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I'm lying, she put her trust in me, she must not know no better 🐐

2021.12.04 00:49 YungKinging I'm lying, she put her trust in me, she must not know no better 🐐

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2021.12.04 00:49 ChrisDazz When Doge Spikes, I’ll wait for your bull remarks on how you’ve been a devote follower 😭

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2021.12.04 00:49 CAt_With_A_gat1 Hi

Hi I'm a femboy from salmon arm
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2021.12.04 00:49 fallguys247 Iwftr

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2021.12.04 00:49 angeldeannaa trading winter halo2021 !!

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2021.12.04 00:49 Corny99 Is the Microsoft Store Version of Firefox the same, better, or worse than downloading it the traditional way?

I recently saw that Firefox came onto the Microsoft Store. And I'm curious if by any chance if it's better or worse than downloading it the traditional way by downloading a .EXE installer from Firefox's website. Does the Microsoft Store perform better, worse, or literally just the same as the other way? I'm curious if all. Because if the Microsoft Store version is better. I'll just switch to that.
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2021.12.04 00:49 mcccxx COVID-19 reinfection study from South Africa yields ominous data about Omicron https://ift.tt/3deJoAK https://ift.tt/3deJoAK

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2021.12.04 00:49 Simenba Poke on LA people

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2021.12.04 00:49 Silver_Plan_838 these mfs just be canon

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2021.12.04 00:49 TheMixerTheMaster Wet Willie - Keep On Smilin' (1974)

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2021.12.04 00:49 bobtheconqueror42 where's a place me and my friend can smoke weed?

y'all have any ideas, cuz neither of our houses are an option. we're in Fresno California, so there's really no place to hang out in the first place, let alone a place we can smoke weed
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2021.12.04 00:49 AhaGotcha Having a nice Xmas lights walk when…

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2021.12.04 00:49 obsidiandragonx Did someone say skins

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2021.12.04 00:49 OpieGoHard95 Could I get some help with Skyward-Eye cuts?

Hi everyone! This is my Skyward-Eye Prophets brew that I've been working on. Would anyone be willing to help me with cuts? I'm going into a fairly blind meta and I've always liked the Prophets.
The deck wins either by slowly but surely closing the game out with [[Recruit the Worthy]] or [[Sprout Swarm]], or by going infinite with mana either via flicker-drake or Freed Axebane, and then drawing my deck and dumping the opponents' libraries in the yard via [[Doorkeeper]].
Please feel free to let me know if I'm missing anything either, I'm not super versed in the format. Thank you everyone! :D
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2021.12.04 00:49 sillyrabbit33 How the heck are they incentivizing people to get a job in this field?

It seems that most bioinformatics jobs have an insane amount of unnecessary requirements. PhDs who do the hiring literally have their head stuck up their ass, and have more ego than certain politicians. You literally don’t need a PhD to do the work they require. An undergrad degree is more than sufficient. People who work in cybersecurity sometimes don’t even have an undergrad degree, and they can still use all those tools, and in some cases handle much much more sensitive data.
With the skill set they require (ie:python scripting, server commands, etc), the person might as well as do something else in tech with the same skill set where there’s actual opportunity for growth as well as a livable wage at entry level (most tech jobs paying 80k+ vs entry level bioinformatician paid $40k if that). It always seems that job listings are posted but the job actual goes towards favorites or nepotism.
I find it absurd that people like me and a couple of my friends who have a degree in biochem from a very decent state university, have research under their belt, know their shit, as well as know way more than enough tech (we even have home server labs), are being denied entry level bioinformatician jobs.
PhDs can piss off. There’s nothing special about a job in bioinformatics or in a bio lab in general. Getting a degree in biochem or bio is a complete waste of time and money. Get a degree in CS/software engineering and take a few bio courses if you plan on going to a health profession grad school later. The decent paying job is always going to go to some admin’s nephew, little Jimmy.
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2021.12.04 00:49 Battle_Knight A katana

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2021.12.04 00:49 drstrangelove444 Google is a CIA and Pentagon contractor, embedded in the military-industrial complex

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2021.12.04 00:49 Grk81 1st Other Build

So this is my 1st Other build and I gathered most of my info from here and everyone's help. So I followed the flow chart and I was thinking that with the below setup that I would need an extended buffer tube. So I went ahead and ordered the vltor A5 extension tube along with spring and buffer. Well...Unless my measurements are off, it doesn't look like I'll need it to get me over the 26" mark... thoughts?
11.5" Upper
PSA Lower
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2021.12.04 00:49 Darkseid_Fan Is there any way I could get Marvel Super War from the U.S?

Is there any possible way I could get this? A VPN? Or some other way?
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2021.12.04 00:49 Wannabesober1 Checking back in at 2 weeks!

