Having issues downloading star citizen

2021.10.19 21:15 Funnyman9876_ Having issues downloading star citizen

Im trying to install star citizen for my first time and it says installer error and this is the logs
"data": {
"error": {
"message": "IO ERROR [E:\\StarCitizen\\LIVE/Data.p4k]: OpenFileHandle::DeviceIoControl failed.\n",
"name": "InstallerError"
} },
I have enough space and stuff idk why this is happening
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2021.10.19 21:15 Inevitable_Hat5437 Recurring buy: $50

I have a monthly buy set up for $50 a month. It’s all I can afford rn. But I monitor eth every day (I have about 1/2 an ethereum right now). Should I cancel it and just buy the dip once a month?
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2021.10.19 21:15 harshtho Love my new suede McTavish and my old Walnut Strands.

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2021.10.19 21:15 HiLynch funny image

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2021.10.19 21:15 Terra627 Baltus Van Tassel and the red bull cult

Sleepy Hollow Maine, 1777
Following her attempted murder. Katrina Van Tassel was still in shock. Her father had killed an intruder to her home, as he held a dagger to her throat. This intruder had almost taken her life. After forcing her to tell him about the bizarre ancient statue, which had washed up on the shores of sleepy hollow. One he had a keen interest in. The intruder was a member of a secret order, and had been stalking the Van Tassel family for some time. Katrina and Gertrude had been the first to notice him. Seeing him standing in the edge of the woods, watching Van Tassel manor from a distance. If Baltus had not shot him, then Katrina would likely be dead. Her attackers blood still stained the floor of her room, which had been cleaned by a maid servant. Katrina was now certain that her father knew more about the red robed intruders then he had told her, and she was determined to find out what he knew. The storm which had started the day before, had yet to cease. The fall season normally brought rain, as the rapid shift from summer to winter began. The storm had worsened, it's rain turning to freezing hail. As the temperature outside began to fall.
The sitting room in Van Tassel manor was a cozy place to spend an evening, particularly when it was cold. It was well furnished with comfortable chairs, a bear skin rug, and a fireplace. Upon it's walls, hung the heads of elk and deer, which Baltus had hunted over the years. Katrina and her father were both seated by the fireplace, listening to the storm outside. Both of them had come to the sitting room after breakfast. In order to discuss the red robbed men. People who Baltus was familiar with. Having known them in the past, during his time in the war. He had never breathed a word of what had happened then, not to anyone. Hoping to be able to take the secret to his grave. The attempted killing of his daughter had been more then he could take. Forcing him to reveal the truth to both she, and her mother. The room was dark and warm, lit only by the fireplace. Which cast a warm orange glow over everything. Katrina glanced over at Baltus, brushing a wayward strand of hair out of her face. She softly cleared her throat, gaining the attention of her father. He glanced over at his daughter, who watched him with expectant eyes, awaiting his explanation. He sighed, glancing towards the fire, as he determined where best to begin. "We where out north when it happened, on a diplomatic expedition to Canada" "I rode with Charles Carrol" "He valued my insight as an experienced hunter and tracker" "One who had survived in that land once before" informed Baltus. He sat back in his chair and lit a pipe, beginning his long tale...
The remote wilderness of Canada, was by far the most dangerous place Baltus had hunted in. Wide, untamed and populated by cougars and wolves, all of which were desperate for food. As winter made it much harder for them to hunt. So far the expedition had managed to avoid these predators. But Baltus was certain that their luck would run out. Their small party of about five armed men, had set out from New York, Ridding north at a rapid pace. Sticking to remote trails, in order to avoid detection. Their mission had been to gain powerful allies in Canada. Part of a delegation from congress to Quebec. A mission their leader, Charles Carroll had failed. Despite Baltus's best efforts. Now that their mission was concluded, it was Baltus's job to lead the expedition safely back to New York. To report their failure to congress. The air had been frigid that day, cold enough to turn the air before his face into a white cloud. Baltus Van Tassel rode ahead of the small cluster of men, looking down at the ground. He could still see the very faint impression of hoof prints, which had been left by British sentries. They were old, meaning that the sentries had moved on long ago.
