Lourdes, France, 1858. The Blessed Virgin reveals to little St. Bernadette: "I AM THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION." Below is a powerful excerpt from Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson's 1914 account of his pilgrimage to Lourdes. The entire text is a short read and is available in the public domain.

2021.12.08 12:01 RegnansInExcelsis Lourdes, France, 1858. The Blessed Virgin reveals to little St. Bernadette: "I AM THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION." Below is a powerful excerpt from Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson's 1914 account of his pilgrimage to Lourdes. The entire text is a short read and is available in the public domain.

An old French priest said one day at Lourdes, to one of those with whom I travelled, that he feared that in these times the pilgrims did not pray so much as they once did, and that this was a bad sign. He spoke also of France as a whole, and its fall. My friend said to him that, in her opinion, if these pilgrims could but be led as an army to Paris – an army, that is, with no weapons except their Rosaries – the country could be retaken in a day.
Now, I do not know whether the pilgrims once prayed more than they do now; I only know that I never saw any one pray so much; and I cannot help agreeing with my friend that, if this power could be organized, we should hear little more of the apostasy of France. Even as it is, I cannot understand the superior attitude that Christian Englishmen take up with regard to France. It is true that in many districts religion is on a downward course, that the churches are neglected, and that even infidelity is becoming a fashion;i but I wonder very much whether, on the whole, taking Lourdes into account, the average piety of France, is not on a very much higher level than the piety of England. The government, as all the world now knows, is not in the least representative of the country; but, sad to relate, the Frenchman is apt to extend his respect for the law into an assumption of its morality. When a law is passed, there is an end of it.
Yet, judging by the intensity of faith and love and resignation that is evident at Lourdes, and indeed by the numbers of those present, it would seem as if Mary, driven from the towns with her Divine Son, has chosen Lourdes- -the very farthest point from Paris – as her earthly home, and draws her children after her, standing there with her back to the wall. I do not think this is fanciful. That which is beyond time and space must communicate with us in those terms; and we can only speak of these things in the same terms. Huysmans expresses the same thing in other words. Even if Bernadette were deceived, he says, at any rate these pilgrims are not; even if Mary did not come in 1858 to the banks of the Gave, she has certainly come there since, drawn by the thousands of souls that have gone to seek her there. This, then, is the last thing I can say about Lourdes. It is quite useless as evidence – indeed it would be almost impertinent to dare to offer further evidence at all – yet I may as well hand it in as my contribution. It is this, that Lourdes is soaked, saturated and kindled by the all but sensible presence of the Mother of God. I am quite aware of all that can be said about subjectivity and auto-suggestion, and the rest; but there comes a point in all arguments when nothing is worth anything except an assertion of a personal conviction. Such, then, is mine.
First, it was borne in upon me what a mutilated Christianity that is which practically takes no account of Mary. This fragmentary, lopsided faith was that in which I myself had been brought up, and which to-day still is the faith of the majority of my fellow-countrymen. The Mother of God – the Second Eve, the Immaculate Maiden Mother, who, as if to balance Eve at the Tree of Death, stood by the Tree of Life – in popular non-Catholic theology is banished, with the rest of those who have passed away, to a position of complete insignificance. This arrangement, I had become accustomed to believe, was that of Primitive Christianity and of the Christianity of all sensible men: Romanism had added to the simple Gospel, and had treated the Mother of God with an honour which she would have been the first to deprecate. Well, I think that at Lourdes the startling contrast between facts and human inventions was, in this respect, first made vivid to my imagination. I understood how puzzling it must be for “old Catholics,” to whom Mary is as real and active as her Divine Son, to understand the sincerity of those to whom she is no more than a phantom, and who yet profess and call themselves Christians. Why, at Lourdes Mary is seen to stand, to all but outward eyes, in exactly that position in which at Nazareth, at Cana, in the Acts of the Apostles, in the Catacombs, and in the whole history of Christendom, true lovers of her Son have always seen her- a Mother of God and man, tender, authoritative, silent, and effective!
Yet, strangely enough, it is not at all the ordinary and conventional character of a merely tender mother that reveals itself at Lourdes – one who is simply desirous of relieving pain and giving what is asked. There comes upon one instead the sense of a tremendous personage – Regina Coeli as well as Consolatrix Affliciorum – one who says “No” as well as “Yes,” and with the same serenity; yet with the “No” gives strength to receive it. I have heard it said that the greatest miracle of all at Lourdes is the peace and resignation, even the happiness, of those who, after expectation has been wrought to the highest, go disappointed away, as sick as they came. Certainly that is an amazing fact. The tears of the young man in the piscine were the only tears of sorrow I saw at Lourdes.
Mary, then, has appeared to me in a new light since I have visited Lourdes. I shall in future not only hate to offend her, but fear it also. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of that Mother who allows the broken sufferer to crawl across France to her feet – and then to crawl back again.. She is one of the Maries of Chartres, that reveals herself here, dark, mighty, dominant, and all but inexorable; not the Mary of an ecclesiastical shop, who dwells amid tinsel and tuberoses. She is Sedes Sapientiae, Turris Eburnea, Virgo Paritura, strong and tall and glorious, pierced by seven swords, yet serene as she looks to her Son.
Yet, at the same time, the tenderness of her great heart shows itself at Lourdes almost beyond bearing. She is so great and so loving I It affects those to whom one speaks – the quiet doctors, even those who, through some confusion of mind or some sin, find it hard to believe; the strong brancardier, who carry their quivering burdens with such infinite care; the very sick themselves, coming back from the piscines in agony, yet with the faces of those who come down from the altar after Holy, Communion. The whole place is alive with Mary and the love of God – from the inadequate statue at the Grotto to the brazen garlands in the square, even as far as the illuminated castle and the rockets that burst and bang against the steady stars. If I were sick of some deadly disease, and it were revealed to me that I must die, yet none the less I should go to Lourdes; for if I should not be healed by Mary, I could at least learn how to suffer as a Christian ought. God has chosen this place – He only knows why, as He, too, alone chooses which man shall suffer and which be glad – He has chosen this place to show His power; and therefore has sent His Mother there, that we may, look through her to Him.
Is this, then, all subjectivity and romantic dreaming? Well, but there are the miracles!
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2021.12.08 12:01 nannoubeats "vhs" - art by naif3aref, music by me

