Genderqueer Demigirl Lesbian Flag

2021.10.19 21:08 eww_gingers Genderqueer Demigirl Lesbian Flag

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2021.10.19 21:08 ratpwunk my 60 year old neighbors car

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2021.10.19 21:08 Olliesmama131 I was today years old when I realized Isabelle head is shaped like a bell bag and her name is Is-a-bell!

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2021.10.19 21:08 kenziecron My new baby boy!❤️

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2021.10.19 21:08 stacys____mom What do you do when someone you don’t recognize or know adds you on Snapchat?

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2021.10.19 21:08 Vastasia [FOR HIRE] 10$, 2 frame, head gif emotes pm me for inquiries!

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2021.10.19 21:08 Bigclsn Day after decompression!

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2021.10.19 21:08 Shorty_Keeper Little Granite boy

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2021.10.19 21:08 SmokeyBluNights Funny

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2021.10.19 21:08 DaniloPabloxD PS2 Games Lagging on PS3 slim

Hello there
I've noticed some PS2 games on PS3 glitch or have FPS drops...
The one I've noticed a glitch is "Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks", some scenarios stuff just blinks randomly
the one's I've noticed FPS drops are:
GTA 3 and The Getaway
Is it normal or should I mess with some configuration? Thank you.
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2021.10.19 21:08 Academic_Anteater925 Ihfi

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2021.10.19 21:08 ZoobBot 180915

This is the 180915th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.19 21:08 Pesus229 Is the music composer glitched?

I've noticed that if you use a standard velocity scale for notes it doesn't really make notes progressively louder like it should. I notice trying to go from 64 (mezopiano) to 96 (mezoforte) it only got louder when I put it to 100. Has it always been like this?
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2021.10.19 21:08 MrMulluGullu Someone at Riu Republica down for some drinks and hang out ?

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2021.10.19 21:08 -nimblethimble [KY] Issues with requesting leave, employer hiring replacement and giving me 30 days to find new job or termed

Hi, I have a relatively new disability just added to the ADA this year. My LTD claim was denied and I am appealing. My employer texted saying they are filling my role unfortunately. My HR dept sent a letter saying I have a month to find a new job while on unpaid leave (I don't understand, if I can't do my own job.. how will I do another?).
Pardon me if I don't have exact words for my question. It's more of a general how can I keep my job so once I recuperate, I can return?
I want to keep the job I have. Is it too late to request accommodations like a step transition back to work in the future? I know I'm unwell but if I have to push myself to pay the bills.... well gotta do it.
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2021.10.19 21:08 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-salomone-29

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2021.10.19 21:08 Falconpunch100 A list of potential Heroes OCs candidates, or names for their exclusive weapons.

Well, after Book V, Chapter 12 revealed the names of several Nidavellir lore characters, all (if not most) were based on known Dwarves in Norse Mythology, I figured now's the perfect time for me to talk about potential new OCs for Book VI, since we're coming up towards the end of Book V. And with three realms left (Jotunheimr didn't really get much spotlight in Book V so it doesn't count to me) in Norse Mythology, I figured I'd go over certain characters, to see if IS will make them into actual characters, or make them into weapon names.
First, let's start off with Jötunheimr. We've got Dagr and Nótt or rather, just Dagr now, and both are known to be jotun in Norse Mythology, hence why the focus on Day/Night in such reaslm. That's two characters so far, so let's see what other characters they could do with Jötunheimr. There's lots of options, such as:

So that was all the jötun from Jötunheimr, but there's two other realms from Norse Mythology we haven't seen: Vanaheimr and Ásgarðr. I'll be doing Vanaheimr next, since there's...not a lot of character candidates for Vanaheimr, two of which were used already (for Freyr and Freyja in Book IV).
If you thought the Vanaheimr list was small and the Jötunheimr list was big, then oh boy, you haven't seen nothing. Because now, it's time for the big one...Ásgarðr.
There's a lot more Aesir gods and/or valkyries (some of which already exist, like Eir), but these ones popped out to me the most. That, and most of the Twelve Crusaders in Genealogy of the Holy War are already named after several of the Æsir, such as Baldr, Heimdallr, and Ullr.
As a bonus, I'll include Svöl, Fimbulþul, and Við (Vimul) in the list for possible weapon names. They're the last few rivers of Élivágar that don't have a weapon in FEH named after them yet. I'm sure they will add them in at some point.
What do you guys think? Do you like the name for any of these potential candidates for Heroes OCs or their weapons? Do you think they will be added to the game at some point? Feel free to comment below on your opinions.
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2021.10.19 21:08 ruthlesstoothless24 MPP or MPA or something else?

I graduated in 2018 with a BA in English literary studies and since graduating have worked at some capacity in the social justice nonprofit realm doing development (grants, fundraising, reporting, data collection). I don’t want to be in development forever— a lot of it is just mindless work, and I am more interested in analysis and evaluation of public programming because of what I’ve seen in the nonprofit sector… there is little to no evaluation. Would an MPP or MPA be better for me based on my experience and what would give me more options once I graduate? I’m not sure I even want to stay in the nonprofit sector.
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2021.10.19 21:08 AeroKnight197 Intro to POWR Apps

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2021.10.19 21:08 activemotionpictures Blender Anime - Itano circus (Geometry Nodes)

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2021.10.19 21:08 politicaly_incorect Dont know how to feel obout this one. Man i need to stop taking these tests

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2021.10.19 21:08 Much_Inevitable6413 When’s the debit card coming out?

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2021.10.19 21:08 PastContribution4110 Restretching

Does restretching usually go alot faster. I had 0s in high-school but let them close up to the point I could wear regular earrings. In the past month or so iv been able to get back up to a 0. 4-2 was the only one a little rough (mainly cause the o-ring groove stretched the inside of my ear somehow and made it swell up) the rest I was able to just put in the next plug after a few days no issue. Even with 2 after a little over a week the plug wouldn't stay In so I tried the 0 and it went in without stretching at all. I would add a picture but this is my first post and idk how.
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2021.10.19 21:08 jlyfshhh My VSO is telling me not to try and purse sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea recently denied for no diagnosis. Sleep studies were booked too far out so I said to just deny them and I would do a supplemental. Getting it done tomorrow finally. I initially filed it straight up but is it possible to change it secondary to PTSD? I really want to claim this because it would get me to 100%. During the consultation the Dr said I definitely have it bad based on my assessment.
She said “I would not do anything with the sleep apnea, because you were not diagnosed with it while you on active duty and without that piece the VA will never give that one to you.”
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2021.10.19 21:08 KenPierce Talking Art w F. Lennox Campello @ Affordable Art Fair NYC

Hello my friends. I recently attended the Affordable Art Fair in NYC and spoke to artist F. Lennox Campello about his artwork for my #piercingken Channel. I hope that you enjoy this interesting clip. I hope to do more like this in the future. New subs and topical comments most welcome. Thanks.
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