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How And Where To Buy SpaceVikings (SVT) - Step By Step Guide

2021.10.24 05:47 CryptooGuide How And Where To Buy SpaceVikings (SVT) - Step By Step Guide

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2021.10.24 05:47 8Zane_C Discord!

I have made an improved discord for this subreddit! Share your collections, rate plushies, and talk with other people with the same hobby! Remember to be respectful and have fun here!
(The Old discord was run by an underage person who should be on discord, and didn't know how to run one, but now we have a functional one!)
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2021.10.24 05:47 Rodricman12 Alguien caliente para morbosearnos las vergas por videollamada??🔥🔥🔥

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2021.10.24 05:47 TomSkilling Seeking Help for an Adopted Friend

Hello! I recently inherited this (what I believe to be) a banana tree. It's definitely seen better days, so I'm hoping to turn its life back around. I'm not much a plant expert, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Friends!
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2021.10.24 05:47 AsideRemarkable965 Honkai impact

should I stop playing this Game? I mean It has a really nice story, but tye thing IS thar valkyries are so damn Hot.
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2021.10.24 05:47 Ok-Average-8055 Guys anyone have these wallpaper?

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2021.10.24 05:47 DuckyyWings Rip Scan

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2021.10.24 05:47 Yoshi_is_Awesome Theory

There is little to no evidence to support this but Ralsei might be a Lightner. He doesn't turn to stone when in the cyber world and darkners turn to stone when they aren't in the correct dark world. Only lightners can go to any different dark worlds without turning to stone.
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2021.10.24 05:47 SaikiKuso21 Fav yayincim iblisin yayın açmasını bekliyorum...

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2021.10.24 05:47 Subtlefeline Dpdr gets worse when isolated?

Anyone else have their dpdr grow much worse when alone and isolated? I grew up isolated a lot and the whole pandemic + lockdown isn't helping much.
My dpdr certainly gets a lot worse when isolated to the point I need someone to at least reply or even just talk to me to so that I can confirm that I still exist.
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2021.10.24 05:47 dunkkacino Comment a musical genre and I'll tell you my favorite song from it

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2021.10.24 05:47 ZoobBot 182131

This is the 182131st time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.24 05:47 Kingpin_97 [SEIKO] My first automatic watch!

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2021.10.24 05:47 Prestigious-Hippo400 Music is my therapy

When I’m not listening to music I just think my own thoughts and get depressed. But I can’t listen to music all the time because that just sounds unhealthy and like I’m just avoiding my feelings. Does anyone else think this? It’s so weird, like i could just be drowning in thoughts but as soon as I play music Its like it all goes away and i can be productive.
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2021.10.24 05:47 Davitkharabadze sketchy path videos

can you pls someone share sketchy path videos?
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2021.10.24 05:47 TrickAct9118 Hello Octans! I need some help!!

I've noticed that cryptomoonshots posted a new launch contract for Octans and the website now is showing a supply of 100m. Can somebody explain me what happened with the old contract? Im still holding shares from the old one and I have lost a few grand from my investment. Now watching that the team came up with a totally new contract without saying a word to the old investors gets me really mad. Have I missed something?
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2021.10.24 05:47 KarthikeyanOnline [Recap] AMA with NFans Global Ambassador Sara Frankel(October 23, 2021)

