Noel Fielding’s Striped Sweater from the Bread week episode looks so fuzzy and wonderful, but I have no idea where it’s from.

2021.10.18 00:51 Hypothetical-Fox Noel Fielding’s Striped Sweater from the Bread week episode looks so fuzzy and wonderful, but I have no idea where it’s from.

Noel Fielding’s Striped Sweater from the Bread week episode looks so fuzzy and wonderful, but I have no idea where it’s from. submitted by Hypothetical-Fox to findfashion [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 00:51 ickybus overview for AllisonSato10

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2021.10.18 00:51 HorrorApple Saved Messages

Is there a future update that will save messages before deleting them? Thanks
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2021.10.18 00:51 jlinsanity17 STOCKS TO SELL OPTIONS ON?

What are some stocks under $50 that you guys sell options on? I am currently selling calls and puts on PLTR, NIO, and CLNE and have been generating decent premiums over the past few months. Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.18 00:51 dUmbBiTCHjulcE [Offer] $25 Walmart e-gift card or US Amazon wishlist fulfillment.

Hi everyone!
Many moons ago I received assistance (on a long since deleted account) from a fellow Redditor, and I’d like to pay it forward.
I am offering:

Please post your preference, a brief description of your situation, and your wish list (if applicable) below. I’ll go through responses and select recipients on Monday morning. I may reach out to you beforehand with questions, so keep an eye on your DMs. Please do not DM/PM with any requests, and follow all subreddit rules when posting responses.
Thanks for reading, and for allowing me to help a few good people!
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2021.10.18 00:51 otoge_husband_hunter Please recommend a tragic love / dark themes romance manhwa ?

Fluffy stories are fun, but I wanna cry too sometimes :3
Completed is preferable, but I don't mind incomplete stories
I'm looking for something tragic - It can have a happy or sad end - as long as the main plot is tragic
Mature/Dark themes are appreciated, but not required :)
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2021.10.18 00:51 echodemonfox just bought this GT! Super excited to start working on it!

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2021.10.18 00:51 Bendersadog My 2021 Line up!

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2021.10.18 00:51 toad_witch found in Los Angeles

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2021.10.18 00:51 Zeta-Splash How Wes Anderson Finances his Films

As a fan of his work and as a filmmaker myself I've tried to figure out how Wes finances his films. Because, if we're fare, his films are not for a very broad audience, they are more like indie films with A level cast.
So how does he manages to finance his films?
From my research I discovered a couple of things. And I ask if anyone that has more insiders information please share it in this thread.
The first surprising thing is that he doesn’t pay the actors he works with, or if they’ll get paid its a minimum fee. They might get a deferred payment from the profit the film will make but that’s usually a couple of years down the road.
This way he can spend much more money on the actual production costs of the film plus the peripheral expenses the actors might have asked for, like for example first class tickets, or in the case of the A listers he's working with now, private jet flights.
He rents a Hotel and a private chef, and this is the Hotel where everyone will stay, no matter the fame of the actors. They might have some requirements but those are rather cheap in comparison with the requirements A-listers will have on bigger hollywood productions.
Since Moonrise Kingdom, he's made his films for just under 20mil and from my investigation it appears he started co-producing with Europe with The Grand Budapest Hotel through Studio Babelsberg and filming at locations with Tax incentives. Minimizing the risk of loosing money from his private investor.
Steven Rales has been his main investor, since the Darjeeling Limited. I wonder how they got to meet each other because I think Wes hit the jackpot with Steven. He has complete creative freedom!
And since Indian Paintbrush (Steven's production company) has an exclusive distribution deal with Searchlight, the marketing budget is probably done by them, so the production budget stays clean from marketing money. And the fact A-Listers are in his films, each film is pretty much marketed by their sole names.
By prepping in advance through a animatic they can already figure out how much sets to build, and thanks to his shooting style they don’t need massive sets. They literally build 2D vignettes. Plus the incorporation of miniatures makes his films more stylized /unique and at the end cheaper to make.
Its a clever process and one to learn from for future filmmakers. Its a bit of a bummer Wes doesn’t talk much about this subject.
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2021.10.18 00:51 TwoTimeToj Moro bar moment

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2021.10.18 00:51 bitoncho Ever seen a shadow griffin, energy cords or a computer-board like thing frozen in the air?

