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Is there a way to disable clipboard sharing between Shadow and my PC?

2021.12.06 12:09 ChewyOnTheInside Is there a way to disable clipboard sharing between Shadow and my PC?

I will go into the registry if I have to. Please help, it's for privacy reasons.
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2021.12.06 12:09 gxmedia [SEJ] 10 Most Important PPC Trends To Know In 2022 via @sejournal, @MrDannyGoodwin

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2021.12.06 12:09 ZoolShop Red list latest: Nigeria added to 10 southern African nations

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2021.12.06 12:09 ZeuxisOfHerakleia ROUND 14 - last round of QUARTERFINALS of the Deftones tournament. This rounds matchup: My Own Summer VERSUS You've seen the Butcher ---and --- Needles and Pins VERSUS Rosemary. Your vote should contain TWO choices. Any questions to the tournament? Look at photo 1 description or feel free to ask.

ROUND 14 - last round of QUARTERFINALS of the Deftones tournament. This rounds matchup: My Own Summer VERSUS You've seen the Butcher ---and --- Needles and Pins VERSUS Rosemary. Your vote should contain TWO choices. Any questions to the tournament? Look at photo 1 description or feel free to ask. submitted by ZeuxisOfHerakleia to deftones [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 12:09 GazetaPravda «Роскосмос» жалуется на трудности из-за больных коронавирусом

Испытания жидкостных ракетных двигателей придется перенести из-за дефицита кислорода. Об этом сообщили в госкорпорации «Роскосмос». Недостаток газа в ракетной отрасли возник из-за того, что теперь его направляют в ковидные больницы.
«Дефицит жидкого кислорода и неопределенность сроков возобновления его поставок в организации ракетно-космической промышленности ведут к невозможности проведения испытаний жидкостных ракетных двигателей в 2021 году и смещению на 2022-й», — цитирует радиостанция «Говорит Москва» пояснительную записку к проекту нормативного акта, разработанного «Роскосмосом». В госкорпорации предложили ввести отсрочку по исполнению контрактов между корпорацией и Минобороной РФ.
В «Роскосмосе» решили временно отложить проекты, связанных с использованием жидкого кислорода. Исполнителей в этом случае освободят от выплаты неустоек.
В начале ноября Минздрав РФ сообщил, что дефицит кислорода наблюдается в 12 регионах России. По словам главы ведомства Михаила Мурашко, за сутки в стране расходуется по 2 925 тонн газа. Министр отметил, что власти в ручном режиме следят за ситуацией в каждом регионе. Помощь в доставке медицинского кислорода оказывают Минобороны РФ, «Роскосмос» и другие промышленные предприятия.
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2021.12.06 12:09 RemarkableFennel5818 Brain damage from alch/drugs?

Why is it when I’m speaking with a girl and she looks in my eyes I feel absolutely nothing when I’m sober. When I’m fucked up though,and only when I’m fucked up enough to my liking, it becomes an interesting feeling I can’t describe. I think I’m just a weirdo from all the drug/alcohol abuse in my past.
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2021.12.06 12:09 WhatTheActualFork1 Alex in next week's Succession promo!

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2021.12.06 12:09 Prastal Unlike Stevie I Actually Edited a Farfa Clip

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2021.12.06 12:09 sarahhhpatyyy Tiffany Season 41

I haven’t seen all the episodes yet. I just watched the one where the doctor got voted off to keep Tiffany. I have mixed feelings about keeping Tiffany that run. She seemed to be not the coolest when she thought she was going to get voted off and was trying to get all her ducks in a row by scheming a little. The Phd girl from Harvard mentioned how Tiffany was kind of panicking and was not showing a great side to herself in that moment. I kind of agree.
I’m trying to find the words to describe how Tiffany was behaving, and understand her mind in that moment. All I know is it wasn’t the most honorable of moments for her but I can’t find the words to describe what her problem was/how it could have been handled better.
Can someone help me out? Thanks survivor fans!
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2021.12.06 12:09 onequestion1168 Job offer but already experiencing lack of communication and direction

So I have a job offer I've accepted with a 30% increase in pay (I'm already making decent money) but I'm already out of the loop on when my laptop will arrive and what the next steps are when they should happen. I don't start until after the holidays (makes sense) which I would prefer anyway.

Should I see this as a red flag or just give it a chance?
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2021.12.06 12:09 Chrodofa Fanart I drew of Todoroki, hope y'all like it!

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2021.12.06 12:09 youtuber00 BOMBI O PASSI: LE RAGAZZE DEL COLLEGIO!

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2021.12.06 12:09 Baybgirl97 (24F) am I cute enough to sleep with on a first date?

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2021.12.06 12:09 Basic_Albatross1246 Friend (F) of mine (M) wants to bring ex (who she wants to avoid) to our weekly get together.

