dedsk 4yi9k itaki ady27 n99r5 7243k 65s9i 646d3 enhe3 tf6d7 4s637 zzyni 7fdne nf8fk 2n37y rr4it 2aat4 8ekst 2n345 7da5k kr3ak I snubbed my SIL at her FIL's funeral, and it was on purpose |

I snubbed my SIL at her FIL's funeral, and it was on purpose

2021.12.07 13:06 YoungQuahogMoney I snubbed my SIL at her FIL's funeral, and it was on purpose

My wife's sister's husband's father (my SIL's FIL) died a few years ago. Sad.
The day of his funeral, the receiving line consisted of:
My BIL (wife's sister's husband)
My SIL (wife's sister)
BIL's sister
BIL's niece
BIL's mom
I hugged my BIL, skipped over my SIL, and hugged the other three before saying a prayer and paying my propers to the dead guy.
No, this was not on accident.
My SIL has this tendency to make everything about her, and it's so annoying to the point where it affects my wife's decision making.
In this particular case, the guy happened to die on my SIL's birthday (12/21) and we had a Christmas party scheduled the next day. My wife cancels the party behind my back on the back of his death (but that's another story for another day), but I am convinced that my SIL capitalizing on making this tragedy about her definitely had something to do with my wife's decision-making.
I am convinced that the reason my wife cancelled the party was because she didn't want to hear her sister complain about how "MY father in law died on MY birthday."
Nobody else noticed me snubbing her except me and her. She tried to confront me at the repast, but I denied it and nobody else saw it. She was just making an attempt at another attention grab.
I can provide other examples of her making something all about her and/or her influence on my wife's decision-making upon request.
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2021.12.07 13:06 LovinglyLuna No Orgasm?? (21 female)

Hi All! So I’ve been taking concerta 18mg since December 2nd which makes today my 6th day on it. Alongside my Concerta I was also prescribed Buspar 7.5mg twice a day. During the first 3 or so days of taking my Concerta and Buspar cocktail things were going okay. Besides Concerta affecting my sleep, my appetite, and my anxiety I was able to tolerate work a little better and just go about life. But recently, I’ve noticed that orgasming/ getting horny is so freaking hard for me. My partner can’t get me there and I can’t even get myself there. It got to a point where I we were doing something that usually gets me there quickly, and while it felt incredibly good I just couldn’t. And then I got frustrated because I couldn’t (I’m talking like, we’re doing the act and I’m just in my head getting pissed off because I want to O so bad and I cant) it just made the whole situation really sour. This morning, I tried to get myself there with my vibrator (she’s definitely ole reliable… she’s never failed me) and guess what… I couldn’t freaking do it. So I’m saying all of this to ask, is this common? Has anyone else with a vagina experienced this? Is it something I should try to ride out (no pun intended)?
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2021.12.07 13:06 LuckyWishbone High schools

Native Californian moving back after 15 years in TX. I have a high school aged son who has always been a little too progressive for his peers out here. We are thinking about moving to the San Fernando valley or Huntington Beach area. I would really like to find a high school that would be a good cultural fit for my son in hopes of making this transition easier for him. Would Huntington Beach / Costa Mesa be overly affluent or conservative? Are there any cities/schools in the valley you would recommend? Just hoping for a solidly middle class, progressive, and diverse atmosphere. Available tech programs would be a bonus.
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2021.12.07 13:06 mrafekaj Anyone have any good contact with Jonkernet Academy?

Title says it all. He's another youtuber who does Sam style videos, and does a damn great job at it. I've been wanting to collab with him for ages now, but he's terrible at maintaining his socials or responding to messages. Tell him I will physically pay him good money to work with him
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2021.12.07 13:06 hunteroflife Medical Malpractice and the Mysterious Death of George Washington

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2021.12.07 13:06 kkrash79 Boris Drug Bust

Whats your thoughts on this?
Considering he's never truly hidden his disdain for Liverpool? You know, allowing those spectator articles to go ahead.
The fact he could have been on a drugs bust anywhere between London and Liverpool, I mean Essex has its fair share and the likes of Elephant and Castle is rife.
Do you think it's a hidden agenda in the sense of putting Liverpool on the map in a negative light (again)
How do you feel about the local plod selling put to the Tory party considering how divisive the party are especially in Liverpool?
Not a scouser, a Geordie here, but pissed off at the rhetoric this action may be trying to set off.
The bad North.....
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2021.12.07 13:06 gnometreeking 8r8eieie

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2021.12.07 13:06 kenzotenma4326 PC ERRORES - LENTITUD Y APAGONES

