repack stuck at 25.5 percent

2021.12.06 21:00 freakybanana45 repack stuck at 25.5 percent

repack stuck at 25.5 percent
It has been stuck like this for quite a while now so uhh help?
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2021.12.06 21:00 CarrawayLights Who was the worst intern during their internship?

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2021.12.06 21:00 actividadpulsera presenta: Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro (Pantalla 6.67" Fhd+ Dotdisplay, 8Gb+256Gb, Cámara de 108Mp, Snapdragon 865 5G, 5.000Mah Comcarga 33W) Plata Lunar ASIN: B08HHCZ8YD MARCA: COMPRAR EN AMAZON Pilas‏:‎1 Polímero de litio (Tipo de pila necesaria)Is Discontinued By presenta: Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro (Pantalla 6.67 submitted by actividadpulsera to Tecnologia [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 21:00 introsort [Hiring] Senior Software Engineer, Machine Learning Infrastructure - Cruise (Cruise)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Senior Software Engineer, Machine Learning Infrastructure - Cruise
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2021.12.06 21:00 Hubba-Chubs Can never get bored of this 😍

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2021.12.06 21:00 AstronomerPositive79 Just a casual day surfing on Instagram and I found these gems 🔥😭

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2021.12.06 21:00 hellohowruroll Worried about my daughter not saying her first word clearly

Hey guys I'm a 25m, I have 14 months daughter and we people at home usually are multi lingual, my younger brother has a baby boy 3 months elder than her age but he used to speak alot maybe more than a few words when he was of my daughter's age.
My daughter can say a few words like toddlers say and she usually only cries for attention or if she wants anything.
She has not yet said mama or dada, she is constantly busy walking or playing with toys and her rides, if she's hungry or her diaper is wet she will cry and all but she doesn't speak yet.
She smiles and comes looking at us randomly whenever she's happy, she will ask for hugs and sometimes to take her in arms. She has an intense love for her pacifiers, if she sees one she will grab them ASAP and she dances and grooves to music as well loves going out, she barely likes other kids but doesn't have much problem with them unless they're not hurting her or doing stuff which kids do.
I had a consult with her pediatric, he did some physical tests and said she looks fine and she probably doesn't have anything up, I'm just worried about why she isn't social yet, she won't look at me when I'm talking and she always want to do something or grab on something. If I play with her she smiles and laughs as well, also looks at me that time but not other times when I'm calling her names and stuff...
Please advice the online tests for autism are saying I should get my child checked, I'm afraid she's just young but I don't wanna take chances, any advice would be much appreciated. PLEASE and thank you.
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2021.12.06 21:00 autotldr Tyson Foods to Give Hourly Team Members $50M in Year-End Bonuses

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 63%. (I'm a bot)

Springdale's Tyson Foods is thanking its frontline and hourly team members by giving them approximately $50 million in bonuses for their efforts over the past year.
For team members in the U.S., these one-time bonuses will be based on tenure, range from $300 to $700, and be distributed starting this month.
With average hourly pay of more than $18, plus the value of medical, dental and vision insurance, vacation and other benefits, the average total compensation for hourly team members has increased to more than $24 an hour, or an annual value of more than $50,000.
The company has opened seven health centers to give frontline team members and their families easier access to high-quality healthcare at, in most cases, no cost.
"Our frontline team members tell us higher pay is important, but that's only a part of the story-they also want more flexibility and more say over their time. In rural parts of the country, they don't want to have to drive miles to see the doctor. Everything we're doing is because our team members are the heart of our business and its future success."
Tyson also provides training and development opportunities so frontline team members can further their career and personal goals.
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2021.12.06 21:00 HerdingCows 🖕🏼

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2021.12.06 21:00 mewwll 17F Lookin for Someone to Watch a Movie Withh [Friendship]

todays been a real shiitty day and imm pretty sure my boyfriend's ignoring me. help me forget about today and lets get on discord and call while watching a movie? 🥺🥺
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2021.12.06 21:00 ShortAlgo $HWM Strong Buy signal on HWM

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2021.12.06 21:00 glizzybmx DEEP WEB 🔞

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2021.12.06 21:00 king-vamp2 Lil B was so ahead of his time bra this album sounds like 2013-15

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2021.12.06 21:00 dr0id3r99 Barbie Doll (11.5-in Blonde) and Pet Boutique Playset with 4 Pets 30% OFF!!

