han, Lando, and Chewie infiltrate the base in disguise, to plant bombs on the oscillator. As they did so the rebels and the imperials had an epic space battle.
On Mortis, Kylo Ren arrived to discover the tomb of the ancient sith lord he had came to find. The sith was dead. Rey arrived shortly after where she met Kylo Ren where they had an epic lightsaber battle that im not even gonna try and write.
On Starkiller base Han Lando and Chewie made their escape on the Falcon as the Rebels made the jump to hyperspace as Starkiller base exploded. Luke and Leia made it out on a Rebel Transport, and plotted their course to Mortis.
Rey and Kylo Ren battled, to where Rey stabbed Kylo, and he fell over seriously injured. Luke and Leia ran in, Leia running to Kylo’s side and they had a sentimental conversation yada yada.
Luke went up to Rey, finally telling her that he’s realized that to maintain true balance in the force, was to use a little bit of both sides. Her and Luke have a Father Figure moment and they hug as they go over to Leia to comfort her over the death of her son.
They then go back to the rebel base, and celebrate the death of the empire, and the Solo’s grief the loss of their son. Rey becomes a fully realized Jedi, and the rebellion is left to rebuild all the damage the New Empire had done. The movie ends with a pan out shot of the planet or something.
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2021.10.19 21:11 MobForever Pending eligibility - Phone interview?

I have signed up with calJOBS, uploaded resume, and done everything correctly online in regards to claim for UI, also have mailed back letter with info on changing beginning date to be on the last day I worked in June and not when I actually submitted claim because took me a while being busy with moving and what not.
I just got first notification for 2 weeks being available for certifying even though start date for claim is still incorrect and my claim tracker status says pending with reason for interview needed and stuff.
Been waiting for mail to get something about scheduled interview so I can sort all this out and its only been about 3 or so weeks but wondering if anyone can help me out with answers on how my claim will most likely turn out and my chances? I was fired and been looking for work with leads all over since but no luck so far. I am currently interviewing with a good tech sales company that I am hoping to land but really need this backpay and UI benefits to come in this month
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2021.10.19 21:11 phab3k Marino beats Holtby, makes it 1-1

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2021.10.19 21:11 flashingecho Trip to Vancouver

Hello Vancouver - we (41 m 41 f) are from out of province and travelling to Vancouver at end of November - hoping to experience sexy things in a big city. Would love to visit a club or party … been surprised how unhelpful the google searches have been. Would anyone here have suggestions ? Are there any lifestyle clubs open ? Any other sexy events end of November? Feedback greatly appreciated !
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2021.10.19 21:11 MindfulnessForever Porque consumes recreacionalmente?

Así es queridos Redditeros, hoy cuestionandome el porque hacemos lo que hacemos, me gustaría conocer sus opiniones acerca de porque cada uno consume de forma recreacional y en que momentos del día y frecuencia, además han sentido en algún momento que caes en dependencia como con el cigarrillo.
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2021.10.19 21:11 rizzo49er 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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2021.10.19 21:11 breckstar [WTS] Safariland QLS 19&22 FDE, Safariland UBL Mid Ride FDE, Trex Arms Sidecar Gen 1 Glock 19/x300 (TX)

Safariland QLS 19 & 22 FDE - $20

Safariland UBL Mid Ride FDE - $15
Trex Arms Sidecar Gen 1 Glock 19/X300 - $65
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2021.10.19 21:11 HeII_Boy Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

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2021.10.19 21:11 IStealYourCats Perfectly cut scream moment

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2021.10.19 21:11 Vlacid CaptainFlowers on bdd smurfing in tiebreakers

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2021.10.19 21:11 rasculin Battle Round 3: No one can escape the 80s!

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2021.10.19 21:11 sundownmercy564 Need help running hell

Anyone want to team up? Last quest in act 2 crushing my java
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2021.10.19 21:11 DRoman_27 Buenas noches

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2021.10.19 21:11 CadenThree People of Reddit what’s the creepiest or worst experience you have had with a childhood toy?

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2021.10.19 21:11 2Panik Bitcoin node network is dominated by an unknown actor with 48% of the nodes

Bitcoin node network is dominated by an unknown actor with 48% of the nodes
Interestingly on the same date, Jan 2020, when this swarm of nodes appeared on bitcoin network, Tor network is seeing an influx of thousands of nodes. Seams this is an coordinated action, but the propose is unclear. This article is talking about it, but they are not really sure what is going on.
For more than 16 months, a threat actor has been seen adding malicious servers to the Tor network in order to intercept traffic and perform SSL stripping attacks on users accessing cryptocurrency-related sites.
The attacks, which began in January 2020, consisted of adding servers to the Tor network and marking them as “exit relays,” which are the servers through which traffic leaves the Tor network to re-enter the public internet after being anonymized.
But since January 2020, a threat actor has been inserting thousands of malicious servers into the Tor network to identify traffic heading to cryptocurrency mixing websites and perform an SSL stripping attack, which is when traffic is downgraded from an encrypted HTTPS connection to plaintext HTTP.
The belief is that the attacker has been downgrading traffic to HTTP in order to replace cryptocurrency addresses with their own and hijack transactions for their own profit.
As far as I know this is the first time we uncovered a malicious actor running more than 23% of the entire Tor network’s exit capacity
Nusenu said the attacks even reached and surpassed a quarter of the Tor network’s entire exit capacity on two occasions earlier in 2021, peaking at 27% in February 2021.
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