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2021.10.24 06:37 Gold_Strength I feel like this line would work so well on you guys 😝

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2021.10.24 06:37 Vercalos Other: Fire Emblem E3 2021

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2021.10.24 06:37 Additional_Twist7971 Independent life (episode 1)

A boy gets up from his chair and gets his test results his score is 90 whereas the rest of his class gets various results both failing and passing.
When school days ended he would run straight from the supermarket to buy groceries for dinner. He doesn't care about what he wants as he is distracted by other things such as his house, his family, chores and homework.
His mind is troubled by various things in his life and that is his home. His parents ignored their son's needs while they are paying attention to his three sisters which he is a quadruplet and he's the oldest of the quadruplets
Which in turn makes him very independent and does everything by himself he usually takes his sisters with him on the way home but there are times when his sisters took the school bus and are already home so he dosent worry about going with them on the way home although it looks he needs help he dosent need anyone's help he does it by himself.
When he gets home he goes straight to the kitchen to cook food for dinner, clean the house, and do other chores which he usually does so that he does something for the day at least.
Once dinner is ready he either waits for his parents to arrive or eat with his sisters first since they work mostly late he chose the latter and then he will cook for them once they arrived so that their foods are piping hot ready.
He usually has his own room while his sister shared their room since he is a boy and while his sisters are average in their grades he is somewhat smart but he dosent join at any school clubs because he's good at multiple things which is why he always has more free time to focus on house chores and homework.
He dosent want friends because he has work to do in his house and that he is very awkward socially so he usually stays away from people his age a lot and instead talk to mostly elders because its easier to talk to them and to just listen to their stories back in their younger days so he always enjoys them very much.
Because of his parents attention to his three younger sisters and him doing good at multiple things is why he is always independent but sometimes he just wants someone to stay with him but it's too embarrassing for him to say it so his days are always lonely but he's doing fine being alone.
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2021.10.24 06:37 shiitescalendar Amina (r.a.) said: “When I experienced labor, I heard many voices in my house which were not like the voices of human beings. Then I observed a flag of heavenly silk brocade which was attached to a handle of ruby and .....

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2021.10.24 06:37 Tsantilas What would you do?

So we had a bit of a moral dilemma in our last session that's threatening to split the party and lead to PvP next time, and I thought it was an interesting thought experiment, so I'm interested in knowing what you guys would do. TL;DR at the bottom.
Background info
The campaign is set in a homebrew world where all kinds of void creatures, titans, and other eldritch nightmares called the Faceless are feeding on the souls of living creatures. In order to survive, a group of powerful archmages set up a magical barrier closing off a portion of the world from the outside. A few of the faceless were trapped inside, but after 100 years, mortals are starting to expand and rebuild society again, within the dome. The problem is, that souls are unable to escape the dome to go to the afterlife, and the weave is unable to enter it, so magic is slowly dwindling, and births are declining, meaning that people will eventually die out.
Sessions leading up to the present
We started off as a group of 4 adventurers, who along with various other adventurers, soldiers, and organizations, were summoned by the Steward of the only remaining large city, one of the surviving archmages who created the barrier, and were given a task. He asked us to kill an evil witch, and as a reward he would grant a wish to whomever brings back her head.
One important character to note is Gerhard Roth, noble leader of an army called the Blood Guard, who immediately made his intention of claiming the witch's head and becoming king very clear. He's also pro-human. There are no humans in our party. Our first interaction went about as well as you can imagine.
In any case, we embarked on a perilous journey through harsh landscapes, facing all kinds of monsters including the Steward's wife who was locked in a demiplane of sorts after being corrupted by one of the faceless gods, as well as a fallen angel who was leader of a temple deep in a bog, whose followers lived opulent lives, protected from outside horrors. They also raised people as cattle in the basement and ate them.
Last Session
We eventually arrived at the witch's tower and were reunited with Roth and the remaining Blood Guard, who seemed a lot more amicable and respectful this time around, apparently considering us worthy since we were able to get this far. He asked us to join him in facing the witch, but before we could reach her, we encountered a Lich who wished to parlay. At this point in the campaign we hardly consider a single Lich to be a threat, so we decided to hear her out.
She told us that the witch wished to speak to us and come to an agreement, but that she wouldn't trust Roth to have a peaceful discussion. We found a middle ground where Roth would send a representative and we would all have Rary's Telepathic Bond cast on us so he could be included in the conversation without physically being there himself.
The Problem
The witch revealed to us that the Steward was maintaining the barrier that was keeping the faceless out, by fueling it with the souls of the dead, which is why they were unable to depart to the afterlife. Her plan was to kill the steward so the barrier would be removed, and she would leave using planar travel to start a new life elsewhere, offering to take us and a group of up to 50 people of our choice with her if we joined her.
Hearing this, Roth said that if he becomes king, he will use all his resources to help us find another solution to the problem, that doesn't involve sacrificing the rest of the people just to save a few, but that it may take years or decades.
The witch replied that at the rate magic was weakening within the dome, it might not be possible to use magic powerful enough to save everyone and that it took her and the Lich decades of magical research to come to their current solution. In addition, if Roth did somehow manage to find a way to save everyone, the faceless would undoubtedly follow the trail of all the mortals to their new home and simple begin feeding on them there as well, and so saving a small group is the only way.
Our party is split on which side to take. On the one hand, joining the witch means our characters and a few other chosen will survive. On the other hand, Roth seems truthful in wanting to save everyone, but we may all just end up dying in the end.
You're in a sinking ship in the open sea surrounded by sharks. The captain is keeping the sharks at bay by occasionally tossing passengers overboard, but this is a short term solution. Person A says we should let the ship sink and sacrifice most of the people as a diversion so a smaller group can escape. Person B says we should all stay in the ship and keep throwing people overboard, and try to find a solution together, but this may just lead to everyone dying a slower death. Who do you side with?
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2021.10.24 06:37 Xyrexus Ways to fix painting mistakes with depressions?

