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🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 108,000,000 #USDT (108,000,000 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to #Bitfinex https://t.co/yxjji8pQGP

2021.12.02 15:46 Resident_Prior_9749 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 108,000,000 #USDT (108,000,000 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to #Bitfinex https://t.co/yxjji8pQGP

🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 108,000,000 #USDT (108,000,000 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to #Bitfinex https://t.co/yxjji8pQGP submitted by Resident_Prior_9749 to cryptowhalewatch [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 15:46 nietkees The Metaverse Is Cool Now, So Adidas Bought a Bored Ape NFT

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2021.12.02 15:46 IceCreamManwhich Simple Quest Generator I made

Hey guys! I see a million quest generators online, but they're never quite to my liking, so I just made one and figured I'd post it here. Just roll on the first table to, then roll on the corresponding tables. Have fun!

(Made on homebrewery, a wonderful tool that I put off because it looked complicated. It's so wonderful, and if you haven't, check it out! https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com)
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2021.12.02 15:46 Fluffyfor Everyone welcome to Visible Mobile. Only pay $5 for the first month. Referral Code - 3mtLsL

Visible Mobile Referral Link
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2021.12.02 15:46 QuirkyMeStopMotion Snake Vs ClayMan

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2021.12.02 15:46 alexftw92 [H] Souvenir m4a1-s | welcome to the jungle(MW) [W] 3500$ items

B/O 3500$
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2021.12.02 15:46 aj363600 Lets Check the strength of Bollywood actresses. Which actress can lift and carry the other one most easily?

Since most of them go to the gymz lets checkout their strength !
View Poll
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2021.12.02 15:46 InvestmentOk3585 Doge🐕Bonk 🏏 - We are the anti-meme dog, meme dog token. Contract Renounced / LP Burned / 🔥BURN wallet 🔥

not another Uniswap clone,
no useless NFTs,
no roadmap,
no fake promises,
just BONK memes 🏏
We're honest with you.
DogeBonk is the most memeable project in the crypto space.
Not convinced? Google "Doge Bonk" and look at the images 😊
We've got the best community, the best memes, the best energy.
We're on a mission to bonk all other meme tokens - and you can join us for this ride! 🤘
Our community is constantly organizing raids, doing marketing and designing memes 🚀
We went from $2000 market cap to $6m market cap within 3 days, and currently on a dip!
This is going to go parabolic just because of the sheer force behind it 🔥
Is DogeBonk safe?
Liquidity was locked forever by burning all LP tokens 🔥
Ownership of the contract was renounced.
Contract is a 1:1 copy of SafeMoon which was audited by Certik.
Top holder owns only 0% of the supply.
10% tax on all transactions:
8% are distributed to fellow DOBO holders,
2% are added to liquidity to create an ever rising price floor.
Contract address: 0x21ede9b04cd2abc8ce2023175c3dba0a53778bbd
BUY HERE: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x21ede9b04cd2abc8ce2023175c3dba0a53778bbd
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x21ede9b04cd2abc8ce2023175c3dba0a53778bbd#readContract
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xd9d89fade441f556f2A0472C9284b490c95C7aB3
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2021.12.02 15:46 FootParmesan PSA: ALL SOLD EMAILS FROM DEPOP COME FROM sold@alerts.depop.com AND NOTHING ELSE.

I swear it's posted here every other day. If any active mods see this can you pin a post explaining about the different types of scams common on depop and what to avoid???
If you think it's a scam it most likely is!
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2021.12.02 15:46 TrickCar9 I made this for him today, I hope he likes it!

I made this for him today, I hope he likes it! submitted by TrickCar9 to LongDistance [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 15:46 McGuffinEl Why should I support your team?

I’m a European that has recently started enjoying baseball. I’ve started going to a minor league game and then start practicing some basic skills (I’m 30, but never too late I guess!).
I’d like to follow next season, and I’m sure I might change my mind based on that. However, I really need a team to support in the major league, since I live in a city with not mlb team.
I did quizzes and watched highlights for plays and players, but I still can’t decide!
So I guess, who should I support? Why are you a fan of the team you’re a fan of?
submitted by McGuffinEl to mlb [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 15:46 Cheesy_Big_Green Totally perfect and free market!

Totally perfect and free market! submitted by Cheesy_Big_Green to amcstock [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 15:46 RoughRaptors Marley Spoon Meal Kit Free Box

I have a free sign up link for a meal kit. I believe you need to enter your payment information and sign up, and then the first box is free. You can cancel after that to avoid any extra charges. It asks for your first name, last name, and email which I realize can be a little weird to give out, but here's a screenshot of it asking.

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2021.12.02 15:46 Resident_Prior_9749 🚨 🚨 500 #BTC (28,074,568 USD) transferred from #Xapo to unknown wallet https://t.co/BoDky8HlpZ

🚨 🚨 500 #BTC (28,074,568 USD) transferred from #Xapo to unknown wallet https://t.co/BoDky8HlpZ submitted by Resident_Prior_9749 to cryptowhalewatch [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 15:46 dragonfruiteyes What is this called? or what's it related to??

