Is there a subreddit to find teammates?

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2021.10.25 08:38 scrappy2546 Is there a subreddit to find teammates?

Does anyone know if there is a subreddit to get teammates?
If you post it here or on brawlrecruit your post will get removed and I don’t have discord so if anyone knows pls tell me.
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2021.10.25 08:38 Zukebot Alex's new friend

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2021.10.25 08:38 Faction_Chief /r/news -

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2021.10.25 08:38 Kanon_XO Rank #1 GM NA/EU Launch PVP Tierlist

watch part 2 as we predict what season 1 will be like for the western release. With limited classes and the vast majority being brand new, the tierlist looks vastly different...hope you guys enjoy hearing what some of the best players have to think about class performance!
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2021.10.25 08:38 JobDestroyer School enrollment dropped by 3 MILLION, new data shows

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2021.10.25 08:38 Spirited_Ad_2697 Is it just me or do the npc’s have Skyrim voicelines now?

I’ve heard them saying “you shouldn’t be here” and other voice lines that I’m positive are from Skyrim.
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2021.10.25 08:38 Faction_Chief /r/news -

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2021.10.25 08:38 K1P_26 Campsite pizza with our Ooni was a success!

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2021.10.25 08:38 Vintchenso Jessica smile (my oilartwork on fiberboard)

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2021.10.25 08:38 Faction_Chief /r/news -

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2021.10.25 08:38 Faction_Chief /r/news -

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2021.10.25 08:38 rscarson One of my pills is missing a layer

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2021.10.25 08:38 travohelp How do I get hold of British Airways?

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2021.10.25 08:38 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Finding what more we can all do | Christian Science Monitor

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2021.10.25 08:38 Hong15 Rejoining question

Hi all, Many years ago (around 2014) I joined Freemasonry and was initiated in Australia. However I had to move state and haven't had contact since. I regret not keeping in contact but now I have moved back to hometown. Long story short, what are the rules about rejoining into Freemasonry after so many years? Are there any rules such as excommunication or banning etc.?
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2021.10.25 08:38 Individual_Word8627 Options as a new grad - London

I've been given a return offer for Amazon after doing internships there, but it's quite low compared to what I know other companies are doing (around 61k for first year). How bad is it to renege on Amazon?
Is it worth applying to Facebook / Palantir still as a new grad, or to wait a couple of years after staying at Amazon?
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2021.10.25 08:38 rolliepollietv Soda's dad is flirting TOO HARD

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2021.10.25 08:38 meMeSKeEpmEAliVElol Has anyone had this problem recently?

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2021.10.25 08:38 Elegant-Cod4167 imagine if the judge tell shitadel...

to close their positions and then shut the fuck up and thop crying
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2021.10.25 08:38 NipaassionateRika The issue with R07's interview in response of Higurashi GouSotsu - Satoko Apologist

