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Bitcoin Could Fix Turkey’s Currency Crisis

2021.12.07 13:02 Phreesion Bitcoin Could Fix Turkey’s Currency Crisis

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2021.12.07 13:02 WxBlue [@iRacing] iRacing community, say hello to the Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance!

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2021.12.07 13:02 TheBeeKeeeper Much disrespect

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2021.12.07 13:02 i_wanna_screeeeeam Part 1 of my redesigns. I’m an aspiring character designer. One side is season 1 look, and the other is season 9

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2021.12.07 13:02 Morganbanefort Was Jesus a apocalyptic preacher

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2021.12.07 13:02 TroubledGamestress Support's response when asked about the Lure Module pricing (included link in comments as well)

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2021.12.07 13:02 agnclay Suspected killer of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi arrested in France

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2021.12.07 13:02 EmbarrassedPin4801 השרת הכי שווה בארץ הכל בחינם! הזמנה שלא נגמרת(גלי נפתלי, ליהי גולדמן)

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2021.12.07 13:02 jdanddiet It's almost Christmas... let's talk Compilations!

It's almost Christmas... let's talk Compilations! What was your favourite?
These were always high on my Christmas list given they offered a whole bunch of games for a tenner or 15 quid. And they looked impressive, too - a chocolate box but with games!
Here are my two faves:-

Chuckie Egg, Harrier Attack, Skool Daze, Wriggler and Jasper!
Eight classics!
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2021.12.07 13:02 Grayfox95m2 Metal Gear Solid 1 - Datamined

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2021.12.07 13:02 Doctor_Walrus1052 Seduce me

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2021.12.07 13:02 Daffodil8888 Can anyone explain this green band please? Goes all the way around. Found on UK beach (4 pics). Thanks

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2021.12.07 13:02 Redditsoldestaccount Omicron 'Exploded' In South Africa, But Cases Appear Less Severe

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2021.12.07 13:02 Spacey_G D4v2 219b driver

I have a tint ramping D4v2 Ti on the way with 2700K and 4500K 219b emitters.
These are supposed to be driven at 1.5A max per emitter, so does this light use current regulation at 5-6A total current on turbo?
Would a 10A Sanyo GA therefore be an appropriate cell for this light? I'm used to running a VTC5A or VTC6 in my regular D4v2 with XP-L HIs, but I'll take the extra capacity of the GA if the lower discharge is inconsequential in the 219b version.
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2021.12.07 13:02 khanvict85 How do you 'factory order' a vehicle?

Need a vehicle but of course local dealers don't have the specific inventory. Would rather wait to get the vehicle if it's exactly the specs I want. Interested in either Mitsubishi outlander or Kia Sorento.
Do I still have to talk to the local dealership to request a factory order? The Mitsubishi salesman seemed like he was new and said it wasn't possible. I haven't checked with Kia.
I wish you could put the order directly online from the main Mitsubishi.com or Kia.com website but didn't see any options there.
How does this work? The only thing I can guess is build it online, print/email it, then send it to the dealer? Did I just answer my own question?
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2021.12.07 13:02 Jiro_7 How to look for very old matchmaking (3+ years ago)

For reasons, I'm trying to look into the matchmaking of an user of around 3 years ago. However, most match history sites like leagueofgraphs, op gg or mobalytics only seem to go as far as 1-2 years ago.
Anyone know where or how I can look into very old match history?
There really must be somewhere where that is saved. Can't believe everyone deleted it
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2021.12.07 13:02 GameOnBrother Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Arrives on PS5 in January and PC Later

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2021.12.07 13:02 DarkChild9 Best Hotels In Kenya - For Families, Couples, Work Trips, Luxury & Budget

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2021.12.07 13:02 LTR_fc I'm frightening

I really want to come out to my mom today, but I'm scared. I feel like I've failed her, but I know that thought is stupid. Anyway I don't want to ruin her day, but... what's the point of wanting?
Resume, please encourage me, I need it :(
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2021.12.07 13:02 aim4harmony What motivates employers to ask for a resume when they clearly state that there is no available vacancy at the same time?

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2021.12.07 13:02 the_man_downunder Help with custom white balance

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2021.12.07 13:02 MetBumble Going through a separation; not sure what to do

