✨ Hi everyone! I'm doing commissions, DM if interested ✏️| 3 slots left | Art by me 🐐

2021.10.17 23:59 monstrgoat ✨ Hi everyone! I'm doing commissions, DM if interested ✏️| 3 slots left | Art by me 🐐

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2021.10.17 23:59 iscmbard Winter class workload

Anyone know what the workload is like for a winter session class? I was thinking of taking SOC 332.
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2021.10.17 23:59 jbraden The more the price drops, the better your unMineable results are. While we aren't millionaires, you should be taking advantage of passive tokens.

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2021.10.17 23:59 sbbrown333 My Game 2 Shirt

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2021.10.17 23:59 Idontlikethecolor41 who has the best fashion? (this will affect wich character I'll be reping up next)

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2021.10.17 23:59 Thegreenmapper Tsar

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2021.10.17 23:59 godfree2 term for antivaxxers PROCOVID C.A.S.T.

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2021.10.17 23:59 kappapridelolz Utaha Edit that I made!

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2021.10.17 23:59 marvinthymartian Currently in biology class, how's it going?

Hey! I'm an 18 year old Kiwi that's looking to talk to someone :)
I am studying for a degree in science and I think I'm doing fairly well. I have finally come to terms with chemistry. If you're also looking for a career in science come you should totally talk to me!
My hobbies consist of games whether it's COD, battlefield, HOI4 or stardew! and others..! If you're wanting to play possibly, I play on pc, though I'm also up for crossplay!
I prefer to talk to people on reddit chat first, then discord. Sorry I am not active on any other platforms. Try to introduce yourself with something you like or a funny joke? Try not to just say hey please!
I'm up to talk about anything! just be friendly and LGBTQ friendly as well!
Hope to see you soon!! :)
I AM NOT looking to be in discord servers, I am not active in them!
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2021.10.17 23:59 cancerousking every week I gain 5 years

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2021.10.17 23:59 Iviskar The Tale of The Sword and Soul, or How the Gnoll Saved The Party Despite The Odds

