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Bulldog Shadow- Bulldog Shadow Santa Hat Christmas

2021.12.06 12:28 Hayden-Harter6 Bulldog Shadow- Bulldog Shadow Santa Hat Christmas

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2021.12.06 12:28 GargantEwan This weeks 5x5

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2021.12.06 12:28 sehebutilellll Vivianne Desilva,Kate Dee – Snow Balls Deep (MomSwap)

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2021.12.06 12:28 Hownowbrowncow6 Is there a Sex Offender Registry in an Ancap society?

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2021.12.06 12:28 takumei-sei What are all of the horror sub-genres?

My best friend and I watch a couple of horror movies together every week. He's seen the most popular films of the more recent years, but certainly hasn't seen much. I want to really dive deep into what he loves, but he's not really too sure himself. So, I want to explore every sub-genre of horror with him to truly find what we both love the most. Help me make a list!
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2021.12.06 12:28 crackshawofficial Turned 19 and decided it was time for something a little more reliable but still fun, meet my 2010 XLE V6

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2021.12.06 12:28 tyke_dateribol hmm

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2021.12.06 12:28 ggthb Is IBKR trying to predict the future now?, it hasnt even dropped 5% yet

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2021.12.06 12:28 SpaceLover1969 🌌 Welcome To ShibaGalaxy ($GALAXY) 🌌| Anti-Whale | BNB Reflections | Market Cap Under 10k 🔥 | Experienced Dev Team 💥| Hodl Contest Happening Now! 🚀

📝 Contract Address: 0xad347cb5622f14cb8ed95f08a39898524308a4d4
ShibaGalaxy is more than just a memecoin. It is built atop the long-standing SHIB community. Our goal is to build an engaged community of $GALAXY enthusiasts. The team is planning to roll out an insane amount of marketing over the next 24 - 48 hours with exchange listings, merchandise, and meetups in the near future as ShibaGalaxy grows bigger than its predecessor. Ownership has been renounced, liquidity has been locked, and it hasn't even been 24 hours since its inception!
🥇Hodl Contest🥇: Any wallet holding 500 million $Galaxy or more will be entered into a contest for 1 BNB. Winners will be chosen every Friday!
“I want you to deal with your problems by becoming rich.” – Jordan Belfort
🔥 Tokenomics 🔥
💵 TOTAL SUPPLY : 100,000,000,000
✅ 5% back to holders
✅ 20% Burned In First Week
✅ 5% to marketing
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2021.12.06 12:28 beastmode_ako scrambler project complete.

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2021.12.06 12:28 AdAncient8172 Games request

[REQUEST] can someone help me get Mario kart on Nintendo switc? 😭
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2021.12.06 12:28 ZoolShop Google Is Making It Easier To Update The Play Store

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2021.12.06 12:28 MostRadiantRuby Bunny Slippers

I’m looking for the bunny slippers! Trading diamonds or items, just NYP or tell me what items you’re looking for :)
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2021.12.06 12:28 rxece MS365 take a long time to install through the company portal?

Hello, not sure if this is normal, but we are wanting to start deploying the MS365 office apps through the portal.
It does install them correctly, however it takes a very long time. It takes around 3 hours on one computer.
It has been deployed through the built in standard method (Windows - add an app - MS365 apps for Windows 10)
Is this normal and we just have to deal with it, or am I missing something?
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2021.12.06 12:28 Hard-Rain-Falling This era peaked at Denver Game 7 2019

I've been thinking a lot about what I consider to be the crowning achievement of the current era - the victory over the Nuggets in the 2019 playoffs.
This series interests me for a couple of reasons:

  1. I believe it was the last time we truly went all-out, with desire and belief that we could win a title.
  2. I believe it was the last time we had a certified championship-caliber 6th man (Rodney Hood).
  3. I believe it was the best coaching Stotts ever did, and therefore the best Blazers coaching of the last decade. His moves down the stretch in Games 5 and 7 (smart use of Kanter and Hood, play calling for CJ) sealed the series.
  4. I believe it was the apex of the Dame-CJ partnership, both stepping up to the plate (and, off it) in perfectly complementary fashion.
  5. I believe we would have had a better shot against the Raptors than the Warriors.
Everything since that series has been the Decline and Fall, the denouement. While we couldn't always see it then, with hindsight we can look back and see that this series was the apex for this roster and for the Dame-CJ backcourt. Every minute we spend trying to win with this fundamental construction, to get blood from this stone, is now wasted time. This was as far as we could get - and it was great - and now it is time to move on.
If we truly say that our only goal is WINNING, then we have nothing to fear or bad sad about. In fact, we can be thankful. All the franchise needs to do is acknowledge this reality, be thankful that it happened instead of sad that it is over, and start making all kinds of moves.
We've been as far as we could get and that was Game 7 in 2019. There is nothing left to wonder or regret or even think about. Now we start renovating this house.
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2021.12.06 12:28 Sticy_Jacky02 Lol

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2021.12.06 12:28 Everyday_Renegades Caught these curious kids while walking through Brooklyn over the summer

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2021.12.06 12:28 ereviv vent about us humans, im tired of this

Positive emotions are just a drug, something that people get addicted to. And when that feeling is gone, they crave it, wanting it more and more, until they snap, and give in to that urge. They will do anything to feel that way again, even if they have to resort to selfish means to get what they want.
people hurt others to feel happy. People kill others to feel happy. Others have to suffer for one person's pleasure. now. is it worth it?
In the grand scheme of things, emotions are worthless. Whether you laugh or you cry, no one cares. No one will bother you, unless you have something that they want. Then, they'll flock around, playing nice, pretending to be your friend until they get what they want, before they dig into your carcass like vultures.
Friendship is a relationship that has many negative emotions attached to it. All you can do is wait for the eventual betrayal, but is it betrayal if you both agree on it, if you both agree that one person does not deserve anything, not friendship, not companionship, not anything at all?
In this world, you can't rely on anyone. Trust the wrong person, and they'll come and stab you in the back.
Emotions only hold you back. Anger clouds your thoughts and cause you to make rash decisions. Sadness stops you from doing anything productive, and you waste time wallowing in self pity. Happiness makes one blind to what's going on around them by making them complacent, and it allows them to fall into obvious traps right in front of them.
Combine them together, and all you have coming for you is the imminent pain and horror, that you made such a mistake, that the people you once thought to be friends are the ones causing the pain, that in reality, no one cares about you.
There's so many people on this planet.
So many people with problems worse than yours.
Why should people waste their time on you?
They shouldn't.
They only do so when there's something that benefits them. They don't do it for you, they do it for themselves.
Humans are selfish creatures, and all they think about are themselves. They want to feel good, they want to be happy. To them, it's justified to step over others as long as it makes them happy, in extreme cases, killing others makes them happy.
But there's a limit.
Humans are like glass.
You can hurt them, break them, make them crack.
But once they shatter, no matter how hard you try, they're beyond repair.
Even if you find every single glass fragment, and put all the pieces back together in the right place, all the weak points are still there. Weaknesses that can be exploited by others for their personal gain, weaknesses that still hurt no matter what.
It's an injury that does not cause physical pain.
An injury that cannot be truly healed.
It lingers, deep at the back of their mind, and strikes when they least suspect it. When they think they're over it. When they think that they're no longer affected by it.
It is a weakness that will always be there. It is a liability.
Emotions are a liability.
The ability to push emotions aside, to not let them affect you when you are doing things is important. The ability to not rely on others, no matter what you do, is essential. People will not help you out of the goodness of their heart. They'll only offer their assistance if you can offer something in return.
It is not in a human's nature to give without taking. Humans are selfish, and if they could, they would keep on taking, more and more, until there is nothing left for them to take.
And after that, they're still not satisfied.
Humans are greedy, they're never happy with what they have. They just want more and more, even things that do not exist. Their greed and desire fuels them, and their strong emotional need and want for these kinds of things results in absolute idiocy.
In the end, humanity's greed and desires just hurt people.
It's one thing if they hurt themselves. It's another thing if other people are getting hurt for completely self centered reasons that don't amount to anything.
Death is a normal part of life.
Yet, people despise it, simply because they do not appreciate what they have. Life is not something everyone deserves to have, it is a gift that can be taken away at any time. People who think they deserve to live forever do not understand that living hurts a lot more than death.
They get to see everyone they care about die, while not being able to do so to join them. They'll live with all their regrets, knowing that they chose to suffer. Eventually, everything will lose their meaning, and by that time, they will wish that they were not alive to witness it.
And if they do not care about what they have lost, if they don't care that people close to them have died, do they even deserve to live in the first place?
Acting on emotions destroys lives, other people's and one's own.
Creating relationships with others just creates more opportunities for their grasp on their emotions to slip, to let them, to act on their emotions.
Humans claim that these are essential for the survival of humanity, that these are the main traits that separate them from animals, what makes them above animals. But they're no better than the beasts that they claim are mindless and bloodthirsty, vicious and savage.
Animals care about each other. They only kill to eat, to survive.
Humans do not.
Humans are in no way above animals, and they will never be.
They let their emotions take over, let themselves get controlled, and do stupid things. And then, they don't blame themselves for it. They blame others. They will never accept that they are in the wrong. They always think they're right, that their actions are justified, even if they are not.
Humans are hard to understand.
They actively try to sabotage others of their kind, for no reasons at all. They do things that hurt others, and themselves at the same time.
Why would we do something to hurt ourselves on purpose?
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2021.12.06 12:28 DoomGoober What does "bro" connote? What situations is it appropriate to use it in? (internationally)