Q: Recently, N.Fans announced that its upcoming game Ninja Raiders League entered its second round of beta testing. When should fans expect the game to release, and what kind of changes has the game seen after receiving feedback?
A: With Ninja Raiders League, we decided to perform 2 rounds of beta testing for 3 main reasons:
1- To thoroughly ensure quality.
2- To maximize user participation.
3- To test all the changes implemented after the first round.
Such changes include bug fixes, performance improvements, and optimization, as well as user feedback on various game aspects including visuals and gameplay.
Fans can expect the game to be released upon the completion of the second round of testing, which is currently taking place.
Q: You are the first project in the world to obtain IP rights from Bandai Namco for NFTs. For the future, are there any particular IPs you look forward to working with?
A: We are excited to be working closely with Bandai Namco on IPs such as Naruto, and are always in discussion with studios and publishers for various IP rights.
To us, an ideal IP would be one that can benefit from blockchain technology, and one that has fans from all around the world who are eager to see something new being done with their favorite series, or movies, or video games… etc. While different members of our team would have different answers to this question, there’s one answer we have in common: we all look forward to hearing which IPs the community wants us to work with, because those are the ones that matter the most.
Q: One of N.Fans’ strengths are its handmade NFTs, which sell rapidly due to their quality and attention to detail — will we continue seeing such works from N.Fans as you grow and gather more IPs?
A: Certainly! Our handmade NFTs are one of our greatest strengths, and the speed at which they tend to sell are a testament to that fact. While we are expanding in what we do, we will never stop doing the things the community loves — especially if we are good at it!
In this day and age of procedurally or algorithmically generated NFTs, handmade NFTs are becoming a rarity, and their demand can be felt when observing the speeds and prices of such assets. This isn’t to say that we’ll never do algorithmically-generated NFTs, but fans can definitely expect our handcrafted works for their favorite IPs to continue.
Q: We know that there is some level of connection between 2 of your upcoming games: Ninja Raiders League and Path of Ninja. By playing the first game, you can get NFT card drops that you can use in the second. My question is, will we see such interoperability increase in the N.Fans Metaverse?
A: Having a vibrant, rich, active and interoperable metaverse is one of our major goals as a project, and the Ninja Raiders League/Path of Ninja interaction is just the very start.
A true metaverse is one where all its elements can communicate with one another, and what we are trying with our upcoming two games is something that is rarely observed elsewhere.
To us, it isn’t just a neat feature, rather it is a glimpse into the future where the decisions you make in one area of the N.Fans metaverse ripple across different areas of the entire space.
Q: E-sports is a growing field in gaming, but at this stage it is completely disconnected from the metaverse despite having areas where blockchain can improve. Does N.Fans see any potential in introducing Esports to the metaverse?
A: We definitely see the potential, and while we can’t confirm at this stage and time whether or not we will play a role in that process, if anyone is suited to undertake such a task, it would be N.Fans.
That being said, blockchain is undoubtedly an essential step for e-sports if it ever wants to scale in the future. Imagine decentralized prize pools that users can directly contribute to and see how those funds are spent, or NFTs of iconic moments in e-sports history being clipped and sold, or being able to own and equip the very cosmetics used by your favorite pro players… The possibilities are endless, and games with a vibrant e-sports scene that adopt blockchain the earliest will be miles ahead of their competition.
Q: As a project, I think you have so much potential, and I look forward to all the things you have in store for us. That being said, are there any projects you think you can cooperate with in the future?
A: They say unity is strength, and while various projects compete in this very space to get to the top, cooperation is just as solid a strategy, if not even more effective.
Collaborations are rather inevitable, and many projects cross paths in one way or another. While we can’t give any specific names, there are many projects that N.Fans can collaborate with, especially if it’s in the area of GameFi and NFTs.
The ideal dynamic would be if N.Fans provided the IP, skills, and technology, and the collaborating party provided the interoperability and bridges that lead to and across a multitude of different blockchains.
Q: For the various works you are producing, such as GameFi products like Ninja Raiders League, is there a particular platform you are focusing on like mobile or PC? Or is it meant to be compatible across all platforms?
A: Interoperability, compatibility, and other such aspects are an integral part of our philosophy. Whether you’re using a PC to access the N.Fans metaverse, a mobile device, or a VR headset, we believe you should be able to do so with the same ease regardless of your means.
Q: NFTs can represent real-life assets, and nowadays we are seeing the re-emergence of trading card games such as Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering. With that in mind, as a project with experience on NFTs and digital card games like Path of Ninja, does N.Fans see itself making NFTs of real-life collectible cards in the future?
A: If the situation arises, the community-driven demand is there, and the IP is suited for such a medium, then we do not see why we shouldn’t. N.Fans’ second game, Path of Ninja, is already a huge step forward for blockchain-based digital card games; not only does it utilize a world-famous IP like Naruto, but it also plays as an actual card battler — full of strategy, depth, and different play-styles.
There are many advantages that NFT cards have over real-life ones, including ease-of-use, immunity to deterioration and damage, and eco-friendliness, so there aren’t many reasons why one would create NFTs of real-life cards other than for certification purposes. Still, as an innovative project that thinks outside the box, we like to keep our options open, and if we see the opportunity to create something new by combining physical cards and NFTs, we very well might.
Q: Every product has its core audience and demographics, does N.Fans target one range of demographics with all its products, or different demographics with every product it releases?
A: At N.fans we like to be versatile and flexible, and at the same time we see value in being strategic and practical. As you mentioned, every product, and if I may add, every IP, has a range of demographics that it appeals to — so to try and appeal to a general audience with something that doesn’t resonate with some wouldn’t be logical.
Nevertheless, while our works are original, ultimately they are bound to the underlying IP, and what sort of demographic that IP appeals to. Since these IPs are not ours, we are not really responsible for doing the targeting — it is something that comes naturally with the IP.
Q: We know that N.Fans loves working with world-famous IPs and bringing them to the metaverse. Does N.Fans ever think about producing an original IP of its own?
A: It is definitely an avenue we can always go down, but before we ever reach that point we have hundreds if not thousands of globally-famous IPs to work with and introduce to the N.Fans metaverse.
As NFTs and blockchain get more and more adopted, more and more IPs will want to utilize them and step inside the ever-growing metaverse — and that is why N.Fans exists, to act as the bridge between the two. There aren’t many such projects as capable for such an undertaking, which is why at such a crucial stage in entertainment history, N.Fans has to be there for already established IPs and serve as the gateway between the real world and that of blockchain.
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2021.10.24 05:47 New-Anywhere-2507 باگه؟ یا من خوش شانسم؟

