My cats hold paws sometimes.

2021.10.25 08:31 CaptAmeriKait My cats hold paws sometimes.

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2021.10.25 08:31 schaummittel Crypto Bargain Hunters Stalk German Sale of Seized Bitcoin

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2021.10.25 08:31 SamuTheShashu I just got out of aberration!! This was so much fun. Next: Extinction

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2021.10.25 08:31 Abdijovski17 We never got to see old Barney

We’ve seen the gang age up by 25 years and throughout bad wigs, perms and baldness we never got to see Barney old and that’s kinda disappointing seeing as up until the end we’d seen almost all of them.
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2021.10.25 08:31 hQx7o7omMbZcBKLmG3bc 走行中の車に雷があたった動画らしいがそれよりも群がってくる人らがなんかこええ

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2021.10.25 08:31 GroundbreakingSet187 HBO Max Unveils ‘Poor Devil,’ its First Adult Animated Original From Europe

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2021.10.25 08:31 BotDefense overview for Rough-Independent344

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2021.10.25 08:31 Deva8488 Day 30

Out of urge i saw a few nsfw content does that mean I’m out of the streak
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2021.10.25 08:31 TheMostWanted774 Today’s powerful but little-understood artificial intelligence breakthroughs echo past examples of unexpected scientific progress.

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2021.10.25 08:31 marilynsmith521 Top SEO Group buy companies, SEO Tools agents, quality, reputable and stable Group SEO Tools suppliers 2021. For more advice look into our site.

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2021.10.25 08:31 luckthesupport [2.3K MMR] STARTER PACKED + WITH 2600 RP +4 SKINS HANDLEVELLED JG/AD MAIN ACCS

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2021.10.25 08:31 Stupidusernameyes What is something your friends told you, that you always believed to be true?

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2021.10.25 08:31 korakiouranou Happy Halloween! Black foster kittens special!

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2021.10.25 08:31 viktoria_ltk Getting colder every day🥶

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2021.10.25 08:31 JTanon_ How do I remove the CO2 canister from my Umarex H&K MP5K? Nooby question but I’m genuinely confused lol

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2021.10.25 08:31 bowser986 I feel like I just committed a crime

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2021.10.25 08:31 fredegond Why isn’t Elizabeth II called Elizabeth I in countries where she is the first monarch of that name (E.g. Australia)? I’m basing this on James VI of Scotland being simultaneously James I of England.

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2021.10.25 08:31 CodeMak [FOR HIRE] Full-Stack Developer/ React/Angular/.Net/.Net Core/Node

Hey, everyone. I’m a senior full-stack developer, having more than 9+ years of commercial development experience. Most of the time, I was working for an agency, and from now on, I decided to start my career as a freelancer.

Here’s my development summary:

During my career, I gained significant knowledge of Javascript and its most popular frameworks along with Typescript.

As for the server part, .Net, .Net Core and Node.js + Typescript are the things I’m most familiar with, as I have over 5+ years of experience working with both. I’ve encountered and have hands-on experience working with Mongo, DynamoDB.

My expertise field:
-Angular (Strong knowledge), React/Vue (very good knowledge)
-Node(Express,Nest), Typescript
-SQL/noSQL Databases (Postgre, Mongo)
-Pure Php
-Material, Antd, bootstrap
Deployment and maintaining:
-Cloud services (Firebase, DigitalOcean, AWS)
-AWS (Lambda, S3, Amplify)
-Mailing and payment (MailGun/MailChimp/SES, Stripe/PayPal)

AWS - is actually the thing I really like to work with, by now, I’ve already worked with the following services: AWS amplify (cognito, datastore), S3, DynamoDB, EC2. I also have decent experience maintaining and deploying on Firebase and DigitalOcean.

I am currently searching for a full-time opportunity (~40hrs/week). If you are interested – hit me up :)

My hourly rate: $42/hr

I’d be really glad to have new cooperation!
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2021.10.25 08:31 BrightAdvantage4 Simple Egg Curry Recipe • Egg Bhurji Recipe • Anda Curry • Egg Masala Recipe • How To Make Egg Curry

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2021.10.25 08:31 RNLittleRabbitInLove NTTコムを完全子会社に ドコモ、法人向け強化

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2021.10.25 08:31 Status-Debate6618 ShibaExpress🚀 - Just Launched - Straight to the moon - Powerful community - Safe 🔒

Thriving community with obtainable goals. No bull shit, no bots, and a very healthy chart. What more do you need? Do yourself a favor and zoom out on 15 minute chart and analyze the pattern. Created and maintained by a developer who has experienced the agony of rug pulls and honey pots and decided to work on providing the solution.
ShibaExpress is focused on creating a strong community of long-term holders and allowing the ability for natural growth to occur while they check things off their to do list. The value has regularly been increasing by a minimum of 150% accompanied by slight decline and a higher low.
Benefits of being in ShibaExpress.
· We are a healthy community of intellectuals, jokesters, and professionals.
· We keep it real and care for the overall increase in the value of the token.
· You can talk to the dev just about any time, any day.
· Voice chat or text, he is available to you.
• Liquidity Locked✅
• No Dev Tokens❌
• Rug Proof✅
• Ownership Renounced ✅
The purpose of this coin is to go the moon and make all holders rich by heavily encouraging people to hold and benefit from the high reflection percentage. We have a 2% marketing tax so that we can invest in marketing and properly promote the coin. The one thing you can expect from this coin is that we will be everywhere! We will be paying influencers from Day 1!
⭐ 7% rewards to holders
⭐ 1% liquidity pool
⭐ 2% marketing/development tax
🛎 Slippage: 10-12%
Contract: 0x6ec1806c88f3eee7201dc5b757db54394c3614e4
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.25 08:31 Super-Sun-Solaire Additional "In House" Xbox Features

Over the past 7 years I have been playing on the Xbox, I feel there is a feature that is missing that would most definitely improve the 'quality of life' on the Xbox. I assume that everyone is well aware of the fact that your Xbox account is linked to a Microsoft Account or is created on top of it.
I believe we need a feature that allows us to be change our email entirely, separating the two accounts.
In this day and age, we use our emails for essentially everything from purchasing to signing up to sites like Reddit. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that our information is safe in these areas, especially if these emails are used for important areas. If a data breach were to occur in the Xbox database then it can potentially expose these extremely valuable information.
Additionally, it would help a lot of people who were then young, change from using their parents email to their own.
In essence, we need a feature on the Xbox itself to change our emails without affecting the current email.
A lot of the support I have received on this topic, asks me to completely delete my current email or add an alias to it. THIS IS NOT WHAT I AM ASKING.
\*If any devs are on this subreddit and could potentially enlighten this topic in becoming a reality, it would be very beneficial to a fair population of the xbox community AND increased community support*\**
Cheers and remember, Praise the Sun.
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2021.10.25 08:31 adamsot34157678 Charting the rise of edtech from the humble BBC Microcomputer.

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2021.10.25 08:31 flytraphippie Tempting, but just don't

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2021.10.25 08:31 JohnOfEphesus 'A senseless tragedy': Marine's life hanging in balance after being hit by stray bullet in Iowa City

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