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Looking for: Spiritomb

2021.10.18 00:25 trashgnomesanonymous Looking for: Spiritomb

Missed both Halloween events where spiritomb was featured and it doesn't seem to be appearing this halloween. Can fly to you. This is unregistered for me so we may want to build friendship. Message me for what you would like in return, I have spare Legendaries and some shinies.
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2021.10.18 00:25 Icantsleepcanyou Getting weird tonight

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2021.10.18 00:25 Boxi_the_boxman Just want a text based fallout game.

If they can put skyrim on alexa then they can make a text based fallout
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2021.10.18 00:25 topsecretsleepingcat What to do about a dog that wants to eat everyone’s food?

Hey everyone!
My 5mo. old puppy loves food. She loves her food, loves her treats, loves everything. She will eat a broccoli and think it’s the best thing in the world.
However, she’s been extremely barky and loud when we are eating or when the cat is eating. She is demanding to eat everyone’s food and won’t stop barking for 10+ minutes. We have recently been putting her in the crate while we eat/the cat eats and letting her out when we are done and she is quiet, but I really want to train her to just stop demanding for food. I want her to know that not all food is her food and I feel like I am struggling.
We haven’t been sharing our food with her when we eat and the cat is always eating in a closed and separate room as her. Do any of you have any tips to stop this barking? It’s really getting annoying at this point lol.
Thank you!!
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2021.10.18 00:25 AdministrativeFig651 Selling: Hoyas! Ships from OR: Hoya Neocalendonica, Cagayensis, caudata big green leaves, pazie, publicalyx, and krimson princess. Details in comments!

Selling: Hoyas! Ships from OR: Hoya Neocalendonica, Cagayensis, caudata big green leaves, pazie, publicalyx, and krimson princess. Details in comments! submitted by AdministrativeFig651 to TakeaPlantLeaveaPlant [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 00:25 TDuarte11 Stalked In The Woods | A Verified True Horror Story

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2021.10.18 00:25 Sensasian_01 Ideas for Manhua Translator Tools/Extensions?

To be honest, I have read a lot of manhua that were dropped such as Urban Best Medic. Apparently, there are a total of 412 chapters that were created before the manhua was dropped completely, but only 91 chapters were translated to English.

Because of this, it would be nice to be able to find English translations of Urban Best Medic (as an example), but if there aren't any, is there any alternative to find English translations? Such as using a Chrome extension or translation app for manhua (and manga and manhwa)?
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2021.10.18 00:25 HHTac88 What’s your next Yoder if you’re going to get something? Mine has to be the 48” charcoal or get a custom 60”. I need something as a grill that I can wheel to things and it’s just too sexy.

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2021.10.18 00:25 SugarJBae Just to say u/nicolesweet_ isn’t legitimate: promises a weekly allowance and then asks for intimate texts, photos and videos but doesn’t provide agreed weekly allowance. Avoid

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2021.10.18 00:25 PenisParker10 Brand New SE Bike, Having Issues Already (Need Help please)

Hey guys I got a brand new big flyer se x cg bike, and I got it set up but Im having issues with it after riding it for the first time.
So the first issue is that every time I apply more force when pedaling, or pedal harder there seems to be like a loud clank noise and then it throws my foot off the pedal. This happens every time I try to pop a wheelie, or also happens when i stand up and pedal fast. Its very strange and I Cannot figure out whats causing it, basically its stopping me from being able to wheelie completely.
Also my next issue/concern is that the bike feels pretty hard to pedal like it requires a lot of force and this sucks because it makes it harder to pop my wheelies, it is a single speed because it is SE big flyer , but im used to wheelies on my mountain bike so I had gears. So id like to know is there any way to decrease the resistance, does the chain need more grease, let me know what you think.
I switched from my mountain bike and was able to wheelie a long time and swerve cars and everything, now first time on a se bike and im having these issues and I cant even wheelie at all on it. can someone help me out
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2021.10.18 00:25 valonianfool Fishman Island Water role

On fishman island there are long water-filled tubes called "water roads" that merfolk and fish use for transport, according to Keimi.
I would want to know for what purposes fish would be transported through the water road?
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2021.10.18 00:25 ickybus overview for Saredatuha953

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2021.10.18 00:25 bean_khleb Fixing partial (unplayable) MP4 files

Fixing partial (unplayable) MP4 files I am trying to recover videos from the SD card of my DJI drone. I was able to recover a bunch of MP4 files, but only one of them is playable.
I'm not totally sure, but I feel like the way the drone records video is that it:
  • Writes to a temp MP4 file until it reaches a max file size (ex: 1 GB)
  • Once it is done recording it combines the files by labeling the existing data as one file
So, when I recovered the files, I have a bunch of MP4 files that I believe represent parts of a bunch of videos. But I believe all the data is there.
So, assuming I am correct as to what these MP4 files contain, is it possible to use ffmpeg to diagnose which files need to be combined together and create readable MP4 files again?
Or, is anyone familiar on how cameras typically record video to external storage?
I tried ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -c copy output.mp4 , and of course got the moov atom not found error.

This is what I'm working with:

234 unreadable files, plus one that actually works (since it was small enough to be one file, I presume?)
I apologize if I'm leaving out any important details here - please ask questions if you think you might be able to help with more information. Any knowledge/help would be appreciated!