Some background: my wife of five years (we’ve been together for 9) has diagnosed cyclothymia. She had been going to therapy for a short period of time before the pandemic, but apparently her therapist said she didn’t need it. Since then, I’ve watched her episodes grow worse and worse.
Almost two months ago, she quit her very stable job due to it causing her too much stress. We were in the middle of refinancing our mortgage, but I wanted her to know her mental health was way more important so I encouraged her to quit and find something less stressful. She quickly found a part time coffee shop job, but that has proven to cause her a lot of distress as well.
About me: I have always had anxiety and have had depression at various times in our relationship. I know that this has made things difficult for her, with us not going out for proper dates as much as we should. I’ll be the first to fully acknowledge all of my issues, and I’ve been in therapy and have worked on improving my mental health constantly over the past few years. But I know I still have a ways to go to get to where I want to be.
The separation: Lately I’ve noticed that she’s been very distant romantically. She said that what would help her would be giving her space, which I was fully prepared to do. Then I asked her if she was happy being married to me, which ultimately led to a conversation about how bitter and resentful she is toward me for my anxiety.
During the conversation, I was very understanding and told her that I get it while also making it clear that I wasn’t going to give up on our relationship. I fully own my flaws, and I’ll continue to work on my issues.
She said she wasn’t sure if she was doing something monstrous. I told her I’ll still be here if she needs anything and that I wasn’t going to give up hope in us. After a lot of tears from both of us and me helping her load up her car, she went to her parents where she’s being staying since. Ive tried to respect her space, but I have texted her a few times (supportive messages except for one where I rather pathetically expressed how much I miss her) and I sent her flowers.
Further context: The day before she left, she hung out with a guy from work that she later admitted (during our separation conversation) to having a crush on. She did let me know beforehand that they were hanging out, and she knew I was uncomfortable with it, but I also wanted her to see that I trusted her. I don’t have any reason to think they did anything physical, but I have a hard time not believing that the reason she wanted to end our relationship so quickly was because she feels guilty for her feelings for this other guy.
I suggested we start couples therapy, but she said it’s too late for that.
I’m extremely worried that all of what’s happened the last two months is due to her being in a manic state. I want to make sure that I’m there for her because I have to believe that this is due to her illness and eventually she’ll reorient herself. I also know that depressive state that follows her mania can be extremely bad, and I want to make sure she has me as a support during that time if she needs it.
This has been extremely painful, but mindfulness and taking things a breath at a time and continuing to work on myself physically and emotionally has kept me resilient.
I just wish I knew what’s the best thing to do right now. Any advice would be so appreciated!
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2021.12.07 13:02 TheThirteenShadows Every time I go outside, I die a violent death