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2021.12.06 21:00 Carrot-Relative TDI my way first half

Review: I love Island but World Tour ROTI RR are much better.
Plot changes
Owen is ashamed of his weight at first especially being on Island with better looking guys like Justin and Trent and he thinks he is not going to make it far with tough Players like Eva Duncan and Leshwana His chacther development is that he realizes he should be proud of himself the way he is.
Not So Happy Campers Part 1 and 2
Trent saves Gwen during the Sharks and that's when the become friends and Zeke says Woman are only good in a Kitchen or making babies because of what his Dad told him. Heather makes the I will take everyone down speech instead of Courtney.
Zeke- Courtney Bridgette Katie Sadie Eva Harold
Courtney- Zeke Duncan Geoff DJ Tyler
22nd Place: Zeke. Same as Cannon expect Harold voted for Zeke since he thought Courtney C.I.T skills will be helpful.
Reason: He is a perfect first boot.
The Big Sleep
Courtney decides to act less mean to avoid getting booted. Lindsay sees what Heather did to Eva but stays quiet when Heather promises a alliance with her.
Harold- Eva
Eva- Everyone else.
Xth Place: Eva. Same as cannon.
Reason: This is my Favorite Villain boot runner up to how Alejandro got DJ and Duncan out.
When Beth and Lindsay think about leaving Heather's alliance. Heather just says their friends and she is helping them make finale so they owe her share and she reminds them if she can't protect them from the team. Since both are not strong or smart so if she can't protect them they will be getting booted soon. Justin does not go in the challenge to avoid getting his faced damaged. Noah still acts like a dick until Owen tells him to help out or he will get booted. Noah comes up with a good counter plan to Duncan's rush the new guy it's down to Owen and Harold. Harold wins just like cannon.
Justin- Noah Owen Gwen Owen Izzy Cody
Noah- Heather Lindsay Justin Trent Beth
21st Place: Justin. The others decide to vote off Justin since he did not go once in the challenge to avoid getting his face hurt. Most of the team is still mad at Noah for being a Ass early.
Reason: He has no lines anyway and this will make his comeback in Action even better.
Not Quite so Famous
Owen and Izzy hang out during the challenge where Owen grows feelings for her. Beth replaces Justin in the Talent show. Katie and Sadie replace DJ with dancing skills and she burns the stage down getting a 0. Heather decides to do her dancing since reading Gwen's Diary would just put a target on her back instead to protect her ally and she does not like Gwen anyway she gives the Diary too Katie and Sadie in a package saying it's a Gossip book. Of Course Katie and Sadie are pretty dumb and Naïve so the read Gwen's Diary they realize they were tricked too late. Even with Harold's beatboxing the Bass still lose.
Bridgette- Katie Sadie
Katie- Duncan Geoff Courtney DJ
Sadie- Bridgette Tyler
20th Place: Katie. The BFFl's try to convince the others to vote for Bridgette for costing them the challenge. Everyone still hates them for what they did to Gwen Katie ends up with the most votes.
Reason: I sent out Sadie instead of Katie since I felt she needed time to grow on her own.
The Sucky Outdoors
Owen and Izzy get closer making it clear to everyone they like like each other. Instead of whining Sadie is confused as to how she survived over Katie since Katie seems better at her than everything. Pretty nicer and stronger and is still pretty sad about it. Bridgette despite voting for her befriends her. Heather pretends to confront Gwen so she can look a nicer person. Of Course when nobody is looking Gwen snaps at her and says she knows Katie and Sade are too dumb and nice to do something like that and she knows Heather is faking the nice girl image since she knows plenty of queen bees like here back at school. Since Sadie is not distracted by Katie she stays with the Team and the Bass win.
Gwen- Heather Lindsay Beth Owen Izzy
Izzy- Gwen Leshwana Noah Cody Trent
Xth Place: Izzy. Heather sends a secret note to Owen telling him to get Izzy to vote for Gwen and he gets to hang out with girlfriend more. The Tie-Breaker is to knock down the oppent with a arrow the winner gets to stay. Izzy is winning when the R.C.M.P distracts her long enough for Gwen to knock her out.
Reason: I sent her out early since she will be returning anyway.
Phobia Factor
Gwen actually lied to Heather because she knew she would try to elmanite her . She asks everyone but Owen has no idea who sent him the note and Heather has Beth and Lindsay lie they voted for Izzy. Gwen promises Noah if he finds who heather has a alliance with she will let him Join her and Leshwana. Sadie actually lied about her fear to look tougher her real fear is being separated from Katie. She can go but she will lose a Point for her team she can stay and she will have to wait until she gets booted to see Katie again got the Idea from C.E.O of Danders pst. Bridgette convinces Sadie to face the Dare. Courtney still loses for the team.
Tyler- Courtney Duncan DJ Geoff Bridgette
Courtney- Sadie Harold Tyler
19th Place: Tyler. Duncan sees as possible alliance with Courtney so he convinces DJ Bridgette and Geoff to vote off Tyler since at least while Courtney is bossy she gives her team the push they need to win while Tyler is just too clumsy to be useful.
Reason: I wanted a reason for Courtney to survive Elmantion and up Duncan's role as a Secondary Villain.
Up The Creek
