Is this pressure release valve "passive"

2021.10.22 13:40 daft-fish Is this pressure release valve "passive"

I have this installed on top of my res but I just want to make sure I have this right. Will this valve release pressure from my loop on its own without me having to go in and loosen it?
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2021.10.22 13:40 Whiskey_Mojo Titan or Warlock for end game

I am a returning player to D2. I have both a Titan and Warlock leveled up to 1320+ I have a decent amount of exotics for each and can put together some quality builds. However at this point I want to focus more on end game PvE. Grandmaster Nightfalls, Raids, Etc. I'm getting ready to start master working all gear, mods, etc. as well but only want to focus on one class. So my question to the community is...
In your experience with end game and more challenging PvE content have your found one class (Titan or Warlock) offers more versatility or provides more value to the group than the other?
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2021.10.22 13:40 grundle_salad It's becoming clear that many answers for the phenomenon likely exist within the human body.

While doing some research on some of the things Lue said in this recent interview on the Theory of Everything podcast, I stumbled upon this article on researchers figuring out how to encode digital data into DNA. This was the first I’d heard about this and apparently scientists have be doing it since 2012. To be fair, I’m researching this because I don’t know much about it, so for some people this is probably old news.
From the article:

DNA has many advantages for storing digital data. It's ultracompact, and it can last hundreds of thousands of years if kept in a cool, dry place. And as long as human societies are reading and writing DNA, they will be able to decode it. "DNA won't degrade over time like cassette tapes and CDs, and it won't become obsolete," says Yaniv Erlich, a computer scientist at Columbia University. And unlike other high-density approaches, such as manipulating individual atoms on a surface, new technologies can write and read large amounts of DNA at a time, allowing it to be scaled up.
Scientists have been storing digital data in DNA since 2012. That was when Harvard University geneticists George Church, Sri Kosuri, and colleagues encoded a 52,000-word book in thousands of snippets of DNA, using strands of DNA's four-letter alphabet of A, G, T, and C to encode the 0s and 1s of the digitized file. Their particular encoding scheme was relatively inefficient, however, and could store only 1.28 petabytes per gram of DNA. Other approaches have done better. But none has been able to store more than half of what researchers think DNA can actually handle, about 1.8 bits of data per nucleotide of DNA. (The number isn't 2 bits because of rare, but inevitable, DNA writing and reading errors.)
In Lue’s interview, he is asked how long UAPs have been here. Lue says if the members of indigenous tribes are accurate in what they’ve told him, we’ve been dealing with this for millennia.
Here on Earth, it’s really hard to make anything that lasts more that a few thousand years. You can even make the pyramids, and look at them not and say, “Wow, those things are five thousand years old and they don’t look so great. In another five thousand years they’re not going to look good at all. They’ll last until, eventually, you’ll have a little hill of sand in a hundred thousand years. But that’s going to be about it, and that’s made of rock.
Mount Rushmore, same thing. It’s going to be gone in ten thousand years and we probably won’t even recognize it, it’ll be too worn. Even mountains in millions of years become deserts, right? Time moves on.
Then you have these subduction zones on Earth, that if you wait long enough on the surface of the planet it all gets recycled anyways. It’s all going to get sucked down into the mantle and spit out the other end as new land. So nothing is indelible on this planet. It’s constantly changing.
To create something that can last the sands of, time so to speak, is a lot harder than one might think. The few examples that we have here on Earth, that are man made, you can look to things like the pyramids. You can look to things like Stonehenge, but that’s the blink of an eye. These were just made a few thousand years ago and aren’t going to be around for a whole lot of time. That’s just not the way Earth is.
So, if we’re trying to find some sort of marker, chances are you’re not going to find it buried in the Earth unless it only happened in the last five thousand years or so. Even some of the most dramatic examples of terraforming, let’s look at the example of the meteor impact in Arizona. It happened sixty thousand years ago. That’s already filling in. In another hundred thousand years from now, you may never even know anything ever happened because of the processes of Earth and what this planet does. It’s constantly erasing what’s on the surface. It’s constantly burying what lies beneath deeper and deeper and deeper, until it eventually gets recycled.
That’s a hard question. What would last long enough for us to go back and say, “Wow, this is an indicator of alien life on this planet one hundred thousand years ago?” What would you have to do to achieve that, to accomplish that? It’s a lot harder than one might think. Then again, would you recognize it?