The sun was sinking lower in the sky, with only hours left before dark. Baltus was searching for a cabin, one senator Carroll had assured him was there. Marking its location on his map. The cabin would be the ideal place to spend the night, allowing them to get out of the cold, if only for a short time. They still had a fair amount of supplies, which they had bought in Quebec. More than enough for the trip home, if supplemented with wild game. Baltus glanced to either side of him, seeing nothing but thick forest, partially covered by snow. The forest unnerved Baltus, as it could be dangerous. The ideal place to be brush wacked, by some band of natives. Who owed their loyalty to the crown. He continued along the trail for several minutes, until he arrived at a clearing. One in the middle of the dense forest, concealed by the thick trees. Baltus stopped his horse, turning back to look at his companions. Who rode a few paces behind him. "You were correct Mr. Carroll, the cabin is where you said it would be" "Were very fortunate to find it" he informed. Charles Carroll rode up beside him, bringing his horse to a stop. He wore a long dark cloak, thick hunting boots, and a tri corner hat. Upon his side hung a hanger, one with a golden hilt.
Charles dismounted his horse, stepping down onto the snowy ground. "Yes, if only our negotiations could have gone as planned" he stated. Baltus dismounted his own horse, looking over at the cabin. It was a decent sized home, with enough room for all of them. "Regardless, it will be nice to have a roof over our heads" "I'm certain you and the others did your best" "Chin up, we will win this war, with or without Quebec's aid" he replied. The rest of the party soon joined them, men who were loyal to Charles Carroll. Among them was Benjamin Franklin the famed inventor. Who sat atop a borrowed horse, wearing a thick winter jacket. Franklin had been by far the most talkative of the group, a trait which sometimes annoyed Baltus. All of them were eager to get out of the cold, and get off the trail. They dismounted their horses, hitching them to a small fence, that sat before the cabin. Baltus and Charles Carrol hitched their horses outside the cabin. Before making their way inside. The rest of the party accompanied him, bringing their rifles along with them. It was freezing cold inside the cabin, almost as cold as it was outside. Charles quickly set about getting a fire going, While Baltus checked the pantry for previsions.
Though cold, the interior of the cabin was in good shape, with no visible damage. The floor boards beneath Baltus's feet creaked slightly as he walked. Making his way through the small kitchen, where a deserted wood burning stove sat. Upon reaching the cupboard, Baltus yanked open it's door. Finding that it was well stocked with previsions, more than enough to last them the night. Baltus closed the cupboard, with a quiet thud. "Mr. Carroll you were correct, we have more than enough previsions!" he shouted. "Excellent, It's just as I said it would Mr. Van Tassel!" replied Charles. The whole group quickly settled in, eating a hasty meal, before selecting a room for the night. For a while they sat by the fire, enjoying a few shots of whisky. Baltus enjoyed himself, relaxing for the first time in days. Charles Carroll was oddly silent that night, hardly speaking to Baltus, aside from exchanging basic pleasantries. Benjamin Franklin proved to be far more friendly, discussing some experiments he'd done in Boston. Soon everyone had retired for the night, as they were fatigued from their travels.
Baltus was abruptly awakened, by a loud noise from outside the cabin. He sat bolt upright, quickly reaching for his rifle, which lay beside his bed. Fearing that the British had discovered them. Baltus rushed over to the window, putting his back against the wall and peering outside. Where he could make out the flickering glow of torches. Carried by a group of horseman, which had surrounded the small cabin. The appearance of the men puzzled him. They wore long red hooded cloaks, with a single purple stripe down the middle. It was clear that they were not British regulars, as they had abandoned their uniforms. Baltus had no idea who they were, perhaps they could be some flamboyant band of highwaymen. Though he doubted this. The sound of floor boards creaking behind him, caused Baltus to look over his shoulder. His was given quite the fright when he found Charles Carroll standing behind him. Hanger in hand, flanked by two men in red cloaks. Each one aiming a loaded rifle at Baltus. Charles placed the blade of his hanger on Baltus's neck. "Come with me, and don't say a word" he instructed.