Leshwana thinks Heather is Evil since she was mean in the first eposide and now all of the sudden she nice. Duncan makes a alliance with Courtney since there both targets because their disliked by the team. Cody still hooks up Gwen and Trent. Noah guessed who voted for who since he knows Cody and Trent has too much of a crush on Gwen and with Leshwana being tight with her that leaves Beth and Lindsay. He spies on them which confirms there in a alliance with her. Heather sees Noah and plans to get him out before he warns the team. Sadie dislikes Courtney because she thinks she is better than everyone and costed them 2 challenges yet she is still here. Courtney sees her as dead weight. Also Lindsay throws the Paddles in the Fire instead of Harold. Lindsay shows Heather the Idol she got from Boney Island because it looked ''pretty. '' Heather plans to plant it on one of the Compiteres.
Lindsay-Noah Owen Cody Gwen
Noah- Heather Lindsay Beth Leshwana Trent
18th Place: Noah. Heather sends Lindsay to convince Gwen Leshwana and Trent that she saw Noah in the confessional say he was in a alliance with Heather and he was just faking investigating her since he wanted to make sure none of the team would target him. Since Noah is really smart and kind of a Jerk they believe Lindsay and vote Noah off.
Noah is shocked and tries to warn the others but is dragged off out of Earshot.
Reason: I wanted Heather to save Lindsay from Elmantion to prove the alliance needs her just as much as she needs them and show her as a threat.
Paintball deer Hunter
Gwen admits she did not vote for Noah which means Heather must have since Owen and Cody would not vote off a close friend. Beth does feel bad about voting for Noah. Lindsay does not mind since Heather scheming is the reason they have not been elmanited. Gwen notices Beth feeling bad and gets her to tell what's going on and Beth tells her about Heather picking on her. Gwen convinces Beth to stand up to Heather. Of Course Leshwana Beth and Heather fight just like cannon. Chris relises Scuba Bear as part of the challenge and Cody is not fast enough to run from it.
Cody- Heather Leshwana Owen Cody Beth Gwen Trent
17th Place: Cody. Same as cannon. The Team puts aside their Conflicts to make sure Cody gets sent home to Heal. Cody is fine with it since he knew he would never win and just came for fame.
Reason: I like Cody this season but I had nothing important to do anymore.
If You Can't take the Heat
Heather is mad about the 3 time losing streak and losing a ally and takes it out on her team and Leshwana locks her in the Fridge. Sadie and Courtney argue about which Recipe to use for the Pies and it ends up starting a food fight with Both teams. While DJ dislikes Duncan in this Version he still helps him bully Harold. Harold realizes it would be a lot easier to just admit then have Duncan dish out Pranks each one worst than the Last. Owen eating the Ribs still costs his team the challenge. Heather earlier put the Curse Idol in Beth's Purse and then trips her causing the Idol to fall out right in front of her team.
Beth- Heather Lindsay Trent Owen
Owen- Gwen Leshwana Beth
16th Place: Beth. Heather tells Owen he can save his butt by convincing at least other Camper to vote for Beth because of the Tiki Doll. Owen manages to get Trent to vote for Beth since he believes in curses and is pretty close with Owen.
Reason: Heather elmanited Beth like this in a Deleted Scene so I think it should be Cannon.
Who Can You Trust
The Gophers still don't like Heather but because of her good acting she manages to convince the whole team expect Gwen and Leshwana that she is going to play the Game Fair from now on.
Owen and Gwen. DJ and Duncan. Winner: Owen and Gwen. Heather promises Owen her lunch if he rips of Gwen's underwear for her.
Trent and Leshwana. Sadie and Courtney. Winner: Trent. He has some good accuracy and hits his target. Sadie hits Courtney every where expect the arrow even when the challenge is done. Courtney thinks this was on purpose and promises to get her out.
Heather and Lindsay. Geoff and Bridgette. Winner: Gidegtte. Lindsay drops Heather on accident.
Trent and Heather. Duncan and Harold. Winner: Duncan and Harold. They got a long better.
DJ and Geoff. Gwen and Leshwna. Winner: Gwen and Leshwana. Because DJ peeked to see Bunny.
Sadie- DJ Duncan Courtney Geoff
DJ- Sadie Bridgette Harold
15th Place: Sadie. Same as Cannon. Courtney uses her alliance with Duncan and since Geoff is close with DJ he votes for Saide too. Courtney saw this as a way to get another ally and get her rival out.
Reason: This Elmantion was too iconic I decided to give Sadie a rivalry with Courtney so could still be Important to the Plot after her chacther development.
Basic Straining
Heather and Trent become friends. Heather sees this as a chance to make Gwen Jealous. Duncan and Courtney still hook up. Duncan bullies Harold like cannon expect DJ and Bridgette feel sorry for Harold and stick up for him. Harold did pretty bad in this challenge so Duncan tries to use that to get the team to vote for him.
Harold- Duncan Courtney Geoff DJ
Duncan- Bridgette Harold
Rigged Votes
Courtney- Harold DJ Bridgette Geoff Duncan
Harold- Courtney
14th Place: Courtney. Same as Cannon.
Reason: It's perfect Plus She will be having plenty of Screen time in other seasons.
X treme Toture
Duncan realizes Harold must have rigged the Votes. Since the Rest of the Team are too nice and don't even have a Motive. Duncan tells this to DJ and Geoff. He convinces them to throw the challenge since Harold rigged the votes and since he did well in plenty of challenges he might end up winning. They Hesitate at first until Duncan reminds them that they helped bully Harold so he might go after them too.
Harold- Duncan Geoff DJ
Duncan- Bridgette Harold
13th Place: Harold. Duncan's plan worked.
Reason: This is another Perfect boot for Harold plus it adds another body for Duncan.
Harold tells Leshwana his feelings for her.
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2021.12.06 21:00 medicalstu2020 Study technique to help you cram information in an effective way

