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M81 fits perfect

2021.10.17 23:04 AertilleryBoi M81 fits perfect

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2021.10.17 23:04 WilcoRoZ Kirk this week (and all year)

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2021.10.17 23:04 LuttLuck007 What is the Worse Starter Trio?

Hey ya'll, I was just having a discussion with friends about which starter trio is the overall worst in the series, and we couldn't come to a clear conclusion. Two of them argued that gen 6 had the worst trio, with all the final evos being either boring, ugly, or overrated. The other argued that gen 8 had the worst, with them all being too humanoid and uninteresting. Personally though, I believe gen 5 is the worst
First off, no second type on 2 of the starters (I hate mono type starters), and the only one that does is fire/fighting, which was the third fire/fighting starter in a row. Secondly, there's so much missed potential on Samurott. It was screaming watefighting, with it literally being a Samurai Otter, but was just mono water because they didn't want a repeat of fighting in the starters. Lastly, Seperior (My first ever starter) is disgustingly weak without its hidden ability, and with there being so many cool grass types introduced there's nothing that makes you want to keep Serperior because there's nothing besides looks that makes it unique. It feels like the game basically forces you to choose Emboar, because it gets a second type and is overall just stronger than the other two, which is a problem if you don't like its design. Its due to the mispotential, unfairness between choices, and overall weakness that I believe its the worst trio.
I really want to see where the community stands on this though, as its a very touchy subjective from what I've seen. Remember though, anything anyone says is a subjective opinion, you may really like Emboar's design, and as such don't think the trios as bad as I do. Just be respectful and feel free to share, I would have done a poll but they only allow 6 options so it wouldn't be fair.
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2021.10.17 23:04 Far_Conversation4876 Still new to this and want advice...

I'm like two weeks in, I have Kael and Ninja six starred. My epics are Aox, Fang Cleric, High Khatun (pulled her early from shard), Oathbound, and Seeker, these are all either 5 or 4 star. I also have Warmaiden, Apothecary, and Elhain both at five star.
Question is, who should I focus on next? And what should I be focusing on in the game? I already have done campaign all the way to nightmare.
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2021.10.17 23:04 HerGoldia Just for Fun! Team AOF vs Fatal Fury in one minute~ [KOF2002UM]

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2021.10.17 23:04 ruscaire What y’all think bout this is this the right place ?

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2021.10.17 23:04 jolasveinarnir Quest for Tarokka Deck?

Hey guys! One of my players is playing the homebrew Occultist (Oracle subclass) by KibblesTasty. The party just got their tarokka reading and he was so hyped and really wants to get to use a tarokka deck — I’m sure I could use the resources here to let him read with the deck, but I’m just wondering how you guys would let him acquire one? I know technically RAW it’s only usable by Vistani, but I figure he should be able to figure it out with his whole divination thing. So, any ideas for him to get a Tarokka deck or instruction in one? I assume the Vallaki Vistani will be the best opportunity for it.
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2021.10.17 23:04 rabbit_wizard Harry's go to spell against Voldy's go to spell

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2021.10.17 23:04 CDP1339 Black & White Beauty.

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2021.10.17 23:04 nevertoolate1983 Defying the laws of physics

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2021.10.17 23:04 Vegito_is_kinda_cool I just realized why I'm not too big on how Axl was designed in Strive

Let me preface by saying I've mained Axl in ACR, Xrd, and Strive. And after getting consistently frustrated when playing Axl in Strive I think I realized why. If I'm being honest, I kinda miss how Axl was more of a mid-range offense character before. Now he just feels like a keep away zoner character. I mean like, he has better zoning now, but it definitely feels like they gutted his mid-range offense aspect a bit. Before if he wanted to zone he could zone, but he could still play aggressively if he wanted to. He also had a few defensive options whereas in Strive he has none. No defensive options and small stages make it very easy for Axl to get cornered, so it feels like the best option for Axl is to zone the opponent out. Also getting cornered as Axl really hurts since high damage and no meterless defensive options makes it feel like one mistake is all it takes for Axl to lose a round if you don't just want to zone the opponent out.
In AC+R Axl had a few moves that were plus on block, 3P was standing low that was plus and a solid meaty option in both ACR and Xrd. Raiei Sageki (or thunder shadow chain in xrd), could crossup the opponent and was even plus in xrd. Rensen also had far less startup in those games as well. That being said Strive Axl's rensen goes fullscreen as opposed to going halfscreen. His zoning game is far better than it was before, snail is good for getting better positioning after his long range pokes (j.S, 5P, 2P, 2H) and rainwater can be useful for once again better positioning, ending blockstrings, and occasionally fake outs.
I'm not saying Strive Axl is a bad character by any means, I think he's pretty solid especially if you like zoning. I just feel like the way I like playing Axl was far more of a viable option in Xrd/+R. It feels like they just kinda specialized him to that one playstyle of zoning while making mid-range offense centered Axl far less viable. His below average health, low damage and lack of defensive options makes it feel like the only viable way to play Axl is to completely shut the opponent out with his zoning. It felt like I could use my long range tools to pressure the opponent in ACR especially with vacuum normals, but in Strive it feels like I should only try to close the gap if it's time for bomber loops.
Sorry for my long, whiny rant, that was kinda all over the place. And if you have any tips on how to effectively play Axl as a mid-range offense character feel free to share them, although I'm kind of disappointed in how Axl plays right now I definitely don't want to drop the character.
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2021.10.17 23:04 lurkylurky11 Is my mom a narcissist?