I cannot understand what is happening. It scares me so much. I am terrified to exit my house now.
Every time I encounter anything outside my home, I die a violent death. Be it a friend, a family member, even air that I breathe while outside my home or the sunlight that illuminates the world beyond my measly, mahogany door.
The windows are always kept shut now, hammered on with boards to prevent the entrance of sunlight. I cannot even catch a glimpse of the comments section within this post without vanishing. I am frightened beyond comprehension, and I loathe whatever eldritch force brought such a curse upon me.
What did I do to deserve such a torturous punishment? I never hurt anyone. For power, or money I had no want nor had I ever done anything wrong. Only the odd shop-lifting in my youth here and there. Hardly deserving of such agony.
Perhaps it was just fate, fate that I, of all people, would be afflicted with this cursed plague. A truly remarkable, blindingly painful ailment that I could never find any cure for. A true curse, a bane upon my very mortal existence. But why me? Was it some cosmic mistake, or indifference?
The result of a god gone mad with power, or just an unexplainable cruel twist of fate?
In the end, I may never find those answers. But I have heard of the therapeutic effects of journaling, and even if I cannot find anyone who shares such experiences, at the very least, I suppose it would provide a release for all the fear and stress I am currently feeling as of late. Thankfully this time I had a smartphone. I will never look at flip-phones the same way again.
Let me start at the beginning. Most stories do, after all.
I was a completely normal, mundane human before the day I first died. I never gambled, never defiled any sacred spaces, nothing. No debauchery on sacred grounds or anything like that.
I was an office-worker. Dull and boring. I yearn for that kind of mind-numbing boredom now. In the present, my life feels like a roller-coaster of emotions. Paranoia, stress and frustration, but striking through all of the former is fear. A primal emotion that I feel every day, it’s effects unimaginably strong beyond comprehension on my psyche. I feel my blood gushing with such primordial force every day, and I struggle now to comprehend the most basic of emotion beyond fear and hatred.
But that is beside the point.
Essentially, I was like every mundane, regular sentient mortal homo sapien on the planet. Bored, constantly dreaming of some arcane, ancient being to whisk me away into a world of supernatural possibilities and enchanting creatures.
I chuckle now at my naivety. Now I understand why so many people cautioned me so many years past.
Careful what you wish for. After all, you might just get it.
I got my wish. I, in a cruel and brutal twist of dark fate, got my wish.
Now I suffer for it. For all eternity.
The first time I died, it was darkness. A pure, unyielding mass of shadows. I have heard that most people cannot grasp the reality of their deaths when first perceiving such a sight. But I found it immediately. I was perplexed, at first, but slowly came to terms with what had happened.
Rather then what you would have expected, I was honestly not too saddened by the premise surrounding my situation. More intrigued, might I say. This was a new world to explore after all.
Who knows? Death might have been even better than life.
Of course, I would not know. The moment I attempted to step through the glaringly white light I awoke in a hospital. The ceiling had multiple lights attached to them, and I winced at the sudden onslaught of artificial, pale illumination.
When I woke up, it was in another woman’s body. I was surprised. The body I was in was that of a completely strangers. She, well, I, had blonde hair and wide, emerald green eyes that seemed to tell a story of exhaustion and solitude.
I immediately stepped back in shock, surprised. I then looked around. The entire room was bare of any furniture, save for a seemingly ancient bed and a nightstand next to it, both covered in a fair cloud of dust. The walls were plain and grey, reminding me of sad, overcast clouds that brought with them the distressing promise of storms.
I was also wearing a purple dress, reaching down to my knees and sleeveless. Naturally, I was surprised, and a bit unnerved. When I checked my room for a phone, all I could manage to scrounge was a flip-phone. I had no idea people still used those.
I called, but the moment someone picked up, I felt the ground shake beneath me.
The walls were shaking and dust fell in small, neat columns.
The earth was quaking, and I was barely able to run out of the room before being crushed by a mass of concrete plastering my flesh to the ground in mere seconds. One moment, I had been perfectly fine, all things considered. The next, I was flattened on the ground, blood splattered all over the cracked floor and my bones turned to powder mixed with soft, pinkish flesh. It was terrible. For some reason, I felt my death being stretched out further and further, until finally, it happened.
I choked on my own wind-pipe before the world turned black.
Once more I walked through the portal, only to wake up again. Now this was beginning to unsettle me even more. Once more, the room was sad and gloomy. I could feel a distinct atmosphere of loss clinging to the air around me, and it seemed to choke my very spirit. I sprinted outside.
…Only to have my eyes gouged out and my lungs cut to shreds by a conveniently placed tree that just happened to have branches corresponding roughly to the height of my eyes and heart. Once more, I felt the pain of my death in its entirety. I felt the feeling of my lungs inflating and deflating rapidly, trying in vain to draw any oxygen it could. My eyes bled with viscous fluids trickling down my cheeks. Tears of blood mixed with what I assumed, based on my own imagination, whitish-yellow liquid that once composed my eyeballs.
It was gruesome, I will tell you that much.
I woke up once more. And died as soon as I stepped outside. Ten more times later. Hundred more followed. Every attempt I made to interact with the external world ended in blood-filled catastrophe.
So I stopped going outside. I stayed inside, but even that was a failure. Food that was delivered to me would be the death of me. The moment I met a delivery guy, my fate was sealed and I was either hit with a lightning strike, an earthquake, or the pizza guy turning out to be a psychopathic serial killer. The last one is the one I hate the most, since my death stretches out far longer then it should, infuriating most I meet. What comes after…I do not have the courage to place on paper.
Even going outside on its own was a death sentence. The moment a drop of rain water or a molecule of air, or even the slightest splash of sunlight on my skin sent me into writhing convulsions or choking fits. Murdering me in a matter of twenty agonizing minutes.
So I am staying inside. I have decided that I will never go outside again. But that plan unravels more and more every day.
I just burnt through every last bit of my food yesterday. Well, not technically mine, I suppose. It was enough to last at least a month, yet I finished it all in a day. I do not know why, but when the mere thought struck me, I could not resist.
It was as if I had gone mad and delirious with hunger, constantly grabbing any food I could until not a scrap remained. My water lasted three days, and not a second longer.
Other then that, I feel, strangely fine. I can safely discount any mental illness, but something happens to me when I think of anything that could keep me inside for long. I do not know why.
But I am scared. My heart is beating faster and faster, and my ribs are beginning to poke out of my skin. My flesh feels like beaten pulp, soft and malleable.
My bones seem to be brittle, almost breaking at times. I am scared, please help me.
I am so, so scared. Please, someone, what is happening to me?! I cannot take it for much longer.
Please…someone, help me.
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2021.12.07 13:02 MorningStarGG Final Fantasy XIV - Shinies, leveling, unicorns? We're like an Asylum, get committed! HOT SAUCE SHOTS - NASTY JELLYBEANS - Fire in the HOLE, STANK out the HOLE! - MorningStarGG is now LIVE!

Final Fantasy XIV - Shinies, leveling, unicorns? We're like an Asylum, get committed! HOT SAUCE SHOTS - NASTY JELLYBEANS - Fire in the HOLE, STANK out the HOLE! - MorningStarGG is now LIVE! submitted by MorningStarGG to SmallCreatorCommunity [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 13:02 Executed_Order66 What open wheel should I go to after Skip Barber?

Skippys are okay but I feel like I want something quicker and more downforce.
View Poll
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