If you want to memorize huge amount of information in short time : Listen to your teacher or a video explaining the topic Then close your eyes and try to imagine you're explaining to your mom/dad or your friends the topic on a whiteboard 1 Try to use colours when you're writing on the whiteboard 2 Try to use your inner voice not being silent 3 try to use emotions like you said a joke or you shout
Do this exercise at least 2 times for the topic
Let you know if anyone tried this before 😅
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2021.12.06 21:00 abunabu Does some know the exact mechanism behind the steering of a hovercraft through weight shifting?

One source claims it's due to the differences in friction below the Hovercraft, which cause the Hovercraft to turn in the direction the weight is leaning (the higher friction slows this side down and causes the Hovercraft to turn).
Another source claims the truing is a result of air spilling out of the skirt on the opposite side and pushing the Hovercraft in the direction the weight is leaning.
Has anyone done research on this topic and can help me out?
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2021.12.06 21:00 HussMan-Gaming Minecraft Tutorials are back and where starting with a very extremely simple and easy tutorial, how to make a automatic wardrobe/closet, it so simple the video is 4:03, hope you enjoy

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2021.12.06 21:00 ChitoX28 Mazda RX7 5000 XP BOARD JUMP | MANUAL SHIFT | Forza Horizon 5 @ForzaHorizon

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2021.12.06 21:00 AardvarkWill Do i need fiat or can I have unstaked CRO for my card?

When using the card, do I need to have fiat/USD or can I have only crypto in my wallet?
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2021.12.06 21:00 SCPKing1835 tfw adhd made me a staunch antifascist by the age of 13

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2021.12.06 21:00 SerenityNowPlzz I know you all love the Discmania box posts... thought I would help.

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2021.12.06 21:00 lookinggood44 Uber prices set to rise in Northern Ireland after today's judgement..

BBC News - Uber prices could rise 20% after UK ruling
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2021.12.06 21:00 CptHeadSmasher Got some xmas shopping done! Wanted to order more but majority of items don't ship to home, or are still sold out. Hopefully they restock soon so I can order more!

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2021.12.06 21:00 taco___pizza Returning results from LARGE function in the order they appear in the data

I want to use the LARGE function to return the top 5 highest numbers in a dataset. I understand the syntax but it seems to return the numbers in order from 1 2 3 4 5. However, my data is not that linear and it could be any combination of ranking, such as 5 1 3 2 4, that I would have to scrub through meticulously to figure out. Any ideas how to return numbers in the order that they occur in the data?
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