One of the men with Charles took Baltus's rifle. Ensuring that he had no way to fight back. "Charles what is this?" "Who are those men?" inquired Baltus. "We call ourselves the brother hood of the red bull" "Very few people learn of our existence, and fewer still survive after learning it" informed Charles. He pointed over to Baltus's coat and boots, which sat in the corner. "Put those on, then we'll explain our presence here" he directed. Baltus did as he was told, not wanting to upset Charles. He dressed himself as quickly as he could. Thinking of how best to escape, when he got the chance. After this, he was marched out onto the front porch, where the whole group awaited him. Nearly all of the five man party had joined the red robed stranger, including Benjamin Franklin. Who stood silently off to one side, holding a blunderbuss. "Charles what is the meaning of this?" shouted Baltus. Looking at the men which surrounded him. They stared silently at him, holding rifles in their arms. Charles Carroll walked over to Baltus, lowering his sword. "Tonight we mean to make a sacrifice, to welcome new members of the order" "There are many things I could tell you Baltus, but you must wait until you are one of us" "Join us, and we will make you powerful, and answer all your questions" Charles replied.
"Sacrifice, just what are you on about!" Baltus shouted. "You will help us kill Mr. Wood, he is the fifth member of this expedition" "I brought him along for this reason" informed Charles. Baltus shook his head. "I'll do no such thing!" he replied. For a moment, Charles Carroll was silent. All that could be heard, was the quiet rustle of branches in the wind. He than sighed, his expression darkening, as he looked down at Baltus. "You will watch what happens, then I will give you one last chance to join us" "Before you share the fate of Mr. Wood" informed Charles. Two of the red robed men yanked Baltus to his feet, dragging him along with them. The whole group made their way behind the cabin, where a shrine had been erected. The shrine resembled a large bull, one forged from copper. The red bull cultists forced Baltus to wait, as they gathered sticks for a fire. Baltus scanned the tree line, looking for a way to escape. He found none, as he was totally surrounded. With nothing but dark snowy forest to flee into. For the first time in his life, he wished the British would ambush them. Perhaps allowing him to escape.
Soon a massive bonfire had been built, one that blazed like a furnace. "Let us go, their is no need for blood to be spilt!' shouted Baltus. His cries fell on deaf ears, as Mr. Wood was dragged over to the alter. The cult tied him down, then all formed a circle around the bonfire, joining hands. All accept for Baltus, who continued to protest the violence as loudly as he could, to no avail. The cult began to chant, in Latin, as Charles Carroll drew a dagger from beneath his cloak. Approaching Mr. Wood. Who began to struggle fiercely against his ropes. "Charles stop this nonsense!" shouted Baltus. Charles rose the dagger above his head, aiming the point at Mr. Woods heart. He brought it down with an animalistic bellow. Using its razor sharp blade to cut the heart from his chest. All while the other red robed cultists chanted even louder. "Then I suppose your of no use to us!" he growled. He raised his sword yet again, and would have cut Baltus down. Had the piercing sound of a war cry not broken the night, startling all those present. Arrows flew out of the tree line, killing several of the red robed men. Who had been taken by complete surprise. "AMBUSH!" shouted one of them. As men with painted faces came screaming out of the forest, tomahawks raised above their heads. Charles Carroll moved quickly, forgetting about Baltus. As he scrambled to defend himself. Benjamin Franklin ran past him, charging into the cabin for cover, as gunshots rang out.
Baltus moved faster then he ever had before, running away from the cabin. Using the chaos of battle to slip away, before Charles Carroll could kill him. He managed to find his horse, which he rode back to civilization. Never speaking of what had happened again...
Katrina had been staring into the fire the whole time her father had been talking. She glanced up at him, thinking over what he had just told her. He still sat in his arm chair, smoking his pipe. The sweet smell of tobacco filled the room. "I had no idea that someone as powerful as Charles Carroll was a member of this cult" "That makes them even more dangerous" stated Katrina. Her father nodded in agreement. "What exactly are we supposed to do?" "I tried to leave these people behind, but they tracked me down" he muttered. Looking down at his boots. Katrina thought for a moment. Looking up at the elk head above the fire. Wishing the horrid statue which had caused all their problems, had never been found. "We need to send that blasted statue to the bottom of the bay" "If these fanatics want it, let them dive down and get it themselves!" she declared. Her father was silent for a moment. "Do you think that will help?" he replied. Katrina nodded vigorously. "It's the only way" she replied. Baltus sighed, "In that case..." "I suppose your right, I'll have it loaded on a schooner, and transported out to the open ocean" "Where we can dispose of it for good" stated Baltus. Katrina nodded. "Take me to town with you, I want to watch you dump the terrible thing" "Have some of the servants accompany us, with their muskets" "For all we know these fanatics may attack us again" she directed....
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2021.10.19 21:15 GypsyRoadHGHWy Are We Living in a Matrix or What? - Salem Witches Were They Burned or Hung? a Mandela Effect