Vengo con una serie de problemas hace unos meses a los cuales no he encontrado solución.
Al iniciar mi pc, luego de un rato se pone muy lenta, lo cual para mi es raro. La única solución que he encontrado, es que al abrir algo que la estrese un poco (Videos 4k, un juego, etc) luego de un rato ya vuelve a la normalidad y anda como debe ser. Cabe recalcar que cuando se pone así de lenta las temperaturas del proce suben arriba de los 85-90 grados, y no es falla de su refrigeración(he probado con otras mas potentes) y ya cuando inicia bien, las temperaturas vuelven a la normalidad 35-45 grados.
Al intentar jugar o hacer furmark, en los juegos al cabo de unos minutos se reinicia sola con las temperaturas "comunes" grafica: 50-55 grados y proce: 45-55 grados. Luego, al intentar hacer furmark cuando le doy en "iniciar" se reinicia la pc.
Ya he probado cambiando pasta térmica, limpiando la grafica, rectificando y actualizando la BIOS pero el problema persiste.
Al reiniciarse en eventos me tira "Error 41 kernel power"
No se si es la placa, la fuente, la grafica o el proce. O una unión de todo jaja. (La pc ya tiene 4-5 años, pero, siempre ha tenido su mantenimiento al día y aun no he podido probar con otros componentes.)
Componentes de mi pc:
i5 4690k
16 gb RAM 1333 mhz 4x4
Gtx 770 4 gb
Fuente Corsair RM 650
Placa GA-Z97X-sli gygabite
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2021.12.07 13:06 SenSeiSixincheSSword I got my 90 yo racist,blind,deaf grandma to watch one piece

No really I just wanted to make u/Depressingchimp giggle a bit. Sorry 🥲.
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2021.12.07 13:06 masfat Ive been looking forward to doing KotN, ive never done it before, and man am i disappointed

Apparently my light armor skill was higher than my heavy armor when i started (i leveled both for efficient leveling). I just got the helm, and its f*cking light armor.
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2021.12.07 13:06 sarahschx Shines With New Winter Promo, Big Win & Great Features

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2021.12.07 13:06 joreadfluidart Female Western Movie/TV series characters.

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2021.12.07 13:06 wutatthrowaway [WTS] Bootleg Inc. 7” Piclok Handguard w/ all hardware, new - $120 (KS)

Brand new, never installed.
Price includes shipping. PayPal F&F.
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2021.12.07 13:06 furryatp Any word on this mod? Apparently it’s been released but I can’t find it

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2021.12.07 13:06 Delicious_Object_663 Happy Tuesday. Be well. Stay Safe

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2021.12.07 13:06 mayraibs50 🔥 Up to 70%OFF on (Holiday Décor & Gifts). UNLOCK 15% off Sitewide on Frontgate. #frontgate #discounts #deals

🔥 Up to 70%OFF on (Holiday Décor & Gifts). UNLOCK 15% off Sitewide on Frontgate. #frontgate #discounts #deals Click here Up to 70%OFF on (Holiday Décor & Gifts).
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2021.12.07 13:06 ghigocarincigmailcom could I get ba-ned?

so gli released a video of him going into a map and continuously clicking a button in that gave him little xp because that map used the accolades device
if I press that button until tier 100 would I get ba-ned?
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2021.12.07 13:06 Key-Waltz-2502 This is my solar return chart for 2022 are there any indications of struggle? This will be my first year of college btw and my 7th house profection year btw!

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2021.12.07 13:06 brettmagnetic May I suggest using a screen recording app when moass occurs in case you decide to sell a share?

You know there is going to be all sorts of fuckery and false claims from brokerages if apes decide to sell a share. Protect yourself and your future by using a screen recording app to show your account number position, sell order, and outcome of said sell order. You may even want to record your withdrawal request as well.
Afterwards, make backups of the footage and put them in multiple locations locally and in the cloud. Maybe even store a copy at family and friends.
We know it's going to happen in some form or another. Be safe!!
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2021.12.07 13:06 TheHolySheep8 Is it considered "cheating" to use an FD car in Open Drifting?

I'm quite new to the drifting scene and only recently found a car that I can really drift with (FD Corolla).
I went out to do some Open Drifting in S1 Class, mostly because of the Playlist objective, but I realised that very few people were using FD cars and I ended up winning quite easily even though I don't consider myself very talented.
I know most of them are in the Car Pass but still, just wondered if it was considered bad sportsmanship by the Drift Community to use OP cars for Open.
P.S. If the answer is yes, I'm open to catune suggestions that are suitable for fairly unexperienced drivers like myself.
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2021.12.07 13:06 BattleblockB0ss What solder to use for rings?

I have experience with soldering electrical components, but I’d like to try to solder some of my rings. 2 out of the 3 rings I wear broke over the weekend, and while they are poor quality rings, they have sentimental value to me, and I’d like to try to fix them. I’m not sure what metal they’re made of but they have a copper-looking finish and black metal underneath where my fingers have rubbed the finish off. One is a mood ring, and the part that is actually supposed to show my mood broke off at the joint where it was initially attached. Any idea what solder to use for this? Thanks!
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2021.12.07 13:06 Blckhrt Hey guys check out this Design!

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2021.12.07 13:06 Dr4wr0s How to build a 'helper' NPC

I am DMing my first campaign for my best friend and my girlfriend; and being just 2 players I want to be able to, from time to time, support them in combat with NPCs that may join for a limited time, if the narrative makes sense. Sort of mercenaries.
What I do not know is if I should be just taking NPC stat blocks and model them a bit, or build full fledged PC like characters, in order to be sure that they are on a similar power level to my players.
Any advice, resource or ruling you guys could share will be greatly appreciated!
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2021.12.07 13:06 carnalhag Female sex attacker’s horror demand

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2021.12.07 13:06 Necessary-Tank198 👀👀Plans are underway to bring koalas to a virtual preserve in the Metaverse as well as create a token to use on it that will allow KRebel holders to play and earn with their NFTs. 🐨🌐

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