Happy Halloween !

2021.10.22 13:03 sernaton Happy Halloween !

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2021.10.22 13:03 Repulsive-Fun-6395 Priceless

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2021.10.22 13:03 NoCommission8177 Have I got the job?

So, I went for a second interview today for an operations role. I think the interview went well. I was told at the end of the interview that they will contact me either today (Friday) or by Monday next week with regards to whether I have been successful. Well, I just got an email from the admin and she said that "due to unforeseen circumstances, they will be contacting me on Monday with regard to the vacancy rather than today – apologies.".
What could this mean if anything?
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2021.10.22 13:03 Senzualdip Reloading components distributors

Who’s everybody using for reloading components? I’m sure some of you have heard that Sunset is closing down as soon as they clear out their remaining inventory. So we are looking for a new distributor that is like a one stop shot for primers, powder, lead shot, wads, rifle/pistol brass, bullets, etc. Any help would be great.
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2021.10.22 13:03 izzydrippy Juice WRLD “WASTED” But It’s Rage (Feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

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2021.10.22 13:03 ddookki So, I played against an idiot

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2021.10.22 13:03 darkieshadoww Do those look like bed bug bites/any bites? Ps. They're not itchy

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2021.10.22 13:03 CoinCompassBTC Who controls Bitcoin? Who can make changes? What are the incentives of the different stakeholders? The decentralization of Bitcoin mining

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2021.10.22 13:03 Apollokles Multiqueue Deathmatch

I like having the option of FFA deathmatch, but surely one should be able to queue up for all three modes at once. This could be pretty annoying in regions with lower populations, and even elsewhere I'd just like to be able to find a dm match quicker if I don't care which mode I play.
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2021.10.22 13:03 MiniChair First setup: The garage sale and thrift shop special

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2021.10.22 13:03 Different-Special [H] UNiDAYS Student Account | 1 Year Membershıp -5 $ [W] Paypa/BTC

New unused student account, UNIDАУS Verified US/VN/JP
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1-24 business hours delivery.
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2021.10.22 13:03 richjohnston DC Comics introduces trans women to Wonder Woman's Paradise Island

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2021.10.22 13:03 Verrsee I have a passion for computers, above average knowledge, but no idea how to get into the IT field. Suggestions?

I’ll try to just spit as much information out as possible without getting too sentimental.
I’m 22 years old, and have been bouncing around jobs since I was 17. I have experience in retail, food, offices, management, tree cutting, and parking cars. I took an AP (advanced placement) Computer Science class in high school, and took the AP exam. I passed with flying colors, so well to the point where they offered me college credit for the class. I graduated high school in 2017, and began pursuing a degree and certificates in Computer Information Systems. I no longer consider myself a full time student, as I find sitting in lectures doing no hands on work to be incompatible with my optimal learning style. I don’t learn by listening, I learn by doing – and I learn fast. I do have great work ethic, and motivation to excel.
I’ve been a technology fanatic since I was a kid, and when I got my first laptop in middle school, that’s when I started to learn. I wouldn’t say I’m a master of anything, but I know my way around a computer, hardware and software wise.
I can build a computer from scratch in about an hour, configure a BIOS, install an operating system, add and remove software, occasionally write very simple scripts to help automate something… I’ve installed Mac OS onto an Intel-based system designed for Windows. I’ve set up virtual machines, I’ve installed Linux onto a Chromebook for dual-boot capabilities between Chrome OS and Linux. I’ve set up bridged connections on my PC to another device, and have troubleshooted internet connection problems. The list really could go on for a while, I’ve done a lot of niche things, as well as tackled many more general tasks.
I don’t want this to sound like a resume, I just wanted to prove that I have some sort of knowledge – however, I know those words alone won’t get me anywhere, which is the reason for my post.
How can I get into a technology job, if I don’t have a degree? Should I pursue certifications of any sort? Is any of my knowledge going to be useful, or is it all wasted information? I always feel like I need to know more about networking or programming to work in IT, but I have no interest in programming. I’ve tried it, took courses on it, written applications, but my code is terrible and I don’t find it to be very rewarding IMO.
I know this post is all over the place, I just really feel lost in all this and want to set a path for myself and follow it. Unfortunately I don’t know where to start. I appreciate any opinions or suggestions on how to begin my journey.
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2021.10.22 13:03 AnnaDawsonArt Ocean power, soft pastel, 30x40cm, by me, 2021

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2021.10.22 13:03 UwUcreampie Joe mama

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2021.10.22 13:03 LuxCoelho Hey guys shouldn't this sub be banned for covid misinformation? Also, their sub name is the oposite of what they are doing, they are SPREADING misinformation over Reddit with crosspoststhey shouldn't be allowed to have their "safe space" anymore, they are now murderers

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2021.10.22 13:03 Schrodi19 I had a dream that The recluse returned, and it made me realize how much I miss it.