Hello, long time fan and lurker of critcrabcontent.
I have been DMing a game of Descent into Avernus with my lovely group of players for about a year now. In that time we've had some laughs, some tears, and ultimately one of the most exciting and engaging campaigns I've ever had the pleasure of DMing, so I decided to grab one of our favorite stories and throw it in here to share with you guys.
For context, the party consists of a Gnoll cleric/lock (worshiper of Ilmater but servant of Yeenoghu), a kobold very short Dragonborn paladin, a Goliath blood hunter and wereshark, and (at the time) a Human mystic. This part comes from the early beginnings of the game, when the party hadn't yet cemented it's name and they were just getting into the swing of things as a team (I believe they were somewhere around level 3-4). They were clearing out a dungeon full of death cultists in the sewers of Baldur's Gate and were on their second attempt (the party had retreated due to a cave collapse and a suicide-by-fireball from one of the necromancers) and things were relatively quiet thus far. Using the Blood Hunter's keen sense of smell as a wereshark the party was able to track down the scent of freshly spilt blood. They came into a room full of sarcophagi to realize that a woman was trapped in one of the coffins and drowning inside since she couldn't get out. With a deft "I flip open the coffin" from the Blood Hunter she came tumbling out covered in the blood from inside. She was unhurt and in a pretty bad state of shock but otherwise okay. The Gnoll, being the good boy he is, offered to take her back to the manhole cover they'd descended from and let the rest of the party continue on its way through the catacombs.
This is where things begin to get interesting.
As it turns out, the woman they'd 'rescued' was actually a cultist in disguise planning to assassinate the party one by one, and as the Gnoll took her farther from the rest of the party, she took her chance to stab him in the back.
The Gnoll let out a massive howl as she snuck out invisibly to line up another shot and the rest of the party began their race to get to him before she could. Begin initiative! It was a race against the clock as she stabbed the Gnoll and ran away repeatedly, the fight was relatively one sided for the first half and the party was helpless to aid him due to the maze like structure of the sewers. But right when it looked bleakest, the Gnoll tore into her with a series of back to back hits that crippled the cultist and left her at single digit hp. Then, the Gnoll's patron reared it's ugly head. Yeenoghu had her grips in the Gnoll and he killed her against his own will.
When the party got to him it was already too late, he was a mess, trying to piece together her body and in the throes of sorrow at what he'd done. He truly wanted to spare her and couldn't bare to have let his bestial instinct slip. The rest of the party was speechless, mouths agape. The Mystic basically raised him as a surrogate father, the Paladin was shocked that his timid and kind hearted friend could fly into such a rage, and the Blood Hunter was silent.
The Blood Hunter walked foreword, placed a hand on his shoulder, and simply said,
"Go home."
That was it. In the silence of the moment none of us could react, the Gnoll was broken and in shambles and all that he could do was tuck tail and do what he was told. Out of character we were all misty eyed as he slowly departed.
In spite of the events that transpired, the party had to push on. Eventually the Paladin, the Mystic, and the Blood Hunter all made their way into the secret cave that the cult used to hold it's equipment and stolen goods. Atop a pile of bones and rubble stood the cult's champion, a behemoth of a man with a skull for a face and blades for hands called Death's Head. With battle cries from both sides and the sounds of skeletons rising from the knee deep sewer sludge initiative was rolled.
Immediately the Blood Hunter was swarmed on all sides by undead, as the wereshark was deemed the biggest target, and he was clubbed by one of Death's Head's living minions being nearly stun locked due to the injuries he'd sustained (due to a sad series of crits and low rolls he was nearly put out due to the injury table we'd all decided to use) but was able to soak up the damage due to resistances and his massive hp pool. The Paladin was barely keeping himself in play, being a glass canon his only defense was to be able to ride the Blood Hunter like a mount due to his small stature (something I'd ruled he could do due to Rule of Cool. Him and the Blood Hunter even invested in getting a saddle and the mounted combatant feat earlier on). Death's Head was being barely held off by the Mystic, who was bombarding him with mystic powers~ and keeping him from engaging melee with the rest of the party but not really being able to do much damage to him.
Things were looking grim for the party as the skeleton horde seemingly had no end in sight, the Blood Hunter was on the verge of loosing himself to his lycanthropic curse, the paladin was on the verge of a tearful retreat, and Death's Head was beginning to exhaust the Mystic's capabilities. Death's Head was able to break through the Mystic's defenses and brought him down with a massive series of blows, finally turning his gaze to the Paladin and Blood Hunter when suddenly a crossbow bolt slammed into him.
The Gnoll was back to the sounds of cheers through the discord call, fueled by courage and dedication to his god Ilmater and he brought backup. The Gnoll had brought a captain of the Flaming Fist with him and was here to do nothing but kick undead butt, blasting radiant damage and crossbow bolts into the horde. Next, the best series of rolls I'd ever seen ensued.
Now, the Blood Hunter was carrying two sets of injuries on him, each barring off his action with a DC15 con check. On top of that, Death's Head had been stunning him with a paralyzing gaze and he was at the edge of his sanity trying to holdback his wereshark rage. Things were bleak for him but, the player was as cool and collected as ever. He was in his element, this kind of punishment would be a theme of this player and character. On his turn he had to make four saves, Wisdom to not go feral...
Wisdom against the paralyzing gaze...
Injury 1...
Injury 2...
And with the skeletons having been cleared by the combined efforts of the Paladin, the Gnoll, and the captain, it was like watching a chainsaw rev up in a room full of trees begging to be chopped down. He ran up to Death's Head and tore into him! All of his attacks landing and, with the power of blood hunter extra damage and order of the lycan bonus action hits, he nearly killed Death's Head and on the subsequent round was able to not only dodge all the attacks thrown at him but finally behead Death's Head and let out a monstrous roar.
The party made it out of the hardest fight they'd ever faced, and honestly the most difficult fight they'd face for almost a year of gaming later. The Gnoll was able to save the Mystic and reconcile with the party and they were finally able to have some RnR. This blood bath truly was the moment that made them, even though they wouldn't be dubbed the Sword and Soul till about a month later this was when they'd truly earned the name. Many other stories I'd love to share came after this and even before this but I think at this point you've all had enough of me gushing and bragging over my players. Until next time!
Tl;Dr The Gnoll is torn between serving his god and his patron and leaves the party only to come back in time to unleash a shark shaped bayblade into the boss fight that nearly ended in a TPK.
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2021.10.17 23:59 LocalJoeT Widespread Red Candles on ALTS Today

What was with the mass red candle selloff today (hourly)? Volume showed it. Looks to be coming back, but looked like a collaborative effort.
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2021.10.17 23:59 elord2002 Asmaa Galal is so hot in that dress 🥵

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2021.10.17 23:59 SeatstayNick Connect Garmin HR and Directo XTR directly to Apple TV without companion app?