Lately I've been seeing what I can only describe as ropes from wall to wall at night. Are these energetic? There were so many of them they looked like a blanket of energy cords between the walls (at about 6 feet height). What are these? Lines showing an underground water flow or sth else?
Even stranger is what looked like a quite big computer board standing in the air and not moving (it was above the cables of my computer). I instantly closed my eyes but on reopening it was still there. It had connectors and lines like a real computer board but the background was semi-opaque/semi-invisible, just like glass or ice. Has anyone ever seen sth like this?
I'll also sometimes wake up in the early morning hearing a drawer unlocking but my family told me they were all sleeping at that time. The worst thing was empty plastic bags making sounds like being scratched by claws. In the same room that felt always cold despite heating and where I saw a shadow griffin jumping on my bed in the night (& felt its weight pushing the mattress down). Spooky! Could that thing have attached itself to my aura as I haven't been the same since this incident.
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2021.10.18 00:51 bakelitethong Can anyone ID these mushrooms

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2021.10.18 00:51 LovelyOctoberDays Has anyone tried Amy's mushroom bisque with porcini?

I just tried Amy's light in sodium chunky tomato bisque and it was delicious (140 calories for a cup, 230 calories for the can), so now I'm wondering about the mushroom bisque with porcini (110 calories for a cup, 180 calories for the can).
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2021.10.18 00:51 EdgarOfMars Thick beauty

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2021.10.18 00:51 oppa_arby How do you equip the seasonal effect of TP on the level 1 The International battle pass?

I'm already level 2 and I looked everywhere and can't seem to find it. How do I equip that?
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2021.10.18 00:51 DeliciousTie55 H: Legacies/weapons/armor/apparel W: legacy for legacy and aa/b/q/v fixers or 3* q25ffr tesla if needed I will bundle (no harpoons or gauss rifles)

