Summer House Trailer is out!!

2021.12.08 13:42 sockplants Summer House Trailer is out!!

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2021.12.08 13:42 meneame_el_reddit Esta impresionante inteligencia artificial restaura fotografías dañadas: adiós arañazos, hola color

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2021.12.08 13:42 pollywhirl Back & Still Clueless

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2021.12.08 13:42 nameaboveallnames meirl

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2021.12.08 13:42 jlopez77502 looking for some new headlights for my 2000 outback. any advice?

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2021.12.08 13:42 Efficient-Blackberry How to always choose the right one in DOE

Two of the choices will always be ones you have already done, like if you spun the wheel and got vex/cabal then vex and cabal will be in the 3 choices. Then just pick the one you haven't done.
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2021.12.08 13:42 hs1481 Does anybody have the picture of X and Kris? The one Cleo deleted?

There was a picture posted on cleo’s (?) instagram story for a few minutes and deleted. It was a picture of x and his old cat Kris. X’s eyes looked all red and the cat was on his shoulder. Kris the cat
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2021.12.08 13:42 Pants__Goblin What can I do?

The most valuable, hard-working and dedicated member of the team that I am the medical director for was just fired by my organization. He was the supervisor of the team. I wasn't notified until after he was fired. He did something wrong, but not out of malice. He just didn't escalate an issue between members of his team in the proper way. In his defense, he took the complaints from him team member seriously but tried to manage them himself rather than escalate, and he didn't have a manager in place to report to because that position was vacant. The person he directly reported to was the operations director who was busy with four separate units. He was brand new to the supervisor role and thought he was doing the right thing by trying to manage it himself. He wasn't right, but he was honestly trying to help. What kills me about it is that he was the founding member of our team and helped build our group, and has been nothing but an exemplary employee for over 8 years and through two promotions. He was super dedicated and loyal, and always went above and beyond to make things work for our group and our patients. It's just such a shitty way to treat someone, when he would have responded perfectly well to training and counseling. Instead, HR covered their asses and did irreparable damage both his career and our team. I couldn't even sleep last night. What would you do in my place?
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2021.12.08 13:42 Cpt-Redbags Active psychosis/GW effective date?

I have a MH disability that’s listed as “active psychosis/GW”. It was decided about 10 years ago not service connected. Would that date count as an effective date if they now decide it’s service connected?
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2021.12.08 13:42 lss_bvt_ios_05 TextPost-15564

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2021.12.08 13:42 FaultedPlace Sometimes you just have to forge alliances with those you never thought possible.

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2021.12.08 13:42 DonImpala3 He's From Barcelona

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2021.12.08 13:42 TyrannicalTeapott INSANE RAMMSTEIN BUG

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2021.12.08 13:42 DocGerbil256 [Meta] Can we move TikTok datamoshing videos to either a specific day of the week or its own subreddit?

I love this sub but there has been a lot of TikTok data moshing videos posted. The first time you see one it's pretty cool, but after the 20th I just wish we could have either a TikTok Tuesday or just move it off to another subreddit.
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2021.12.08 13:42 codingprolab ECE792/CSC791-038 Homework Assignment #2 Virtualization

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2021.12.08 13:42 easym1234 Sally Henson's "Blue Steel"! Love blue!

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2021.12.08 13:42 emily_117 Happy naps are the best naps

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2021.12.08 13:42 No_Fan_3393 What is the book you always recommend to others?

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2021.12.08 13:42 mintcutlet poor kiTTY bEing sHredDED BY evIL washIng MachiNe

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2021.12.08 13:42 Cat-noir-225887 Butter

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2021.12.08 13:42 moskal_po Were you waiting for (krumbs

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2021.12.08 13:42 ASlimeAppeared Is Pickup somehow bugged in my copy of Shining Pearl?

...or am I just experiencing the world's worst luck?
Me and my Pachirisu Pickup Patrol (my 6 pachi's with the Pickup ability) have been out grinding for a shiny stone since yesterday morning.
They are all in their Lv 30's so no issue with being too low of a level to find a shiny stone. According to the Pickup tables online, any time Pickup triggers, there is a 4% chance that it will be a Shiny Stone. With 6 Pickup Pachis in my Patrol, Pickup should trigger at least once after a battle around 60% of the time, so more often than not, which does seem to be the case.
I can't even make a guess at how many times pickup has triggered so far, but despite having no luck with a shiny stone so far, I have still managed to find:
8 Dusk Stones (4% chance per Pickup Trigger) 5 Dawn Stones (4% chance) 5 Nuggets (3% chance) 3 Max Revives (3% chance) 1 Leftovers (1% chance!) 1 of each white/powemental herb (1% chance each!)
I am quite sure I am well over 100 Pickup triggers at this point (given the above, plus my 33 pokedolls and piles of other common drops), so whilst not guarinteed, statistically I should actually have at least 4 shiny stones by now. With every successful pickup trigger, it becomes more and more statistically improbable, verging on impossible, that it won't be a shiny stone.
Heck, whilst grinding for the stone, I even encountered a shiny Pachirisu! That's a 1 in 4096 chance!! And I can't get a 4/100 chance to trigger!!!
Am I going mad, is my luck really just that rotten, or is my game somehow broken?
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2021.12.08 13:42 IsraelCube1 [Czech Republic, Northern border with Germany] What kind of spider is this? How can I help him?

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2021.12.08 13:42 Molten-Universe Looking for a clan.

So I've been looking for a Pvm/skilling clan. but I don't want to be in a big clan maybe 50/80 people at the most and mostly European. I'm maxed/going for comp. 2.1b total exp. Been playing for many years and not going stop soon. Drop a comment below with the clan name and I might visit your clan for a few and see how it goes. Have a good one!
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2021.12.08 13:42 Leanled Se me fue un idolo

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