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When Domino’s Start Turning Up The Heat.

2021.10.25 07:28 Omikron311 When Domino’s Start Turning Up The Heat.

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2021.10.25 07:28 Admirable-Corgi-4257 Who is Melvin Hall?

I see that on Aaron May’s tape Chase he’s a credited songwriter, but I can’t seem to find this guy anywhere. I’m also a songwriter, and I’m just trying to reach out because One For Me is such a bop haha.
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2021.10.25 07:28 NFT-master If this isn't the first thing you thought of when you learnt about NFTs, something is wrong.

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2021.10.25 07:28 UtaTan Pain Peko

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2021.10.25 07:28 foofighter469 should i get freddy krueger? (im a beginner

i already have michael myers but i find him kinda hard to play,should i get freddy krueger ? ,if not which dlc should i get ?
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2021.10.25 07:28 hurfery Week of October 25th 2021 - How is your practice going?

How are things going for you on and off the cushion? What sort of triumphs and tribulations have you had over the last week?
Ask for advice or give advice. If you've never posted in this sub before, here's a chance to say hello to your new online sangha friends. :)
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2021.10.25 07:28 OzCaaa1 Sun rays passing through the five Armed Services pillars at 11:11am on Veterans Day

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2021.10.25 07:28 Straight_Werewolf538 the crap

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2021.10.25 07:28 Henz7777 No idea what this kid was saying on the deathcom

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2021.10.25 07:28 OverdueCashew57 For the boys

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2021.10.25 07:28 tkcmarco 穿插.穿插..再穿插頂流機 | 香港釣魚 | 艇釣 | 青衣 | 手絲釣魚 | #Shorts

穿插.穿插..再穿插頂流機 | 香港釣魚 | 艇釣 | 青衣 | 手絲釣魚 | #Shorts submitted by tkcmarco to HongKongFishing [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 07:28 ghost43 anybody do anything interesting with old parts?

did a wheel hub and bearing this weekend, so i have the old one sitting there doing nothing. i feel like it's wasteful to throw away a big chunk of metal when im sure there's something fun that could be done with it
i also have a little 1cyl motorcycle or lawnmower engine that's entirely mechanically fucked (found it stuck under a rock on a remote stone beach at the north of scotland, it's entirely rusted and unusable but the shape is still there) and i've held onto it for a while hoping to make something with it but i just don't know what !!!
am i just acting like a magpie and holding onto shit for no reason or do you all do the same shit?
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2021.10.25 07:28 rosethorn87 Advice on these kinks fetishes?

So I sent my sub four pictures of different kink jars and asked her which ones would she want to try I've only just woke up to them and im currently sat in work having a coffee before I start.
Im a male daddy dominant shes a very sassy submissive with some brat in her cheeky self lol.
We've been building our relationship up on both the bdsm level and vanilla since we got together after two months of talking/vetting, I also have previous experience with an ex gf/submissive but every sub is different.
Im a daddy dominant in the sense I always make sure she's eating, drinking sleeping, lots of kisses cuddles and affection, looking after her when she's coming out of her seizures keeping her safe during them and the week long black out state that follows them, she's got NEED (non epileptic attack disorder)
I'll list them all even the ones I know I'll make clear.
Being a sub (pretty clear)
Spanking, yup got that one
Anal, self explanatory
Being tied up... msg received chief
BDSM, okay my tired brain is most likely over thinking this but thats presumably full Bondage Dominantion Sado Masochism?
Collars, again clear
Cock warming... okay this one confused me she does warm my cock and balls with her mouth and hands when its cold and well need help getting bigger and harder as damn her flat is so cold in winter. I googled this one figured it out quickly lol
Food play... pretty obvious but fine detail it for me?
Daddy/mommy... is this one roleplay based? Again im trying to not jump to obvious conclusions
Pubic haibody hair.... she throws the biggest most adorable sulks when I get my beard shaved down and well when I shave the gentleman area, pretty obvious these ones.
Praising again obvious
Sight deprivation, don't think the mystery gang is nedded this time scoob
Being marked again obvious, she likes the flogger... hmm need to get a paddle, anything more you guys can add?
Cock milking/cock worship... first part seems obvious she loves waking me up with a mystery midnight blow job and making daddy cum, but the second part I've only ever vaguely heard of.
Thanks for reading guys and girls and look forward to reading replies
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2021.10.25 07:28 WhowanLore69 Need help. New to this subreddit, but I just wanted to find some advice and different perspectives.