I want a legacy for a legacy and I like flamers, gat plasmas or non-ult lasers rifles for legacy offers. Please be reasonable with your offers. Everything is max level and All weapons and armor are labeled after there name if it’s only 2 star.
Aa/e/90rw gat plasma
Aa/e/15rl gat laser
B/e/90rw non-ult laser rifle
B/e/90rw cryo
B/e/1p gat plasma
D/e/15v ult laser rifle
D/e/15rl Gatling gun
D/e/fms flamer
Q/e radium rifle (2 star)
Ts/e/90rw Tesla rifle
V/e/15rl non-ult laser rifle
V/e/1a harpoon
Melee Legacys
Stalk/ss/90rw Chinese officer sword
Stalk/ss mole miner gauntlet (2 star)
Aa/50c/25lvc fixer
Aa/25ff15v fixer
Aa/e/50BS fixer
Aa/25ff25lvc .45 submachine gun
Aa/25ff25lvc lever action
As/e/25lvc fixer
As/50hc/15rl handmade
Be25ff25lvc railway rifle
B/25ff25lvc handmade
B/e/25lvc fixer
B/25dwa/15rl fixer
B/50cd/15rl combat rifle
B/25ff15v combat rifle
B/e/15v .45 submachine gun
B/e/25lvc .45 submachine gun
Exec/25ff90rw railway rifle
Exec/e/15v 10mm submachine gun
Gs/50cd/25lvc fixer
H/50cd/25lvc handmade
I/25ff25lvc combat rifle
I/50cd/25lvc combat rifle
J/25ff90rw fixer
J/e/25lvc black powder rifle
J/e/15v 10mm submachine gun
Med/25ff15rl fixer
Med/25ff25lvc combat rifle
MS/e/25lvc fixer
Mu/50hc/25lvc fixer
Mu/25ff15rl hunting rifle
Mu/50hc/25lvc .45 submachine gun
Mu/e/25lvc .45 submachine gun
Mu/e/25lvc 10mm submachine gun
N/25ff15rl handmade
Q/50cd/15rl fixer
Q/25ff25lvc fixer
Q/e/25lvc fixer
Q/50LD/15v fixer
Q/e/90rw hunting rifle
Stalk/25ff15rl lever action rifle
Sup/50cd/15rl railway rifle
Trob/50cd/25lvc fixer
Trob/50cd/15rl fixer
Ts/50hc/25lvc handmade
Ts/50cd/25lvc fixer
Ts/50vhc/25lvc fixer
Ts/25ff15rl fixer
Ts/25ff25lvc combat rifle
Ts/e/25lvc .45 submachine gun
Ts/50cd/25lvc railway rifle
V/50c/25lvc fixer
V/25ff15c fixer
V/50cd/25lvc radium rifle
V/e/15rl 10mm submachine gun
Z/25ff15v handmade
Z/e/15v handmade
Z/25ff25lvc assault rifle
Aa/25ff90rw .50 cal
Bee/15rl Gatling gun
B/50B/90rw minigun
B/25ff15rl lmg
B/e/1a minigun
Exec/e/25lvc LMG
Ext/e/90rw Gatling gun
Gs/25ff25lvc broadsider
Mu/e .50 cal (2 star)
N/25dwa/15rl missile launcher
Ts/e/25lvc LMG
Ts/25ff15rl gatling gun
Ts/50hc/15rl Gatling gun
Ts/25ff15v missile launcher
V/50cd/25lvc grenade launcher
V/25ffr .50 cal (2 star)
V/25ffr minigun (2 star)
Z/e .50 cal (2 star)
Aa/e/15v western revolver
Ext/50cd/25lvc single action revolver
Ms/25ff25lvc Single action revolver
Mu/25ff25lvc pipe pistol
Mu/e/15rl .44 pistol
Mu/e/90rw western revolver
Q/e/15v pipe revolver
Q/50cd/25lvc pipe bolt-action pistol
Trob/e/15v pipe bolt-action pistol
Trob/e/15rl 10mm pistol
Ts/e/15rl pipe pistol
B/e/15rl combat shotgun
F/e/25lvc pump shotgun
Q/e/15rl double barrel
Ts/50cd/25lvc pump shotgun
Z/50cd/25lvc combat shotgun
Z/e/25lvc pump shotgun
Aa/ss/1s walking cane
Aa/ss/90rw all-star baseball bat
Aa/ss/1s meat hook
Bess/90rw grogs axe
B/ss/1s bear arm
B/ss/1s meat hook
B/ss meat hook (2 star)
Exec/ss/90rw bone hammer
H/ss/1s Bowie knife
V/ss/1s assaultron blade
Z/ss/1s baseball bat
Energy Weapons
As/25ff15rl ult gatling laser
Ari/25ff15rl gauss rifle
B/25ff15rl gat plasma
B/50cd/25lvc gamma gun
F/25ff15rl gauss rifle
F/25ff90rw tesla rifle
Med/25ff15rl plasma rifle
Ms/25ff90rw Gatling laser
Q/25ff250dr plasma rifle
Q/50cd/15rl plasma rifle
Stalk/25ff15v gauss rifle
Sup/50cd/15v gauss rifle
Ts/25ff25lvc gamma gun
Ts/25ff25lvc gauss rifle
Ts/25ff15v plasma rifle
V/25ff90rw gat plasma
Bol/ap/sent heavy leather set
Uny/ap/htd heavy leather set
As/ap/htd marine CP
As/1e/htd heavy combat LL
As/1L/sent USA LL
Au/ap/awr FSA RL
Au/1p/sent marine RA
B/1p/awr FSA LL
B/1e/wwr heavy combat RL
B/1c/sent sturdy metal LA
B/1s/cav sturdy metal RA
B/ap/sent sturdy raider CP
B/ap/htd FSA CP
B/1i/sent USA CP
Ch/rwwr heavy leather RA
Ch/edsent heavy metal LA
Ch/1a/htd heavy robot RL
Cl/1s/wwr sturdy combat CP
Cl/psent marine LA
Cl/1c/sent trapper LL
Ls/1i/sent raider CP
Ls/1L/cav heavy raider CP
Mutant slayers
Ms/1L/sent USA LA
Mu/ap/wwr combat LA
Mu/10%ht/htd FSA LA
Mu/pwwr wood LA
N/ap/sent marine LA
N/ap/htd USA LL
N/rwwr USA RL
ap/wwr USA RA
pcav FSA LA
Trob/ap/jwr FSA LL
Trob/ap/cav heavy robot LA
Trob/ap/sent trapper LL
Uny/1L/htd heavy robot RL
Uny/1e/htd heavy robot CP
Uny/edfdc wr marine LL
Uny/ap/sent heavy combat CP
V/ap/wwr sturdy robot LL
W/psent heavy raider LA
W/ap/cav sturdy raider RA
N/1s/sent ultracite RA
N/1i/jwr raider LA
1s/cav T-45 RL
Van/rsent excavator CP
Van/1i/cav ultracite LL
Asylum outfits (blue, brown, green, pink, forest)
Black hazmat suit
Blood eagle set (x2)
Bomber jacket
BOS jumpsuit (x2)
Brotherhood spec ops set
Deathclaw hunter set
Fasnacht Brahmin mask (x2)
Fasnacht buffoon mask
Fasnacht crazy guy mask
Fasnacht demon mask
Fasnacht Deathclaw mask
Fasnacht raven mask (x2)
Fasnacht winterman mask (x2)
Garrhan former set
Grafton monster mask
Hunters long coat
Imposter sheepsquatch set
Jacko pant suit
Jacko short suit
Jaguar pant suit
Leather coat (x3)
Longshoreman outfit
Reclaimed deep mining gas mask
Ritual bindings and mask
Sheepsquatch mascot set
Soiled Mr. Fuzzy set
Straight jacket clean
Swamp camp hazmat suit
Traveling leather coat
Treasure hunter set
Tulip sky blue pant suit
Vault-Tec jumpsuit
Western outfit
Wrapped cap
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2021.10.18 00:51 oddlycheerfulmorgue Skipped almost a whole month???