I'm a little new to painting, not very good at it yet, but I'm trying my best.
Was curious, let's take say, a Tau Crisis Suit as an example, the armour plating on the upper legs, and other places have depressed bits in the plastic, I'm trying to keep these black, but my base coat has accidently gotten into them a little despite my best efforts, considering it's so thin, how would be the best way to re-do the black in those hard to get to areas?
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2021.10.24 06:37 Evening_Mongoose_905 Are residents supposed to have a negative birth rate?

Often it's more than immigration, leaving my cities empty
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2021.10.24 06:37 startupshow I consider myself to be a part of a hivemind, any questions?

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2021.10.24 06:37 FrontpageWatch2020 [#12|+6277|418] Asked all of my friends what they were doing before homecoming to see if I could hang out with them, they all said they weren’t doing anything. Just saw this posted on one of my “friends” insta. They invited everybody in my frien… [r/sadcringe]

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2021.10.24 06:37 Krajisnik22 "FREEDOM, 2013", just a random screenshot of the Unconventional AT RPG-29 Team, (CMSF2)

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2021.10.24 06:37 RA_Throwaway_32 Difficulty breaking up with my girlfriend

I (22m) broke up with my girlfriend (22f) of almost a year. We're long distance and have never met in person.
I had a number of reasons for wanting to break up, but the bottom line is I just was not feeling emotionally invested in the relationship anymore. This was my first long term relationship, so I was completely unphased by a lot of negative qualities. Now I feel like my expectations are better adjusted and I realize there is just a lot of baggage and I don't think I want to commit to working through all of it. I called her one day to give her the bad news and it definitely crushed me a little bit to hear her like that.
It's been a week since then, and I've been feeling pretty okay most of the time. However whenever I think about her I feel extremely guilty and wonder if I made a mistake.
To make matters worse, she texted me last night asking me to clarify why I broke up with her. After I gave my reasons, she proceeded to barate me for not ever trying to talk it out or mention the things that I had a problem with. She has pretty bad depression and says she was finally looking forward to life, but I pulled the rug out from under her and put a year of our lives down the drain. This left me feeling quite shitty and I told her I didn't want to talk about it anymore.
I will confess that she is mostly correct that I could've given her more of a heads up or confronted her about my problems with her. I really only ever danced around the problems I had with her because I didn't want to make demands. However, I believe people aren't projects and it's not my responsibility or place to "fix" her until she's someone I want to date again.
In addition, we still haven't even met in person (I brought it up once or twice a week for months), so we don't even know if we're really sexually compatible. I'm still 22 and I don't know if I'm ready to just make a commitment to sex with only one person for the rest of my life when I haven't even met them in person. Call it commitment issues. Being long distance just doesn't feel like it's for me anymore and we won't be moving in together anytime soon.
I just want out, but I can't help feel like an asshole for just abandoning her. We were pretty much inseparable when we were together so it was such a jarring change for her. Should I give her a chance? I feel like i would just be caving to guilt and prolonging the inevitable but maybe she proves me wrong and I'm an idiot? If I don't want to get back together, how can I help her move on and not hate my guts?
Tldr: broke up for my own reasons and feel guilty about how it was handled. Ex wants to get back together but I don't and am feeling pressure.
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