I'm 19, M and I've been feeling so empty lately. I don't know how to explain it well, I don't know if I'm just overthinking, I'm just sad all the time and I want to cry but, I can't. I don't know what to do, and I'm confused about everything around me. School now seems so uneventful, life just lost all it's color, people feel father than ever, but I'm sure they don't feel the same way (I'm good at acting happy). I know that is partly due to the pandemic (especially how we're the only country left not having f2f classes, fricking incompetent gov.), but I just feel like I don't have any control anymore, adult life just seems so complex. It just feels like time, the people around me, the expectations about me are going so fast, and I'm not catching up at all. I feel empty, I fill it in with compulsive and "instant gratitude" sorta stuff (Over-mastrbation, over-media consumption, cheating to reach expectations P.S. on tests) I just don't know how to move on from this hell hole I've dug myself in. I just want to know if anyone here has gone through stuff like this or have met someone who has, I just want to know your thoughts on the matter, because right now, I feel like not even all the self-help books is gonna help this mess.
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2021.10.25 07:28 leon1271 παπα Γιώργης Δορμπαράκης: Ο Άγιος Δημήτριος ο Μυροβλύτης

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2021.10.25 07:28 RickyOzzy We are living in a cartoon inside a satire.

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2021.10.25 07:28 Organic-Cheesecake12 What do you think is the worst recruit system in Inazuma Eleven?

I think Inazuma Eleven 3 has the worst Recruit System. I know Inazuma Eleven Go also has a very bad Recruit system. But at least I get the character guaranteed if I have all the Items for him. But the recruit system in Inazuma Eleven 3 feels like an pay to win gacha game with a 0,001% Chance of getting the character you want.
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2021.10.25 07:28 Verfacto E-commerce Tracking: A Beginners’ Guide

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2021.10.25 07:28 LadyIrenicus Good morning and happy Monday! I hope your day is amazing! <3

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2021.10.25 07:28 asteropitecus Pessoas que “trabalham com tecnologia”, referindo-se à TI

Uma coisa precisa ficar clara: tecnologia significa utilizar conhecimento (técnico, científico, ou empírico) para solucionar problemas. E hoje em dia é difícil pensar em alguma função que não utilize tecnologia.
Portanto, se você é da área de TI, não diga apenas “eu trabalho com tecnologia”. Bata no peito e diga com orgulho: “eu trabalho com tecnologia… da informação!”
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2021.10.25 07:28 Desperate_Actuary762 My Space Ghost DVDs

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2021.10.25 07:28 FahrenheitRecords5 I need at least 30 upvotes. Less is also fine 🙂

I just need 30
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2021.10.25 07:28 joni_jai R'n'B Top 10 Mix September 2021

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2021.10.25 07:28 Tripledad65 Upgrade from MX-23 (or 21,25) to JPX 921 (919) forged. Experiences?

I'm playing MX23s for some years now (despite 32 HC) and really enjoying them. What will I get when I switch to the more modern JPX 921 forged? (I love forged, so skip the hot-metal)
I also intend to go for carbon shafts in stead of the current steel?
(If I go for it, I'll get fitted)
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2021.10.25 07:28 ShepardMorgan Booking PCR test is not possible anymore on thailandpsas

"The booking started from 1st November 2021 is temporarily closed until the official entry process is announced."
Problem is, I need it for my COE (I arrive in Thailand on November 2nd). I can't wait for the Thailand Pass.
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