After the whole Gou Sotsu criticisms (well deserved) eased down I decided to give another try into making Higurashi threads, yeah, I've taken a break from the Higurashi fan base to get into my own opinion and not get influenced by anyone else's so I could tell if I actually loved it or hated it...
I have to say, I actually "loved" GouSotsu, even if Sotsu was definitely a letdown compared to Gou, watching the whole thing without the anxiety of wondering "when things will get interesting" I ended up enjoying it slightly more. But that's not the point here, I was enjoying GouSotsu so far until-....
Until I reached the interview and read all of it, I had to pause everything. I was so angry at the interview because the answers were literally so unsatisfactory, the Q and A was SO messy but didn't even feel like it was the interview marking the end of the series. The details we asked were not given, some questions were actually not even "answered at all" and for some reason, the answers themselves were blurry and messy as hell.
While Gou Sotsu was actually great as a revival for the series to the new audience in my opinion, it surely would have been a terrible way to give the fans a new season without any new Higurashi coming forward simply because Sotsu didn't feel like the end of an answer arc, but pretty much like the end of Tsumiboroshi-hen, where not every answer is answered and it feels like the happy ending is not actually "going to last". It felt odd. And this is why I still stand with the fact Higurashi Sotsu was definitely not the end of the story but yeah, Sotsu felt odd
And the interview made everything in the series so much meaningless- and let's start with Satoko's "character apology"
R07 decided to give us his thoughts on why he wrote Satoko like that and it was in reality a self insert. I have to say this comment in particular made me so angry, I actually got SO angry reading that part of the interview. While I took a step back from my frustration now, I'm still very disappointed in the way R07 tried to make Satoko more "relatable", when R07 admits that Satoko was supposed to represent the frustration of pushing yourself too hard for studies, it actually felt like R07 was actually making Satoko the victim of everything that happened to her and it made Satoko's character worse
It is true that in Japan, the education system often pushes the students to do their hardest, and actually society pushes most Japanese students there to be the Top, they want the students in Japan to be the smartest and the most successful for the job world. the same time, you can easily graduate in Japan, you really don't need to be the best, actually the grades are more of a reputation status than an actual necessity. For example, students have to work hard in prestigious schools because well the schools are actually "prestigious" so if their students came out with bad grades and slacking off, the reputation of that school wouldn't be prestigious anymore.
And this is for example St Lucia, prestigious schools don't like students with low studying prowess because it contrasts with the students they're targeting, it happens in other countries in the world too, the best schools require the best students it can only work this way. So while Satoko is supposed to represent the Japanese student that struggles to study, this makes Satoko a relatable character in a pressuring society but while this would be an interesting character idea considering her stubborn personality
It still doesn't really match well with Satoko's "Villain role", as many stated, during Higurashi GouSotsu, Satoko actually studied more than she ever would at St Lucia and for sometimes the most meaningless things, so yeah it was to show off Satoko's strategical abilities, but the problem also was it contradicted the entire concept of Satoko being one who struggles to memorize stuff and study while also making Satoko completely immature and unreasonable. If you didn't want to study so hard, and still don't want to, why didn't you show us actual frustration with the plans.
Many theories back then stated that Satoko was actually going to be frustrated with her plans, and I was one of them, I was theorizing that Satoko and Rika would be parallels, Satoko would be struggling to keep Rika in Hinamizawa while Rika would struggle to leave but I also imagined that as much as Rika lost control over the fragments sometimes, Satoko also would. And THIS could have easily justified Satoko's "apology" because she would have been struggling to calculate everything as Higurashi GouSotsu's characters such as "Keiichi", "Takano" and "Teppei" have been changing the time lines way too much throughout the show.
Satoko being frustrated with for example, the Nekodamashi-hen arcs, would have been actually a good way to reintroduce the idea that Satoko hates the concept of "struggling through her studies" with her missing some points and ending up being as much in danger as Rika, being constantly scared that Rika would die before her, but also Satoko appreciating her fun moments with her friends way more and ending up regretting her plan as she still also wanted Rika to stay there. To have Witch Satoko actually keep the Looper Satoko with her so we could have an actual situation where Looper Satoko is struggling against the mess she causes but instead we have Satoko saying she loves her power, Satoko claiming everything works according to her plan and simply Satoko being the most successful antagonist as a looper as she had literally EVERYTHING under control...
Let's say that if Subaru from Re:Zero never struggled in his school and social life but also in his fantasy world, would the Rem scene have the same entire meaning? No, not at all. But we know this scene hurts at how relatable it is because we know Subaru is actually struggling even with his looping powers to make things right for everyone, again, feels like he can't be the best and spreads his pride while lacking self confidence. This comparison is important because when you look at Subaru's character, he also represents the Japanese student who prefers messing around and being goofy but was forced to work hard to reach his goals.
With Satoko, it doesn't work at all. R07 failed to represent that idea and make us feel bad for her because of that...and well it just feels like Satoko is childish and immature despite having the potential to literally top the St Lucia school. We don't see Satoko struggling to study but slacking off for most, we also don't see Rika forcing Satoko to study and the school even multiple times attempt to get Satoko to reject the school and leave.
What we should have gotten was a heartbreaking scene of Satoko expressing her frustration over her goal always failing while being mixed with her empathy for her friends (which was supposed to be the Rika and Satoko sweet Gou Ep 17 scene but goddammit was it so lame now that I've finished everything), heck, even Witch Satoko could have been shown way more frustrated than just whining about not wanting to study. While we can still tell there was more to Satoko's character because WE know Satoko from the OG and all, this still sucks R07 actually seemed to put favoritism on Satoko and claimed she would get her "redemption" later. No, no, no, just no. You can't give Satoko the best ending she could ever have before her redemption, it will only just make her absolutely Despicable and the morals absolutely self centered.
