[8] 2234 encounters later, and I have my favourite birb!

2021.10.19 22:02 DasmasBootay [8] 2234 encounters later, and I have my favourite birb!

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2021.10.19 22:02 mottbox My first build: 5800x / 6800xt /Phanteks

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2021.10.19 22:02 gregg5154 Damn this bitch dry no new content??

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2021.10.19 22:02 jonesin4thewin Are similar messages across different shows agendas, coincidences or just inspired?

Have you ever noticed similar messages in the different shows you watch? There seams to be the same message on two of the latest shows I recently watched on Netflix. Im not the only one that picked up on the messages. I was able to find a couple articles written on the topic. This is what I noticed. The message is , American Muslims have been discriminated against in law enforcement , thru racism and fear post the 911 attacks. Two characters on two different Netflix shows, describe how they have had to overcome major obstacles to get to where they are because they are Muslim. The two characters point out that they are discriminated against on a couple occasions, based on the fact that they are Muslim. Unfortunately I can see why this is probably true. Culture issues and signs of the times, often pop up in our arts , music and story’s. Stories are pulled from real life experience or witness to the experience, often times during the creation process. Considering what we know about human nature and our culture’s history, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to consider this perspective as truth.
The two shows I’m referring too on Netflix are; MidnightMass and Clickbait. Each show has a character playing a law enforcement agent, that has had to navigate discrimination, because they are practicing Muslims. One plays Sheriff Hassan in (Midnight Mass) and the other Detective Roshan Amiri , in (Clickbait.)
Both characters have a scene in their own show , where they specifically talk about the issues they have faced being American Muslims post 911. The first scene is a monologue scene with Sheriff Hassan from (Midnight Mass). His monologue goes on about his characters experiences with discrimination, racism and how he’s overlooked by his Superiors. Hassan is purposely demoted and moved around despite being well qualified for the positions he was seeking. He says it’s because the powers to be were too scared to have a Muslim with so much access to security intel and clearance. The other character is Roshan Amiri, from the show (Clickbait). Roshan speaks about his career as a law enforcement agent, and the struggles he experienced, as he climbed his way to the position of Detective, while facing the same kind of problems as Hassan from (Midnight Mass).
When I noticed these two similar messages, in the two Separate shows, I decided to do a writers search to see if both shows were written by the same writeco-writer. To my surprise they weren’t. So this could mean a few things.
One: The executives of the network or the people with the final say, pick and choose certain messages to be included in their shows based on cultural issues they feel are important to address. This example could get scary when you think about how much power that would give one group of people.
Second: Some might say the universe gives messages, and artists pick up on those messages, and share them thru their writing. Some think it’s the collective consciences, and those in tune with it are the ones that receive it. I think there’s a truth to that theory but I don’t now if that applies to this situation or not. Both shows are owned by one network and released within a short time of each other. It seams more than just coincidence. The universe giving messages theory could be a Main topic all together. I mean religion comes from this theory, except in religion, it’s usually one leader that receives the message but in the non religion theory, it goes to whoever is willing to receive it and bring it to reality, examples; writer, painter, musician, film director.
Third: There’s an agenda. What kind of agenda or why have one at all ? Maybe it’s to gain the trust and hearts of the culture and to ease up on the fears and anxieties felt about the ideology of the Muslim culture post 911 attacks. It’s completely possible that messages are put in our shows. It does happen, quite a bit in our media and news. By putting messages in our shows and films , the agenda what ever it may be, is able to grow quietly and slowly. This is done by planting a seed of thought and getting into peoples sub conscience and slowly shaping our perspective. This is done by planting an idea and watching it grow in the minds of the vieweobserver . The bigger question would be, if the agenda theory is true, then who’s agenda is it and why? Maybe the agenda is just what it was portrayed to be, maybe America Muslims are just tired of the racism and discrimination and they want their voice to be heard and treated fairly. What do you think ? Is it just a coincidence, maybe a glitch in the system or is there something there? You decide, Agendas, coincidences or just inspired?
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2021.10.19 22:02 Perin_Sofia886 Bitcoin chief executive raises price