One might say, well, DNA. DNA is a perfect example. If you wanted to do something that was enduring for humanity, where we could look back a hundred thousand years and say, “Yes, that was absolutely manipulated by an intelligent life form,” deoxyribonucleic acid may be one way to do it. You could put coding and sequencing in there that will perpetuate over time. And yes, you will have some degradation over generations, but in essence you could do something that way. Basically it’s a biological marker.
So we have to be careful when we say we have to look for evidence, because evidence isn’t necessarily a spearhead found in the Bighorn Mountains eleven thousand years ago. It’s not necessarily a pyramid sitting in the middle of a desert. It could be far more sophisticated than that. You said put it in orbit, right? What if, rather than put it in orbit, we put it in the human body?
Curt follows up and asks if there are places we should be looking for evidence that we currently aren’t. He mentions craft were found, but asks if Lue is saying there may be other places to look for these markers. Lue suggests the moon where there aren’t the same tectonic processes that we have on Earth. Lue then brings up genetic sequencing.
The evidence could be right here, it could be right in front of us. It could be in genetic sequencing. It could even be more obvious than that. It could be the very fact that we’re alive and we’re on this planet is an example of some intelligent life, somewhere, making a decision that life needs to exist on this planet. We need to be open to all of that, we really do. We need to cast a very wide net.
I say all options have to be on the table until they’re not on the table, because you might be surprised. Something super, super intelligent probably isn’t going to build a pyramid that’s only going to last 20,000 years. They’re going to do something that’s far more enduring, something that would would really be, no kidding, many, many years.
It’s common knowledge that our individual immune response is mostly determined by our genetic makeup, which brings me back to comments made by Dr. Eric Davis on how the immune system acts as an antenna for the phenomenon.
The gist of what I know is that the immune system works like an antenna. It absorbs everything in the environment around you. That may be the reason the phenomenon is interested in you because it may know that you have some genetic predisposition it’s interested in. That’s what Garry and Kit’s work is all about.
Why are certain people highly sensitive, to have this genetic predisposition to phenomenon encounters? Then they do these studies using FMRI and what not, so you know the rest of that story. So it seems that there are some people more sensitive than others and it isn’t just in the old brain psychic sense. You might need to throw the immune system into it because the immune system does behave like an antenna, sucks in information, records it and it’s got knowledge.
It may be communicating in its own way, we haven’t fully discovered everything that it does to my understanding, it’s still under study. Genetics is very complicated, it’s not straightforward and it’s not linear. It’s a very non-linear, non-straightforward, counterintuitive thing that produces life, at least on this planet. As far as we know, there’s still much more to be learned. We haven’t learned everything there is to know about it, or to find out about it in making those discoveries. The same goes for the immune system because the immune system is a function of genetics.
AAWSAP also placed an emphasis on studying the immune system and its relation to UAP as described in the book Skinwalkers at the Pentagon.
From the very inception of the program, the research team placed a new emphasis on the human body as a readout system for examining the aftereffects of close encounters. Why? Because the human body, including the human immune system and the brain, are exquisitely sophisticated and sensitive information-processing systems that can be “perturbed” by outside influences, for example a close encounter with a UAP. Beginning in 2008, the AAWSAP scientific staff intuited that the record of that perturbation in the human body can sometimes be unmasked or decoded with the use of immunological, imaging, or chemical approaches.
That research is still ongoing today by the “Invisible College.”
It should also be noted that in the intervening 11 years since the shutdown of AAWSAP in late 2010, members of what Jacques Vallee has termed the “Invisible College” (the network of highly credentialed scientists who have been working for decades on UAPs in secrecy because of the stigma attached to the topic) have taken this pioneering effort to the next level, conducting extremely detailed and state-of-the-art physiological research. The authors recognize that this research has been conducted in secret, and we will not compromise this secrecy in this book.
It has long been understood that the phenomenon has been interested in our genetic makeup, mostly stemming from the recollections of alleged abductees. Honestly, this leaves me with more questions than answers, but there is clearly a connection with our DNA and perhaps, more specifically, our immune system.
Someone really needs to ask Lue if his has utilized his background in microbiology and immunology during his time with AAWSAP and AATIP.
It’s becoming increasingly clear that a lot of the answers for what the phenomenon is, along with its motivations, are located somewhere within the human body.
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2021.10.22 13:40 Entire-Junket1770 The irony is that most evangelicals don’t even practice what they preach….