Like the title says I have 2 weeks today! 12 days ago I was on here pleading for help because my withdrawal was sooo bad. I’m finally sleeping normal again, I’m back in the gym working out, and I feel great! Thanks everyone who encouraged me. Idk how to start my counter over though?
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2021.12.04 00:49 olegkaufman1976 4 unit building. Kitchen plumbing stack that drains to a catch basin. Leaking…..

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2021.12.04 00:49 Majorcanis_478 What's the ideal number of each set?

I'm trying to build a robust and as full of a collection as possible I want to know what is the ideal number of each set to have a collection to make just about any set-up you'd like I currently have 2 of the town and village 1 and 2 1 expansion 1 1 stairs and ladders 1 magic circles
I'm thinking 2 more of the town and village and Dungeon 1 sets 1 to more stairs and ladders 2 of the full wall sets 2 to 4 the town and village and Dungeon 1inch sets 2 to 4 of the town and village and Dungeon curves and angel sets 1 of each of the accessories, kitchen, inn ect 1 to 4 of the cavern set 1 to 4 of the cavern expansion 1 to 6 of the town square sets Am I missing anything, what's everyone's opinion, what's your experience with the sets I Don't have, do I have to many of a set or not enough?
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2021.12.04 00:49 Flimsy-Swordfish7921 I’m stressed and irritated

My aunt, my stepdad, and my mom want me to move out of my one bed one bath because it’s in a bad neighborhood. My boyfriend wants to move too but he’s been saying he doesn’t mind staying here because we’re living pretty comfortably which I agree but earlier this year he was pretty upset that we live in a pretty small apartment and how he wants his own space.
My boyfriend wants to get a mobile home then pay it off then rent it out. I read some places won’t do that and it’ll probably devalue
I told my stepdad I was thinking about houses and he told me he’ll talk to his real estate friend Jim then went on with how I should by a condo. Then told his friend about the condo and now Jim was sending me condos off Zillow. But I never said I wanted a condo. 🙃
I talked to Jim today and it feels like getting a house is going to be a struggle. My credit score isn’t good, Ive only been working full-time for a little less than a year and I don’t have much for a down payment so I have to find some assist programs. And it feels like it’s ultimately up to me to do everything because my boyfriend Wants it under my name (unless I for sure need a co-signer because he has a collection on his credit report he says)
Before talking to Jim I was nervous. I was writing down questions to ask him. And when he called I asked if he wanted my other airpod to listen and he said “you could put it on speaker” but I freaked and put the airpod in. My boyfriend is good at asking questions, not so much myself. I kind of wish he had put the airpod in just to listen.
After I hung up with Jim my boyfriend asks me “did you ask him…” “did you say…” like he was right next to me and didn’t listen to what I was saying???😮‍💨 maybe that’s just his way of saying why didn’t you ask him this? But I felt like this could have been avoided if he was just on the phone with me.
It might sound like people are pressuring me to do something I don’t want to do and i know buying a house is a night deal but Idk I guess I’m just on the fence (no pun intended?) with moving and getting a house. On one hand, if I stay in the apartments I don’t have to worry so much about money, I am able to spend without it hurting. Also less stress.
And on the other hand I do live on the bad side of town. It’s not the worse but it is pretty bad. And I don’t even have a pantry I miss having a big kitchen.
Does anyone remember working and living at home with your parents? Not having to stress about bills. I’m just out of college too I don’t have any debt but there were times where I owed money to the bank and I would barely scrap by. I don’t want that and I wish I never go back to that.
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2021.12.04 00:49 SpaceLover1969 💧 DrippinPussy | Easy 100x Material | BNB Dividends | Huge Gains | Market Cap Under 10k | Fair Launched Today | Amazing Dev Team 💥| Hodl Contest Happening Now! 💦

Are you ready to make a splash!? 💦DrippinPussy💦 is the coin that will make you a millionaire! If you missed Floki, Shib, Doge, or any other coin that went to the moon, this is your chance!!! 🐱 Overview of DRIPPYnomics: 🐱 ✅ TOTAL SUPPLY : 100,000,000,000
✅ Hold $DRIPPY to earn BNB
✅ 5% of total supply airdropped between the first 100 holders
✅ Marketing: 5%
✅ Token Type: BEP-20 (BSC)
✅ DEX: PancakeSwap 🥞
✅ Community driven
✅ PooCoin Ads already running
✅ Influencers already promoting
✅ Coin Market Cap listing coming soon!
What’s special about this contract is the massive 8% dividend and our airdrop feature. Both of these features are great gifts for early holders who will have a free increase in their token supply which further adds on to their BNB dividends!
💰Hodl Contest💰: Any wallet holding 500 million $DRIPPY or more will be entered into a contest for 1 BNB. Winners will be chosen every week!
📝 Contract Address: 0x28a23dbd37b1f6e11dd50ee5a700ad5c05804899
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2021.12.04 00:49 CDorson Recently purchased NOS Drukhari Hellions without the instructions. Would anyone be kind enough to share the build instructions? TIA.

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