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2021.12.08 12:01 Tatan_CFDtrader I tried to UE in the am and it does make not sense at all…. Smh…

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2021.12.08 12:01 Business_Platform338 Sinto muita falta disso (Talvez isso seja um fetiche)

Minha namorada é uma mulher incrível, claro, temos problemas e nosso altos e baixos. O que acontece é que eu simplesmente sinto falta de flertar, de conquistar e isso está mexendo com minha cabeça pq eu sempre fui com "conquistador" (dps dos 16) e eu sinto falta desse sentimento de conquista, eu vejo mulheres me olhando, meu instagram e fico com saudade desse sentinmento tão bom que é conquistar alguém novo.
Não é pq a firma é minha que eu parei trabalhar, pelo contrário eu tento sempre ser o melhor para a minha gata, eu sempre tento novos meios de conquista-la, mas é algo diferente de alguém totalmente novo.
Então é isso, sinto falta de conquistar mulheres novas.
Conquistar não está sendo dizer como se fosse algum tipo de objeto e sim do sentimento. Não sei como me expressar bem, me desculpe se ofendi alguém.
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2021.12.08 12:01 autotldr Report: iOS Users Who Opt-Out of App Tracking Continue to Be Tracked by Facebook and Snapchat

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"Loose" interpretations of Apple's privacy policies allow apps such as Facebook and Snapchat to continue tracking users for targeted advertising even when they have asked to not be tracked, The Financial Times reports.
In May, Apple launched its App Tracking Transparency feature that allows users to opt-out of being tracked across apps and websites for advertising purposes.
Seven months after Apple introduced the feature, companies such as Snapchat and Facebook have purportedly been allowed to continue sharing user-level signals from iPhones, providing that data is anonymized and aggregated rather than directly linked to specific user profiles.
Apple has not explicitly endorsed these techniques, but they allow third parties to track and analyze groups of users regardless of whether or not they have given consent to user-level tracking.
Snapchat investors were told that the company plans to share data from its 306 million users, including those who ask the app "Not to track," with advertisers so that they can gain "a more complete, real-time view" of the success of ad campaigns.
In June, Apple faced pressure to tighten the rules around App Tracking Transparency after it was found that third parties were using workarounds to identify users who do not consent to be tracked, but there have been no changes around looser "Probabilistic" methods of user identification.
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2021.12.08 12:01 uardito Chile's Congress approves same-sex marriage by an overwhelming majority

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Hi Folks,
Need assistance to speed up the claim approval. I applied for EI in the month of September 21st. Dismissed due to probation period (Told me not a right fit for the job). Applied immediately after the loss of job. SC contacted for clarification with my employer and the same was resolved on November 29th. Eligible as per the insured hours and time availability.
From the thread someone posted about client satisfaction escalation. The same was done on 3rd November. Someone called on 6th Nov and said we wil escalate. Today marks the 64th day and no update yet. really frustrating and running short of food and rent. This is really irritating.
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2021.12.08 12:01 thenotflawless Work/life balance

Hello everyone! I'm looking for advice from experienced DOPs, gaffers, electricians, camera ops, etc. I'm in film school studying cinematography, I'm on my third year now and I'm starting to get more and more work opportunities lately. I've been kind of arranging my entire life around this gigs I'm getting, and I have been postponing a vacation for months because there's always another opportunity being offered. I've probably been on a set every single week since October.
I guess my question is: how much do you work, how many projects do you take on per month/year? How do you balance work and the rest of your life? I know this is a problem for filmmakers in general, but I particularly feel that all jobs that are cinematography-related are more demanding (longest hours, physically tiring) and I was wondering how people that have already been doing this for a while manage to get by.
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2021.12.08 12:01 Jazzlike_Magazine472 DAX to filter by current week no.

I want to count the number of objects in this week so far I have
WEEK TALLY = CALCULATE( COUNTA(Data[objects], ‘Calendar’ [Year] = YEAR(NOW()), ‘Calendar[Week No.] = ???))
What do I put in the question marks
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2021.12.08 12:01 damnbenjamin Favorite song in your native language.

Hey guys i am currently working a music quiz for me an my fiends Christmas party, for one round in the quiz i would like to let them listen to songs in foreign languages an let them guess what langue it is in. So please share the most populair, all time classic or your favorites songs in your native language with me! To clarify all my friends are fluent in english so if that is your native language please dont submit english songs, but if you have songs in your second language or songs you don't understand yourself, please feel free to help out. Looking forward to your suggestions!
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Gerade ist es December 08, 2021 at 04:01PM
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