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2021.10.19 20:59 Unfair_Army7194 cover art

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2021.10.19 20:59 Tatertot004 I got a new pet dog!

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2021.10.19 20:59 rake-satchell If you used 7sage first..

What would you use to up your score the 2nd time around? I need to up my LG overall. I’m good on RC I timed but need to speed up (so that’s just practice I assume). LR I’m 80 but could be better of course. Recommendation?
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2021.10.19 20:59 dariuskunx drogas

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2021.10.19 20:59 compressandequalize 28/M - Click me! I will change your life forever!

Alright so not only I lied, but now you have to read the whole thing (and that includes you, who was about to say "no I don't" and close this tab, stay hereeeee)!
So, hey! How you doin'? Good? Bad? Meh? How do I know if you ain't gonna tell me, eh? It costs nothing and it could spark something! We all have our reasons to want to talk to somebody. For me, I just like meeting new people, and it could be you, you beautiful breathing human being you!

Me, really?
Yes you, bruhbruh, sissis or enbyenby, I mean youuuuu! I'm looking for people from all walks of life, all places, all perspectives, with no limitations!
Even if I'm a nazi?
Aight, with one limitation.
So besides obnoxious, who are you?
Well I am glad you asked, a little bit rudely sure, but I'll let it slide for now:
I live in France, the country of croissants, baguettes, cheese, wine, grumpiness, the word "fin" at the end of movies, and other things that I hope will do the heavy lifting for my noisy personality!
I really am a regular person, strengths, vulnerabilities, the usual. I want conversations that go nowhere, I don't believe a serious conversation is the only way to make souls click. Talk to me with no assumptions, no expectations. Hit me with the first thing that comes to your mind!
Anything else?
Aight, I read all of that, and I'm still not interested.
Bok bok, bukaaaaaawk!
DM me, send me a chat, or say hi on this thread, I'll reply after you get over the goosebumps you just had reading me! Aight peace, stay in school, meat is murder, sunglasses, guitar riffs and cool t-shirts eyyyy
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2021.10.19 20:59 ktb40 Why is this game so bad???

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2021.10.19 20:59 xyeLz Has anyone successfully removed the USB 3.0 cable from the power module?

I'm trying to remove the USB cables from the power module since I simply won't use them (and would love to reclaim the wiring real estate). The USB 3.0 module seems to be difficult. Originally it looked like it might slide right out, but now I'm wondering whether it's glued or otherwise affixed to the PCB?
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2021.10.19 20:59 sinking99 Where do you see yourself in future? What is your end goal?

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2021.10.19 20:59 MaMe0430 🦁🔥

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2021.10.19 20:59 greenishfroggy People from my past (friends) are hateful and hostile towards me because I moved to a different country.

I’m really wondering if any of you guys also suffer from the same thing. I have a couple of people from the past (old friends, colleagues, people who went to school with me) who are extremely hostile towards me. This all started to show up when I left my country in europe and moved to the us with my now husband. From pulling my brother aside during parties to ask him about our finances, how much we make etc to just being extreme mean in group chats. I’ve never done anything to those people and I have no idea why they act the way they do and it makes me really uncomfortable seeing them. I’m thinking about not going to a class reunion because of them. Has anyone ever dealt with something like this?
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2021.10.19 20:59 LeEivu Wat r u up to?

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2021.10.19 20:59 Borkerman Proof the Irish would betray the revolution

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2021.10.19 20:59 CosmoFishhawk2 That time that the US government helped a bunch of Russian Theosophists wander around Tibet looking for the Kingdom of Shambhala [25:54]

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2021.10.19 20:59 artscyents LA/SoCal selling 1 3-Day GA, $250, can drive to meet you within certain distance or overnight mail for a little extra

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2021.10.19 20:59 movieguy95453 Difference in photos of text taken at 1x, 2x, and 3x zoom. Using a higher zoom and stepping back allows for more even focus and lighting.

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2021.10.19 20:59 KonpeitoKiss ウラメシア / 鏡音リン

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2021.10.19 20:59 TheWanderingPigeon HELP!!! My little budgie, Blueberry, (pic below) have suddenly been flying very low, only up to my knee, he has not lost a lot of flight feathers, an he looks very healthy, and is acting normally, too. I want to get as much help as I can. He is eating completely normally(more info in comments)

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2021.10.19 20:59 MinDak_Viking So, my entire world is currently Raging in chat, as Purple is being accused of using the "Hatchet Glitch" to take control of territories. How prevalent is this, and should wars be halted until it's rectified?

And, as an aside, how will those who have been adversely affected by it (losing territories) being "compensated" for it? Will the territories be returned?
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2021.10.19 20:59 MemerThoughts The "fly" on mens boxers or briefs has an unspoken added benefit of putting two layers of cloth between your junk and your pants, to protect against a stray "drip".

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2021.10.19 20:59 SageManeja ¿Qué es el neoliberalismo?

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2021.10.19 20:59 level_orginization What surface cleaner will work best for a 4500 PSI 4.0 GPM machine?

I had thisone originally
It burst near the metal end,
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2021.10.19 20:59 HermAmoeba My boss is an asshole. I just want to watch cartoons...

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2021.10.19 20:59 ye4ye Kanye spotted at McDonalds in Sweden yesterday with a Fresh cut

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2021.10.19 20:59 Jaamac2025 South Africans in Israel: A home from home for white colonialists. Historically, South African apartheid was the model for Zionism in Palestine. A surprising number of Afrikaners are now converting to Judaism and making their home in the occupied territories

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2021.10.19 20:59 dollivarden Webinar: Female Hummingbirds of the Los Angeles Area

As a new birding/hummingbird enthusiast in SoCal, I found this webinar really informative, more so than others I've seen on YouTube.
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