I just want a hug from a girl

2021.10.19 13:37 Ilikenani I just want a hug from a girl

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2021.10.19 13:37 Albtraumseele Raunked: I am stuck at platin I 100%

It says i am Platin I and the percentage is at 100%. I won 3 matches so far but it doesnt rank me up. Is this a common issue? Am I missing sth?
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2021.10.19 13:37 somenormi עשינו את זה פטריק, החיינו את התת!

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2021.10.19 13:37 NovavonsLegion art

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2021.10.19 13:37 Odd_Ad5202 I can’t explain it but this pic perfectly explains ADHD. If you know their personalities or the on screen personalities they play, the pure chaos and genius with disappointed fans that know they could do more...?!? 🤣🤣

I can’t explain it but this pic perfectly explains ADHD. If you know their personalities or the on screen personalities they play, the pure chaos and genius with disappointed fans that know they could do more...?!? 🤣🤣 submitted by Odd_Ad5202 to adhdmeme [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 13:37 GreenLoverHH De ce face Facebook atat de putine lucruri (sau chiar nimic) ca sa combata dezinformarea?

De mult ma intreb chestia asta,e clar ca nebunia asta cu teoriile conspiratiei s-a raspandit in mare parte pe retelele de socializare si de aia a devenit si asa de "la moda".
Caz concret ieri,ma uitam random pe facebook si tot asa de random mi-a aparut un post despre numarul mortilor de covid in ziua anterioara,nu mai stiu ce pagina era,nici nu conteaza,ma uit in comenturi acelasi val de oameni carora le curge o bala,dau haha cat pot si imi atrage atentia un comentariu de genul "HAHAH CRETINILOR O SA VEDETI VOI IN 2 ANI CAND O SA MURITI TOTI CEI VACCINATI CU SERUL EXPERIMENTAL" intru putin pe profil,avea un nume de genul Geta nu mai stiu cum si in paranteza era ceva scris in rusa,wall-ul era plin de cacaturi conspirationiste de la site-uri dubioase,deci clar era bot,dau report ieri seara,azi dimineata ma trezesc cu notificare de la facebook "we could not find anything wrong with this account".
La fel si in trecut,imi trimiteau diversi oameni/prieteni cacaturi conspirationiste nici nu le raspundeam,aruncam un ochi peste titlu de obicei,bezna mintii,direct haha si dupa report,cred ca 99% din posturile alea sunt si azi pe facebook si au facut zeci daca nu sute de mii de likeuri si share-uri.
Deci,de ce e compania asta asa de indiferenta la lucruri care efectiv omoara o gramada de oameni?
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2021.10.19 13:37 littlecutieprincess sheesh

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2021.10.19 13:37 JimminyCrickety Don’t miss them, don’t ever want to hear from them again. But still think about them all the time. Anyone else?

Is this the same for anyone else? Why does it happen? I don’t miss them anymore and I never want to see or hear from them again. I’ve done months of no contact and it has helped so much. But, when I'm on my own, I still think about them, everyday, what are they doing, are they with someone, the hurt they caused me. Do I ever escape this?
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2021.10.19 13:37 SplashinDap0t Looking for 90mm replacement fans!

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2021.10.19 13:37 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - The S.E.C. Weighs In on Meme-Stock Mania | NY Times

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2021.10.19 13:37 blue-moon-motel thats fucked up 😐

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2021.10.19 13:37 Admiral_pumpkin Gme FUD is an awesome sign!

The GME folks posts are full of FUD about AMC. It’s blowing up. I call bull. This is a ploy to try and get people to sell AMC and to be honest it’s pretty smart. These hedgies are trapped in two huge plays right now. it’s impossible to survive two but if they can bring it down to one that improves their overall survival chances. The amount of attack is equal to the amount of desperation. Sure, there may be a few gme people desperate to get more investors but most of these write ups are shills. As someone else pointed out, the closer you get to your target the more enemies you encounter. We’re getting close folks!
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2021.10.19 13:37 PixieLayne420 This Christmas season, remember…..