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2021.10.19 21:15 stonemanbearpig If you have killed someone, what happened?

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2021.10.19 21:15 Mumblon John Deaton sends a letter to judge Torres on behalf of XRP holders to support Ripple's request not to grant extension of experts discovery deadline (by the way, class action lawsuit just reached 50'000 participants)

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2021.10.19 21:15 todesjockel365 HottestGirlsOnReddit

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2021.10.19 21:15 Madsartmadness Right so, story time. My family has owned a carnival for the last 60+ years and my dad shared the video of the ride swaying with my sister who then made me have a panic attack because she made me think it was our Gee Wizz (pictures below) until dad said it was in Michigan. I live in Wisconsin.

Right so, story time. My family has owned a carnival for the last 60+ years and my dad shared the video of the ride swaying with my sister who then made me have a panic attack because she made me think it was our Gee Wizz (pictures below) until dad said it was in Michigan. I live in Wisconsin. submitted by Madsartmadness to distractible [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 21:15 Stonelover180- This guy thinks that putting lemon juice in your eyes clean them

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2021.10.19 21:15 unrestrained_clown Wilbur is Jack Torrance

I recently realized that Wilbur’s character has a lot in common with that of jack torrance from the shining if you put lmanburg in the role of the overlook hotel they both go crazy the more time they spend either within or outside their respective obsessions they both end up blowing their obsession up dying in the process and are seen as ghosts at one point (ghostbur and the bar scene from doctor sleep)
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2021.10.19 21:15 ham_alamadingdong Danny Boy S9E11

Rewatching this for the millionth time and i had a question
that scene at the end where nathan and dan are on the river court and they have the conversation about why dan killed keith and nathan forgives him…. obviously them playing basketball together wasn’t real and them being on the river court wasn’t real. but did the conversation actually happen? did that conversation happen in the hospital but dan was just out of it and hallucinating that he was on the river court? that scene has always confused me a bit, but i love it so much.
if that was all just a dream, then that makes me sad. because i hope that dan and nathan had that nice moment together before he died.
anyways, rip dan. one of my favorite characters (don’t yell at me)
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2021.10.19 21:15 tedbradly Different Methods of Determining if Your Cocaine Is Quality

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2021.10.19 21:15 Life-Dragonfly-8147 Matt Kaeberlein showing a lot of skepticism around nmn. Making me more skeptical also. Let me know what you all think. https://youtu.be/jOE7VsjuFP8

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2021.10.19 21:15 IceMuderer imagine

imagine if they just remove rin and replace her with a gray dummy who gets replaced by a gray brick which gets removed
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2021.10.19 21:15 Art_Vand3lay_ Any bowazons on PC want this? It can be upgraded and is will get you though hell, although not the best.

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2021.10.19 21:15 andrevanilla Posted this in the wrong page, ID of them please? Thank you

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2021.10.19 21:15 Gupishappy Does anyone know the exact screen size of the Imax at Autonation Imax

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