Sorry I'm on mobile so obligatory formatting is gonna suck.
I rant for a little bit, so if you want to get to the dream part, scroll down, I titled it.
First off, I know it's a contraversial gun, but the Recluse was one of my favorites in destiny of all time. The way it felt, the way it killed, the way it sounded, was just... fun. It also helped that it shredded in crucible (maybe a little too much) but I also used it in PvE all the time.
It was the gun that was a must pick in most situations and was probably, single handedly responsible for sunsetting (and probably Not Forgotten).
It brought to me, something that is often missing from Destiny's new meta every season... Fun.
Now, now, before you comment hear me out. If min/maxing and damage output is your version of fun, then good on you. I'm sure your having the time of your life right now with particle deconstruction, focusing lens, and stasis wells (btw stasis well builds are fun, go check out azteccross's videos with his stasis well builds).
My version of fun also includes just weapons that feel good, by themselves. Ones that don't require 6 mods and a firstborn sacrifice just to have them God tier meta.
I'm talking my Arsenic Bite bow with archers tempo and dragon fly, I'm talking Better Devil's, in y1 of D2, I'm talking Risk Runner when you get that first arc damage proc, I'm talking about if Felwinter had told the truth how much heartache it would have saved. Just fun, and Recluse was one of those that just felt fun for me.
And I miss it. So much.
(Also I know that you can use it in normal crucible, and light activities that don't matter, but I just want to use it it trials, raids, and grandmasters)
So, basically it was another Black Spindle mission.
The legend lost sector rotated to Shaft 13, and you play through it as normal. Dream me was feeling nostalgic and like a masochist so I decided to run a 1100 Recluse just to have fun. I've also gotten my girlfriend into destiny and have been showing her the ropes of endgame content (we just completed her first raid actually!) So I was showing her how to progress through a legend lost sector and deal with positioning for champions and legend lost sectors in general.
Once we defeat the boss and open the chest I noticed the end mission timer was different. It was set to 5 minutes, and looked more like a regular mission timer. This confused the hell out of me especially cause I never pay attention to it, I normally just go into my character screen, scrap blues, turn in bounties, and take us to orbit.
However this time I told my girlfriend to start looking around at anything that was out of place, and I started to do the same.
As a Hunter I'm constantly jumping and looking for any vauge passageway I can see. Then I spot it a hole near the top of the limestone/salt walls, near the chest.
After some platforming to get into the passage and a bunch of twists and turns, we emerge into the salt mines, the patrol area north of trost land.
After searching through here my girlfriend then called out to me and said, "Hey, I found this weird fallen thing has an activation prompt on it, but says I don't have access is that normal"
I rush over and say, "No, it's not!"
The teleporter, the fallen teleporter, same one used for the lumina mission and the one for red war.
I notice that I am able to activate it, so I do and step through.
As I step through I show up where you do when you first lost your light in the red war after you left the city, before you meet Hawthorne.
Ghost says something like, "I never thought we'd be back here. Horrible memories, but you pulled through. I never thanked you for finding me after gaul took our light. You kept me safe until we got the light back. You kept me safe like I keep you safe. You were my ghost"
And then I see it, above the mission timer is a title for the mission:
The Widow.
However the mission timer is on less than a minute because we took too long to find the teleporter. And the mission ends before we could progress.
I then dm, text, then call my buddy to get online ASAP and and we start the mission again.
This time we progress throught the starting areas, killing taken adds and progressively harder taken bosses, each area leading into the next untill we get to the farm. We get there with less than a minute to spare. We look around but find nothing. And it ends.
Frustrated that the 5 minute timer is so short, and I'm not doing enough damage with Recluse, I take it off and get a better dps build to try to reach the farm quicker and give us more time to progress. However we get through the lost sector and it ends as normal, no timer.
My girlfriend then suggests that it's because of The gun
So we back out, I equip it and so does my buddy. Then at the end of the lost sector it's different...
10 minutes
"No way, dude." Both my friend and I say at the same time.
So we immediately back out, have my gf buy it from the kiosk, (had to grind for materials, and glimmer) equip it and start the lost sector again...
15 minutes
We had 15 minutes to figure out how to complete this.
I don't remember too much of the details but after the farm, there was some platforming bits that my buddy died on #warlockjump, some more secret doorways, but eventually we found ourselves in Niobe labs.
Nothing was special here except progressing onto the bergusia forge, the forge was laying on the ground and had a prompt that said needs to be powered.
Killed 3 taken bosses, netted us arc charges that we used to power the forge and it started to float/levitate like it used to.
Walking up to the forge again stated that it needed schematics
10-15 runs in we found 3 computers all throughout Niobe that you had to interact with to pull schematics (luckily the were inventory items that persisted so on failed runs you didn't have to find them again)
And when we returned to the forge with schematics in our inventory, the forge just said insert.
After finishing the insert prompt the Recluse was removed from your inventory.
And a taken captain boss spawned.
The boss fights was harder than most things I've done. Partly because of the 3-4 minute timer at this point and we were only using 2 weapons (Recluse spot was empty), partly because his ball that he throws put a 45 second suppression debuff on you. No double jump, no abilities. It sucked.
After we finally defeated the boss. 3 things dropped.
Black armory weapons
Reintroduced with new perks and some new black armory weapons
Black armory Armour, high stat rolls, and 2 sets, the old and a new set
The Widow
It looked like Recluse but had a badass black armory Paint job with a sort of taken ”blood spatter” on the barrel and front of the gun.
It was a legendary with Random rolls, but a perk choice with the god roll, Master Of Arms and Dynamic sway. Also it had a catalyst slot. The first legendary to have a catalyst, you could masterwork it normally to lvl 9, but required the catalyst to fully masterwork.
To get the catalyst we found out that we had to do the heroic version of the mission, which included champions and was a little less time consuming, cause the forge was already powered and we didnt need to find 3 schematics, just one.
A door that was previously closed, lead to an executive office where we found schematics for "the hourglass prototype"
After inserting the hourglass schematics, the boss fight was much easier with The Widow, but still annoying cause it was heroic.
Finishing rewarded us with the catalyst and inserting it gave The Widow a red hourglass badge/charm on the gun (like a black widow) and another perk: Mulligan. Making it just a little better (Also I think the sandbox team didn't want to make it too OP). Also had a masterwork style like adept/timelost where it would buff one main stat, and minor buff a couple others.
After masterworking I immediately loaded into a crucible match (after posting a guide on raid secrets) and I woke up before I could play :(
Not gonna lie, when I did wake up I went to the lost sector and the teleporter just to see. I hoped that Bungie's new ARG was a dream state.
You can teleport but it's to the same clifside, nothing new :(
I know that this is unrealistic, but I just want my favorite gun back, Bungie plz
Also Bungie, if you need someone to help with level design, my subconscious is your guy.
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2021.10.22 13:03 TomDeShorte I have aphantasia and am a screenwriter. Does anyone have any tips to help with writing when you can't visualise the world in your head?