So, I haven't played Stardew in a couple of days, but I know for a fact that the last time I played it was about Summer 20, Jodi invited me to dinner and it was mine and Maru's wedding day. I had LOTS of starfruit and melon crops (expensive!!) and had just upgraded my house to have the cellar (also expensive!!). I open the game up today and suddenly it's Fall 11, I'm NOT married to Maru and our relationship is back to 8 hearts, all the furniture in my house has moved around or disappeared into my inventory, and all of the crops I spent so much money on are dead!
I don't understand how this happened and I went and looked at my saves in %AppData% and all it has is this new save that has skipped a month. Is there anyway to fix this? Has anyone else experienced this? I honestly almost want to start over because now it's like I don't know what to do now that a whole month was wasted.
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2021.10.18 00:51 _insomniac_dreamer Long QT Syndrome?

Hello, I was taken to A&E last night after a seizure (which is normal for me but no diagnosis) but was told that they found prolonged QT intervals so cardiology are going to get in contact with me and figure out a plan. Does anyone have any experience with long QT syndrome?
I do get palpitations, Dizziness and faint a lot, but I thought it might have been POTS because of the connection between heds and pots. I read up a bit about it and a few websites say that if you're experiencing blackouts/seizures that you'll likely need a pacemaker or ICD fitted. It all sounds really scary and overwhelming
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2021.10.18 00:51 Tendow Why was Facebook down for five hours? [30:35]

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2021.10.18 00:51 PoohTrailSnailCooch Added one of my Favorite games to my collection .

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2021.10.18 00:51 Drigozi Did Tolkien intend on the reader to use his imagination?

I loved Thr Hobbit and LOTR movies and finally got my hands on the hobbit and trilogy books, halfway through the hobbit I've realized that there isn't much character description, at least compared to other stuff I've read, even though I've seen the movies my memory is a bit blurry on what some of the characters look like. Some have some pretty nice description, for example for some funny reason I imagine Beorn to look like the gigachad meme. and some barely at all. Idk if I've been blind but the elven king, thranduil, barely had any description of his physical looks ans only named the crown he had.
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2021.10.18 00:51 camilo12287 Portugueses consomem 3,5 vezes mais carne do que a dose diária recomendada
A nível mundial, a produção de alimentos de origem animal na agropecuária gera o dobro das emissões de gases com efeito de estufa que a de alimentos de origem vegetal ...
E o artigo no jornal espesso segue neste rumo pelo menos no que se consegue ler sem pagar.
Pelo artigo até parece que a dose diária de carne recomendada é definida em função do aquecimento global. Uma perfeita tolice da religião do politicamente correta. É o PREEC, processo radical de estupidificação em curso.
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2021.10.18 00:51 MagicMushroomMafia ⭐️GIVEAWAY! ⭐️ 🍄 Magic Mushroom Mafia 🍄 - 4,999 Unique mushroom NFTS! Upvote this, join the discord (link in the first comment), drop your wallet address & discord name! Good luck (Previous winner announced in discord) 24HR Giveaway!

⭐️GIVEAWAY! ⭐️ 🍄 Magic Mushroom Mafia 🍄 - 4,999 Unique mushroom NFTS! Upvote this, join the discord (link in the first comment), drop your wallet address & discord name! Good luck (Previous winner announced in discord) 24HR Giveaway! submitted by MagicMushroomMafia to NFTsMarketplace [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 00:51 I_KILLED_FIDDY_MEN_ Todd, you evil genius, you've done it again!

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