Bitcoin chief executive raises price
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2021.10.19 22:02 Baron_Beat Avatar ideas

Manifestations: Representations of a god with full access to the memories and to a lesser extent the powers of their god. The extra identity or alter ego of the god.
Incarnations: The Devine power of a god condensed down and incarnated into a mortal form. They are exactly as the god intends them to be because they are constantly aware of everything going on with them, so they will usually have similar thoughts, skills and traits of their god. They have limited mortal lifespans and are almost indistinguishable from normal people.
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2021.10.19 22:02 Throat_Silent Underbarrel shotgun mod for 1911

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2021.10.19 22:02 Kevinn_Yeah Do yall trust the dealer / shops to change and rotate your tires?

Context is I ended up in an apartment with no real feasible way to swap my snows on aside from asking around with coworkers for using garage space to use, or to get a shop to do it. Is it simple enough to label your tires with which ones you want going on each wheel and providing them the lug nuts to use?
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2021.10.19 22:02 SOTRBlueBirdsFly Thoughts on The Lodge for housing?

Looking at the 2x2 options for next year and was wondering if anyone had negative or positive experiences living there?
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2021.10.19 22:02 Yopped Can someone please explain DeMorgans Law in the simplest way?

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2021.10.19 22:02 Papa_Corgo Unknown

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2021.10.19 22:02 InThePews Married priest & former Anglican Fr. Charles Hough III

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2021.10.19 22:02 nspsohelbd What a wonderful sight the flowers in my garden. So lovely🌹🌹💖

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2021.10.19 22:02 Palpitation-Medical Employment legal advice VIC

I am in a predicament, in which I am currently on workcover with my employer and I have been offered a role with another company. By the time my notice period is up, I won’t require workcover anymore. Do I legally have to disclose to the new employer that I am currently on workcover? I am still working but limited hours. Once my employment is up at my current employer, the workcover will cease. I will then start the new role at normal capacity.
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2021.10.19 22:02 Peerism1 Collection of Kaggle Past Solutions (to learn ideas and techniques) (r/MachineLearning)

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2021.10.19 22:02 Sorry_Figure_1023 Clean bowl 🥣

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2021.10.19 22:02 Sir-LanZilat Is Midsommar more fucked up than brightburn

I understand that these two movies are completely unrelated and separate, but which is one is “worse” i guess?
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2021.10.19 22:02 Darkagent8 Discord

My discord recently got hacked and I can't join the spelenky discord from my new one any recommendations
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2021.10.19 22:02 KatalDT Willing to travel for a car - How do I make sure a dealership doesn't do a bait and switch?

I'm looking to get a 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness. Not TERRIBLY picky on colors/options, but the closest place that claims to have them is a three hour drive.
I'm not trying to cut the craziest deal or anything at all, I understand the current climate. But I don't want to travel 3+ hours and have them say "Ohhh the last Wilderness just rolled off the lot, but we have three non-turbo base versions over here!"
Sorry if this sounds accusatory - I had this happen to me once years ago and have been nervous to travel for a car since then. Anybody have any advice to help prevent that scenario? I'm worried that saying nothing about how far I am when I call will make them brush it off and willing to do a bait and switch, but I'm also worried that saying something will have somebody who's more unethical try to use a sunken cost fallacy against me (oh you've already spent your whole day, why not test drive this Crosstrek?) or something.
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2021.10.19 22:02 Peerism1 Mapping an image to a 3D face model (iPhone AR compatible) (r/MachineLearning)

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2021.10.19 22:02 2_Blue Since most of the food is now stuck to the stove, Eudora's mother decides to eat supper in the kitchen . . .

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2021.10.19 22:02 oranguhank What are you currently spending the most time researching?

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2021.10.19 22:02 raysofdavies Biden tells Democrats that package of up to $1.9 trillion should be new target of talks

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2021.10.19 22:02 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Science] - Science cuts in Autumn budget would threaten prosperity, says ex-minister | BBC

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2021.10.19 22:02 ZeEa5KPul China’s most powerful solid rocket motor tested

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