When the antagonist ends up being the author's self insert we expect the author to show that their mindset was in the wrong, but when this same antagonist seems to shine more than the protagonists, it just makes the author gives us a pity story based on his own selfishness and interpretation of his experiences. But it gets worse when this character also represents "the abuser" of a toxic relationship while also being in a situation people can relate to...I think it's easy to tell there's a huge problem when you think Teppei was redeemed better than Satoko, who herself is an abused child and also remembers worlds since she's a looper. When you look at Joker, you can tell his character actually makes sense and can be understandable but it doesn't make him less evil and immoral. Joker just happens to be written based on his immoral surroundings, making his character becoming immoral actually come out as "an understandable antagonist".
And that's not like R07 is an author of simple stories, he writes complex stories such as Ciconia and Umineko. We'd expect some lesson about studying, maybe some lesson about overworking yourself yes, but not the antagonist being forgiven because she was overworked anyway and the author knew how it felt
But it's even more depressing WHEN another character in this same franchise would have fit much better with that idea, and we have Maebara Keiichi who already has an entire character and backstory based on that idea! His character is based on that!!
Keiichi is the main protagonist of Higurashi's question arcs and is introduced as the complete opposite of what Satoko and Rika apparently are in GouSotsu. Keiichi in his backstory was a student who had nothing for himself to be impressive aside from his "intellectual qualities", Keiichi is a student that learns easily but also a student with a complex IQ, this gave Keiichi the opportunity to get praised by his parents and surroundings by being the best student of his own school and his prestigious classes.
But an interesting concept about it is that Keiichi actually hated studying, Keiichi had the bad luck to be an amazing student but hating to study too much, so what became a way to get attention became a nightmare for him because as I stated, the classes, his parents and his surroundings were forcing him to work even harder and surpass himself while the praises disappeared. It completely took the fun out of studying away from him and he ended up being depressed, frustrated and lonely. Yes. Lonely. Because Keiichi had no friends either, Keiichi just like the students at St Lucia had to focus on having rivals and being one everyone looks up to while lacking actual social interactions
So after Keiichi's sin and trauma, he went to Hinamizawa where everything was so much calmer and relaxing. He could have friends, he actually didn't have to study because he was actually smarter than the school's system there and he had no pressure on his shoulders (at least until the plot kicks in).
Keiichi's sin however, which was to shoot a girl in the eye with a BB gun while he was releasing his dark feelings onto others, was not described as "justifiable", Keiichi constantly reminded us that it was a sin, Keiichi was represented so guilty he actually changed his self entirely to make sure he would never hurt anyone else again, he became protective and actually learned that it wasn't his parents fault, it was on him for not talking about it to his parents and giving up instead of overworking himself.
In Keiichi's case we have a justifiable reason for him to become an antagonist in a similar story as Satoko because in Keiichi's case, Hinamizawa is an actual "idealistic place" for him (way more than it is for Satoko), it's his happy place. And him having to give up on that part of his life so quickly to get back into high school hard studies and focusing on the future outside of the village would be more fitting for that reason. Let's say that Keiichi became the antagonist of Higurashi GouSotsu simply because he had to go back to Tokyo, his city of trauma, and be overworked again for his studies? Wouldn't it be more fitting than Satoko forcing herself to go to St Lucia boldly assuming Rika was going through a phase and then regretting it?
Anyways my point was Satoko was the least satisfactory representation of the idea of "struggling too much in school shouldn't be necessary" because Satoko was never forced to do so by Rika for example but also did not show any signs of regrets or learning from her mistakes and it can't even fit with our nowadays world because these morals are bad for the people who drop out of school with no real motives ahead and get lost. Satoko is just immature, Satoko's Villain character is immature and a bad way to relate to people she's going to be an adult but it feels like she'll remain a child all of her life. While the idea of Satoko slowly maturing up is nice, it shouldn't have been hinted to come after "the perfect ending" that was Sotsu's.
I mean why would she need to mature up now? She got everyone for her. Literally everyone and I really don't want a story where Satoko slowly realizes she was being immature because come the fuck on, she literally killed her only true friends why should it be slow when Keiichi at 13 realized how bad it was to shoot a girl in the eye with a BB gun (which let me remind you, didn't even end up blind). It doesn't make sense Keiichi has to be marked such a bad guy for such a small act while Satoko has to be marked as a pity character for something worse
And let me not get into the fact Takano actually made more sense than Satoko in her Villain character and seeing the villagers as "pawns" to her plan.
My next thread will be tackling the whole fragments are dreams statement, because I feel like it also takes a disgusting part in Satoko's "unsatisfactory" Apology
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2021.10.25 08:38 Mylifesucks22 "The planet is fine. The people are fucked." – George Carlin

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2021.10.25 08:38 hopeless-classroom80 [No spoilers] Subnautica or Subnautica below zero?

What is better? Do you prefer the one or the other? Do it need one to understand the other one? What one is better?
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2021.10.25 08:38 SchmortelSchlugner Pforzheim: Video löst Kritik an Polizeigewalt in Baden-Württemberg aus

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2021.10.25 08:38 Necktonic How long can/should you leave your XR on the charger?

Plugged her in lat night and now it looks like rain for the next two days....How long can I leave it on the charger?
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2021.10.25 08:38 SomeCool333 hmmm

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