I was messaging a contractor from another country and he began every sentence with "bro". As in, "Bro, can you send me the files?"
I thought it was just a quirk in how he spoke, but then another contractor from a different country ended most of his messages: "Thanks, bro."
Where I live, "bro" is only used by some sub cultures and it connotes slightly friendly but very casual relationship.
Is it being used in other regions more like "brother"? Is it common to use it in work correspondence? How about when addressing a woman, does it change to "sis"?
Thanks in advance, bro.
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2021.12.06 12:28 Silver_Smoulder Who Wants to Make Some Money?

So, Aquatics came out, which isn't too bad. But there's one thing missing. Cute mermaids with fin ears. So, I'll pay $50-100 bucks if you can take the "space elf" model and give 'em fin ears (and maybe fancy hairdos) whatever. Gotta be animated tho. Anyway, PM me if you're interested.
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2021.12.06 12:28 Due_Salamander_2023 Angie varona sexy lady in bikini @@

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2021.12.06 12:28 JustATac0 Chad enjoys the simple things in life

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2021.12.06 12:28 LiteralHumanRubbish right wing and left wing media make me wanna hang myself

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2021.12.06 12:28 KCVietnamCM12 Thông báo hoàn tất Phân phối lần hai Airdrop Token Hacken (HAI)

Thông báo hoàn tất Phân phối lần hai Airdrop Token Hacken (HAI) 👉https://www.kucoin.com/news/en-second-hai-distribution-airdrop-completed-1206

Đăng ký tài khoản tại đây (https://www.kucoin.com/ucentesignup?rcode=24fcKKR&utm_source=Vie2t17) và inbox admin UID để được KYC trong vòng 3 tiếng.

🌟 Nhấp vào đây (https://t.me/kucoinvietnamesenews/7045) để tham gia Minigame hiện tại của KuCoin VN
👉 Website (http://kucoinvn.com/) | Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/KuCoinExchangeVietnam) | Twitter (https://twitter.com/Kucoin_Vietnam) | Telegram Group (https://t.me/KuCoinVietNam) | TikTok (https://www.tiktok.com/@kucoinvietnam)
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2021.12.06 12:28 Peypeywannaplay ATER Up 10% so far today

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