Some backstory:
I got to know here trough her now ex-boyfriend (we studied together) and when the boyfriend went abroad for a year we met once a week to eat together (we were both home alone and it was nice just to have someone to often talk to face to face).
When her boyfriend returned we continued doing this with the 3 of us until Covid.
A few months ago they broke up and we picked up the habit again because she needed someone to talk to. When we are together she tells about the troubles she/they face in dividing everything (house, car,...) and how he is delaying everything so she has to stay with him for longer. In general the vibe is that she still wants to be friends (they have been together for 10 years), but that she is very annoyed with him.
This week she suddenly asks me if it is OK if he comes with us when we meet. Apparently he complained that he is lonely (he hasn't put any effort in his friends for the last 5 years, so there are not many left), and she took pity and invited him over.
To me this is very strange, I often got the impression that she was looking forward meeting because then she was away from him, and now she wants to invite him.
I do not have a lot of people skills, what do you think?
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2021.12.06 12:09 Deep_Quarter Need help on buying a gift card for newly wed couple from Berlin

My best friends are getting married this weekend and I want to present them a gift card they can use to decorate their new home with. Travel restrictions on flights from my country mean I am not able to make it to Berlin to anytime soon. What's a reputed local store I can get gift cards from (preferably online). Thanks for your help.
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2021.12.06 12:09 Puzzlepetticoat I don't know how to forgive you and find peace

Dear Mother.
My children are getting bigger now. They are 7, 9 and 11 and despite you living 20 minutes away, they wouldn't know you if you passed on the street.
I don't like it being this way, but the moment I became a mother, it was immediately clear how much you had failed us. I hate carrying this anger and resentment, I can't let go of it. I can't move on. My childhood is still a bleeding wound and so far from healing. It hurts that it feels necessary to protect myself and my children to not have you in our lives.
You wouldn't know that I have complex PTSD from my childhood. That it's rare a day passes without my having flashbacks from my first ever memory that trigger a panic attack. I hate that my first memory is one of strange men attacking our home, that led to us being uprooted and moved overnight. I hate that, at No time, did you think it necessary to explain what happened and why. So all my life I've been haunted by the lack of answers as to why my earliest memory is one of men violently forcing their way into our home.
I hate you for telling us afterwards that my sister was kidnapped. We didnt see her for 10 years. She was there and then she was gone. Her Dad stole her is what you told us, you didnt know where she was. I lost a sister amidst the horror of that day. In reality, her father just claimed custody. You knew, you didn't fight it and you never tried to even stay in touch. You let us grow up believing she was gone. How can I forgive that?
I hate you for leaving us with ANYONE who would care for us so you could go and party. I hate that one of those people was a known child sex offender living next door. I hate what happened to me on his watch and I hate YOU for how scared you made me about it. Screaming at me "he better not have fucking touched you!" when he was arrested again. Said in a way that made me think I was at fault and in trouble. So I never told the truth about what happened.
I hate the guilt I carry not knowing if other children were then harmed because you scared me away from speaking out.
I hate that I grew up being bullied because you never taught us self care. You never bathed us, we were riddled with nits and I wet the bed. I was never bathed and my bed never changed so I was very easy pickings for bullies. I stank, I was dirty... I was a child of severe neglect.
I hate that I was 13 years old when I decided my life goal was to get away from you, to never be like you. You have no idea that I can remember the day exactly from when I decided to make you a blueprint for what I did not want to be in life.
I'm happy and proud to say I broke the cycle... But I hate that my siblings couldn't. I'm the Mum to my kids that I wish I had and I'm so much better than you at it. I've protected them from you, because it's felt so necessary... But you never fought it. You've never asked to see them either.
But the anger and the confusion is just louder now than ever. I know I won't ever get the truth out of you about key incidences I need clarity and closure on. I certainly know you won't be open to accepting your errors and fixing them.
So I'm stuck in this limbo and I hate you for that too. My children not knowing who you are, having been cut off from their own family to protect them. I wish I could drive you to admit your wrongs, tell the truth and help me make peace with my childhood so we can move forward together. So my children can have more family. But I also know that if I try, and you refuse to be open (and you will), my mental well ring is going to suffer for the efforts.
So I sit here. In pain, in anger and resentment. I don't know how to heal and move on. Im carrying the weight around my neck because my past is like an obstacle course in the dark.
I don't know how to let go of the anger.
I deserved far better.
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2021.12.06 12:09 skapunkess Protest downtown

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2021.12.06 12:09 Nnamier Having issues loading to the start screen?

Is this happening to anyone else now? Suddenly when I hit play it chugs so hard it risks crashing the program, after about a minute it'll load the start screen - I have a very very beefy computer so I know it's not on my end.
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2021.12.06 12:09 Tsaul_Relative Ordered ZPAP M70!

The help I received in here and watching some reviews helped me avoid a near mistake purchase at a LGS of one of the “lesser” market options at least according to everything I’ve been seeing, so thank you! Now my SKS will have a young cousin to share ammo with, hopefully as long as all goes to plan with this online purchase, my first ever of this kind. Fingers crossed and don’t tell the wife!😂
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2021.12.06 12:09 9999monkeys Getting out of bed? Yeah that's a solid nope for me.

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2021.12.06 12:09 Bot_Highlights Obscenely high wall bounce | /u/Cainancainan1

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2021.12.06 12:09 Wide_Riot In the Christmas spirit

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2021.12.06 12:09 Bot_Highlights Why do lifelines do shit like this?? | /u/andrew76696

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2021.12.06 12:09 ApexPokemon Earlier I found a shipwreck on land, now I find this

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2021.12.06 12:09 SgtSilock Thanks Apple for ruining my 8 hour flight

Downloaded a tonne of music, and none of it decided to work. The OFFLINE music that should just play the moment I hit play, didn’t. Instead it just stood there, 0:00, on every track. If I click another track, it didn’t even change the tracks name just remained stuck.
I restarted my phone several times, made so many attempts to close and restart the app and of course put my phone in aeroplane mode. Nothing.
Meanwhile, my partner who uses Spotify had no trouble what so ever. Clicked a song, and it played. Needless to say this bugged me. The moment I landed I downloaded Spotify and subbed, downloaded a bunch of music, all working flawlessly.
I love apple and I want to love Apple Music, but if you can’t get downloaded music to play when you’re offline, what chance do you have?
This is a rant but also a question, pleading to find out what the **** happened?! How did it just decide to not work.
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