2021.12.08 10:08 prachipatale 2031年全球见证高阻隔包装薄膜市场优秀增长空间

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2021.12.08 10:08 BriefPath4984 Is this okay

Why is this brown on top? I only water when wrinkly and it gets lots of sun in a south window.
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2021.12.08 10:08 karantonisa Revolut Ignored my Lawyers message to them. Now my Lawyer Wants me to Find more People to make a bigger Case. Would be anyone interested? Needs to be a UAB(EU Except UK - Newer Accounts) or Metropolitan Bank Customer(US).

If anyone is actually interested please comment bellow and I will reach out to you ASAP.
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2021.12.08 10:08 Saint_Arc forgotten tradition

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2021.12.08 10:08 Hayden_Beroc People from the internet I need your help, I would like your honest opinion on this. Am I balding or just me freaking out? Can you guys also tell which norwood stages I'm at. People keep telling me that I am balding that is why I am asking.

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2021.12.08 10:08 Galinda25 Yuna kim X Dior

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2021.12.08 10:08 RapsVanFan I am so stoked, first LED grow, 4x4 grow. Day 3 flower GG4? Or GSC. IT STINKS. When would you defoilate in flowering 1 time only right?

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2021.12.08 10:08 BookkeeperNo8867 🌟 WINTER TALE PLUS Animated Digital Watch Face! OUT NOW!

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2021.12.08 10:08 nassar224 POLL: Are your neurological system primarily on one side of your body?

I noticed some of my neurological issues (tinnitus, hyperacusis, twitching, head pressure) are mostly on my left side. Whenever I see a physical therapist such as an osteopath they notice that the entire left side of my body is tight and that is where I am experiencing most of my circulation issues. Even my soft palate is drooping on the left side (uvula is tilted towards the right).
This poll is just to identify if this is a pattern others are seeing. Maybe it will help shed some light on what is going on.
Do you face neurological issues mostly on one side of your body?
View Poll
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2021.12.08 10:08 laskoviq Am I the only one who dropped jujutsu Kaisen?

Hi guys, I was wandering what you guys think about the series. Personally I enjoyed it at the beginning but then it started feeling mid. I used to own volume 0-10 but decided to sell them since I didn't even feel like continuing the collection. Even sold them under retail. Personally I didn't feel like scalping something I didn't really think was worth the price.
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2021.12.08 10:08 Tannereast 3/4 to full can a day -> no nicotine in my body for last 5 days. over the last 4 months I started with 2 mg mints then the last month cut them in half. barely no withdrawals the last few days.

it was way way way easier then going cold Turkey. I literally couldnt remember if I was second day in or third day in the other day. if I had quite smoking or dip I would have deff known exactly what hour I was at or not cus my brain wouldnt be working. I slept fine for the most part, woke up a little sweaty first two nights but not too bad. slept amazing my third night and actually slept in. I had the mints and left them under my tongue while I used them up until last week sometime! good luck everyone. honestly I had more withdrawals from switching to the mints then stopping taking the mints. was at 3/4 to a full can of dip a day.
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2021.12.08 10:08 Desmond_Morris GPS අවුලක්

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2021.12.08 10:08 CoinjoyAssistant DraftKings to drop exclusive NFT collection with NFLPA

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2021.12.08 10:08 BodybuilderAble2899 Capital Advantage on YouTube - how do I join the channel to watch the videos? I’ve subscribed to the channel but it still won’t let me watch. Wondering what else I need to do?

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2021.12.08 10:08 TheCompletebot Which Programming language should I Start learning?

C++ or Python or java Or should I go for front end development-javascript Or should I go for app development- flutter I plan on doing competitive programming and gsoc. Fresher at BitsP
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2021.12.08 10:08 Acid287 Favorite of the whole line

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2021.12.08 10:08 Koolrassow Has anyone ever attempted Red and Blue, Past and Present, at the same time on two separate devices?

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2021.12.08 10:08 SearchEnvy Is Email Marketing Inbound or Outbound? 10 Examples & Top Differences

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2021.12.08 10:08 PrpleMnkyDshwsher Just when you think they *might* have fixed shuffle....

"Hey Google play some music"
"Sure....here's some music on youtube music"
Plays Song A.
Plays Song B.
Plays Song A AGAIN.
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2021.12.08 10:08 videsima Skin Concerns Part 1. ACNE

Blemishes, bumps, pimples, breakouts—there are plenty of words we can use to talk about acne.
Acne is the most common skin concern, affecting over 80% of us at some stage of our lives either during adolescence or into adulthood.
It is fundamentally controlled by hormones which is why we often see it develop during our teenage years, or flare and subside at the behest of a menstrual cycle. However, there are other factors that influence it as well such as genetics, diet, and the use of inappropriate skincare and makeup.
Let’s learn about the 6 different types of acne, how they form, what they look like.

I wrote an extensive blog article about this topic.. you can go and check here......

Hope it helps! Leave a comment on what would you like to talk about!
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2021.12.08 10:08 nadav183 I am looking for a certain Manga chapter

A few years ago, I think it was late 2017 up to mid 2018, I just finished watching the Anime (there were two seasons out by then I think) and then started reading the manga, I think I caught up with the manga and read it weekly for a while, but then I gave up on it.
I now want to get back to reading it and finish the story, but I'm stuck trying to figure out where I last stopped.
This is pretty much what I can remember about the plot where I stopped: I think that the last thing I was reading was about the origin of the Titans, how they were regular people that had something administered to them, and that Eren was trying to find something that his father left him that was supposed to explain more about the Titan's origins. I do remember a scene watching people at the beach, getting that drug administered to them and be released unto the mainland while becoming Titans.
I also remember a few chapters about a different set of characters that were fighting some war using titans against modern military units (but the details of these chapters are a bit fuzzier in my head 😅)
Obviously a lot of time has passed since then, so the details in my head might be very inaccurate, but hopefully someone out here knows the manga enough to make some sense out of it and understand approximately on what chapter I stopped back then.
Thanks in advance to all who try to help!!
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2021.12.08 10:08 signature_ink Please Help

My cat has begun a habit of meowing over and over in the hallway outside my bedroom for food, hours before anybody is awake in the morning.
She is waking everybody up and I am not going to change her feeding schedule so I need some advice on what to do, or what can be done to remedy this.
Waking up pissed off is not going to be my everyday.
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2021.12.08 10:08 AllNightDS When do we get attack on titan season 2-3 on crunchy?

I am from germany, and i dont know if it's a regional thing or worldwide thing, but attack on titan season 2-4 arw not available on crunchy.
Another website called anime on demand used to have attack on titan season 2-3, but since crunchyroll took them over today, they should also take those attack on titan seasons over, right?
If we get those seasons, when?
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2021.12.08 10:08 roastbeef__ doggo in the sun

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2021.12.08 10:08 johnchimp Can I log Seaplane Time?

My instructor told me you can land ANY plane in the water at least one time, so any plane is technical a sea plane so I’m logging me SES time for all my flights.
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