Is there any way to do this without the app? I've been trying to watch as many videos as possible to figure this out and I'm coming up short. There was one video that said there was a prompt to direct connect to Apple TV near the blue tooth icon on the top left of the connection page, but I am not able to ass that option at all.
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2021.10.17 23:59 furxss CIIP Project

To any 2nd years, any tips u can provide to help me succeed on the slidedeck portion of this assignment? I feel like I’m starting to overthink it, if u could provide an example of ur work from last year id appreciate that thanks
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2021.10.17 23:59 Astromage102 I am in need of help and advice, please.

so, yeah, hi, I will do this post anonymously and I really hope someone will help me. A few years ago I managed to reach a closed goal of a month but then my life took so many stressful turns that I did not have the will enough to get away from the vice. In recent months I have started a hard stage in my current job and with the pandemic my urge to masturbate has consumed me, too much, I am ashamed to accept that I have abused masturbation too much because of the stress that my current job in the kitchen generates. by this day an hour takes 5 days since i started to commit to getting better, right now it's 120 hours without porn, completely away from an orgasm and I'm starting to feel really bad.
My neck hurts, I can't concentrate, I feel a giant weight on my back and constant stress during the day, and today is Sunday, I'm not working, i am just trying my best to chill at home and i can't. I fully understand what this means and I am worried, I have become dependent on this feeling to release the weight of negative charges in my life but that scares me, I feel like I have no fix, I am scared for my health, I need someone to support me , anyway.
Thank you for reading this if anyone does, i'll help me if you give me any kind of tip or motivation, I'll appreciate it too much. Again, thanks.
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2021.10.17 23:59 Sidigon33 Looking for these Safaris…(will add anyone who wants to)

Sid FC: 1392-8169-9830
I have ground types (Wooper, Camerupt and Palpitoad) anyone is free to add but looking for these to complete my dex:
Normal: Eevee, Ditto
Bug: Butterfree, Beautifly, Vivillon, Combee, Illumise, Heracross
Dark: Mightyena, Crawdaunt, Sandlie, Liepard, Inkay
Dragon: Fraxure, Noibat, Druddigon
Electric: Pachirisu, Dedenne, Stunfisk, Helioptile, Zebstrika, Galvantula,
Fairy: Snubbell, Jigglypuff, Clafiary
Fighting: Meditite, Machoke, Sawk, Tyrouge, Hariyama, Riolu
Fire: Growlithe, Magmar, Pansear, Slugma, Pyroar,
Flying: Doduo, Hoothoot, Tranquill, Tropius, Hawlucha
Ghost: Golurk
Grass: Pansage, Tangela, Ivysaur, Swadloon, Gogoat, Maractus
Ground: Wooper, Camerupt, Nincada, Dugtrio, Diggersby
Ice: Snorunt, Beartic, Dewgong,
Poison: Gloom, Garbodor, Drapion, Whirlipede
Psychic: Drowzee, Sigilyph, Girafarig, Gothrita
Rock: Magcargo, Pupitar, Rydon, Barbaracle
Steel: Foretress, Klang, Exadrill, Klefki
Water: Octillary, Wartortle, Azumarill
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2021.10.17 23:59 The_Ineffable_Sage They don't say Vagina one time in the whole show. Not once.

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2021.10.17 23:59 ziothealaktis Are the Little Nightmare games scary?

View Poll
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2021.10.17 23:59 WezzySock This boss’s move is so powerful I crashed my computer

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2021.10.17 23:59 blacko_ojack TYPICAL INDIAN NATALIST 🙄

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2021.10.17 23:59 LycanBlack can honey do

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2021.10.17 23:59 PorridgeReddit Apartment lobbies

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2021.10.17 23:59 worldofjaved I'll write your SEO content writer and copywriter (Account: javedaslam). Don't hesitate to check my gig out.🙂

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2021.10.17 23:59 yozoratonight [US] [SELLING] Manga

((Price includes shipping))

Picture: https://imgur.com/a/qy0Sade
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