Heyyy so I get a TON of hallucinations and I also experience delusions too. It ranges from mild to pretty strong. For the hallucinations I see lots of random stuff; for the milder stuff I see the walls and floor wiggling or "breathing" and even sinking, tiny faces in patterns, the things on the stronger side are things like black holes sucking everything up, feeling people touch me or standing watching me, or really clear faces. One time there was actually someone crawling on me and screaming while trying to sleep lol. I've had objects appear too like this one time when I thought a weight dropped on me! There's so much more detail and experiences I've had with this but that's a lot to fit on here.
I hear, smell, and taste stuff too. Usually my name or "yes" and "no", I smell perfumes and food and taste soap, perfume, meat and tomato. It's all so weird.
Like I said, there's a lot more to all this but that's just the very basics of it. Im just not sure if this is something I need to worry about or talk to someone about. What do u guys think??
submitted by dragonfruiteyes to mentalhealth [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 15:46 LustyBustyCrustacean Someone fell for a sub with a typo. Someone posted about it. Someone commented the correction. I still fell for it.

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2021.12.02 15:46 Delicious-Glove340 Daily commuters to London, how do you find you commute to London daily? Do you get a place to sit ? How comfortable it is ? Do trains run on time? Thinking of moving to Cambridge work at kings cross

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2021.12.02 15:46 Wide-Aioli-8082 😅😅😅اگه دوست داشتید برسونید دست آریا

😅😅😅اگه دوست داشتید برسونید دست آریا submitted by Wide-Aioli-8082 to keoXer [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 15:46 sheriffhd Chip for birdie

Played a new course today just to sample it as I have been playing the same course 4 times a week since I started in September. managed to chip in for birdie with my sandwedge today and I just felt like telling someone. Still fighting to break 100 but if I must be doing something right at least.
submitted by sheriffhd to golf [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 15:46 AlexCorasTrashCan How much am I in for with this shoulder injury?

Background: 40m, former college athlete with shoulder injury to non dominant arm. Progressive ROM loss over previous 6 years including loss of overhead strength and mobility leading to current situation caused in soccer game. I dove to my left with arms outstretched to receive a shot (as a Goalkeeper) and landed without incident. No dislocation but pain developed in coming days. Went from occasional soreness to occasional pain to near constant discomfort in 6 weeks following incident. Results of MRI attached below...
My question is: What should I expect for treatment and recovery in near and far term? Ortho referred to sports medicine shoulder specialist with no appts until end of Dec.
HISTORY: Evaluate soft tissue. 10/2021 patient dove in a soccer game and felt pain to left shoulder since.
Anterior pain. Weakness, catching, and limited range of motion.
TECHNICAL FACTORS: Multiplanar imaging was performed following intraarticular injection of gadolinium
solution. Contrast Type: Multihance, 0.2 mL/kg, NDC0270-5164-12. Contrast Amt: 10.
FINDINGS: Rotator Cuff: Mild subacromial-subdeltoid peritendinitis. Mild tendinosis of the supraspinatus and infraspinatus without macrotear. Intact teres minor. Biceps long-head tenosynovitis without tendinosis or tear. Normal subscapularis.
Coracoacromial Arch: Mild acromioclavicular arthropathy without separation or fracture. No medial arch stenosis. Normal coracoclavicular ligaments. No subcoracoid or lateral arch stenosis. Posterolaterally tilted type 2 acromion.
Glenohumeral Joint: Superior labral tear, SLAP 2C, and posterior labral fraying. No sign of dislocation, glenoid bone loss or fracture. Mild glenohumeral spurring.
Osseous: No macrofracture, infiltrative or destructive bone lesion.
General: No muscle atrophy or tear. No volume loss. No mass.

  1. Mild glenohumeral arthropathy. Superior and posterior labral tearing nondisplaced.
2.Mild rotator cuff peritendinitis and tendinosis without tear.
3.Mild acromioclavicular arthropathy and capsulitis without separation or coracoclavicular ligament injury.
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2021.12.02 15:46 Therealdanitanner Day 2 1mg

Yesterday I felt very "off" foggy, shaky and I had very bad nerve pain in my left leg. Took my second dose last night and I woke up feeling amazing today. Like better than I've felt in at least 2 years. I feel more alert, brain fog is almost gone. I was driving to work today and everything just seemed a little brighter. I am very hopeful.
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2021.12.02 15:46 Riot_boi someone spreads the spread script

someone spreads the spread script submitted by Riot_boi to anarchydiep [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 15:46 wannabestatsguy 5 Ways To Clear The Environment in R » Brad Congelio, Ph.D.

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2021.12.02 15:46 kenflowerbrock Referral Code Binance Us

You can use Referral Code Binance Us, save 20% on trading fees with this link or code: 77181558
How to register Binance? To make an account with Binance, you should simply get enrolled on the Binance site. On the enrollment page you will be elevated to enter a substantial email address and pick a secret phrase for yourself. When you consent to the Terms and Conditions, you will be approached to check your account by means of email. The email shipped off your given account will contain a connection where you can check your Binance account. When you click on the connection, your Binance account has been made and you are prepared to start exchanging. Yet, before you do, we suggest getting your account through two-factor confirmation. Since exchanging cryptographic money is an expensive and dangerous cycle, it is fundamental for guard your account from any programmers on the web. Binance permits you to set up 2FA and interface your account to your versatile number. This implies that before you can sign in to your Binance account from another gadget, you will be approached to confirm your personality through the telephone number gave.
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2021.12.02 15:46 Corviousgrill New Members Intro

If you’re new to the community, introduce yourself what for bbq you love
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