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2021.10.24 05:47 derekthepieking Securing Docks against Mobs

Greeting Vikings!
How do you build docks that prevent enemies from swimming in and destroying your ships?
Is it a matter of having the ships out of line of sight of areas in which enemies can spawn?
Will fires on seawalls deter enemies from swimming around said seawalls to enter the docks and wreck havoc upon one's beloved watercraft?
Destroying my boat after each journey and storing the components in a chest is rather breaking the immersion of my sessions, very interested in your advice.
Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.24 05:47 PeriFyseos Moorhen chicks (Gallinula chloropus) are grazed in drier areas than Coots

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2021.10.24 05:47 Accidental-Hero Stabby Slashy Crab

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2021.10.24 05:47 VersaillesZero I’m not sure how to get this thing straighter is there a trick?

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2021.10.24 05:47 Unfair-Growth-3079 😂

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2021.10.24 05:47 TalSOrbach What makes a grinder suitable for single dosing? (+a question about Baratza Forte)

It seems to me that SD requires three things from a grinder:

  1. Low retention
  2. Grind consistency without regrinding or slowing down exit stream
  3. Grind consistency without hopper of full beans weighing them down
From everything I keep seeing online, (1) is the one that gets the lion's share of attention, but I actually think it's the least important one, because most dedicated SD grinders use a bellows to achieve this, while most OD grinders can be easily fitted with one, and achieve similarly low-retention (also, if purging out a gram or two is all it took, it would be hard to justify spending any more for a dedicated SD grinder. Another thing that makes this a far less important issue is that retention is only a proxy for exchange. If the grinder retains 10 grams from the first few grinds, but those 10 grams stay put when subsequent batches are ground, such that the beans from those batches all make their way out of the grinder without getting stuck in it - that's way better than a grinder that retains just 2 grams, but in more of a FIFO scenario.
I guess the reason why this is the one that gets the most attention, is that it's easy to measure.

The thing is - I had a commercial grinder that pretty much relied on some regrind. If there wasn't a bunch of coffee stuck behind the declumper, the coffee would just shoot out way too quickly, and it would always be far too coarse for espresso. Another issue that I know exists (though I never experienced it myself, at least not such that I could definitively detect) is inconsistent grinds caused due to there being no weight to hold the beans down, as they are fed into the burrs.
This latter problem is somewhat solvable using an improvised weight to hold the beans down without the need for more beans in the hopper. The first problem us often easily solvable using a bellows.
The problem in the middle seems to me like one that cannot be solved - if the grinder is built in this way, you always need to grind some amount more, to push out the grounds that you need, and this amount will always remain in the grinder, so will need to be purged before the next grind.
As such, I believe that the primary consideration for deciding if a grinder is suitable for SD is this issue - of whether or not grind quality and consistency are affected by an unhindered exit stream, with the next most important being how much is retained when using a bellows and how much grind consistency and quality are affected by not having anything to weigh down on the beans (as that is solvable, but solving it is usually not as trivial as installing a bellows).
Low retention without using a bellows is nice to have, for sure, but as most SD grinders don't even have that, and as a bellows is such an easy and cheap addition, it's nothing more than nice to have.
However, it would seem that what is pretty much the only thing that gives grinders SD cred is how much it retains out of the box (i.e. if it comes with a bellows than how much it retains with it, and if it doesn't - then without). Even reviews for grinders that are made for SD usually have nothing to say nothing about how SD affects their grind quality - the only thing that's ever mentioned is retention.

I'd be really interested in everyone's thoughts on the matter.
Also, if you know the answers for these couple of issues beside retention, regarding popular grinders (both dedicated SD grinders and OD grinders), like the Eureka Mignon line, DF64, perhaps even the mother of all SD grinders - the Niche Zero - that could be useful.
Personally, I'd also be super interested in your thoughts on the Baratza Forte in this regard.
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2021.10.24 05:47 Redshift04_mk2 Do you think the Anime had a good ending?

View Poll
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