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2021.10.22 13:40 getyourbreadup69 So bullish needs more volume. I missed out on the other hype stocks but not this one 👀 get in while you can

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2021.10.22 13:40 Hypx Champaign-Urbana presents USA’s first 100% renewable bus hydrogen fleet thanks to NFI

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2021.10.22 13:40 ShortAlgo $JDST waiting for Buy signal on JDST

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2021.10.22 13:40 dirtyharrison Exclusive--Ortiz: Democrats' Reckless Spending Would Turn Stagflation Problem into Crisis

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2021.10.22 13:40 iambatpenguin Exchanges

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2021.10.22 13:40 helelooy LGBTİ'li pasif Zarraf Türkiye aleyhine itirafçı olmuş halk bank davası abd de görülecek. Halk bank kara para aklama ve terör finans etme ile suçlanıyor.

Kel bakan haklı bu ibnelere güven olmuyor ne kadar lgbtl varsa amına koyim ben onların
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2021.10.22 13:40 kozpenz Fosómalacot posztoltak Trump nevében a még el sem indult, de már feltört közösségi portáljára

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2021.10.22 13:40 Remanufacture88 Travel Agents - Has anyone used one recently?

My partner recently was diagnosed with a terminal illness and we want to go on a winter sun holiday while it is still possible. With a lot of stress on our minds in sorting out everything at home, we don't have the brain space to look into booking a holiday. So was thinking to briefing a travel agent to find what we are looking for but didn't know where to start.
If I was to say, we want to go somewhere like X and have a hotel with X facillities, would they come back with options? Does it cost more to do this via an agent? Any recommendations of online travel agents to do this with?
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2021.10.22 13:40 GelatoVerde I guess it can be considered weathered

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2021.10.22 13:40 BanksyOfRussia Красиво

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2021.10.22 13:40 Know_Your_Shit_v2 [LifeProTips] LPT: Potatoes are cheaper than Ramen, have more nutritional value, and will keep you full longer

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2021.10.22 13:40 JohnnyBlanco69 Derelict

