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what happened to the raven b3 website

2021.12.06 20:33 zgilson what happened to the raven b3 website

tried going to it but it didnt work

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2021.12.06 20:33 HappyReference General Questions and seeking Advice (New disks, RAID or not?, upgrades)

Hi people,
In late 2018 I've bought a DS214+ on eBay for right around 100€ and I've been pretty happy with it. At the same time I got a new 4TB Ironwolf NAS drive, which has been working fine.
I only use the Synology for file storage. Anything else currently and in the future (maybe Plex) will be handled by my "server" (small PC). Currently 3TB are used and about 50% of that is important stuff (like Pictures and Documents). Periodically (read: when I feel like it) i do a "backup" by copying those files to a external drive. That's the current situation.
Through an interesting turn of events I've acquired 2x 6TB Ironwolf drives for 60€ (for both). They are from 2017 and have been in use since 2019. I'll be putting both of them in my NAS so there won't be room for my old 4TB one.
Now to the things I'm not so sure about:

I would truly appreciate your help! Thanks
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2021.12.06 20:33 Alaizabeth Conservatives forcing a vote to create an Afghanistan response special committee

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2021.12.06 20:33 cracc-n-cheese What is your earliest childhood memory?

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2021.12.06 20:33 BooComputer Lead time quadrafire

I've had a Santa Fe Insert on order from quadrafire. I'm not feeling real good about my local dealer so I wanted to check. Does anyone know if there is really a delay until April on these things?
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2021.12.06 20:33 Nola0909 Am I

Test 2
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2021.12.06 20:33 digitalplanet_ Masters of Science, Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

Started the process by sending over my transcript and applying for financial aid. If everything goes smoothly, I may decide to start on 2/1. I'm beyond nervous but that is expected.
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2021.12.06 20:33 anakkcii Astel's 3D stream has special thanks to Roboco-san, Suisei, Matsuri, Fubuki, Choco-sensei, Ollie, Anya, Kagura Nana, among others

Astel's 3D stream has special thanks to Roboco-san, Suisei, Matsuri, Fubuki, Choco-sensei, Ollie, Anya, Kagura Nana, among others submitted by anakkcii to Hololive [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 20:33 BearyCollects Pokemon Cards Shining fates elite trainer box opening!

Come take a look for some free codes and shining fates opening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJmdVQfLdzI
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2021.12.06 20:33 slothorentropy spoiler alert lol

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2021.12.06 20:33 creepyshadyrock challenging but chill base building / survival / strategy turn based / no rush game

i'm looking for a game that I can play on second monitor when working - i sit all day and stare at monitors monitoring systems.
game should have some sort of progression and challenge to it, but I need it to be turn based or no time sensetive, as I often have to drop it and deal with work issues.
games I really like but don't excatly fill my needs:
rimwrorld, valhaim (kinda online game), project zomboid, frostpunk, ftl, this war of mine, prison architect, banished
games I like and fit my needs, but played them too much already:
stellaris, slipways, xcom (and similiar to it), wildermyth, slay the spire, islanders, griftlands, ck3
i was considering battletech and stoneshard, but coudlnt get myself to play them
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2021.12.06 20:33 maxr092 Euclid

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2021.12.06 20:33 -RedFive5 Christopher Nolan/Dark Knight Esque Joker Run?

I figured this is a great place to ask but I'm a huge fan of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight. In the same vain, I'm hoping to find a Batman run with a Joker that's similar to The Dark Knight or even a comic adaptation/prequel/sequel run if available. I've been shown Scott Snyder's Batman which is great but thought I'd see if there's other's out there to keep an eye out.
Thanks everyone
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2021.12.06 20:33 traceylove1 G-Terra - Hope It Never Ends (Official Video)

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2021.12.06 20:33 thedesihornyone CinemaDosti Originals Hindi Short Film – Partner (2020)

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2021.12.06 20:33 DeChampignak Who wrote "Monstrum" ?

In the books and video games, we often ear about about à book called "monstrum, or à description of the witcher", wich is basically and anti-witcher manifesto.
My question is, who wrote it ? The author in the books is just refered to as "anonymous", but ther's got to be some clues on who he is, isnt it ?
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2021.12.06 20:33 azura_1214 trying to buy spider-man remastered, but it’s not giving me the option.

(TRIED POSTING THIS ON THE PLAYSTATION REDDIT BUT I DONT HAVE ENOUGH KARMA) so i’m trying to buy the remastered version in the miles morales menu and it’s not giving me the upgrade button on the bottom right, am i missing something or..?. and yes i know it comes with the ultimate edition, but you can still upgrade via the standard version in the menus. it’s just not giving me the option for some reason. anyone know why?
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2021.12.06 20:33 onborrowedtime9 H:*** GODROLLS Fixers,Handmades,Heavies and Melee No +1on guns,DR or FMS W:3***QE LMG ,VE90 Mini/50 or Fixers/HM With LVC and FFR/VCD/Explo

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2021.12.06 20:33 CButler19 For the 3rd time in 4 years, OSU has a Heisman Finalist QB.

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2021.12.06 20:33 Complex_Witness1266 🎁1000$ Giveaway right now! 250000$ Prize pool! 🎁Just join the Discord IN THE COMMENTS!

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2021.12.06 20:33 haley520 Season to watch first??

My boyfriend has never seen a whole season of survivor and I really want him to love it lol. What season should I have him watch? I want one with some really good tribals and challenges. Remember he doesn’t know any of the people so has no connections. Ty!!!!
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2021.12.06 20:33 tripn4days In a capitalistic system where supply, demand, and efficiency form the underpinnings of price valuation, how can someone essentially ever be "overpaid"?

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2021.12.06 20:33 ZoobBot 191075

This is the 191075th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.06 20:33 Nightsaber Adam Aaron is building the momentum for a massive trigger later.

Think about some of the major moves This is a long game and every move has been strategic.
Voting poll? - unofficial share count to get a good idea of how many synthetics we have out there.
NFT - can't offer a $ dividend because of debt so let's play with NFTs. Oh their successful? Spiderman has exploding ticket sales? Perhaps we do this more often. Perhaps make this a... core business model.
We're on a good path and if this becomes a thing it can force HFs to cover because there will then only be enough NFTs for the float and not the synthetics.
Any smoothbrains been thinking on this?
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2021.12.06 20:33 Fuego_Peaches First Strike on AP Varus

If been using AP Varus to practice ranked before the new season. Dark Harvest and sorcery tree for as much adaptive force as possible but I’ve been thinking that first First Strike deals more damage than Electrocute, and gives you money based on how much damage you deal, and on Varus who is very long ranged and can literally one shot people. It has me thinking, would it be worth trying and/or even using?
It’ll help make money in the laning phase so you can hurry with buying AP
But the issue I have is that without Dark Harvest my combo just barely one shots so will First Strike finish the job?
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