She gives alot of back handed compliments, She lies and makes up stories to make herself look good. She never give a straightforward answer. She like to say no to small requests or make big deal out of it. She gaslight alot. She lies about her age. She get defensive when asked about her age.
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2021.10.17 23:04 NESpahtenJosh Tobey loves to pose for the camera.

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2021.10.17 23:04 WidePuuutin yo guys

yo guys
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2021.10.17 23:04 R_G_Marigold "Failed to rename temporary FST" or "Failed to write new FST" when trying to launch via .bat file?

I'm trying to set up a shortcut on my desktop to open both dolphin and the system menu with one click, and it mostly works, except that it throws up one of those two warnings before it launches the second window and wont open it until it's closed. The command line doesn't exit either. Here's the code in the .bat file

@ echo off
cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Emulation\Dolphin-x64\"
start "" "Dolphin.exe"
start "" "Wii-Cube.lnk"
"Wii-Cube.lnk" is a shortcut that opens the system menu. If I remove either of the start commands, and just have one of them run, the whole thing works perfectly. No errors, and the command window closes. What's causing the error? and what can I do about it?
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2021.10.17 23:04 MysteriousTeaching33 Quick- which trade should I do!

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2021.10.17 23:04 Snowballo Artics 7P and PS5 autoswitch issue - Isn't fixed yet?

I've bought these in black version and they are great. I'm pretty sure I've not met this issue before tonight but maybe I've simply haven't noticed it untill now. When you turn the Artics on they start working. But when you turn them off you cannot hear the tv/soundbar because the PS5 (or Artics) isn't able to autoswitch the audio to the system. Of course in AUDIO SETTINGS the autoswitch is active. But it doens't work. The only way to solve it is going (everytime) in AUDIO SETTINGS and manually switch it.

  1. Do you all are having this issue with PS5 and Artics 7P?
  2. No fix yet? (I've seen post date 11 months ago with the same issue)
  3. Does it depends on the Artics or on the PS5?
Thanks for help.
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2021.10.17 23:04 MrSkrrrrt *Whispy*

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2021.10.17 23:04 Danielle_Cross Cross dressing in Las Vegas

Doing a little google today I ran across this site https://divalas.vegas/. Looks like a great idea. Unfortunately I am staying around town this Halloween. It got me to thinking is there any other cross dressing related events in Vegas this next year?
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2021.10.17 23:04 SauceGodChaosYT Does Good Editing Make You A Good Youtuber?

So i watched a video recently about do you need to be a good editor to be a youtuber and really has got me thinking. For myself i’m so confused If I need to edit crazy things in my video but then I again I make videos on apex. But when we see other youtubers they don’t do anything crazy, they really just bring out their personality and just upload.
Even though it’s important to have a good storyline in your video to keep people watching. Now i’m confuse how other youtubers are doing it and I’m not comparing it’s just now I don’t know what to do with my content going forward.
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2021.10.17 23:04 Ok-Mirror6727 Lauren Alexis

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2021.10.17 23:04 Rusty_Kuntz1022 [Breitling x Yema] gifts to myself

Promotion, birthday coming up. A few years of grinding my way up buying/fixing/selling watches. I have a great family, my dumb hobby, and I know peace. Have a great rest of the weekend watch-friends. ✌
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2021.10.17 23:04 OregonEvan Just Picked up my dream LC500 from Chicago then had the opportunity to drive it all the way back to Oregon. Approximately 2400 miles. I am 38 years old and could consider that a major high point in my existence. The car is Smokey Granite/black interior and is equipped with every factory option.

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2021.10.17 23:04 PrimoPumpkin2 So We Met Charildamelio on Call of Duty #shorts #modernwarfare

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2021.10.17 23:04 queengreen2019 what qualifies as “typical use” with birth control?

like does taking them but missing a pill count as “typical use” and there’s a 91% chance im protected from pregnancy? what about if i miss a week of pills in a row, then are my chances still 91%? im guessing the percentage drops based on how accurate you use the pills but where did they come up with the 91% number then?
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