Before you start reading this tale there are two rules that must be followed to get the full experience:
1) You must read this story all the way to the end once you start it
2) Any words that are in BOLD must be read aloud.
Of course these rules make no sense now but rest assured everything will be made clear by the time you reach the conclusion of this story. Trust me when I tell you that this will be a chilling tale that you will never forget and one you will want to share with your friends. When you think of the traditional horror stories they usually start on a dark and stormy night. However, the beginning of this tale started out on a clear October day in a supermarket parking lot.
As the sun began to set and the shadows started to lengthen the only available parking spaces were at the far end of the lot. Pulling into the space was done so many times before it was as if I was on auto-pilot. Instead of just getting out of my car and going inside, part of me stood there frozen for a moment to take in what was parked next to me. The make and model of the car escapes me to this day but I can tell you that it was white and both of the right tires were flat. Parts of the passenger door were caved in and both of the side mirrors were missing. The front windshield was a mess of impacts and cracks that made it completely unusable. Pinned underneath one of the broken windshield wipers was a worn piece of paper. Folded upon itself and written in capital letters with a black marker were three words.
This of course piqued my curiosity so unfolding the note my eyes looked for the forbidden knowledge that was to be scrawled upon the page. However, I was quickly disappointed as it only contained gibberish as it was a bunch of words that seemed to have no commonality. Staring at the car for a few moments more I folded up the piece of paper and walked inside to do my shopping. When I came out less than a half hour later the car was still there looking like a derelict. What happened to the owner of this car? Why was it left here in this parking lot?
The rest of that day blended into my usual routine of going home, heating up whatever was bought from the store and watching TV until it was time to pass out. When sleep overcame me it was plagued in a series of nightmares that seemed to revolve around the same theme. Whether it was an abandoned building or a forest straight out of a horror movie there was something chasing me. However, every time that I tried to get a glimpse of what was chasing me it would move directly out of my line of sight.
Eventually dawn creeped into my bedroom signaling the start of another work day and part of me wanted to call in sick. However, still being on probation in my new job forced my hand as a cold shower and hot coffee was the order of the day. As my morning routine progressed the same feeling that was in my nightmares seemed to follow me into the waking world. Part of me felt that I was not alone in this house however, the only occupant was myself. Walking out of a room prompted me to look over my shoulder to make sure there was no one following me.
Heading out to my car was met with the same sense of dread as glancing into my rearview. I could have sworn there was something in my backseat. However, whirling around there was nothing there as before. Could the tendrils of sleep have such a hold on me that these dreadful thoughts were dragged kicking and screaming into the waking world? Or was it my imagination fueled by superstition and a constant diet of horror films?
The commute to work was like any other day with a sprinkle of traffic thrown in for good measure. Of course this did nothing to impede my progress as I always left early enough to accommodate any flaws in my drive. After finding a good parking spot and walking up to the building I saw my own reflection in the mirrored panes of glass. The first pane was just me walking, followed by the second on the third there was a glimpse of something reaching for me. Whirling around in panic there was of course nothing behind me except a confused coworker who was staring at me.
“Hey. You alright?” he asked
Giving off a nervous laugh I nodded “Y-yeah everything is fine. Must have been that horror movie I saw last night. It was really scary.”
He smirked and nodded “Must have been really scary. See you later.”
Part of me wondered if it was my mind continually playing tricks on me or if there was something stalking me just outside my vision. Work was a blur between meetings, lunch and meeting deadlines and surprisingly with no further incidents. As the day wore on things felt as if they were getting back to some semblance of normalcy.
This all changed as I made my way home. The feelings of dread seemed to seep back into my bones as I left the building and headed towards home. Part of me even managed to catch that same reflection of something reaching towards me! Even doing things such as my usual night time routine which consisted of either heating up leftovers or making something quick from whatever was on hand felt off. There always felt like there was someone or something watching right over my shoulder just out of reach.
When sleep finally came it was the same as the night before as something was chasing me through a forest. Of course whatever was chasing me was right outside my vision but the primitive part of my brain urged me forward. Feeling the icy claws wrap around my throat caused me to sit bolt right up in my bed with a scream of terror that split the silence of my serene abode. Sitting there panting in the darkness and afraid to move made me think back to when I was little. After recovering from a nightmare my ears would strain to hear anything out of the ordinary that would be in my room. Shadows would be cast from the nightlight warping my bedroom into something horrific. Eventually sleep would overtake me but those moments were scarier than the nightmare itself.
This game of cat and mouse went on for a week until my mind was starting to break under the strain of something following me. I was convinced that a specter had attached itself to me and wanted to do me in. At some point my life drew me back to that supermarket parking lot and that derelict was still parked in the same spot as before. The car looked as if it had suffered more of life’s indignities as a third tire had now gone flat and most of the windows with the exception of the driver’s side were either broken or shattered.
After parking my car a few spots down I stormed up to this piece of white, rusting junk that seemed to sprawl in its new habitat.
“WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!” shouting at the top of my lungs.
The only things that could be heard were the murmurs and giggles from some of the crowd that was starting to gather. With all my strength my fist reared back and struck the driver’s side panel with a hollow thump. The result was a dent in the door and my hand beginning to throb from the blow. Fuming with anger I got back into my car and tore out of the parking lot like a bat out of hell.
Upon returning home my anger was smoldering like a fire that refused to go out. There had been tricks that I had used in the past to abate my rage however, today none of them worked. From playing violent video games to watching funny moments on YouTube nothing seemed to help. Part of me did not want to go back to sleep as my mind knew that this thing was waiting for me. It was going to be a battle between fear and exhaustion and eventually exhaustion won out making my way towards the bed.
No sooner than my head hit the pillow I was back in that accursed forest. This time there were two words that were repeated on loop so that my feet would stay stuck to the floor.
To my dying day my mind will never let me forget what happened next.
A creature stepped from behind me to stand in front of me in all of its glory. The beast’s arms and legs were twice as long as its torso, which was around six feet long. This thing's skin was a pale, sickly white akin to something of a bloated corpse that recently washed on shore. A crescent shaped head sat on top of a muscular neck giving this thing makeshift horns. Instead of a pair of eyes there were ten to twelve obsidian orbs glaring down at me and while it had no nose there were two slits where one would be. When it opened its mouth wide all I could see were row after row of sharp teeth.
“Why do you not run?” the creature hissed
“B-Because I need to know why you are haunting me!” I shouted back partially in defiance and in fear.
The monster lashed its barbed tail in a mixture of confusion and amusement as it gave a throaty chuckle.
“You spoke the wordssss. You summoned me.”
At that point the realization hit me like a truck. There was no outside force that was haunting me. I had brought this upon myself by not heeding the warning that was on that scrap of paper. This was all my fault and this.. thing would be haunting me until my dying day.
Looking up at this creature it flexed its fingers on its right hand and that is when I noticed that each tip ended in a sharpened bone. Glaring down at me in contempt it raised its arm to strike me and that is when I woke up screaming drenched in a cold sweat. The last words spoken still rung in my ears as the clock shone that it was 3:16 am and I had work in a few hours.
Pacing back and forth in my living room part of me needed a plan to figure out what to do next. Was the creature right? Was I stuck with this thing until it either drove me mad or killed me either accidentally or intentionally? My first course of action was to feign being sick as my job would understand me missing a day as I had not missed one in months. This would allow me to hopefully get some sleep however, right now I was wide awake and did not feel like going back to my bed.
As I settled in front of my computer my mind started to formulate a plan that would help me get out of this mess. This happened partially by accident as great ideas sometimes do as I was scrolling through Reddit and came across a few forums.
This was brilliant.
The words seemed to flow onto the page recounting the past few days of the events that had happened to me. The derelict car, the piece of paper, reading the words all of it captured in a way to hold your interest until the very end. You did follow the rules right? Of course you did and even if you just whispered the words it doesn’t matter.
Soon you’ll feel as if there’s something not right. Like there is something right outside of your vision and it wants to do you harm. That’s right. Because there is. How do you get rid of this thing that plagued me? It is simple.
Share the story with everyone that you know. Friends, neighbors, enemies even that kid that used to pick on you during gym. Once you do this thing will transfer itself to them.
So what are my plans for the rest of the day? After posting this story I will wait for a little while and make sure that someone has read it and then try taking a nap. Hopefully I will have a nice little nap and that feeling will be lifted. Who knows? All I can tell you as you scream and curse at the monitor as you have gotten to this point the only thing I have left to say is this.
You spoke the words.
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2021.10.22 13:40 HiThereImNewHere Billboard and Twitter launch new Top Trending chart, ranking the world's most talked about songs - 231021