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2021.10.22 13:03 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (TRAFFIC) W HACIENDA AVE / DUNEVILLE ST 10/22/2021 8:44:31 AM incident #LLV211000091330
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2021.10.22 13:03 Jirdann That's it! I'm getting 100 cups of coffee, starting now.

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2021.10.22 13:03 tvcolosi How Dare he congratulate his friend on a career defining achievement

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2021.10.22 13:03 DementorYura Error in Xcode when building a unity game for IOS. How to fix it?

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2021.10.22 13:03 Some-Look33 Interviewer was very talkative. We didn't talk about my work history. Has this ever happened to you?

Normally when I apply to jobs, I have an interview with HR which is then followed by an interview with the hiring managers. I always make it to the last interview, but sadly I never get the job for unknown reasons.
Then comes this interview at a bank for an entry-level IT position. HR sent me straight to the hiring managers for the interview, but one didn't show up. The one that did show up talked the entire hour about the position, the culture, etc. and just the way that he talked made me feel like I already got the job. He didn't write anything down and didn't ask me anything about my background except what I like to do during my free time. At the end of the interview I asked him about the next steps, and he said that they still had one more interview, and then they would let me know their decision in a week.
Has anyone had an interview like this? Did you get the job? It just seems so odd that the interviewer didn't ask me any questions about my work experience. It's been a week since the interview and I haven't heard anything, so I'm thinking I probably didn't get it. Still, I've never left an interview feeling this confused haha.
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2021.10.22 13:03 ZoolShop why its value has rocketed once again

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2021.10.22 13:03 zezzoo24 Map of Tanukhids

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