If anyone is wondering how I got into this situation, I guess I found a bug in Windows 11 where somehow cancelling a move operation stopped moving the files but then deleted the files from the SD card :(
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2021.10.18 00:25 MikeCocksLong4200 Mega gengar adding first 5

2180 0519 8012
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2021.10.18 00:25 Rimshayyy My permit is gone.Who else is getting their score today?

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2021.10.18 00:25 FishizzlemyNizzle Could that be pic of Dogelon Mars!!!

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2021.10.18 00:25 helpyfella2dutas Psikiyatrik ilaç neler kullanıyorsunuz?

Prozac Abilify :(
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2021.10.18 00:25 apostledeets Deets On The Supply Chain Issues #MOSen #Deets2022 #WeThePeople

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2021.10.18 00:25 wastedtime32 Vintage team lots FS, pictures and prices below. All prices include shipping bmwt. Hofer’s and rookies included, condition varies.

Mets ($30) https://imgur.com/a/zdnMGBE
Pirates ($64) https://imgur.com/a/gPWRcl9
Indians ($75) https://imgur.com/a/Cq9ZEKi
Dodgers ($55) https://imgur.com/a/Dmn19hO
Cubs ($62) https://imgur.com/a/meYNvnO
Braves ($44) https://imgur.com/a/lDAJdyD
Phillies ($76) https://imgur.com/a/lOXUCee
Tigers ($92) https://imgur.com/a/WzyiDV0
Orioles ($75) https://imgur.com/a/LtSxeN4
Twins ($125) https://imgur.com/a/fHaFLWZ
Reds ($135) https://imgur.com/a/iBbvU5n
White Sox ($68) https://imgur.com/a/TraH4nW
Giants ($130) https://imgur.com/a/AqGAt5O
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2021.10.18 00:25 --Faris-- I'd say today's campaign wasn't that cursed...

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2021.10.18 00:25 ThatBoxUPizza Anyone Heard of the Two Piece Snack Box Version of Sonic Colors Ultimate before?

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2021.10.18 00:25 thr12334 Cut off my best friend of 10 years. Did I do the right thing?

Hi everyone! Using a throwaway account to reduce the chances of being recognised.
So here's the story: me(25f) and my ex best friend (26f) have known each other since high school. We pretty much hit it off since day 1 we talked and never had bad periods during our friendship ( even knew each other's families and both got treated as part of family from both sides. We had our times of distance (no bad vibes, just each living its life but whenever we met it was like we'd been together the whole time). During this times, she was in a long relationship with a guy I never liked ( he was controlling, toxic and never treated her right imo) but still supported her decision since she was so in love.
Anyway, back to two years ago she was finally realising the boy was not the right choice for her and I did everything I could to support her to break up (even tho her own family was not as much supportive). Since she broke up, we were pretty much in contact everyday, I assumed she needed a person to give her the support and attention lacking now since she was single for the first time after like 7 years and I was there for her. This situation continued for 1 year until she decided to open a business (found an investor, friend of her dad) and again asked for my support. Of course I was there for her. Since me and my brother were already very experienced in that field, I helped her form a group of trusted people (or so I thought). After a month of working together, she promised me and the group we would take our shares in the business, they were preparing the contracts...several months past and still no contract for us. Anyways I trusted her and never doubted I would take my shares. We were all working for free until this point.
Soo, some months into this we were 4 people: me, my brother, the ex friend and another guy( I'll refer as G from now on). G was pretty much very busy with his current job and would support ocasinally while me and brother were present most of the time. All good until G and my ex friend started chatting and getting to know each other. I was happy and supportive for the fact that she was talking to someone new that was way better than her ex and I told her that. But, after some time I noticed she was getting distant from me again( same pattern as with her ex). Still no problem for me tho until she started discussing all the business decision with him and never taking my bro and me into consideration anymore. Back to May 2021, when she called a meeting for us to announce that it was time that we all start to get a paid and work full time in her startup. We would all start one month apart from each other and guess who was first....G! Since he had supported her so much lol.
Thats when I decided to distant myself since I wasnt feeling appreciated neither as a friend nor as an experienced proffessional in the field( where I am considered as one the best in one of the biggest companies in our country..not to brag but i worked hard). She did not try to explain that decision to me even though I know that she knows that made me cut her off.
Its been 5 months with completely no contact and she still keeps talking about me in different people that we both know. I've heard three different version she said about the situations which makes it obvious she is not honest imo. But in general, she makes me guilty for everything saying that business is business and I shouldn't be mad. ( I am not mad tho I just wanted to cut her off since I wasnt appreciated and not getting the same effort I gave).
So, was talking with my boyfriend about this and he keeps saying she really did nothing for me to be hurt. That's why I would like any other opinion in the matter if it's true that I overreacted. Not planning on being back on contact with her, just trying to reflect on the matter and learn a lesson.
Thanks for everyone who took the time to read this!!
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2021.10.18 00:25 Weak_Professor_7080 FREE Online Consultation Recommendations

Hi, im broke AF and I've been struggling with my mental health. I need professional help. Tried to research and found no luck finding a clinic/org/hospital that offers FREE online consultation, even on the list that is posted here. If you know any clinic/org/hospital that offers free online consultation via chat sana because im not comfortable talkomg on the phone.
Thank you in advance.
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2021.10.18 00:25 samydank420 wts jalals 194%ed and 151%ed

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2021.10.18 00:25 Mountain-Quote-3392 why is the retail industry dying ?

I know its kinda naively to ask. But why is the retail industry dying and can this also have positive effects ?
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