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2021.10.22 13:40 Luqkim After sitting in my backlog for months, I’ve finally completed my Gaunt’s Ghosts!

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2021.10.22 13:40 makutreemon PS4/PS5 ranked platinum

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2021.10.22 13:40 ccme-ioffice Workplace Burnout: Symptoms, Causes And Solutions

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2021.10.22 13:40 King-Yellow Why don’t villainous wizards just kill their opposition?

No spoilers beyond movie 5 (Order of the Phoenix) please.
I’m watching the movies through for the first time and I’m very quickly noticing there is no mana system at play. As a result of this, wizards can swish and flick their wands ad nauseam to cast spells of any variety without concern of any limiters.
We’ve seen in movie 4 and now 5 that any wizard is capable of using the murder spell Avadakadavra to take the life of any person, and it holds no consequence to the user. Obviously the wizards of Hogwarts find this spell to be terrible and illegal, so choose to forbid its use.
However, the wizards who were imprisoned in Azkaban and the followers of Voldemort including Voldemort himself have shown no qualms with using such a spell. Why is it then that these wizards do not just kill anyone who stands against them as they did with Cedric and Black? Why do they have to be at the end of their rope to finally cast this spell? If I were a villain, especially one of Voldemort’s prestige, I would simply execute any Hogwarts wizard who stands against me.
Why cast a single expelliarmus when you could just kill your opponent?
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2021.10.22 13:40 cyberprogram Any mods that make everyone declare war on everyone?

I just want a campaign in which there are no allies, and everyone is just at war with everyone, it just seems fun to me. Are there any mods that can do this?
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