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2021.10.19 13:37 Critical_Computer_75 little OGP sign

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2021.10.19 13:37 cfsrob Reppin the Shiba Army

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2021.10.19 13:37 macxcheeze For those in currently dating or in committed relationships

How do navigate the dating scene or your own relationships with the disorder? Do you have any pointers?
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2021.10.19 13:37 SalDu92 Giratina raid 7101 0898 5552

7101 0898 5552
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2021.10.19 13:37 AmandaLake777 WOW😍First big steps by chick.Very vocal fluffy ball :) 19.10.2021 Peregrine Falcon FalconCam Project CSU

WOW😍First big steps by chick.Very vocal fluffy ball :) 19.10.2021 Peregrine Falcon FalconCam Project CSU submitted by AmandaLake777 to birding [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 13:37 _W_I_L_D_ Just got called 'miss' for the first time one the phone. Three times actually.

I'm going to cry tears of joy. I literally jumped from happines after I hung up. In public.
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2021.10.19 13:37 Sea_Blacksmith_7228 ⚛️ REWARD HUOBI TOKEN ⚛️ Stealth Launch ⚛️ Listed On PancakeSwap ⚛️ Liquidity locked ⚛️

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☑️ We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!
We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...
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2021.10.19 13:37 MajorDaikon Who is the "Ben shapiro" of the left?

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2021.10.19 13:37 Familiar-Explorer188 cups

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2021.10.19 13:37 arpitsir Best SEO Company in Lucknow - Top SEO services company in lucknow

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2021.10.19 13:37 Unlucky_Adventure Looking to get a Monoprice mini delta v2 but I have questions

As it says that's thats printer I want (I don't feel super safe with a resin one since I'm setting it up in my room) and I have a question I use chromebook and am wondering is it going to be able to work with the Monoprice Delta or should I look into getting something else I was interested in the Ender 3( base model or Pro) but have the same concern.
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2021.10.19 13:37 Mister_Ef Relisten: We're Alive - Chapters 4 through 6

Since We're Alive is new to Rusty Quill, we're doing a relisten (or, for some of you, a first time listen, that's totally OK). Go ahead and discuss the episodes here. Discussions under this post may contain spoilers up to and including the episodes in the title. Spoiler tags are not required for those episodes. Spoiler tags ARE required for anything after the episodes in the title.
So come on, listen to the episodes, and join the discussion!
Chapter 4 - Rules and Regulations

(S1E10-12, pub. August 3-17, 2009)
Part 1: The survivors move to retake the tower floor by floor. Dissension starts to grow as Michael establishes a new set of rules for the apartment building.
Part 2: The goals and jobs given to the survivors are starting to be implemented. One of the survivors becomes suddenly ill.
Part 3: The events of the past have spurred a new directive: to document everything that happens in a journal. Problems is the tower lead to a small scale revolt.
Chapter 5 - Lady and the Tink
(S1E13-15, pub. August 30 through September 14, 2009)
Part 1: Saul, Lizzy and Burt tell the tale of their mission to the refueling station. Along the way they find remnants of a huge battle.
Part 2: Our small detachment of survivors venture to the refueling station. They decide to make a detour to see if Saul's girl survived the attacks.
Part 3: Burt and Lizzy return to the fuel depot to find out what happened to Saul.
Chapter 6 - The Remains of Eastern Bay
(S1E16-18, pub. September 28 through October 12, 2009)
Part 1: The fuel team heads back to the tower with the fuel truck. A couple of other suspicious survivors come in contact with Burt, Lizzy and Saul.
Part 2: A compromise is made and our team separates. Saul follows the Mallers back to their home to find out some disturbing information.
Part 3: Saul is discovered as he makes radio contact with the tower. An onslaught of mallers and zombies stalk him as he tries to escape.
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